Real Name: Jakarra

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Member of the Royal family of Wakanda; former general in the Wakandan Army, terrorist

Group Membership: Former leader of the Wakandan Army

Affiliations: Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Hyena Clan, Wakandan Army

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Musketeers, Storm (Ororo Munroe)



Known Relatives: T'Chaka (father, deceased), Mateena (mother, deceased), Ramonda (step-mother), T'Challa (half-brother, aka Black Panther), Shuri (half-sister), Hunter (adoptive brother), S'Yan (uncle), Joshua Itobo (cousin), Zuni (cousin), Ishanta (cousin), Khanata (cousin), M'Koni/Mary (cousin), "Wheeler" (cousin-by-marriage, deceased), unnamed second cousin

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Wakanda

First Appearance: Black Panther I#6 (November, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: He was a military strategist (a Wakandan general), went through military training, and therefore has extensive knowledge of military weaponry and military hand-to-hand combat.

In his monstrous form he possessed superhuman strength as well as invulnerability to bullets, has a built-in flamethrower. According to N'Gassi, Jakarra is a living generator of sonic vibration, meaning he could generate waves of vibratory force.

Weaknesses: His pathological hatred of his half-brother, T'Challa (aka the Black Panther). His tough skin was vulnerable to acid, later this vulnerability seemed to fade off.

History: (Rise of the Black Panther#5 (fb) - BTS) - T'Chaka had a son with Mateena, a N'Charu Silema (Wakandan spy network) agent. She raised her son abroad.

(Black Panther I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Jakarra went to foreign military schools to keep him out of sight.

(Rise of the Black Panther#5 (fb) - BTS) - At some point his mother died in the service of Wakanda.

(Rise of the Black Panther#5 (fb)) - While T'Challa was in school in America, Jakarra came to Wakanda to talk to S'Yan about his birthright. S'Yan saw no chance to ever be able to trust him and gave him a sizable inheritance. In return Jakarra promised to never meddle in Wakandan affairs.

   Jakarra broke his promise by forming an alliance with the Hyena Clan and claiming ties to the Wakandan throne.

   Jakarra and the Hyena Clan contacted an underling of Doctor Doom.

(Rise of the Black Panther#4 (fb)) - Jakarra personally programmed the coordinates to Wakanda into a Doombot and teleported it, using Doom's technology, directly on T'Challa's throne. T'Challa destroyed the Doombot, but then travelled to Latveria to learn Doom's reasons and how he got the Doombot to Wakanda.

(Rise of the Black Panther#5 - BTS) - White Wolf (Hunter) was going to assassinate Jakarra, but was stopped by T'Challa. After learning from his family about his half-brother Jakarra, T'Challa set out to confront him by himself. Hunter gave T'Challa all locations where Jakarra had been operating.

(Rise of the Black Panther#5) - Black Panther went to Kenya and allied with Storm. They found Jakarra and the Hyena Clan near the Barrier Volcana Complex in Northern Kenya. One of Jakarra's men handed him a Vibranium blade the Black Panther had stabbed one of the Hyena Clan with in an earlier battle. Jakarra called out Black Panther and Storm, then destroyed a pipe to release hot steam and while he was engulfed in it stabbed himself with the Vibranium dagger. He mutated into a monstrous form and battled the heroic duo until Black Panther stabbed Jakarra with a reprogrammed Vibranium dagger that paralyzed Jakarra. Storm then sent Jakarra into the nearby volcano.

BTS - He got better!

(Black Panther I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Jakarra became general of the Wakandan military.

(Black Panther I#6) - While his half-brother, King T'Challa, was out of the country, Jakarra started a coup d'etat in Wakanda. He told N'Gassi (the man whom T'Challa had put in charge) how hard it had been to be as short as he was, and the son of the late king, the half-brother of the current king, and the child of a woman of another tribe than T'Challa. But now he wanted to be the ruler of the country instead of T'Challa.

(Black Panther I#7) - Jakarra told N'Gassi that the land was now his, revealing that he had exposed himself to raw Vibranium. N'Gassi told Jakarra that he was a fool and had only destroyed himself. Jakarra told N'Gassi that he was an old fool himself, believing in old tales. Suddenly Jakarra's human form was changed into a monstrous form, and Jakarra ran out of the door. His soldiers turned against their general, telling N'Gassi that they would follow his orders now.


(Black Panther I#8) - Jakarra went to a small household, scared the people off, and stole some goat milk and drank it. Suddenly the Wakandan military appeared and tried to shoot him, but his skin was too tough, and he escaped. Later when N'Gassi had assembled the Black Musketeers, Jakarra attacked his cousins. Joshua Itobo showed great courage attacking Jakarra, but Jakarra knocked him down, but before he could finish off his cousins, soldiers from the Wakandan army arrived and tried to defeat him by shooting him with acid. Jakarra was clearly affected by the acid, but escaped.

(Black Panther I#9) - The soldiers quickly found Jakarra in the halls of the palace, and tried to shoot him again with acid, but now Jakarra's body seemed to resist the acid. Suddenly, Jakarra was run down by Khanata in his racing car, and the rest of the Black Musketeers managed to defeat their cousin by giving him some gas which knocked him out. The unconscious monster was taken to a special chamber, where he was to be examined by Dr. Joshua Itobo later on. After Joshua Itobo had examined the monster, Jiru (N'Gassi's assistant), wanted Joshua Itobo to destroy the monster. Itobo refused, and N'Gassi, Itobo and Jiru left the chamber. Suddenly Jakarra woke up and destroyed the chamber and was now ready to go to the great Wakanda Vibranium mound, which by interacting with Jakarra could cause the destruction of the entire planet.

(Black Panther I#10) - The Wakandan army tried to stop Jakarra by using tanks, but Jakarra used his built-in flamethrower to defeat the tanks. Meanwhile in the palace, N'Gassi told the Black Musketeers why it was important that they stop Jakarra -- Jakarra was now a living generator of sonic vibrations, and when he entered the great Wakandan Vibranium mound, he could create a shockwave that not only would destroy the mound itself, but spread like a chain reaction and destroy the entire planet. Jakarra continued his mission to get to the mound, and the Black Musketeers tried to stop him by using a helicopter and a liquid nitrogen gun to try to freeze him down, but this only stopped him momentarily. Jakarra broke free again, and continued his mission. Suddenly the Black Panther arrived and joined the fight against Jakarra. In the end, the Black Panther managed to stop his half-brother, actually killing him with a special injector created by Dr. Joshua Itobo.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby.

What we shamefully neglected to include, as per Bob Almond, former inker for the Black Panther, is:
Jakarra was the cause of T'Challa temporarily gaining mental powers (which were shown in effect with 'Happy-Pants' Panther recently) due to his battle with him at the Vibranium mound.

His mother's name was first revealed in Rise of the Black Panther#5.

The history from Rise of the Black Panther will remain in italics due to the series' continuity problems. While Rise of the Black Panther's Jakarra story can be fit into continuity it looks clunky and makes T'Challa look pretty stupid. Just follow the events as they occurred. T'Challa learns about the existence of his half-brother Jakarra, who betrays Wakanda, turns himself into a monster and is stopped by T'Challa and Storm. Jakarra then reverts to his human form and becomes a general in Wakanda for some reason. He then exposes himself to pure Vibranium and mutates again into a very similar monster, which is stopped by T'Challa and his cousins.
   Option 1: Either Black Panther I#6-10 or Rise of the Black Panther#4-5 never happened.
   Option 2: Both happened and some pretty dumb people in Wakanda forgot about his questionable past. Among these people could've been T'Challa.
   Option 3: There are two half-brothers named Jakarra running around that had pretty much the same idea.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by The Beetle. Update by Markus Raymond.

No known connection to:

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