The Guards while trepassing the wall behind the Black PantherKIBER'S GUARDS

Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Androids

Occupation: Protect and serve Kiber

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Kiber (creator)

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Panther ("Happy Pants"), Khanata, Abner Little, Nightshade, Everett K. Ross, Princess Zanda, some prisoners

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: MASTIFFS/HOUNDS?, GORILLAS?, BODYGUARDS? (all surnames which original word I couldn't figure out)

Base of Operations: A peak in the southern Atlantic, worldwide

First Appearance: Black Panther I#11 (September, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Kiber's Guards were not human; they were artificial beings with a strength superior to normal, probably at athlete level. They had normal intelligence and ability to think, speak, fight, take orders, and (possibly) show simple emotions. They were loyal to Kiber.
    They often used a special weapon, the Atomic Changer. They also knew how to use other devices such as a teleporting unit (possibly the Atomic Changer itself) and all the machinery to produce, transmit, and store the energy for Kiber.

Kiber's Guard - head shotHistory:
(Black Panther I#11(fb) - BTS) - Kiber was hungry and sent his Guards to capture people to feed him. The Guards, via the teleporting devices, kidnapped people all over the world, and transformed them into energy with which feed Kiber. Some prisoners tried to fight to flee from their cell, but the Guards defeated them.

(Black Panther I#11) - Thanks to his new ESP-powers, T'Challa, the Black Panther, dreamt Kiber's Guards trying to kill him, probably sensing the approaching danger.

    Kiber's Guards arrived in Wakanda and kidnapped Khanata (T'Challa's cousin) just under the big mountain on the Wakanda's borderline. They brought him before Kiber and assisted while he suborned Khanata.
    Shortly after they seized one of the prisoners, Khanata tried to stop them, but there were too many and too strong for him. Under Kiber's supervision the Guards pushed a prisoner in the Conversion Chamber and transformed him in an Energy Lamp.

(Black Panther I#12) - The guards choose another prisoner and converted him in an Energy Lamp, too.

    Later, sent by Kiber, they teleported back to the big Wakandan mountain where they found the Black Panther who was searching for the missing Khanata. They passed through the mountain, but T'Challa sensed them thanks to his new psychic powers. During the following fight they were almost overwhelmed by the Black Panther, despite their strength. However, the Black Panther, with the purpose of being brought to where Khanata was, let one of the guards hit him with a shock from an Atomic Changer. They teleported the unconscious Black Panther to Kiber's lab.

    There, the Black Panther awoke, and--after few minutes--the prisoners forced the cell's door and attacked the guards. The guards had to fight the prisoners, but some of them were able to reach the Black Panther, who easily knocked them out or jumped over their hands. The guards were too strong for the normal people who tried the escape, so they slowly overpowered and captured again almost all of them.

(Black Panther I#13) - Meanwhile many of them had reached the room where the Black Panther was telepathically talking with Kiber (and where they captured Khanata), but they could do nothing against the Black Panther who knocked down many of them. But when they started to shoot at him with laser blasts the hero had to flee from Kiber's room.

    Guards at guard of the outer doorThe guards couldn't follow the Black Panther in the air conduits, which were made of a material they couldn't pass through. So, all over the Kiber's base they were surprised from Black Panther's stealth, agility, and strength, and they were eliminated.
    Meanwhile ,the group of guards who had re-captured the prisoners was pushing all the men into the Conversion Chamber, with the exception of Khanata. They were interrupted by the avenging Black Panther who slew many of them before destroy the room by causing an Energy Lamp to explode. All the guards in the lab were destroyed or knocked out.

Many other guards were sent by Kiber in search for the Panther, but he easily defeated them, and even when they tried to trick him passing through the walls at his back he destroyed them.

Shortly later, the Black Panther left Kiber's base. Nothing is known about the guards (probably they stood still there without Kiber's orders or were disassembled by Wakandan's scientists).

(Black Panther III#43) - The Brass Frogs / King Solomon's Frogs caused a temporal loop that brought Everett K. Ross, Princess Zanda, Abner Little, Nightshade, and "Happy Pants" Black Panther to Kiber Island, where they fought Kiber and his drones. The Panther stole Kiber's Energy Collection Globe, containing the life essences of his victims, and Zanda claimed the Brass Frog and somehow neutralize the time warp.

(Defenders I#84) - Kiber Island was destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.

Profile by Spidermay


Kiber's Guards have no known connections to

The Atomic multi-function stick-weaponThe Atomic Changer (Arranger? Modifier? Displacer? Transformer?)

    The Atomic Changer is a handy stick. It could modify the atomic structure of a man causing a shock capable of stunning and/or knocking out a man by touching him; the shock caused by the touch presumably produced an instantaneous, temporarily, and very short-lived change in the atomic structure of the body.
    The Atomic Changer could also shoot a laser-ray, and enabled the guards to become intangible, pass through thin walls or very thick rock walls of a mountain, but not all materials. The stick could also be applied to normal men, to rendering them intangible (and possibly teleport them).

--Black Panther I# 12 (11(BTS), 12, 13



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