Real Name: Khanata

Identity/Class: Human/Royalty

Occupation: Member of the royal family of Wakanda

Group Membership: Black Musketeers

Affiliations: Black Panther and N'Gassi

Enemies: Jakarra, Kiber the Cruel

Known Relatives: T'Chaka (uncle, deceased), N'Yami (aunt, deceased), T'Challa (cousin, a.k.a Black Panther), Dr. Joshua Itobo (cousin), Ishanta (cousin), Jakarra (cousin), M'Koni/Mary (cousin), Zuni (cousin), "Wheeler" (cousin-by-marriage, deceased), unnamed second cousin

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Wakanda

First Appearance: Black Panther I#8 (March; 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Khanata is strong, an excellent athlete, shows good hand-to-hand combat abilities, and is an excellent race driver.

(BP I#8) - N'Gassi got ready to tell the Black Musketeers about the fact that Jakarra had been transformed into a monster and that he needed their help against him. The four Black Musketeers began their meeting with N'Gassi; all four of them had different opinions about the elderly man -- Khanata thought he dressed too simple for an administrator of high office. N'Gassi tried to persuade Khanata to go after Jakarra because he was the right age, size, and had excellent athletic ability, but Khanata rather wanted to drive racing cars than fight the demon. Suddenly Jakarra interrupted the meeting by attacking them -- the Black Musketeers were surprised to learn that the monster they were about to fight was their cousin. After soldiers had chased Jakarra away, Khanata decided to join in the hunt for Jakarra.

(BP I#9) - The Black Musketeers, now in costume, continued their fight against Jakarra. Khanata used his racing car to drive into Jakarra, and the three others tried to defeat the monster. They succeed when Itobo gave the monster a knock-out gas, which caused Jakarra to lose his consciousness.


(BP I#10) - Alongside the rest of the Black Musketeers, Khanata arrived at Itobo's laboratory, and N'Gassi informed them all why it was important that they stop Jakarra. Jakarra was now a living generator of sonic vibrations, and when he entered the great Wakanda vibranium mound, he could create a shockwave that not only would destroy the mound, but also cause a chain-reaction that would destroy the entire planet. Jakarra continued his mission to get to the mound, and the Black Musketeers tried to stop him by using a helicopter and a liquid nitrogen gun to try to freeze him down. This only stopped him momentarily; Jakarra broke free again, and continued his mission.

(BP I#11) - After the Jakarra crisis was over, Khanata decided to drive in his racing car. He was stopped by Wakandian soldiers, but they let him go anyway. He stopped at a mountain and decided that Wakanda needed to do something about the isolation, and that they should cut a road through Panther Mountain. They could get a speedway to Nairobi, and they could get a racing grand prix, drawing fans from all over the world. This could mean that Wakanda could make lots of money from the grand prix. Suddenly he was captured by mysterious men and taken away. He was taken to the mysterious villain Kiber the Cruel, and the two of them began to fight. Khanata tried to shoot the villain, but Kiber used his powers to avoid the bullets, and then Khanata was thrown into a cell alongside other people. Later when Kiber's men came to take away one of the prisoners, Khanata led an attack against them, but they were overpowerd by the men.

(BP I#12) - From his cell in Kiber's secret hideout, Khanata made contact to the Black Panther in order to have him come and save him. Suddenly Kiber's men came to take more of the prisoners with them, and Khanata tried to stop them once more but was knocked out by one of the men. He watched helplessly as the prisoner was killed, and swore to Kiber that he would try to stop him. Suddenly he saw the Black Panther arriving at Kiber's place. T'Challa contacted him telepathically, telling him that they will try to break out of their cell. Khanata led the prisoners in their attempt to break free, and they succeeded, at first but most of the prisoners were taken down by Kiber's men.

(BP I#13) - Khanata escaped from Kiber's men, but the rest of the prisoners were defeated. He began to search for the Black Panther, and found him talking with a monster; T'Challa told him that the monster was Kiber. Suddenly Kiber's men arrived and tried to take Khanata with them, but T'Challa joined the fight, and before Kiber's men could put Khanata in their matter machine, T'Challa managed to defeat the men and free Khanata.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

Profile by: The Beetle

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Other appearances:
Black Panther I#9-12 (May-November, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils), Mike Royer (inks), Jack Kirby, Archie Goodwin (#9-10) & Jim Shooter (#11-12) (editors)
Black Panther I#13 (Janaury, 1979) - Ed Hannigan (writer), Jerry Bingham (pencils), Gene Day (inks), Roger Stern (editor)

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