Real Name: Shocket

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial clone of an extraterrestrial (Halfworld) being

Occupation: Courier, freedom fighter, smuggler

Group Membership: The Collector's zoo (Linda, Taylor, many others)

Affiliations: Biggs, Gatherer D-3X, Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax/Arthur Douglas, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord/Kitty Pryde, Thing/Ben Grimm, Venom/"Flash" Thompson), Hei Hei, Hellcat (Patsy Walker), Howard the Duck, Linda, Multo, the Oracle of Omega, May Parker, Scout (Roberta), Tara Tam, Taylor

Enemies: The Collector (Taneleer Tivan), the Gatherers (7-X9, others), Jarax, the Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), the Stranger, Wez, Wizard (Bentley Wittman)

Known Relatives: D-3X (adoptive father), Linda (adopted sister)

Aliases: Artifact#G5-19-2E30 (see comments), "Champ"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout outer space;
    formerly the planet Collecton

First Appearance: (In shadow, unidentified) Howard the Duck IV#5 (October, 2015);
    (fully seen, unidentified) Howard the Duck V#1 (January, 2016);
    (fully seen, identified) Howard the Duck V#2 (February, 2016)

Powers/Abilities: As a clone of the procynoid Halfworld native Rocket Raccoon, Shocket possesses all of the same abilities native to Rocket, including claws on her hands and feet, pronounced canine teeth, and a bushy tail. She presumably has a heightened sense of smell and low light vision, though she has not been seen directly utilizing these abilities.

    Due to her animal-like nature, Shocket is also extremely agile, able to dodge short range gunfire, and she has proficient skill in the use of both small and large extraterrestrial energy blasters, which she almost always carries. She is also a capable space pilot.

    Shocket has a keen interest in drawing.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 4'0")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 55 lbs.)
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Brown with black and white streaks (one streak dyed pink)

(Howard the Duck V#2 (fb) - BTS) - Shocket was an artificially created clone of the Halfworld native Rocket Raccoon, created to be a mate for Rocket while Rocket was captured and placed into the extraterrestrial Collector's zoo on the planet Collecton. After her creation, Shocket was placed in an incubator until she could be artificially aged to maturity.

(Howard the Duck V#2 (fb)) - Following the escape of Rocket and his ally, the extradimensional Howard the Duck, the young and still childlike Shocket and female Howard clone Linda were placed into the care of one of the Collector's Gatherers, D-3X, until the Collector could figure what to do with the two female clones. Shocket immediately began rummaging through D-3X's belongings, tossing clothing on the floor and swinging from D-3X's ceiling light. When D-3X protested and asked why Shocket and Linda couldn't just remain incubated, another Gatherer informed him that both Shocket and Linda had reached the maximum accelerated age for incubation and warned D-3X against questioning the Collector. Reluctantly accepting his new position, D-3X smiled and asked a smiling Linda what he was going to do with the two clones moments before Shocket bit down on D-3X's head. 

    As time passed, D-3X took on the role of father to Shocket and Linda, whom he began to raise as sisters.

    Four months later, Shocket was up in a tree drawing in a notebook as Linda played Symbiotag with other alien children including Taylor. When Linda asked why Shocket was not playing with them, Shocket replied that she was playing, she was just really good at the game. Later, Shocket joined D-3X and Linda for dinner and, as Shocket devoured corn on the cob, Linda asked D-3X why no other aliens in the zoo looked like either her or Shocket. D-3X assured Linda that it was because she and Shocket were special and they just needed to find two others like them to live there with them. A depressed Linda then asked what would happen if they couldn't find any others like them and a brief silence occurred, interrupted by Shocket commenting that there was no one like her.

    Later still, Shocket was sleeping, threatening to bite others in her sleep, when D-3X received a notification that Linda and Shocket were needed to be placed into stasis. Waking up the girls and keeping the true nature of the situation a secret to keep the girls from getting scared, D-3X led them into a lab and he whispered to the scientist there, asking if the tests were truly necessary. When D-3X wondered why the Collector could not simply clone future mates for Linda and Shocket, the scientist explained that the Collector collected species to ensure not only that they survive into the next universe but also to preserve the species' oral history, something that could not be done with clones. 

    As D-3X questioned to confirm that Linda and Shocket were simply being placed into stasis, a bored Shocket asked the guards how long the "tests"would take and whether or not she could draw. When D-3X was led out of the room and she was strapped down, Shocket began to panic and a sleepy Linda soon fully awoke, asking Shocket what was going on. Shocket explained that they had been told that tests were going to be run on them but when one of the guards grew impatient and remarked that the two should just be frozen already, Shocket questioned what was really going on. 

    Now worried as well, Linda reached into Shocket's pocket and pulled out her drawing pen, which she then used to stab the guard in the arm. When the guard responded by backhanding Linda, Shocket became angry and threatened to kill the guard. D-3X quickly came to their rescue and as soon as Shocket got free, she grabbed a large gun and blasted the guard, admitting her enjoyment in doing so. Shocket then questioned where the scientist had gone moments before an alarm went off announcing Shocket and Linda's escape. 

    Realizing the true seriousness of what was going on, D-3X led the confused Shocket and injured Linda into a spacecraft and escaped Collecton, reporting back to the Gatherer base that he was in pursuit of an escapee ship to cover his own escape with Linda and Shocket.

    Three months later, D-3X brought a somewhat more hardened Shocket and Linda to the planet Souqlon, where vendors were selling Hortiguns (something Shocket was amazed by), Skrullmelons and various other items. Noticing a Gatherer that appeared to be following them, D-3X planted an Infiniberry into the Gatherer's pocket then publicly accused the Gatherer of stealing Infiniberries. Escaping into an alley, D-3X informed Shocket and Linda that the only rule on Souqlon was no stealing, so the Gatherer would be kept busy for awhile. D-3X then explained that the Gatherers would not stop trying to come for Linda and Shocket so they needed to go where no one could find them. 

    D-3X then led Shocket and Linda to rogue Space Phantom Multo, who agreed to send the three of them back in time twenty-five years in exchange for credits. As Shocket marveled at the time machine, D-3X agreed to Multo's deal, and Multo warned them that they would arrive in space since Souqlon would be at a different orbital location twenty-five years ago. Explaining that the Collector in the past wouldn't even know they exist and would not be after them in the past, D-3X powered up the machine as Shocket struggled to understand the concept of time travel.

    Arriving twenty-five years in the past as agreed upon, D-3X, Shocket and Linda were immediately confronted by the Silver Surfer, at that point still a herald of Galactus. While Shocket and Linda chuckled at how the Surfer was naked, D-3X attempted to talk his way out of the confrontation. When the Surfer angrily demanded to know information on how they had traveled through time, Shocket pulled a gun on the Surfer and demanded he leave her father alone. The two stood eye to eye for a moment before D-3X de-escalated the situation by agreeing to the Surfer's demands and explaining how they had arrived in the past. After D-3X revealed to the Surfer that he did not time travel himself but had still become the man he was meant to be, the Surfer's curiosity was sated and he flew off, leaving D-3X to question if Shocket had just referred to him as her father.

    Twenty years later, Shocket and Linda had become smugglers, earning reputations as the best in the galaxy, and had taken a job for the extraterrestrial Jarax to acquire a large shipment of Silver Surfer figurines composed of Uru Zirconia. When they returned to Jarax with the figurines after traveling through the Tranta system, Jarax angrily complained about the damaged boxes containing the figurines and Shocket immediately became irate, explaining what they had to go through to get the figurines. Jarax refused to pay, prompting Shocket to threaten him, but Linda suggested they only charge Jarax 75% to account for the costs of printing new boxes for the figurines. Jarax reluctantly agreed to the deal and Linda and Shocket returned to their ship, with Shocket grumbly claiming the boxes were fine. 

    Greeting them at the ship, D-3X ushered them inside and reminded them that they had to be at Rylon-7 in six hours. Recognizing D-3X as the man who had kidnapped his parents and unaware that this D-3X was a temporal counterpart of the kidnapper from the future, Jarax shot D-3X, and Shocket immediately rushed at Jarax with her gun drawn. Linda struggled to pull D-3X into their ship and eventually ordered Shocket to return as well. 

    When Shocket ignored Linda and continued firing on Jarax, Linda closed the ship's door, and a grieving Shocket beat on the door in an attempt to avenge D-3X. She quickly calmed down and rushed to the dying D-3X's side as Linda piloted their ship, igniting the Uru Zirconia of the figurines as they left, causing an explosion that killed Jarax and his men. Linda then returned to D-3X's side and, as Shocket struggled to keep her emotions in check, D-3X whispered that it appeared they had caught up to their past. 

    D-3X then died, recalling how he had once asked the two girls what he was going to do with them.

(Howard the Duck IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - Years later, as they caught up to their original time period, the now-adult Shocket and Linda sought to avoid the Collector finding them, and they were told that the all-seeing Oracle of Omega could help them find a way to leave the universe.

(Howard the Duck IV#5 (fb) - BTS) - The two visited the Oracle of Omega and paid her a tribute to provide information.

(Howard the Duck IV#5) - The Oracle of Omega created a scrying pool and revealed that the time Shocket and Linda had been waiting years for was almost upon them. An annoyed Linda reminded the Oracle that they had paid her to provide exact times and locations, and Shocket added that they were going to need more information than "almost." The Oracle replied by suggesting patience above all else and remarked that the "key" would be revealed as an image of Howard the Duck eating a sandwich appeared in the scrying pool.

(Howard the Duck V#2 (fb)) - Linda explained to the Oracle how her and Shocket's "father" had bought them twenty-five years but now that they had caught up to their original time, the Collector would again be searching for them. Shocket chimed in that they could not just go back in time and suggested that perhaps they needed to depart the universe. Linda agreed with Shocket and explained their plan to take the Collector's captives with them as they left the universe. The Oracle revealed that her scrying pool had already told her the tale of Linda and Shocket and reiterated that the two needed to have patience as she peered further into the pool. The Oracle soon determined that Linda and Shocket would need the Nexus of Realities to escape the universe, explaining that the Nexus was usually stationary and unable to join them on their rescue of the Collector's captives. The Oracle further revealed to Linda and Shocket that the Nexus would soon have the ability to travel in a most unlikely way.

(Howard the Duck V#1) - Shocket and Linda appeared during a battle in Citrusville, Florida between Howard the Duck, his ally Tara Tam and the Wizard and his ally Titania, blasting Wizard in the chest and announcing that they had a traveled a long way to find the Living Nexus. Shocket warned the heroes not to make her shoot them but quickly noted that she was also okay with them making her shoot them as well.

(Howard the Duck V#2 - BTS) - One of the Collector's Gatherers reported to the Collector that three of his former escapees, Howard the Duck, Linda and Shocket, had been found on Earth in the state of Florida.

(Howard the Duck V#3) - Howard questioned whether Linda and Shocket called him "the Living Nexus" and Shocket replied in the affirmative and announced that Howard would be coming with them. Howard refused, but Shocket ordered Howard to do what they said. Tara Tam came to Howard's defense, but Shocket blasted Tara, prompting Linda to ask why Shocket always had to escalate things. Linda then tried to calm the situation and approached Howard, asking politely for him to come with them. Shocket warned Linda against touching Howard, reminding her that they didn't know how the Nexus thing worked. Tara again interjected, and the revived Wizard soon took Howard hostage, demanding respect as Shocket reminded him that they had found him in a swamp. 

    After Howard unwittingly transported the Wizard home, Linda explained how Howard had become a living, mobile Nexus of All Realities, as well as explaining Shocket and her own origins as gender-swapped clones meant to help propagate their species, and how they planned to use Howard's newfound Nexus abilities to rescue all of the Collector's prisoners. Regretting that he had been forced to leave some of the Collector's prisoners behind during his own prior escape from the Collector, Howard agreed to assist Linda and Shocket in their plan to free the prisoners.

    Accompanying Linda and Shocket into space, Howard and Tara Tam discussed living a normal life with Linda and Shocket, who remarked that they had never known anything but being on the run. When Shocket expressed worries of what their lives would be like once they were able to settle down, Linda assured her that it would be nice. Moments later, Linda informed all aboard their ship that other ships were approaching, and Gatherer 7-X9 as well as Skrull Commander K'Rolf ordered Linda, Shocket, Howard and Tara to surrender. 

    Quickly realizing the ships were not after Shocket and herself but rather, Howard the living Nexus, Linda maneuvered the ship away from the threat but Howard was soon teleported molecule by molecule from the ship by the arriving cosmic being Stranger. Deducing that Strange would destroy Linda and Shocket's ship, Howard arranged for Tara, Linda and Shocket to be teleported elsewhere for help using his Nexus powers before the Stranger completely transported Howard away. Shocket, Linda and Tara soon appeared on an unidentified ship, and Shocket expressed concern about being teleported elsewhere, grumbling that they didn't need additional help that would just slow them down in their mission. Tara disagreed, remarking that they would have surely been killed if Howard had not teleported them away, but Shocket argued that she would live forever. She then continued, commenting that there was no one else like her, only to find herself face-to-face with Rocket Raccoon and his teammates in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

(Howard the Duck V#4) - After the Guardians agreed to assist in rescuing Howard, Shocket and her allies tracked Howard to the world-devourer Galactus, where the would-be Galactus Herald Scout was attempting to exchange Howard for a spot as Galactus' new Herald. The Silver Surfer soon arrived, having tracked Scout there, and he bestowed a portion of his Power Cosmic to Howard in order to help protect him from those seeking his new Nexus abilities. 

    Shocket then watched as the now-cosmic Howard regrouped with his friends and aided in the heroes' escape from the scene by using his new surfboard to pull the Guardians' ship away from Galactus. When Linda reminded Howard of their mission to rescue the Collector's prisoners from the planet Collecton, Howard assured her he still planned to aid in freeing the prisoners, and Shocket reported to the others that, with the assistance of Howard's surfboard, they would be in range of Collecton within minutes. Seconds later, the ship was hit with a blast from the Collector, and an energy tendril ensnared Howard from the ship as Shocket and the others grabbed onto things to keep from being sucked out into the vacuum of space.

(Howard the Duck V#5) - The Guardians' ship soon crash-landed on Collecton, and Shocket and the others emerged from the ship, shooting at the Collector's guards. Star-Lord emerged shortly after and ordered Shocket and Linda to cover the rear as Drax and the Thing continued their attack and Star-Lord herself worked on freeing the Collector's prisoners. Linda soon suggested they all split up, with the Guardians of the Galaxy battling the guards while she, Shocket and Tara located Howard. 

    Shocket at first argued against the idea, wishing to punch more guards, but Linda assured her there would be more guards where the present ones came from. Entering the Collector's zoo, Shocket noted that the place hadn't changed much since they were last there, and Linda reminded her that due to time travel, it had only been a few months since they had left the zoo but twenty-five years since they themselves had been there. As Linda tracked Howard further into the zoo, Shocket noticed a familiar face through one of the prison doors and their old childhood friend Taylor immediately recognized Linda. Taylor asked why Linda and Shocket looked so old, and Linda briefly attempted to explain that time travel was involved before announcing their plans to free Taylor and his family. When Linda mentioned that the Collector was being taken care of, Shocket made the "death" motion with her hands and explained that Linda meant "taken care of" as death rather than nurturing.

    Tara Tam soon located and reunited with Howard, leading him to Linda and the others as Shocket continued freeing the Collector's prisoners. The Collector himself soon appeared and attacked Howard, forcing Shocket and Linda to fire on the cosmic Elder, who immediately recognized them as his former "artifacts" and remarked that perhaps their return meant the day was not a total loss. While the Collector was distracted by Shocket and Linda, however, Howard leaped onto the Collector and used his Nexus powers to transport the Collector elsewhere. With the Collector gone, Shocket hugged Linda, and Tara Tam announced the mission officially over.

    Four hours later, as Howard was finishing up transporting the Collector's prisoners wherever they wanted to go, the Silver Surfer arrived and announced that he could separate Howard from the Nexus of All Realities. Howard then offered to transport anyone present anywhere they wanted to go before his Nexus powers were taken away, and Shocket and Linda asked for a transport. Tara asked them where they planned to go and while they admitted they weren't quite sure aside from somewhere they wouldn't have to live life looking over shoulders, Shocket announced that they first needed to visit the planet Mirvos-12 to get a new ship. Thanking Howard for his help, Linda then hugged Howard while holding Shocket's hand, and they were transported away.

(Howard the Duck V#9 - BTS) - As Howard the Duck battled the extradimensional Mojo, who remarked on paying specialists to make Howard's life more interesting, the alien Sparkitects who had been manipulating Howard's life grew concerned as they viewed on monitors not only the situation but numerous other beings from Howard's life, including Shocket.

(Howard the Duck V#10 - BTS) - Shocket and numerous other beings from Howard the Duck's recent adventures remained on video monitors as the Sparkitects Chipp and Jho panicked over their deal with Mojo being made public.

(War of the Realms: War Scrolls#1/4) - During the "War of the Realms" worldwide event, Howard the Duck held an Event Refugee party in his private investigation offices that both Shocket and Linda attended. At the party, they mingled with Howard's assistant May Parker.

Comments: Created by Chip Zdarsky, Joe Quinones and Joe Rivera.

    The Collector referred to Shocket and Linda as artifacts#G5-19-2E30 & G5-19-2E31 but it was not clear which of those artifact numbers applied to Shocket and which to Linda. I chose G5-19-2E30 for Shocket in this profile mainly due to Shocket being on the left when Collector mentioned the artifact numbers and I was simply reading left to right but it's entirely possible Shocket was G5-19-2E31 and not 2E30.

Profile by Proto-Man.

should be distinguished from:


    Hortiguns were guns that impregnate those shot with their bullets, which would then grow into new guns. When Gatherer D-3X took the young Shocket and Linda to the planet Souqlon in an effort to escape the Collector's Gatherers, there was a merchant selling Hortiguns for 600 credits, and Shocket became instantly enamored with the guns.

--Howard the Duck V#2 (fb)


    Mirvos-12 was a planet that Shocket and Linda intended to travel to following their adventure freeing the Collector's prisoners alongside Howard the Duck and his allies. As Shocket and Linda were transported away, Shocket remarked that they needed to visit Mirvos-12 to get a new spaceship.

--Howard the Duck V#5 - BTS


Skrullmelons were fruit that was sold in merchant shops on the planet Souqlon that could take on the properties of any other type of melon. After Shocket marveled and was dragged away from a merchant's Hortigun weapons, the merchant offered Skrullmelons as an alternative to the Hortiguns.

--Howard the Duvk V#2 (fb) - BTS


Souqlon was a planet where the only rule was against stealing. Gatherer D-3X took the young Shocket and Linda there to escape the Collector's Gatherers, but one of the other Gatherers located them. As that Gatherer searched Souqlon, hot on the trail of D-3X and his young wards, a merchant offered Hortiguns and Skrullmelons for sale. Soon noticing the Gatherer, D-3X planted an Infiniberry into the Gatherer's pocket then accused him of stealing the Infiniberry. The nearby Souqlon patron immediately surrounded the Gatherer for breaking the planet's only rule as D-3X led Shocket and Linda into an alley, where he paid the rogue Space Phantom Multo to transport them into the past.

--Howard the Duck V#2 (fb)

images: (without ads)
Howard the Duck V#5, front cover (Shocket pointing gun, main image)
Howard the Duck V#5, p7, pan7 (Shocket, headshot)
Howard the Duck V#2, p2, pan2 (young Shocket in Collector's zoo uniform)
Howard the Duck V#3, p4, pan2 (Shocket with big gun)
Howard the Duck V#3, p19, pan5 (Shocket with small gun)
Howard the Duck V#4, p18, pan1 (Shocket holding a computer tablet)
Howard the Duck V#5, p5, pan2 (Shocket yelling)
Howard the Duck V#2, p11, pan1 (Hortiguns)
Howard the Duck V#2, p12, pan2 (Souqlon)

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War of the Realms: War Scrolls#1 (June, 2019) - "Waugh of the Realms" story - Chip Zdarsky (writer), Joe Quinones (pencils), Joe Rivera (inks), Wil Moss (editor)

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