Real Name: Biggs

Identity/Class: Terrestrial feline cyborg

Occupation: House pet

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Beast (Hank McCoy), Captain America (Sam Wilson), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Claude, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Hei Hei, Hellcat (Patsy Walker), Howard the Duck, Angie Huang, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), May Parker Jameson, Ellen King, Sharon King, Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff), Linda the Duck, Medusa (Medusalith Boltagon), Mei Mei, Mew, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Rocket Raccoon, Steve Rogers, Scout, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Shocket, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green), Tony Stark, Storm (Ororo Munroe), Tara Tam, Lea Thompson, Thor (Jane Foster), Volstagg the Voluminous, Weapon II, Nancy Whitehead

Enemies: Chipp, Iron Punisher (though Biggs wasn't above letting the Iron Punisher rub his belly), Jho, Mitzie, Mojo, Shannon Sugarbaker

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Mr. Biggs"

Base of Operations: The Offices of Howard the Duck, Private Investigator, Brooklyn, New York, USA

First Appearance: Howard the Duck V#1 (January, 2016)

Powers/Abilities: Biggs' body has been converted into a cyborg and the technology allows Biggs to speak somewhat broken English. The mechanic components that make up Biggs' body also appear to possess some degree of enhanced durability, as Biggs was able to survive being buried beneath a large amount of rubble with no permanent damage.

Originally, Biggs' cybernetic form was very large and bulky and likely granted even more enhanced strength and durability but this form was shrunk down in size to allow Biggs a form more resembling the size of a domesticated feline.

Other than his cybernetic components, Biggs is a typical housecat with a love of being pet and a bit of lazy streak. He has been shown to be a capable digger.

Height: (original form/current cybernetic form): 16" (neck to base of tail, plus an additional 12" tail); (first cybernetic form): an ellipsoid 28"x16"x12"
Weight: (original form): 12 lbs.; (first cybernetic form): 217 lbs.; (current cybernetic form): 19 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown (with black stripes)

History: (Howard the Duck V#10 (fb) - BTS) - The extraterrestrial Sparkitects Chipp and Jho, who had been manipulating the life of Howard the Duck for some time at the behest of extradimensional overlord Mojo, found a housecat resembling the extraterrestrial cat belonging to Jho and named it Biggs after Jho's cat. At Jho's insistence, the two Sparkitects then arranged events in Howard the Duck's life so that Biggs would be a part of it.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Biggs was a typical housecat that was taken in by Claude, who was dating obsessive cosplayer Shannon Sugarbaker. At some point, a photo of the cat Biggs was taken while Biggs was sitting on a toilet, similar to the way a human sits on a toilet. When the two broke up because Claude thought cosplay was stupid and Claude left, Sugarbaker kidnapped Biggs and used cybernetics to transform Biggs into an "anthropomorphic killcat" that she could hunt alongside other anthropomorphic animals.

Unaware of Biggs' transformation, only that Biggs was missing, Claude hired private detective Howard th Duck to find Biggs and Howard was given the toilet photo so he would know what Biggs looked like. Thinking all cats looked alike, Howard the Duck tracked down Mew, the cat belonging to the heroic Squirrel Girl's roommate Nancy Whitehead, and briefly captured Mew before Squirrel Girl had Howard explain himself. Upon hearing about Howard's case, Squirrel Girl offered to help Howard find Biggs and Howard assured Nancy he would've returned Mew once he realized Mew wasn't Biggs. After yelling around to see if anyone nearby had seen Biggs, Howard reluctantly allowed Squirrel Girl to assist him in the case but when Squirrel Girl asked what kind of cat Biggs was, Howard proved to have no idea and the two talked until Kraven the Hunter pulled up in his van. Squirrel Girl asked if Kraven wanted to help find Biggs but Kraven instead captured Howard, having been hired to capture Howard for Shannon Sugarbaker's anthropomorphic animal hunt.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#6 (fb)) - As Shannon Sugarbaker showed Howard her other captives, the duo walked past the captured Biggs, who voiced his confusion at being held captive. Laughing at Biggs, Sugarbaker remarked that Biggs' comments were "classic Biggs" and continued walking past the now-cyborg cat. After Howard was placed in the hunting area with Sugarbaker's other captives (including Beast and Rocket Raccoon), Squirrel Girl (who had arrived and attempted to rescue Howard) and Kraven the Hunter (who had turned on Sugarbaker when she ordered him to hunt Squirrel Girl), an exasperated Howard announced that he was only trying to find Biggs and demanded to know why everything on Earth was so hard.

(Howard the Duck V#6 (fb)) - Biggs watched silently as Howard continued to exclaim his hatred of the situation he had been put in but jumped to the ready when Shannon Sugarbaker began her hunt. When Sugarbaker appeared and attacked, Biggs ran for his lift with the other hunted heroes. Hiding for cover with the others, Biggs expressed his confusion but Howard quieted Biggs before finally realized Biggs was the same cat he had been hired to find. Announcing his successful solving of his case, Howard was asked why he had just then figured out the cyborg cat was Biggs when he had earlier met Biggs in Sugarbaker's mansion. Kraven soon petted the still-confused Biggs and proclaimed Biggs a fine specimen, further commenting that Biggs deserved better than his current situation. Soon realizing that the captured Beast and Weapon II were absorbed into the ground after their defeat, Howard ordered Biggs to dig a hole, hoping to find underground tunnels that the captured heroes had been sent to. Biggs did as he was told but soon hit metal, announcing that he had dug all of the dirt. Squirrel Girl then opened a hatch into the underground tunnels Biggs had found and Howard asked Biggs to continue holding off Shannon Sugarbaker while he and Squirrel Girl infiltrated the tunnels. Calling Howard a "delicious bird," Biggs agreed to hold off Sugarbaker since he was too big to fit through the hatch. Squirrel Girl and Howard soon used the tunnels to make their way back to Sugarbaker's mansion but Sugarbaker soon found Biggs guarding the open hatch and correctly deduced the two heroes had re-entered the mansion. Sugarbaker then ordered Squirrel Girl and Howard to meet her in the mansion's grand hall, threatening to kill Biggs and the others if the two heroes did not do so.

Having successfully hunted and captured Biggs and the others, whom she had bound, Sugarbaker then gave Howard and Squirrel Girl ten seconds to meet her in the grand hall, promising to kill Kraven first. Before confronting Sugarbaker, Howard and Squirrel Girl found a stash of Sugarbaker's cosplay armor and weapons and Howard donned them to confront Sugarbaker personally, accusing Sugarbaker of impeding his case to find Biggs by kidnapping the cat from her ex-boyfriend. While Howard confronted Sugarbaker, Squirrel Girl freed Biggs and the other captives and the group of heroes joined in the fight against Sugarbaker. Squirrel Girl had Kraven hurl her at Sugarbaker and asked Biggs to attack Sugarbaker low while she hit high. Biggs did as he was told and the attack ended up setting Sugarbaker's mansion ablaze.

(Howard the Duck V#1 (fb)) - Biggs was with other previously captured heroes as fire fighters arrived to tend to the fire and Squirrel Girl turned Sugarbaker in to the police.

(Howard the Duck V#6 (fb) - BTS) - Following the battle with Shannon Sugarbaker, Howard got Tony Stark to shrink down Biggs' cybernetic body, restoring Biggs more to the size of a normal housecat. He then returned Biggs to Claude, who was freaked out at Biggs' new cybernetic appearance. Howard then took in Biggs as his own pet.

(Howard the Duck V#6 (fb)) - Three weeks following the Sugarbaker battle, Howard took Biggs for a walk in the park, where he ran into Squirrel Girl and Nancy Whitehead walking Mew. Biggs mingled with Mew until Squirrel Girl pet Biggs, commenting that Biggs looked good and asked what his secret was. Biggs purred, admitting that there was no secret, then told Squirrel Girl to keep petting. Howard then explained how he had taken Biggs in himself and Squirrel Girl told Biggs that she loved him. Sniffing Mew, Biggs merely proclaimed "Yes."

(Howard the Duck V#1 (fb)) - Two months following the Sugarbaker battle, Biggs was walking around Howard the Duck's offices as May Parker Jameson went over Howard's schedule. Petting Biggs, Howard admitted that he knew what he needed to do but the tired Howard asked if he could just pet Biggs all day. Howard then asked May to clear his schedule for the afternoon and continued petting Biggs as May left for the day.

(Gwenpool Special#1) - Biggs attended She-Hulk's office party alongside several other superheroes and residents of the building housing She-Hulk's office.

(Howard the Duck V#8) - May was holding Biggs when she woke up a sleeping Howard to tell him about a new client. Greeting Howard, Biggs said "Hi-Bird," to which Howard said hi to Biggs as well. As Howard jumped and got himself ready to see the new client, Biggs jumped onto Howard's couch and began preparing the blanket to sleep comfortably on. When the client turned out to be actress Lea Thompson, Biggs remarked "Biggs-no-care-Pet-Biggs-now" as laid down on the couch.

(Howard the Duck V#9) - Biggs rubbed himself up against the couch as Lea Thompson explained why she needed Howard the Duck's investigative help.

(Howard the Duck V#10) - Fearing that their bosses would be angry if they learned they had sent Howard directly to Mojo, Sparkitects Chipp and Jho began preparing to visit Earth and regain control of the situation. When Jho began fretting over what to do with his cat, now dubbed Biggs-Prime, Chipp angrily suggested they leave Biggs-Prime with a sitter so they could get to Earth, where Jho had earlier insisted they introduce Biggs. Chipp then remarked that Jho could always adopted Biggs on Earth if something happened to Biggs-Prime. Unaware of the Sparkitects' influence in Howard's or his life, Biggs accompanied May Parker and asked May why they were out and about instead of on the couch in a quiet beam of sunlight. When May replied that Howard and his friend Tara Tam needed them, Biggs expressed anger that their trip was taking too long. May agreed that it was taking longer than expected and when she called her nephew Peter, Biggs heard a sound and decided to investigate, soon telling May to run as an extradimensional agent of Mojo crashed through the brick wall of a nearby building. A panicked Biggs then repeatedly told May to run as he ran for his own life. When a battle soon broke out between the agents of Mojo, Howard himself, Spider-Man and the Iron Punisher Sentinel, Biggs and May ran for it and May told Biggs to hurry. Spider-Man quickly rescued May from the Iron Punisher but when May asked where Biggs had went, Spider-Man panicked, feeling as if he had failed May. Watching from a distance, Jho grew concerned about Biggs' possible death when Spider-Man found an unmoving Biggs beneath some rubble. Unfortunately for Spider-Man, when he removed the rubble, Biggs bit Spider-Man and demanded to go home immediately. May then promised to get Biggs home and Biggs replied with "Good."

(Howard the Duck V#11) - When Howard was stabbed by the Sparkitect Chipp and seemingly died, May was holding Biggs as Tara Tam rushed to Howard's side. While May appeared shocked and saddened, Biggs asked who would feed him now. Clutching Biggs close, May kneeled by Howard and asked where Spider-Man was, as he would have saved Howard. Spider-Man soon returned but the Iron Punisher attempted to crush Spider-Man in its metallic jaws, only to become distracted when it saw Biggs laying in a sunbeam. Biggs then proclaimed "Noise-bad-Sunbeam-good." and the Iron Punisher, confused, questioned the cat as Spider-Man told the "dumb cat" to scram before he was crushed. Refusing to move, however, Biggs demanded "No-talk-Rub-belly" and surprisingly, the Iron Punisher decided to do just that. Finding itself delighted by the beauty of rubbing Biggs' belly, the Iron Punisher stopped fighting and Biggs told the Iron Punisher to stop talking. The Iron Punisher then kept petting Biggs, who told the robot to "Shut-up-Keep-petting," as a revived Howard and his allies defeated Chipp and he was taken into custody by the other Sparkitects.

Spider-Man suggested the Iron Punisher keep Biggs but Howard refused, claiming Biggs was one of the few good things to happen to him recently. In an effort to both stop the Iron Punisher and allow Howard to keep Biggs, the Sparkitect Jho asked the Iron Punisher to watch over Biggs-Prime while he went away for a time. Happy to have his own cat, the Iron Punisher departed with Biggs-Prime, leaving Biggs to wonder what happened to the attention he was getting. As compensation for his troubles, the Sparkitects agreed to grant Howard one wish and he secretly wished for Beverly Switzler to become a successful veterinarian, remarking to his friends that he loved all of his recent friends like Biggs, May and Tara Tam and had most everything he ever wanted with them.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#12 - BTS) - When Squirrel Girl and Nancy Whitehead decided to go on a vacation to Canada, Nancy's cat Mew was sent to stay with Biggs.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#27) - After Nancy Whitehead the Squirrel Girl's squirrel partner Tippy-Toe disappeared, Squirrel Girl found that the only potential witness to their disappearance was Nancy's cat, Mew, and she visited Biggs to see if Biggs could talk to Mew and learn what had happened. Unfortunately, Biggs was being pet by Howard the Duck at the time and his only reply was "No-talk-please-Just-pets-please" and Howard suggested Squirrel Girl visit Doctor Strange instead. As Squirrel Girl left, Howard told Squirrel Girl to tell Doctor Strange that his spell to make Howard's tail feathers grow every time he called Strange a jerk wasn't funny but Biggs laughed, only to immediately proclaim that it was enough laughing and that Howard should resume petting him. Unbeknownst to Howard, Biggs only cared to talk about things involving himself, such as petting him. Biggs briefly thought Howard's feathered fingers felt weird petting him but immediately regretted those thoughts and decided that he loved all bodies, as all bodies could find ways to pet him.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#32 - BTS) - When Squirrel Girl and several of her heroic friends decided to visit an escape room game, they arrived just as Howard the Duck was finishing his own game with a group of random civilians. Happy to see Squirrel Girl and Nancy again, Howard assured them that they would have fun and that Biggs said hi.

(War of the Realms: War Scrolls#1/4) - During the War of the Realms, Howard the Duck threw an Event Refugee Party at his offices, where Hellcat pet Biggs. When the party was interrupted by a call about a missing dog, Howard decided to take the case and brought along Biggs, May Parker and Tara Tam to help find the dog in the midst of an Asgardian invasion of Earth. While in the car, Biggs revealed that he knew the missing dog, Mitzie, whom Biggs said thought he was a big shot because he hung out at a fancy dog park. Tara then asked if Biggs meant the Wilson Frisky Dog Park and Biggs replied in the affirmative, revealing that dogs loved to poo there. Finding the Dog Park invaded by two Frost Giants, Howard and Tara exited the car to retrieve Mitzie while Biggs and May stayed in the car. May soon called the dog into the car, only to find Mitzie was extremely dirty. An hour later, Biggs watched as Tara gave Mitzie a bath and Howard complained about how the money to May to clean her car would dip into their rent money, prompting Biggs to say "Warned-you-Dog-stupid."

Comments: Created by Chip Zdarsky, Joe Quinones and Joe Rivera.

Biggs is a real-life cat belonging to the comic book artist Joe Quinones, who created the Earth-616 Marvel Universe version of Biggs. In turn, the Sparkitect Jho was based on Joe Quinones and Jho owns Biggs-Prime.

According to online sources, Biggs' speech patterns were modeled after the speech patterns of the feline Tinker from Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's We3 comic mini-series.

HUGE thanks to Mike Fichera for providing approximations on Biggs' height & weight!

Profile by Proto-Man.

Biggs has no known connections to:


Claude was Biggs' original owner. Once the boyfriend of the cosplay-obsessed Shannon Sugarbaker, Claude, feeling as if cosplay was stupid, broke up with Sugarbaker, who kidnapped Biggs and transformed the cat into a cyborg. Unaware of Biggs' transformation, Claude hired private investigator Howard the Duck to find Biggs but after Howard succeeded and visited Claude to return Biggs, Claude freaked out at Biggs' transformation and allowed Howard to take in Biggs himself.

--Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#6 (fb) - BTS (Howard the Duck V#6 (fb) - BTS,

images: (without ads)
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Howard the Duck V#10, p9, pan5 (Biggs, headshot)
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Howard the Duck V#6, p9, pan1 (Biggs' original cyborg form)
Howard the Duck V#1, p5, pan2 (Biggs being pet & purring)
Gwenpool Special#1, p31, splash page (Biggs partying)
Howard the Duck V#10, p9, pan4 (Biggs walking sideways)
Howard the Duck V#11, p8, pan1 (Biggs wanting a belly rub)

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