Classification: Terrestrial helicopter

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

First Appearance: Elicottero Uomo Ragno box art (Spider-Man Helicopter by RE-EL, 1980)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Spider-Man's helicopter functioned exactly like a normal helicopter.


(Elicottero Uomo Ragno box art story) - While patrolling the city during the night, Spider-Man decided to use his helicopter for (presumably) better range of vision. Viewing through the helicopter's cockpit a duo of bank robbers, Spider-Man swung down from the helicopter with a web, quickly taking out the thugs.



Comments: Created by an uncredited writer and artist.

Spider-Man's helicopter only appeared in the 1 "page" comic story featured on the back of the box for the "Elicottero Uomo Ragno" helicopter toy by RE-EL. There's nothing in the strip to specifically warrant it as not being Earth-616, other than the strangeness of Spider-Man using a helicopter.

I'd lean away from this being Earth-616, given Parker's usual tight finances and lack of helipad, unless it's considered a loan from Tony Stark or Reed Richards, the Daily Bugle, maybe a temporary endorsement from a helicopter flight business...?
---Grendel Prime

Profile by Proto-Man.

Spider-Man's Helicopter has no known connections to

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Elicottero Uomo Ragno box art comic story, pan5 (Spider-Man's Helicopter, main image)
Elicottero Uomo Ragno box art comic story, pan3 (Spider-Man's Helicopter, Spider-Man swinging)

Elicottero Uomo Ragno box art comic story (1980) - uncredited writer and artist

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