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Real Name: Captain Weirdbeard

Identity/Class: Normal human (fringe character - see comments)

Occupation: Pirate

Group Membership: International Network of Creeps (I.N.C.) (Anchor-Man, Colonel Corn, Crasher, Maiden Hong Kong, Smasher, Trasher)

Affiliations: Anchor-Man, Bad Balls (Crasher, Smasher, Trasher), Colonel Corn, Doktor Viktor Frankenbeans, Madbelle, Maiden Hong Kong, Simon Snivelitch, McCaw, Miss Tic the Mystic, Peg Leg Peg,

Enemies: Madballs (Aargh, Bash Brain/Crack Head, Bruise Brother, Dust Brain, Fistface, Freaky Fullback, Goal Eater, Horn Head/Nob Head, Lock Lips, Oculus Orbus, Screamin' Meemie, Skullface, Slobulus, Snake Bait, Splitting Headache, Swine Sucker, Wolf Breath/Baby's Breath), Shocktopus

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile on the high seas, notably near the Bermuda Rectangle

First Appearance: Madballs I#2/3 (October, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Weirdbeard is a fearsome pirate who commands a fast sailing ship. He is greedy for treasure and unafraid to use children as slave labor. He has a trained, loyal and intelligent parrot called McCaw that protects him. He wields a large saber.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 190 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Ginger


(Madballs I#2/3 (fb)) - Captain Weirdbeard was a greedy treasure-hunting pirate sailing centuries ago near the Bermuda Rectangle, a large brick-shaped block of fog, initially not realizing it was a time portal to & from the present day. He was smitten with the beauty of fellow pirate Peg Leg Peg, but desired her lost treasure more, even though he knew scant more than it was her prized booty and buried in the Indian Incas islands.

(Madballs I#2/3) - Captain Weirdbeard was sailing in his pirate ship with his parrot McCaw when children, fishing in a row boat, unwittingly drifted through with their eight friends, the bizarre floating Madballs, where they encountered Weirdbeard. Threatened by cannon fire, the children surrendered and he ordered they work as slaves on his ship while he hunted for Peg's treasure. The Madballs attacked to save their friends but McCaw dropped a net and they were fired into the sea from a cannon. They soon found the Indian Incans and Weirdbeard forced the children unearth the treasure chest only to angrily find that Peg Leg Peg's booty was the boot from her missing foot! The Madballs returned with their newfound ally Shocktopus and Weirdbeard was left battered and disoriented. Peg Leg Peg appeared and carried Weirdbeard and McCaw away, wanting him as free labor to clean the island.

(Madballs I#9) - Doktor Frankenbeans allied with Miss Tic the Mystic to magically bring together the Madballs' greatest foes: Anchor-Man, Colonel Corn, Maiden Hong Kong, Weirdbeard and the Bad Balls, forming the International Network of Creeps (I.N.C.). They held the world hostage by causing chaos unless the world paid them $27 quillion. The Madballs split into five groups to tackle the internationally spread threats; on the high seas, Captain Weirdbeard and McCaw had kidnapped the neighborhood children again and were sailing to the Bermuda Rectangle to go home. Four Madballs (Fistface, Freaky Fullback, Skullface, Touchdown Terror) chased them and duped the pirate into wearing manacles. Diverting their attention with illusions of multiple ships, he escaped back to Doktor Frankenbeans' base alongside the other failed villains. There, the scoundrels were forced into the toxic pond that had given rise to the Madballs and the Madballs mocked them all.

Comments: Created by Michael Gallagher, Howard Post, Roberta Edelman.

I'll suggest the "India Incas" are named something else by non-pirates...

Madballs are a bunch of 19 floating sentient, ugly-looking balls formed mostly by exposure to a unique toxic pond that began as AmToy toys in 1985 and initially spawned Marvel comics, a cartoon, video game, stationery and a novel by R.L. Stine (yep, him). The concept has since been revived.

Not sure if the Madballs are Earth-616, but nothing quite ruling them out.

This profile was completed 8/30/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Weirdbeard has no known connections to:


McCaw was Weirdbeard's faithful parrot sidekick and always accompanied him. Intelligent and able to speak, it helped capture the bizarre Madballs with a net when they attacked Weirdbeard. It stayed with Weirdbeard as he found Peg Leg Peg's treasure but was knocked out by a Madball that had since recovered. McCaw was carried away by Peg to help clean the island with the captive Weirdbeard, but the duo were taken through time to help form the the International Network of Creeps (I.N.C.) as part of Doktor Frankenbeans and Miss Tic the Mystic's plot against the Madballs. However, Weirdbead and McCaw failed in their mission.







--Madballs I#2/3 (9

Peg Leg Peg

Peg Leg Peg was a female pirate renowned for her beauty. Her ship ran aground off the Indian Incas. She survived and brought her prized booty treasure with her, buried in a particular spot on the island. Greedy Weirdbeard the Pirate wanted the treasure for himself and, finding the island, used kidnapped children to dig up the chest, but then found Peg's booty was the boot from her missing foot. The children were rescued by their friends the bizarre Madballs (with the aid of Shocktopus), and Weirdbeard was left battered and disoriented. Peg Leg Peg arrived and carried Weirdbeard and his parrot McCaw away, wanting him as free labor to clean the island.








--Madballs I#2/3


Shocktopus was a large octopus whose grandfather was an electric eel and it had inherited the power to discharge an electric shock at will. It was lonely at the bottom of the sea near Peg Leg Peg's island and was happy when the Madballs sunk to the seabed when they were tossed overboard by Weirdbeard. Thinking them friends, Shocktopus set them free and helped them stop Weirdbeard.






--Madballs I#2/3

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Madballs I#9, p5 (main image)
Madballs I#2/3, p6, pan3 (headshot)
   p5, pan1 (McCaw)
   p11, pan5 (Peg Leg Peg)
   p9, pan1 (Shocktopus)

Madballs I#2/3 (October, 1986) - Michael Gallagher (writer), Howard Post (pencils), Roberta Edelman (inks), Sid Jacobson (editor)
Madballs I#9 (April, 1988) Michael Gallagher (writer), Howard Post (pencils), Roberta Edelman (inks), Sid Jacobson (editor)

This profile was completed 08/30/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

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