Real Name: (first name presumably Erik) Killmonger

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-36054) human technology user

Occupation: Conqueror

Group Membership: The Multiversal Masters of Evil (Black Skull/Johann Shmidt of Earth-21798, Black Skull/Johann Shmidt of Earth-38590, Dark Phoenix/Raven Darkholme of Earth-14412, Doom Supreme/Victor von Doom of Earth-22215, Ghost Goblin/Norman Osborn of Earth-45863, Hound/James Howlett of Earth-83466, Kid Thanos)

Affiliations: The Multiversal Masters of Evil, the War Panthers of Earth-41766

Enemies: Ant-Man (Tony Stark of Earth-22170), Asgardians, Black Panthers (especially counterparts of T'Challa) across the Multiverse, Deathloks, Thor, Wakandans;
    Earth-616 natives: The Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Echo/Maya Lopez, Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Namor the Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond simulacrum, Starbrand/Brandy Selby, Thor/Thor Odinson, Valkyrie/Jane Foster), the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. (Agamotto, Ghost, Iron Fist/Fan Fei, Moon Knight, Odin/Odin Borson, Starbrand/Vnn), the Orb (mercenary);
    Earth-818 natives: The "Black Panther," the Gorgilla Phoenix, Lady Starbrand, Odin, the Rider, the Savage Iron Fist;
    Earth-5478 natives: All-Mother Odin, Black Panther, the Ghost Rider, Lady Agamotto, Phoenix, Startooth;
    Reality-41766 natives: The Shi'ar Empire, the Vibranium Man (T'Challa), Wakandans

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Killmonger the Cruel," "the King of Kings"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Multiverse;
    formerly New Wakanda, Earth-36054

First Appearance: (unidentified) Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk (October, 2021);
    (identified) Avengers VII#50 (February, 2022)

Powers/Abilities: King Killmonger did not appear to possess any inherent superhuman powers but he was interfaced with the Asgardian Destroyer armor, which he had customized using Wakandan technology. The armor granted Killmonger vast superhuman strength and durability, sufficient enough to knock back superhumanly strong opponents and withstand Iron Man's repulsor blasts and even a combination of mystic blasts from Agamotto and lightning from Thor at the same time, all without any damage whatsoever. The armor was also capable of projecting intensely devastating energy blasts when the faceplate was opened and it allowed Killmonger to sense the photons of radio waves in the air.

    The armor also apparently allowed Killmonger to summon forth and completely reform his Vibranium axe Stormslayer at will.

    At least on Earth-41766, King Killmonger had access to spacefaring warships capable to destroying entire planets.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'6")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 850 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown (no visible irises when interfacing with his armor)
Hair: Unrevealed (though his eyebrows are black) (see comments)

(Avengers VII#50 (fb) - BTS) - After conquering both Wakanda and Asgard, Killmonger declared himself king of the one-man nation of New Wakanda.

(Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk (fb) - BTS) - At some point, he acquired the Asgardian Destroyer armor and placed himself inside its form.

(Avengers VII#51 (fb) - BTS) - King Killmonger interlaced the Destroyer armor with Wakandan technology and began adding markings on the outside of his armor for every kill he had committed. After acquiring the Vibranium axe of Bashenga, Killmonger used it to hack Thor into pieces, adding a mark on his armor for Thor and dubbing Bashenga's axe Stormslayer.

(Avengers Forever II#6 (fb) - BTS) - As he subsequently killed each of the Asgardian gods, Killmonger took note of how they whimpered and died upon Stormslayer's blade.

(Avengers VII#51 (fb) - BTS) - He then left Asgard in ashen ruins. Over time, Killmonger stripped what was left of Asgard for parts to repair and perfect his own armored form.

(Avengers VII#50 (fb) - BTS) - King Killmonger was chosen by Earth-22215's Doom Supreme to join his Multiversal Masters of Evil.

(Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk (fb) - BTS) - King Killmonger accepted Doom Supreme's offer to join the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

(Avengers VII#50 (fb) - BTS) - As part of accepting Doom Supreme's offer, King Killmonger would participate in destroying realities at their earliest points in time and he agreed to the offer in order to kill gods and Black Panthers in the name of New Wakanda in exchange for allowing Doom Supreme to choose which realities they destroy.

(Avengers VII#50) - Killmonger accompanied the Multiversal Masters of Evil to Earth-818, where he assisted in killing that reality's earliest heroes, diverging the barren Earth-22170 from the original Earth-818 timeline.

(Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk (fb) - BTS) - At some point during his time with the Multiversal Masters of Evil, King Killmonger encountered the cyborg Deathloks. Killmonger later participated in destroying the Earth-10222 timeline in its infancy alongside the Multiversal Masters of Evil, diverging Earth-63241 from Earth-10222's original timeline.

(Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk) - King Killmonger was present with the Multiversal Masters of Evil on the barren Earth-63241 when a Multiversal Deathlok appeared. Having seen Deathloks before, King Killmonger and the Multiversal Masters of Evil destroyed the Deathlok.

(Avengers Forever Infinity Comics#1) - Traveling to Earth-5478 with the Multiversal Masters of Evil, King Killmonger aided in killing Earth-5478's All-Mother Odin as the Multiversal Masters of Evil destroyed Earth-5478's primordial heroes. They then departed Earth-5478 following the murders.

(Avengers VII#50) - Accompanying the Multiversal Masters of Evil to Earth-616, King Killmonger sensed radio photons in the air and deduced that they had not arrived in a prehistoric era. Upon learning that Doom Supreme had brought them to the modern era of Earth-616 in order to hunt the Deathloks that had converged there, Killmonger angrily reminded Doom Supreme that he had agreed to slaughter gods and Black Panthers in the name of New Wakanda, not to take orders from Doom. Doom responded by reminding Killmonger of their agreement that Doom chose the Earths they slaughtered and he assured Killmonger that he would still be slaughtering. The conversation was then interrupted by Earth-616's Watcher-empowered mercenary Orb, who yammered on about his impression of the Multiversal Masters of Evil until Doom Supreme killed him while the other Masters watched silently. The Masters then turned their attention towards the Avengers Mountain headquarters of Earth-616's mightiest heroes.

(Avengers VII#51) - As the Multiversal Masters of Evil hunted Deathloks in Reality-616, King Killmonger, Earth-14412's Dark Phoenix and Earth-83466's Hound tracked a Deathlok to Asgard, where the Hound killed the Deathlok and Killmonger expressed pleasure in coming across an Asgard in its prime that he could strip for armor parts. Equally happy to see Reality-616's still-living Thor, King Killmonger blasted Thor into a pillar and summoned forth his axe, Stormslayer, noting that Thor should be on his knees since Killmonger had already conquered Asgard once in another reality. Before Killmonger could kill Thor, however, Earth-616's Iron Man intervened, futilely blasting Killmonger with his repulsors until Dark Phoenix sent the Hound after Iron Man. The Avengers soon realized the need to protect the Multiversal Deathloks present, who were attempting to warn them of an upcoming danger, and as the battle progressed, Killmonger killed one of the Deathloks by hurling his axe into the Deathlok. He then attacked Iron Man directly, pounding the armored hero into the ground and promised to break the Iron Man. When one of the Deathlok attempted to defend Iron Man, King Killmonger punched his fist completely through the Deathlok, killing him as well. Killmonger then resumed his attack on Iron Man, slashing the hero's armor open with his axe. Before Killmonger could kill yet another Deathlok, Echo fired a hammer composed of Phoenix Force fire at Killmonger. Remarking on how every Phoenix, Sorcerer Supreme and T'Challa he had encountered all thought they were special until they bled out on his blade, Killmonger easily blocked the fiery hammer with Stormslayer. Admitting she could not tell what Killmonger was saying due to his armor covering his lips, the deaf Echo also revealed that she didn't really care what Killmonger had to say before she used the Phoenix Force to telekinetically and painfully squeeze Killmonger inside his own armor.

(Avengers VII#54) - Once the final Deathlok had been destroyed on Earth-616, Doom Supreme opened a mystic portal and entered it alongside Kid Thanos, regrouping with King Killmonger, Dark Phoenix, Earth-45863's Ghost Goblin, the Hound and new member, Earth-38590's Black Skull.

(Avengers Forever II#5) - King Killmonger accompanied the Multiversal Masters of Evil to Earth-91, a reality populated by beings resembling Earth-616's Man-Thing. Following the destruction of Earth-91's heroes, the Multiversal Masters of Evil began bickering over who would assume control of Earth-91's remnants and when Earth-38590's Black Skull insisted Earth-91 should be his by rights, King Killmonger reminded the Black Skull that the previous Black Skull in their roster (from Earth-21798) could not even hold on to the reality he had been given. Killmonger then suggested that he himself control Earth-91 in the Black Skull's place but Kid Thanos argued that Earth-91 belonged to him, as he had already begun autopsies on its deceased heroes. The group ultimately decided to check in with the Doom Supreme to see if he wanted any claim to Earth-91 and when Doom demanded they leave him out of their squabbles, King Killmonger noted that Doom had not claimed any Earths at all since they had begun their destruction of realities.

(Avengers Forever II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Throughout the Multiverse, the spirits of the past Black Panthers of many realities warned of the coming of King Killmonger to ravage their Earths, pillage their Wakanda and murder every counterpart of T'Challa in his infancy.

(Avengers Forever II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Traveling to Earth-41766 at a time period before the modern era, King Killmonger razed Wakanda in search of the infant T'Challa, enslaving Wakanda's gods.

(Avengers Forever II#6) - As Killmonger destroyed Wakanda, the parents of T'Challa sent their child into space, where Killmonger would hopefully be unable to find him. After murdering T'Challa's parents, Killmonger purged the records of their names, establishing the War Panthers as his agents on Earth-41766 and eventually sending warships into space to locate the missing T'Challa. Years later (see comments), when the War Panthers tracked T'Challa to the planet Chandilar, they interrogated an alien who was subsequently rescued by T'Challa in his superhuman guise of the Sky Spider and the Sky Spider informed the War Panthers that they could tell Killmonger his location as he engaged the War Panthers. Moments later, Killmonger arrived on Chandilar in one of his warships and he began destroying the entire planet, feeling as if T'Challa was now not even worth his time. Sky Spider managed to survive thanks to the Vibranium in the rocket that had deposited him on Chandilar and many, many days later, T'Challa resumed his training to take down Killmonger in his new heroic identity of the Vibranium Man. He soon resumed his search for King Killmonger, leaping from wrecked ship to wrecked ship and tracking Killmonger by the destruction left in his wake.

    Eventually, the Vibranium Man located King Killmonger's warship and confronted Killmonger himself, who smiled, admitting that he had hoped T'Challa still lived. Commenting that it was time to see what T'Challa had made of himself, Killmonger engaged the Vibranium Man in battle. During the fight, King Killmonger blasted the Vibranium Man in the face at point blank range then brought Stormslayer down upon the Vibranium Man, who avoided death by halting the blade just shy of losing his own head. Pulling his axe back, Killmonger then hurled Stormslayer at the Vibranium Man, knocking him out into space towards a star. Three days later, after being cocooned inside the star, T'Challa was rescued by Earth-616's Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Earth-22170's Ant-Man (Tony Stark) and one of the Multiversal Deathloks and, thinking back at how everything he had done was never enough to defeat King Killmonger, T'Challa emerged from the Vibranium cocoon with cosmic powers as the cosmic Star Panther. With his newfound powers, the Star Panther was more determined than ever to kill King Killmonger.

(Avengers Forever II#11) - King Killmonger was present as the Multiversal Masters of Evil wrapped up destroying another reality in its infancy and when Doom Supreme mentioned that their next target would be the final one, Earth-616, the Black Skull lost control of his symbiote and Killmonger ordered the Skull to regain control lest he control the symbiote for him. He then summoned forth Stormslayer and charged to attack the symbiote, only to be stabbed by several symbiotic tendrils at once as the Black Skull announced that the Masters were under attack. Ghost Rider-616, Ant-Man-22170 and their Deathlok ally then arrived on the scene and battled the Masters of Evil until Doom until they were forced to retreat, leaving the deceased Deathlok behind. Regrouping with the Masters, Killmonger watched Ghost Rider and Ant-Man depart and Doom Supreme promised the Masters would finish the fight with one last slaughter on Earth-616.

(Avengers Assemble Alpha#1) - After engaging both the time-traveling modern era Avengers of Earth-616 and the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C., Doom Supreme summoned King Killmonger and the rest of the Multiversal Masters of Evil to begin the battle against both teams for the future of Earth-616's timeline.

(Avengers VII#63) - King Killmonger and the Multiversal Masters of Evil watched as the modern day Avengers charged at them, only to be knocked back by a blast of Phoenix Force fire from Earth-14412's Dark Phoenix. When the Avengers renewed their attack, Killmonger faced off against the modern era Thor, who worked with the prehistoric Agamotto to bombard Killmonger with both lightning and mystic bolts. Easily shrugging off the attacks, Killmonger was next assaulted by the modern era Captain Marvel and prehistoric Iron Fist, who pummeled Killmonger into the ground.

(Avengers VII#64) - Three days later, King Killmonger spotted the modern era Iron Man and opened his faceplate, prepared to strike Iron Man down. Withstanding Killmonger's blast, Iron Man forced Killmonger's faceplate to remain open as Thor, Captain Marvel and the prehistoric Odin poured lightning and cosmic blasts into Killmonger's unprotected face. Barely withstanding such an assault, Killmonger fell to his knees, his Stormslayer axe melted. Using his powers to restore Stormslayer, Killmonger knocked back his foes and announced that they had only succeeded in getting a better view of his face as he buried his axe into their skulls. The prehistoric Iron Fist, Fan Fei, then approached Killmonger and punched him directly in his exposed face, drawing blood. Deflecting Killmonger's subsequent axe attacks with her iron fist, Fan Fei brutally pummeled King Killmonger, who eventually fell to the ground in a bloody pulp.

(Avengers Forever II#13 - BTS) - King Killmonger was confirmed dead from his injuries by Doom Supreme.

(Avengers VII#66) - After fleeing from the scene of battle, Kid Thanos was met by Reality-616's Mephisto and he remarked on how un-masterful the Multiversal Masters of Evil were with both the Ghost Goblin and King Killmonger dead and Dark Phoenix and Doom Supreme seemingly having fled from Reality-616. Mephisto responded by questioning why Kid Thanos was still present and Thanos answered that he remained to acquire knowledge from dissecting the corpses of Killmonger, Ghost Goblin and the semi-melted Hound, as well as the bound but still-living Black Skull. Content to let Mephisto continue his plot alone, Kid Thanos then teleported away with the Black Skull and the corpses of King Killmonger, the Hound and the Ghost Goblin.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron and Iban Coello.

    In Avengers Forever II#6, the adult King Killmonger is shown razing Wakanda as T'Challa was an infant. We next see King Killmonger destroying Chandilar in an attempt to kill the now-adult T'Challa. So the question remains of how T'Challa could age to adulthood while King Killmonger did not age much at all, not to mention how Killmonger seemingly remained on Earth-41766 for years to ensure T'Challa's death, again somehow without aging. Given that the Multiversal Masters of Evil could travel through time as well as other realities, it seems likely that Killmonger originally arrived on Earth-41766 when T'Challa was an infant, razing and seizing control of Wakanda (and possibly the entire planet?) before establishing and tasking his War Panthers to search for T'Challa. He then likely departed Earth-41766 as his War Panthers searched space for T'Challa and later returned to Earth-41766 at a later point in its timeline when the War Panthers found T'Challa on Chandilar, just in time to completely destroy that planet as well. He then presumably remained on Earth-41766 for a time until T'Challa confronted him as the Vibranium Man and departed once more after thinking he had killed T'Challa by hurling him into a star. His appearing on Earth-41766 at various points in its timeline would explain how he did not seem to age any while T'Challa aged years. Then again, I suppose it's also possible that the Destroyer armor that he was fused into somehow slowed his aging due to its Asgardian origins...Avengers Forever II#6 really doesn't explain how he did not age but I really don't think he just stayed on Earth-41766 for over a decade or possibly two when he was also serving with the Multiversal Masters of Evil. He likely just checked in on occasion to see if T'Challa had been located while letting his War Panthers continue his mission for him...

    King Killmonger was never fully seen outside of his Destroyer armor so his true hair color was unrevealed, having never been seen with his hair exposed. His eyebrows are black, however.

    It was never actually explained why Killmonger was so obsessive about destroying the T'Challas in all realities he visited or why he hated T'Challa so much. Presumably, his hatred was similar to how it is on Earth-616. We the readers were also never told what became of Earth-36054's T'Challa. Presumably, Killmonger killed him when he conquered Wakanda...

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-36054's King Killmonger
should be distinguished from:


Reality-36054's Asgard dimension was conquered by Killmonger and, after acquiring the Asgardian Destroyer armor and interlacing it with Wakandan technology, he killed the gods there one by one and declared himself king of a one-man nation he called New Wakanda. When King Killmonger later met Earth-616's mercenary Orb alongside the Multiversal Masters of Evil, the excited Orb gushed about the impressive accomplishments of the various Masters of Evil members, including Killmonger's conquering of both Wakanda and Asgard.

--Avengers VII#50 (fb) - BTS (#50 - BTS,


Earth-36054's Bashenga was presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart, though he was known for his Vibranium axe on Earth-36054. After acquiring Bashenga's axe and using it to kill Thor, King Killmonger dubbed the axe Stormslayer. When he later battled Earth-616's Avengers, Killmonger summoned Stormslayer and introduced it as the Vibranium axe of Bashenga.

--Avengers VII#51 (fb) - BTS (#51 - BTS,


The Vibranium axe once belonging to Bashenga, Stormslayer was named as such by King Killmonger after he used the axe to kill the Asgardian Thor. Later, when Killmonger battled Earth-616's Avengers, he summoned forth Stormslayer and managed to slice into Iron Man's armor before Earth-616's Echo telekinetically squeezed Killmonger inside his own armor. Killmonger later used Stormslayer as he razed Earth-41766's Wakanda and utilized it against Earth-41766's T'Challa, first nearly severing T'Challa head then using it to knock T'Challa into space towards a star. During the Multiversal Masters of Evil's battle against Earth-616's modern day and prehistoric Avengers, Killmonger used Stormslayer against the heroes and when the combined power of Captain Marvel, Thor and the prehistoric Odin melted Stormslayer, Killmonger immediately reformed it, only to be pummeled by the prehistoric Iron Fist.

Stormslayer was composed of Vibranium and even when melted, Killmonger was capable of instantly reforming it.

--Avengers VII#51 (Avengers Forever II#6, #11, Avengers VII#64


Thor was an Asgardian god that King Killmonger killed by chopping up piece by piece using Bashenga's Vibranium axe. After killing Thor, Killmonger dubbed the axe Stormslayer and he later bragged about killing Thor while battling Earth-616's Thor.

--Avengers VII#51 (fb) - BTS (#51 - BTS,


Vibranium was a metal that was used to forge Bashenga's legendary axe. While battling Earth-616's Thor, King Killmonger bragged about using Bashenga's Vibranium axe to kill his reality's Thor.

--Avengers VII#51 (fb) - BTS (#51 - BTS,


Wakanda was a country that was completely conquered by Killmonger. After subsequently conquering the Asgard realm as well, Killmonger dubbed himself King Killmonger, master of the one-man nation known as New Wakanda. After acquiring the Asgardian Destroyer armor, Killmonger infused it with Wakandan technology and directly interfaced himself into the armor. Later, when the Multiversal Masters of Evil were met by Earth-616's mercenary Orb, the excited Orb gushed about the Masters' individual accomplishments, including King Killmonger's conquering of both Wakanda and Asgard.

--Avengers VII#50 (fb) - BTS (#50 - BTS,

War Panthers (Earth-41766)

After razing and conquering Earth-41766's Wakanda, Earth-36054's King Killmonger established the War Panthers group to accomplish his goal of tracking down and killing Earth-41766's missing T'Challa. After spending years searching for T'Challa, the War Panthers eventually tracked T'Challa to the planet Chandilar, where, in his guise as the Sky Spider, T'Challa engaged the War Panthers. During the fight, King Killmonger appeared in his warship and destroyed the entire planet of Chandilar, including the War Panthers that were present fighting T'Challa.

Each of the War Panthers were skilled fighters and they each carried energy swords.

--Avengers Forever II#6

images: (without ads)
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Avengers VII#51, p8, pan4 (King Killmonger with mask up, summoning Stormslayer)
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