Classification: Terrestrial vehicle

Creator: The United States Army

User/Possessors: The Leader

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#123 (January, 1970)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Tripodal Observation Module has legs that allow it to allegedly go anywhere. It has very powerful force beams that can destroy entire divisions and gas that is capable of giving pause to the Hulk.

History: The Tripodal Observation Module was created by the U.S. army as an incredibly powerful weapon and was kept top secret.

(Incredible Hulk II#123) - General Ross asked Bruce Banner, who was now in control of the Hulk, to guard the Tripodal Observation Module or "Murder Module" during its transportation to the north for final tests to be performed, because many forces in the world would have done anything to get their hands on it, and Hulk could prevent that from happening. Banner accepted. However, despite Banner being on the truck transporting the Module, Leader stole the Module very discretely using a super powerful magnet to pull the Module into his jet. Banner noticed however, and changed into the Hulk and attacked the Leader, who was in the Module. The Hulk battled against the Murder Module until he got dropped by some gas, he got really mad, and his savage persona began to reemerge. He tackled the legs of the Module and it fell over. Hulk pulled Leader out and Leader escaped when Hulk hesitated as to keep himself from reverting to his savage persona.

(Incredible Hulk II#224) - The Leader had taken over Gamma Base. As Banner could not (or would not, I forget which) become the Hulk, they sent a Hulk robot (last used back in Hulk#132) after the Leader. Banner was cybernetically linked to the robot, and put on a good enough show that the Leader fled before him. However, the Leader located and activated another version of the Murder Module (the previous one being a prototype).  The Hulk robot attacked the Module, cracking its dome, but then the Leader realized the deception, and channeled a million volts through the robot, shorting it out. The Leader then used the Module's force beam to atomize the Hulk robot's power source, sending a devastating feedback into Banner.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe.

    This didn't seem to live up to the way Ross described it. Leader intended to bring the entire human race to its knees with this thing, but it seems to me you could probably just drive a truck into it or something and it would fall down. Now if there were an army of these things, then I'd understand why there was so much hype about it. Perhaps Ross wasn't scared about the Module being captured, but rather the potential for building countless Modules being obtained by enemies of America. As for the Leader, it seems to me that not only could he build something more powerful than the Murder Module himself, but that he has in the past.

    Leader became less vindictive as the years went on. At this point he wanted to kill Banner whether or not he was the Hulk for interfering with his plans in the past, but years later, when Bruce was in control of Hulk again, he had a chance to kill him, but instead let Hulk go because he didn't see him as a threat anymore (biiig mistake).

    This was called the Tripodal Observation Module, but what would it be "observing" that would necessitate enough firepower to level divisions? 

    The Murder Module has not made an appearance in almost 34 years. Any day now a criminal mastermind who has been biding his time will unleash it upon the world. Any day now...
    --Whoops, it was in#224--as pointed out by Bob Almond--but still, that's 26 years...


Clarifications: Not to be confused with:

Incredible Hulk II#123 (January, 1970) - Roy Thomas (writer), Herb Trimpe (artist), Stan Lee (editor)
Incredible Hulk II#224 (June, 1978) - Roger Stern (writer), Sal Buscema (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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