"Chair that Walks Like a Man" The hexed chair stands

Classification: Chair made of wood and fabric

Creator: Unknown

Users/Possessors: Pawn of the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Enemies: Agatha Harkness

Location: Avengers Mansion, New York

First Appearance: Avengers I#133 (March, 1975)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: After being struck by one of the Scarlet Witch's hexes, the otherwise normal-looking chair could stand like a man and walked slowly forward under the control of the Scarlet Witch. Its strength limits would've been that of varnished wood and padded fabric.

Stretched up, it appeared that the chair stood at 5' tall.

The chair getting hexedHistory:The chair was likely created in a furniture shop.

(Avengers I#133 - BTS) - Agatha Harkness advised the Scarlet Witch that she could control her hex power. Miss Harkness provided the Scarlet Witch with additional tuition so that the mutant could start to control her own powers.

(Avengers I#133) - The Scarlet Witch cast a hex at a nearby chair in an effort to show her tutor her newfound control over her hex powers. The four-legged chair shook then stood up on its front two legs, the chair's arms extending outward like arms. The Scarlet Witch proudly exclaimed to Agatha Harkness that she was able to control her hex bolts for the first time ever. But Wanda grew distracted, growing tired and drained very quickly from the experience, and turned away from the chair that stood like a man.

The chair menaces Agatha Harkness The chair then began to menace Agatha Harkness, but she was not defenseless, and blasted the chair with mystic bolts, which returned the chair to its original form.

Agatha Harkness then told the Scarlet Witch that one day she would be able to "do more than move furniture - much more!" The Scarlet Witch replied that she would like to show the rest of the Avengers what she could do.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart (writer), Sal Buscena & Joe Staton (artists).

This sort of provides an early view to the Scarlet Witch learning to control her reality-warping powers, which would later adversely affect the Avengers on several occasions.

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The "Chair that Walks Like a Man" has no known connections to:

Avengers I#133, p2; pan3 (standing),

p2, pan2; (normal chair),
p2, pan5; (menacing).

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