Real Name: Joshua Itobo

Identity/Class: Human/scientist

Occupation: Scientist, royalty

Group Membership: Black Musketeers

Affiliations: Black Panther, N'Gassi, Klaw

Enemies: Jakarra, Black Panther

Known Relatives: T'Chaka (uncle, deceased), N'Yami (aunt, deceased), T'Challa (cousin, a.k.a Black Panther), Khanata (cousin), Ishanta (cousin), M'Koni/Mary (cousin), Zuni (cousin), "Wheeler" (cousin-by-marriage, deceased), unnamed second cousin

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Wakanda, unrevealed location in USA

First Appearance: Black Panther I#7 (January; 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Highly intelligent, shows some hand-to-hand combat technics, shows great courage.
Joshua is now deaf.

(Black Panther I#7) - To fight the terror of Jakarra, N’Gassi has called for members of the Royal Family; Joshua Itobo is the first one to arrive and is greeted by N'Gassi.

(Black Panther I#8) - With the final three arriving, N'Gassi get's ready to tell the Black Musketeers about the fact that Jakarra has been transformed into a monster and that he needs their help against Jakarra. The four Black Musketeers begins their meeting with N'Gassi; all four of them have different opinions about the elderly man: Joshua Itobo says "A wise man needn't be a fashion plate".  Suddenly Jakarra interrupts the meeting by attacking them--the Black Musketeers are surprised to learn that the monster they are about to fight is their cousin. Joshua Itobo shows great courage in fighting the monster, but Jakarra is about to defeat his cousins, when suddenly soldiers of the wakandian army arrive and help the Black Musketeers. Jakarra himself escapes; the rest of the Black Musketeers are all surprised to learn that Joshua Itobo is as courageous as he is.

(Black Panther I#9) - The Black Musketeers, now in costume, continues their fight against Jakarra. They try to defeat the monster and succeeed when Itobo gives the monster some knock-out gas, which causes Jakarra to lose consciousness. Later, Joshua Itobo begins to examine the monster in a special chamber

(Black Panther I#10) - Jakarra having escaped, the Black Musketeers continue their mission to stop him. Joshua Itobo reveals that he has created a special injector which can stop Jakarra, but he refuses to use it himself, because it would be against his doctor oath to kill. The rest of the Black Musketeers arrive at Itobo's laboratory, and N'Gassi informas them all why it is important they stop Jakarra. Jakarra is now a living generator of sonic vibrations, and when he enters the great wakanda vibranium mound, he can create a shockwave that not only will destroy the mound, but spread like a chain reaction destroying the entire planet. Jakarra continues his mission to get to the mound, and the Black Musketeers try to stop him by using a helicopter and a nitrogen liquid gun to try to freeze him down. This only stops him momentarily, and Jakarra breaks free again and continues his mission. Finally Black Panther stops Jakarra by using Itobo's special injector.

(Black Panther I#11) - Joshua Itobo is running some tests on T'Challa, and T'Challa wakes up telling Itobo that he is having the same dream again and again about him falling down from great height. Itobo tells T'Challa that the dreams is disturbing him as much as they're disturbing T'Challa himself. Itobo continues his tests on T'Challa, suddenly T'Challa yells that Khanata is in danger and he needs to leave.

(Black Panther I#12) - Itobo comes to T'Challa's room, and T'Challa tells him that he has been in telepathic contact with Khanata, but Itobo wants T'Challa to rest not using his newfound abilities. He is surprised that Kiber has taken Khanata thinking that Khanata hasn't an enemy in the world. He even tells T'Challa that he thinks he knows the name Kiber, but can't place hikm at them moment. T'Challa decides to go after Khanata while Itobo stays home. N'Gassi brings Itobo news about Kiber, bringing him a science journal written by Frederick Kiber, and says to N'Gassi that he needs to tell T'Challa, but N'Gassi says T'Challa is nowhere to be found.

(Cable II#54) - Introduced to Cable by T'Challa. Revealed to be visiting from America, also revealed to have been taken care of the wounded Cable. Later at dinner having a philosophical discussion with T'Chala about the nation of Wakanda and in what direction the country should go. Itobo sees Wakanda more as a modern nation rather than T'Challa who sees Wakanda as a traditional one. Later in his home, he is planning something new, wanting to bring Wakanda into the 21th century. Always felt like an outsider and he now wants to make a name for himself: he is revealed to have a partner now, the supervillain known as Klaw. Itobo wants to use Klaw for his political aspirations, but Klaw threatens him, telling him that they're not partners, and if he doesn't help him, he will be killed. The next day Itobo meets with T'Challa once more. They talk about the vibranium, which Itobo wants to use for industrial purposes, but T'Challa still disagree with his cousin, not wanting Wakanda to deal too much with the outside world. Later he meets with Klaw once more, Klaw is getting impatient, and wants to get to the vibranium laboratories as soon as possible, because this is the only thing that can save him now. Itobo tells him to be patient, but Klaw in anger uses his sonic powers, and the house comes tumbling down on the two. Itobo is wounded, while Klaw leaves to get what he wants. Later T'Challa comes to Itobo's house to look for his cousin, there he finds him, in a terrible condition. Joshua tells T'Challa that he can't hear a thing, and what he did was what he believed was in the best interest of the country. T'Challa tells him that he knows. Itobo is brought to a hospital, where his condition stabilizes, but he is now deaf.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby.

According to Priest's Black Panther series (which is excellent, by the way), the T'Challa in most of the Black Panther I series is the "Happy Pants" Black Panther, a future counterpart of his, summoned by King Solomon's Brass Frogs.

Profile by: The Beetle


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Black Panther I#7-10 (January-July, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils), Mike Royer (inks), Jack Kirby & Archie Goodwin (editors)
Black Panther I#11-12 (September-November, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils), Mike Royer (inks), Jack Kirby & Jim Shooter (editors)
Cable II#54 (May, 1988) - Joe Casey (writer), Jose Ladronn (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

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