killmonger-erik-bpiv35-arrival.jpgkillmonger-erik-bpiv35-full ERIK KILLMONGER

Real Name: Erik Killmonger, legally changed from N'Jadaka (birth name)

Identity/Class: Human mutate (see comments);
    Wakanda citizen (see comments);
    identity publicly known

Occupation: Former dictator of Niganda;
    former leader of the Panther Cult;
    former CEO of (and apparently other companies/corporate holdings);
    former rebel leader;
    former teacher

Group Membership: Former leader of the Black Panther Cult and the Death Regiment (Jakak, M'Halak, Wenzori, many others)

Affiliations: Blasco Games, Cottonmouth (Burchell Clemens), Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton, Hydro-Man (Morrie Bench), Kazibe, Killmonger's lieutenants (Baron Macabre, King Cadaver, Salamander K'ruel, Lord Karnaj, Malice, Sombre, Venomm/Horatio Walters), Madame Slay, Malice (Nakia), Bossman Morgan, Mute, Nightshade (Tilda Johnson), Preyy, Preyy II, Stiletto (Tom Stuart; see comments), Tayete, unidentified monkey ally;
    formerly Kasper Cole (aka Black Panther & White Tiger), Monica Lynne, Mandarin (Temujin), N'Banu, Everett K. Ross, unspecified members of the US State Department and likely other branches of the government; unspecified rebels within unidentified (likely South American) nation;
    briefly worked as an ally of
Klaw (Ulysses Klaue);
    briefly allied with the Avengers (Goliath/Hank Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Triathalon/Delroy Garrett, Jr., Wasp/Janet Van Dyne)
    briefly supported by the Wakandan people;
    he used the
Hulk (Bruce Banner) as a pawn, although the Hulk never knew it;
    possibly Celia (King's wife), King (Robert), K'Liluna, Rook, Hannah Weeks; employed by agents of Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), but never really allied with Kingpin;
       formerly Bast, Knight (Patricia Jackson);
       he was mentored by
M'Demwe (who took a liking to him, but Killmonger was essentially still a slave under him)killmonger-erik-ja6cov

Enemies: Achebe, Niki Adams, Black Goliath (Bill Foster), Black Panther (T'Challa), Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm), Luke Cage, Cannibal (possessing G'Mal), Constrictor (Frank Payne), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Deadpool (Jack; aka Wade Wilson), Falcon (Sam Wilson), Hatut Zeraze, Hunter (aka White Wolf), Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Kantu, Klaw (Ulysses Klaue) and his mercenaries, Kunta, M'Jumbak, Monica Lynne, N'Banu, Ogun, Okoye, Queen Divine Justice (Ce’Athauna Asira Davin/Chanté Giovanni Brown), Monica Rambeau, Redwing, Jim Rhodes, Everett K. Ross, Shuri, Taku, T'Chaka, Titania (Mary MacPherran), Wakandan soldiers (and anyone loyal to T'Challa), W'Kabi, Zuri; unidentified elderly Wakandan; unidentified (likely South American) dictator; unidentified previous Nigandan rulers; unidentified mutated crocodile
    he manipulated the Hulk (Bruce Banner) via a pain-stimulating device, although the Hulk never knew it was him;
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Bullseye (Lester), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) Knight (Patricia Jackson), M'Demwe, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law enforcement Division); four unidentified assassination targets
King (Robert), Rook

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother (deceased), N'Jobu (father, deceased);
    unidentified alleged sons and daughters

Aliases: Formerly Black Panther;
    nicknamed "Killpanther" and mistakenly(?) called "Killjoy" by Deadpool;

    "Lee Harvey Oswald" (nickname by Knight);

Base of Operations: Niganda;
    formerly Resurrection Altar, Land of the Chilling Mist, Wakanda;
    formerly Harlem, New York;
    formerly Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts;
    born in what is now known as N'Jadaka village, Wakanda

Education: Ph.D. in Engineering, Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

First Appearance: Jungle Action II#6 (September, 1973)killmonger-erik-bpiv38-armoring

Powers/Abilities: Killmonger possesses enhanced human strength and durability (see comments), as well as athletic levels of speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes.

    He is of genius level intelligence and has extensive knowledge of business, economics, and engineering. He also apparently has expertise in biochemistry +/- pharmacology, and genetics.

    While he does not specifically have superhuman regenerative abilities, he has at least three times been resurrected via outside means.

    Killmonger is an exceptionally savage and proficient hand-to-hand combatant.

    He sometimes wears arm bands with 2-3" spikes protruding circumferentially, and some of these can inject poison into his adversaries.

    He has sometimes used a spiked lash in combat.

    His wristbands contain weapons including blades and an energy blaster as well as communications devices with LCD displays. - can be used with fatal force

    At various times Killmonger has wielded firearms and spears.killmonger-erik-bpiv38-armor-mask

    Killmonger has kept several pet leopards, including Preyy, which will attack at his command. He has also used immense dinosaurs from Wakanda's Serpent Valley, including sauropods (possibly apatosauri) and at least one Tyrannosaurus rex.

    He possesses a suit of armor that is highly durable and contains a variety of weapons including magnetic beams (he could generate a field to magnetically repel even extraterrestrial minerals, such as those that make up the Ebony Blade from the Black Panther's armor) and a wrist-mounted buzz-saw.

    From his monkey ally, Killmonger acquired highly advanced combat technology including an extremely powerful force field generator (capable of containing the powerful energies of Monica Rambeau, and capable of blocking Vibranium-tipped missiles) and a laser rifle.

    He briefly used one of the Mandarin's rings (see comments), which allowed him to generate vibratory force sufficient to drive back Iron Man.

    He also briefly wore a Wakandan Panther amulet made of Vibranium, which protected him from Klaw's power. 

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 225 lbs. (see comments)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

        Note: Entries in italics are of questionable continuity (see comments).

(Killmonger#2 (fb)) - N'Jadaka's father was a nobleman.

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb) - BTS) - In the years in which they grew up together, T'Challa noted N'Jadaka's overwhelming jealousy;
    N'Jadaka claimed to have consistently beaten T'Challa (who was sheltered by royal privilege) when they were youths, but T'Challa noted this as fantasy.

(Killmonger#1 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger's father, N'Jobu, taught him of D'yshalah, the great shoreline of the universe, the place where the wronged dead waited for justice in the world of the living.

(Fantastic Four I#53 (fb) - BTS / Jungle Action II#7 (fb)) - N'Jadaka was badly beaten during Ulysses Klaw's mercenary pawns slaughtered the inhabitants of Wakanda's smaller villages.

(Black Panther III#16: Killmonger file) - N'Jadaka's parents were slain by Klaw's men.

(Killmonger#1 (fb)) - As N'Jadaka knelt over his father's corpse, one of Klaue's men (apparently a Wakandan; possibly M'Demwe) pulled him away from the fire. That man told Klaue the boy was smart and alone, and Klaue, feigning sympathy, told his man to load him up, as they could always use a Wakandan brain.

(Fantastic Four I#53 (fb) - BTS / Jungle Action II#7 (fb)) - N'Jadaka was one of the young men captured, and Klaw's mercenary pawns took them away in chains to be used as slaves in mining Vibranium.

(Killmonger#2 (fb)) - N'Jadaka was called before Klaue, who told him that he was not an outlaw, and that he (Klaue) was now his nation; he would teach the boy how to kill anything. If the boy served him, he would provide for him. Not wanting him to keep his jungle name, Klaue renamed him Erik.

(Killmonger#1 (fb)) - M'Demwe(?) gave N'Jadaka a gun and advised him that the outside world did not value Wakandans; he should remember his rage and use it as a shield: Every outsider if your enemy.

(Killmonger#1 (fb)) - M'Demwe(?) trained N'Jadaka to steal and kill for him. Knowing he was being used, N'Jadaka watched and learned from the agent how to lie and how to make nothing matter but what one wanted.killmonger-erik-km1-shoot-mentor

(Fantastic Four I#53 (fb) - BTS / Jungle Action II#7 (fb)) - After the young T'Challa drove off Klaw, his mercenaries fled to the USA, taking some of the Wakandan slaves, including N'Jadaka with them.

(Jungle Action II#7 (fb)) - After reaching American shores, N'Jadaka escaped Klaw's mercenaries.

(Killmonger#1 (fb)) - N'Jadaka held M'Demwe at gunpoint. M'Demwe tried to convince him that Klaue had killed his father while he had helped the youth. N'Jadaka kicked M'Demwe and condemned him for using him. M'Demwe begged, telling N'Jadaka he wasn't a killer, but N'Jadaka replied that he wasn't until M'Demwe had shown him that he could be.

(Killmonger#1 (fb) - BTS) - N'Jadaka presumably executed M'Demwe.

(Jungle Action II#7 (fb)) - Embittered and displaced, N'Jadaka  had no idea how to get back to Wakanda.

(Jungle Action II#16 (fb)) - N'Jadaka lived in a tenement in Harlem.

(Jungle Action II#8 (fb)) - During night school, N'Jadaka saved Horatio Walters from a beating at the hands of a radical group, appearing suddenly and swiftly out the attackers.

    N'Jadaka introduced himself as a fellow outcast, telling Walters he could use him some day. N'Jadaka further promised that he would one day take him to a place beyond his imagination and that they would take if by force and make it theirs.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Killmonger) - Killmonger studied business.

(Jungle Action II#12 (fb) - BTS) - N'Jadaka chose the name Erik Killmonger.

(Killmonger#1 (fb) - BTS) - As Erik Killmonger, he completed four years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aided killmonger-erik-km1-studentby guidance counselor Hannah Weeks.

(Black Panther III#17 (fb) - BTS) - N'Jadaka became a teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Killmonger) - Killmonger earned a Ph.D. in engineering.

(Killmonger#1) - At MIT, Killmonger met with Hannah Weeks, declining MIT's offer, but he did sleep with her. He got up and headed out while she was sleeping; remembering a lesson from Klaue and calling her "colonizer." She awoke and told him she hoped he would find what he was looking for, and he left, telling her, "Sure you do."

(Killmonger#1) - From a Harlem hotel, Killmonger crushed a cockroach beneath his foot and quoted Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" as he readied his weapons and prepared to confront Klaw.

    As Klaw prepared to meet with unidentified parties (apparently working for the Kingpin) to arrange to traffic human captives, Killmonger targeted Klaw with a rifle from a nearby rooftop.

(Killmonger#1 (fb) - BTS) - However, a trio of agents employed by the Kingpin -- King, Knight, and Rook -- spotted him immediately. As the Kingpin did business with Klaw, these agents were used as insurance against those who would interfere with business.

(Killmonger#1) - Before Killmonger could pull the trigger, the super-strong Knight assaulted him and asked who had hired him. After Killmonger told Knight worked alone, she prepared to execute him, but she was stopped by King, but she nonetheless punched him out so he could be taken captive.

(Killmonger#1 (fb) - BTS) - King, Knight, and Rook brought Killmonger, bound and masked, to the Kingpin's office, where he was placed in a chair with his back turned to the Kingpin.   

(Killmonger#1) - As King explained their involvement, Knight removed the mask. The trio introduced themselves and asked his name, but Killmonger told them they should have let him kill Klaw, because now he had to kill them, too.

    King advised Killmonger that he had screwed up their mission with whatever baggage he was carrying and that he could have let Knight kill him, but he made the call to save his life. The Kingpin then had Killmonger turned him around and asked what benefit he had in keeping him alive. Telling the Kingpin he was the smartest one in the room and didn't have to prove it, Killmonger cursed that "fat man" and told him to do whatever he wanted. The Kingpin told King to dispose of Killmonger.

(Killmonger#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wanting to know where Killmonger was from, the Kingpin had King arrange to follow Killmonger back to his base and have someone try to kill him. Whoever killed the other was to join King's group as a fourth member.

(Killmonger#1) - King brought Killmonger out to the edge of a river (the East river?) under a bridge, left him bound, tossed him a knife, and told him to take whatever mattered to him and be gone by sunrise if he wanted to live. As he departed, King told him to let go of whatever he was holding onto, as it wasn't worth it.

    Returning to his hotel, the frustrated Killmonger slew the assassin who crashed through his window. As Killmonger collapsed to the ground and spoke the name of mother Bast, King appeared and asked his name. Killmonger realized he had been deliberately followed, and  he noted that King had watched as he killed one of his own, but King explained that the would-be assassin had been a tryout, and he asked Killmonger to come with himself, Knight, and Rook.

    Killmonger was reluctant, but King advised him that while Klaw was in hiding, the Kingpin could put him next to Klaw after their relationship had concluded; he continued that Killmonger was talented and stupid. Killmonger picked up a gun off the ground and aimed it at King, who telekinetically incapacitated him while warning him to stop underestimating the world around him. King tossed him out the window but cushioned his fall, and Knight advised him he smelled like Harlem.

(Killmonger#1 (fb) - BTS) - King and Knight brought Killmonger out to their base in Long Island.

(Killmonger#1 - BTS) - King discussed with his allies the benefit of a fourth member and that it would open the world up to them, but Knight argued that he had a white-hot chip on his shoulder and that she could tell that there was not a line the kid would not cross; Rook agreed that Killmonger was a headcase.

(Killmonger#1) - Imaging D'yshalah, Killmonger called out for his father and was confronted by Bast, who advised him to put down his war and return home, but he told her he had no home. He was then interrupted by Knight, who thought that he was talking to himself; telling her he wasn't crazy, he told her his name was Erik Killmonger. She advised him that there was a big score coming from Fisk, enough to retire, but she warned him that she didn't see the value King saw in him and that she would put him down herself if he became a problem. She asked why he was looking at her the way he was (the same way he looked at Hannah Weeks), and he told her he would tell her when he knew her better.

(Killmonger#2) - Killmonger met with King, Knight, and Rook at a dance club where they planned a hit on four targets for the Kingpin; Knight noticed he kept looking at her, but he told her he was making himself immune to everything she was selling. Killmonger suggested they lure their targets to a location by telling them Fisk wanted to meet them.

    Killmonger and his allies came in firing on their targets, but their targets' security fought back fiercely, shooting off Rook's left hand. With Rook's blessing (as he knew he would regenerate), Killmonger used him as a shield and took out most of their foes. However, when it came down to the last target, a white, blonde female (just like Hannah Weeks), he hesitated, and Knight shot her instead. killmonger-erik-km4-face

    When the Kingpin assigned King's group to kill Bullseye to determine who was best, King realized they were being set up to die. As he tried to convince the others they needed to get out of New York, Bullseye threw an exploding bola around Rook, blowing off his head. 

(Killmonger#3) - Ignoring King's instructions to run, Killmonger challenged and was swiftly beat down by Bullseye. King forced Killmonger to leap off the top of the building along with himself and Knight, after which Knight telekinetically got them to the ground safely, after which they fled on foot.

    As their base burned down, Killmonger argued the they should take out the Kingpin, but King assured him they would fail and die in the process. Knight took Killmonger to a safehouse with plans to get them passports; advising that it was not safe to sleep, she suggested they keep each other awake, which led to some romance. While Knight told him they were just releasing tension, Killmonger told her she was the only one who appreciated that he was solely made up the desire to gain vengeance on Klaw and the Wakandans who let Klaw take and enslave him. He told her of Wakanda.

    After Knight went out to pick up their passports, a group of SHIELD agents entered her safehouse and held Killmonger at gunpoint. He was placed in a storage facility, and he believed he had been taken by Fisk's men.

(Killmonger#3 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Knight -- who had made some arrangements with SHIELD to gain a new name/life in exchange for telling everything she new about Fisk-- met with the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff); the Widow demanded she give up King, as well.

(Killmonger#3) - Killmonger called upon Bast, who advised him to return to Wakanda and serve T'Challa. When he angrily denounced T'Challa, Bast told him his king was rage and that it would fail him. Denying Bast's urging for him to know peace, he vowed to destroy T'Challa.

(Killmonger#3 - BTS) - SHIELD rendered Killmonger unconscious with gas, and his storage facility was placed on a ship that left the USA.

(Killmonger#3) - As Killmonger awakened, Knight told him SHIELD had gotten them out of the USA, but that turning over King to them was their price. Killmonger agreed to go with her to see King, but told her that they would instead warn him. He further assured her that there was a throne waiting for them in Wakanda, and that he would forsake his vengeance (presumably on Klaw, as he seemed to see himself in Wakanda as king) for her if she would come to Wakanda as his queen.

(Killmonger#4) - Killmonger and Knight traveled to King's cabin in Sofia, Bulgaria. Hearing their car approach, King greeted them and brought them into his cabin to meet his wife, Celia. King refused to surrender to SHIELD, and as the conversation got heated, Killmonger went out with King to chop wood. Accepting the circumstances and not blaming his former partners, King thanked Killmonger for the warning and told him he'd go his own way.

    However, Knight then used her watch to contact the Black Widow, after which she held Celia at gunpoint and ordered him to surrender to SHIELD. A number of freelancers soon arrived, and as King attacked them, Killmonger dove to protect Celia, only to find she had already been killed by a bullet to the chest. As King took several shots, Killmonger attacked the freelancers with his axe, leading Knight to order him at gunpoint to drop it. Telling her he wasn't done with it yet, he charged her, but her superhuman strength allowed him to easily beat him down. Informing him she'd tell SHIELD he was dead so he could go find his fairy tale, she advised him to remember that she had mercy on him. The dying King gave Killmonger a set of keys to his cellar and told him to get vengeance for both of them. killmonger-erik-km5-armored_waistup

    Killmonger than was contacted by another Wakandan goddess, K'Liluna, who advised him that his anger had opened a path to her and that she would teach him the way to punish them all. In the cellar, Killmonger found an arsenal of weaponry.killmonger-erik-km5-armored_face

(Killmonger#5 (fb)- BTS) - K'Liluna apparently granted Killmonger strength.

(Killmonger#5 (fb)- BTS) - Over the next "year (see comments)," Killmonger grew significantly in size. He eventually tracked the former Knight to her home in London, where she had been assigned a new identity by SHIELD.

    Killmonger had his associates kidnap Knight's sister and hold her hostage.

(Killmonger#5) <allegedly 1 year since King's death> - Killmonger waited for "Knight" in her home, told her his allies had her sister, and instructed her to take a drive he left her, plug it into any one of SHIELD's terminals, and then bring it back to him at a specific drop location the next night. He reminded her that he offered her a kingdom but that she wanted to be a slave.

    As K'Liluna encouraged Killmonger, Bast appeared, demanding he end this plot, but Killmonger denied her, asking why she had not protected him.

    Later, when "Knight" met with Killmonger and told him SHIELD was cutting her off, Killmonger -- wearing tribal-looking body armor, crushed the drive and told her rather than gathering information for him, it had uploaded information of her continued work in the black market.

    When SHIELD arrived, "Knight" tried to explain that she neither caused this nor was resisting, but Killmonger savagely slaughtered the SHIELD agents. "Knight" charged him, but Killmonger dodged her and then impaled her with his blade. As he told her that her sister was already dead, K'Liluna appeared behind her.

    He then exited the church, dropping to the ground and detonating explosives within to incapacitate the Black Widow and other SHIELD agents -- who did not know who he was -- waiting outside.

(Jungle Action II#7 (fb) - BTS) - While the Panther fought alongside the Avengers, Killmonger recognized his Wakandan costume and contacted him.

(Jungle Action II#16 (fb)) - Introducing himself as N'Jadaka, Killmonger met with the Black Panther at Avengers Mansion. Disguising his hatred of T'Challa, Killmonger told him of his history and desire to return to Wakanda.

killmonger-erik-ja16-bpmeet(Jungle Action II#16 (fb)) - T'Challa flew a ship to Killmonger's tenement. As T'Challa helped Killmonger pack, Venomm slipped into the back compartment per Killmonger's instruction. With all the luggage, etc. brought aboard the ship, T'Challa apparently never realized there was a stowaway.

(Fantastic Four Annual#5? - BTS / Jungle Action II#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Panther brought N'Jadaka back to Wakanda "during that time we had the trouble on Panther Island" (see comments).

(Killmonger#5) <months after Knight's death> - Killmonger (as N'Jadaka, enjoyed the splendor of Wakanda, including a statue of Bast and a painting of K'Liluna, whose history of betrayal of her sister Bast he described.

    Killmonger expressed his dreams and feelings of abandonment by Bast, and T'Challa assured him that Wakanda would never let him down again. Killmonger noted that T'Challa was not the man he expected and told him it would be an honor to serve his king, although his smile hinted at his true feelings.

(Jungle Action II#7 (fb) - BTS) - N'Jadaka vanished into the wilderness.killmonger-erik-ja17-profile

(Black Panther III#16: Killmonger file) - Killmonger returned to his old village and began to sew the seeds of insurrection amongst the villagers. He gathered a veritable army of followers, which he called his Death Regiments, and appointed leaders over them, giving them titles he had learned in the USA. His followers renamed the village "N'Jadaka" in honor of its new leader.

(Jungle Action II#12 (fb) - BTS / Black Panther III#16: Killmonger file) - Killmonger located XXX...the Resurrection Altar in a remote portion of Wakanda, the frigid and misted Land of the Chilling Mist, and subjected many of his followers to its unearthly radiation, granting some of them superhuman abilities; these included Baron Macabre, King Cadaver, Salamander K’ruel, Malice and Sombre. Among his other operatives were Lord Karnaj and Venomm. Killmonger also gathered together an army of rebels known as the Death Regiment.

(Jungle Action II#?? (fb) - BTS) - Many of those subjected to the Resurrection Altar perished from its mutagenic effects.

(Black Panther III#61 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger began forbidden genetic experiments.

(Jungle Action II#7 - BTS) - N'Jadaka promised Venomm a place where he could work with his snakes and be accepted for who he was.

(Jungle Action II#18 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man Annual#5 (fb)) - Madam Slay and Killmonger were apparently lovers; she called him Erik.

(Jungle Action II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger told Slay that T'Challa was an idealist.

(Jungle Action II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger introduced Madam Slay to his agent Mute, telling Slay that this agent had aphonia.

(Jungle Action II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger advised Venomm of the Panther's abilities.

(Jungle Action II#11 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger instructed all of his lieutenants to know T'Challa's key personnel by sight.

(Jungle Action II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger had his Death Regiment secretly begin mining out the great Vibranium mound from below.

(Jungle Action II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger's terrorist actions and threats to the ruling power of Wakanda became well known.

(Black Panther III#16: Killmonger file) - Learning of these threats, the Black Panther returned to Wakanda from the USA.

(Jungle Action II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger and his agents slaughtered a gentle people living off nearby tepid waters

(Jungle Action II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger had his agents Kazibe and Tayete capture an elderly Wakandan to learn what royal orders were given from T'Challa's throne while he was absent; 

(Jungle Action II#6 - BTS) - As Kazibe and Tayete tortured an elderly Wakandan, the Black Panther attacked and defeated the pair, allowing them to flee while he rescued their captive, who died soon thereafter.

    Investigating Killmonger's activities, the Panther, W'Kabi, and Taku came across a village slaughtered by Killmonger, finding only a single woman surviving. After she confirmed Killmonger as the culprit, the Panther swore vengeance, but W'Kabi warned T'Challa of Killmonger's brutal and remorseless nature.

    Taku received and informed T'Challa of a report of Killmonger and his agents at Black Warrior Falls. The Panther arrived there soon after, stunning Tayete and Kazibe and demanding to know where was their leader.

killmonger-erik-ja6-lash(Jungle Action II#6) - Killmonger approached and struck at the Black Panther with his spiked lash; as T'Challa dodged, Killmonger informed him that his diversion (slaughtering the water-dwelling people) hadn't kept T'Challa occupied as he had hoped, but assured the Panther that confronting him would be T'Challa's last act.

    As Killmonger mocked T'Challa's outrage, the Panther swung around a branch a delivered a powerful kick to Killmonger's face. The Panther was shocked that Killmonger was still standing, and the amused Killmonger set his leopard, Preyy, on him. While Killmonger mocked T'Challa's failure to take Wakanda seriously, the Panther apparently snapped Preyy's mandible. Furious at his pet's injury, Killmonger shouted for Preyy to flee as T'Challa and his father's reigns had taken too much from him already. He then picked up the Panther and hurled him over the falls, telling him that he had returned to the land of his birth only to die there.

(Jungle Action II#7) - As the Panther tumbled down the falls, Killmonger called to his agents Kazibe and Tayete, noting they must take advantage of the confusion that would arise over the chieftain's death" Long before they are aware of it -- we shall hit them with the most shocking event of all!"

(Jungle Action II#7 - BTS) - The Panther's seemingly deceased form was found floating in the water by his American lover, Monica Lynne. The Panther recovered amongst his advisors, servants, and lover.

(Jungle Action II#7) - Back in N'Jadaka village, Killmonger basked in his triumph and bade his agents to rest for a rare moment when they could watch Venomm's masterful dance with his serpents. Taunting Tayete's fear of snakes, Killmonger halted Venomm and summoned him to his side. Advising Venomm to call him Killmonger instead of N'Jadaka, Killmonger sent Venomm to carry out their mission in the Wakandan mines. When Tayete belittled Venomm and questioned why Killmonger had not placed him in charge of his Death Regiment armies, Killmonger struck Tayete, knocking him to the ground and telling him the question did not deserve an answer, but that he should beware if Venomm overheard his sentiments.

(Jungle Action II#7 - BTS) - Discovering members of the Death Regiment entering the waterfall passageway into the Vibranium mines, the Panther confronted and defeated Venomm.

(Jungle Action II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger sent Malice to rescue and recover Venomm.

Jungle Action II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to drive Wakandan natives from investigating digging under the Wakandan palace, Killmonger had Baron Macabre and members of his Death Regiment disguised as zombies inhabit the nearby burial grounds.
    T'Challa battled and narrowly escaped from Macabre and the Death Regiment members.

(Jungle Action II#10 - BTS) - King Cadaver and Baron Macabre set a trap for T'Challa, but he thwarted them and escaped.

(Jungle Action II#11 (fb) - BTS) - Venomm gave Taku information on Killmonger's base at N'Jadaka village.

(Jungle Action II#11 - BTS) - Flanked by Wakandan warriors, T'Challa led an assault on N'Jadaka village, defeating Lord Karnaj, Baron Macabre, Malice, and the Death Regiment members there. N'Jadaka village was leveled during the fight.

(Jungle Action II#12 - BTS) - T'Challa coerced Tayete and Kazibe to bring him into the misted Forbidden Land and to Killmonger's Resurrection Altar.

(Jungle Action II#12) - Alongside King Cadaver, Preyy, and other members of the Death Regiment, Killmonger strode shirtlessly through the 50 degree below zero weather. At the Altar, they were greeted by its oracle, Sombre, and Killmonger proclaimed that Wakanda was now his land (and no longer T'Challa's). As Killmonger and Sombre described how the Altar's rays affected those exposed to it, T'Challa challenged and then tackled Killmonger. Fighting back defiantly, Killmonger intimidated T'Challa and then threw him over the edge of the pit beneath the altar. Though T'Challa saved himself and returned to confront Killmonger anew, Killmonger smiled as he watched Sombre catch T'Challa by surprise, stunning him unconscious with a single touch.

(Jungle Action II#12 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger had T'Challa placed out into the icy wastes to be devoured by wolves.

(Jungle Action II#12 - BTS) - T'Challa defeated and drove off the wolves.

(Jungle Action II#13 - BTS) - Killmonger departed in the morning with King Cadaver, Tayete, and Kazibe.

(Jungle Action II#13 - BTS) - T'Challa returned to Resurrection Altar, defeating Jakak and Wenzori, who informed him that Killmonger had departed, and only Sombre remained. T'Challa wondered why Killmonger had not exposed more of his men to the Resurrection Altar.

(Jungle Action II#13) - Killmonger traveled with Tayete and Kazibe to Serpent Valley where he battered them for their betrayal in bringing T'Challa to the Resurrection Altar. Impressed when Tayete moved to stop him from killing Kazibe, Killmonger offered them a chance at redemption as well as a chance to break/tame a dinosaur.

(Jungle Action II#13 - BTS) - T'Challa followed Sombre's trail to a gathering of white gorillas, one of whom Sombre sent to attack T'Challa; the Panther ultimately slew the creature.killmonger-erik-ja17-warfall

(Jungle Action II#14 (fb) - BTS) - Within Serpent Valley, Killmonger had his men use a net mired in sludge to trap immense dinosaurs (including sauropods and at least one Tyrannosaurus rex.

(Jungle Action II#14) - Noting how they would capture a few more such creatures, Killmonger mockingly smacked Tayete on the back, knocking him into the sludge. At Kazibe's urging, Killmonger pulled Tayete out, at the same time stopping Tayete from rescuing a bird trapped in the sludge.

(Jungle Action II#14 - BTS) - Defeating Sombre, T'Challa tracked Killmonger into Serpent Valley

(Jungle Action II#14) - As T'Challa approached, Killmonger opened a cage containing the T. Rex. The Panther ultimately subdued the creature with a makeshift catapult.

(Jungle Action II#15 (fb) - BTS) -  Killmonger left Salamander K'ruel, M'Halak, and one other behind at the Forest of Thorns to guard his trail back to their village.

(Jungle Action II#15 - BTS) - K'ruell subdued the Panther and left him to be attacked by a pterosaur. Ultimately, T'Challa freed himself, took control of the pterosaur, and defeated Kruel. After dragging Kruel back to the royal palace, T'Challa collapsed from his wounds.

(Jungle Action II#15 - BTS) - Killmonger returned with King Cadaver and his Death Regiment to N'Jadaka village, finding it in smoldering ruins. Believing T'Challa to have perished in Serpent Valley, Killmonger felt amusement at the Panther's unforeseen victory. Nonetheless, Killmonger vowed that they would gain revenge when destroyed the royal palace with their dinosaurs. He noted that their victory was only weeks away, and that the only survivors would pay homage to them. 

(Jungle Action II#16 - BTS) - Venomm escaped captivity and challenged the Panther in N'Jadaka village. However, when Taku -- who had befriended Venomm during his captivity -- forced Venomm to harm him, too, if he was going to harm T'Challa, Venomm ceased the struggle.

(Jungle Action II#17 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger led his Death Regiment and the dinosaurs they controlled, as well as his lieutenants in assault Wakanda's capital city and royal palace.

(Jungle Action II#17) - As he exhorted his forces to victory, Killmonger greeted T'Challa with surprise, noting he had assumed T'Challa had perished in Serpent Valley. Mocking the Panther's desire to battle on a field of honor, as if there was any dignity in warfare, Killmonger nonetheless noted his pleasure that they might have one last climatic fight. He advised T'Challa that he would await him at Warrior Falls, if T'Challa could fight his way to him.

    Eventually the Panther confronted Killmonger, and the Panther got in a few effective blows while Killmonger whipped him back with his spiked lash or the spikes on his arm bands. Killmonger eventually knocked the Panther back over the cliff edge, but T'Challa caught himself, leapt back up, tackled Killmonger, and battered him about the face and chest.

    Feigning defeat, Killmonger urged T'Challa to take his vengeance and martyr him; however, Killmonger suddenly sprung to his feet, lifted the Panther high in the air, and announced his plans to break his back and watch him die.

    However, Kantu, a young boy whose father had been slain by Killmonger's Death Regiments, suddenly rushed forward and slammed into Killmonger, knocking him over the edge of the cliff, while T'Challa caught the edge and pulled himself up. Killmonger hit the rapids far below and disappeared under the surface.killmonger_erik-corpse-found-slay

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Killmonger) - Sometime later, Madam Slay pulled her beloved's dead body from the river some time later (see comments).

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb)) - Vowing to keep the spark of his memory alive, Slay brought Killmonger's body to a cave.

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb)) - Slay preserved Killmonger's body with secret Wakanda herbs laid on his bier, and she kept vigil.

(Jungle Action II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Madam Slay wore the pelts of great cats slain by Wakandan hunters as a tribute both to those cats and to Killmonger; wearing them also help keep the memory of Killmonger close to her.
    Aided by Mute and her loyal cats, Madam Slay began killing the cat-hunters, leaving their bodies to be found, perhaps intending to draw T'Challa into a trap.

(Jungle Action II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Ultimately, T'Challa and W'Kabi defeated Madam Slay and Mute.

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb)) - One night as Madam Slay slept, the Mandarin arrived in Slay's cave and carried off Killmonger's body.killmonger-erik-iman5-corpse

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb) - BTS) - Slay awakened to find Killmonger's body mysteriously gone.

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb) - BTS / Black Panther III#21 (fb) - BTS) - The Mandarin resurrected Killmonger and placed his ring (see comments) on his person.

    The Mandarin apparently sought to turn the sacred mound of Wakandan Vibranium into Antarctic Vibranium, also known as anti-metal, to trigger a chain reaction that would dissolve all metal on Earth.

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb)) - Three days later, Killmonger returned to Slay, telling her that her faithfulness had not been in vain before embracing and kissing her. He then told of his plans to restore Wakanda to its ancient ways.

(Iron Man Annual#5 - BTS) - Killmonger's forces assaulted a research plant operated by (and in) Wakanda in conjunction with Stark International, blowing up the freshly delivered high-energy hologram-crystallography equipment.killmonger-erik-iman5-upper

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb) - BTS) - Appreciating the coup against him, the Black Panther requested his associate Tony Stark bring a Life Model Decoy (LMD) of the Black Panther during his upcoming visit, planning to allow the duplicate to be assassinated in order to smoke out the conspirators; not realizing Stark and Iron Man were the same person, T'Challa requested Stark bring Iron Man as well.

    Stark had the Beast (Hank McCoy) program agility maneuvers into the Black Panther LMD.

    Shortly after Stark's arrival, the Black Panther allowed himself to be replaced by an LMD.

(Iron Man Annual#5 - BTS) - At a feast in Stark's honor, Killmonger's forces attacked. The Panther LMD fought back, taking out many of the attackers and seeming to gain an advantage before being shot repeatedly in the back and falling in apparent death.

(Iron Man Annual#5) - Killmonger then entered the room, personally confirming T'Challa's death and cursing him for depriving him of the chance to personally kill him.

    The next morning, Killmonger appeared at the altar at T'Challa's funeral, disrupting the ceremony and ignoring Mendinao's objections. Praising T'Challa as an honorable foe and raising the Wakandan's ire by noting him to have been slain by foreign assassins, Killmonger took T'Challa's cape and proclaimed his intent to take up his cause and drive out the rest of the assassins and foreign devils from Wakanda; the gathered Wakandans hailed Killmonger and accepted his lead.

(Iron Man Annual#5 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger had gathered a towering mound of T'Challa's Western art in order to burn it.

(Iron Man Annual#5 - BTS) - Having watched Killmonger's activities via tele-broadcast, T'Challa joined his loyal troops with Iron Man and Stark's forces in traveling to a hidden subterranean section of the city via which they entered the royal palace.

killmonger-erik-iman5-bp-battle(Iron Man Annual#5) - As Killmonger gathered his forces before the pyre of T'Challa's Western art, he told them they would be initiated that night into his elite body of sacred guardsmen. After Madam Slay told the forces of Killmonger's return, the Panther revealed his presence. Elated at T'Challa's survival, Killmonger leapt to the attack. The two battled fiercely until one of Killmonger's men blasted T'Challa in the shoulder, stunning him. As Killmonger prepared to slay him, Iron Man tackled him; Killmonger surprisingly matched Iron Man's strength, but after Iron Man recognized the Mandarin's ring. Using a "tensor beam" to turn the ring's power against itself, Iron Man blasted Killmonger away, mocking him with the use of his "Western technology."

    When Madam Slay revealed that Jim Rhodes was her prisoner, Iron Man departed to locate him with the blessing of T'Challa, who wished to stop Killmonger himself anyway. The two continued to fight, with Killmonger denouncing T'Challa as having undeservedly obtained his throne via royal privilege and as no longer being a Wakandan. Atop the Panther Palace, T'Challa at least claimed to feign weariness and allow Killmonger to lift him into the air, after which T'Challa caused Killmonger to become confused by referencing his death. T'Challa subsequently battered Killmonger into submission. Finding Killmonger to not be breathing, Slay accused T'Challa of killing him, but as Killmonger degenerated into a skeleton, T'Challa told her that Killmonger had just been a reanimated corpse.

(Iron Man Annual#5 - BTS) - The Mandarin remotely recovered his ring, noting his lackey had returned to the state in which he had found him.

(Black Panther III#21 (fb) - BTS) - Klaw used his sonic powers to resurrect Killmonger.killmonger-erik-ote6

(Over the Edge#6 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger recruited the young Wakandan N'Banu as his agent and arranged for T'Challa to bright young student with him on his mission to the USA; N'Banu reported T'Challa's activities to Killmonger.

(Over the Edge#6 (fb) - BTS) - Having learned of Killmonger's "resurrection," T'Challa had agents placed in Killmonger's employ; informed of Killmonger's plans, T'Challa doctored blueprints of his catamaran to be stolen for Killmonger.

(Over the Edge#6 (fb) - BTS) - Planning to free Klaw (who had since been imprisoned in the USA) to participate in a future plot, Killmonger obtained a medallion fashioned of pure Wakandan Vibranium to protect him from Klaw's power.

(Over the Edge#6 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger studied stolen blueprints of the Black Panther's private catamaran.

(Over the Edge#6 - BTS) - Killmonger had agents free Klaw during his extradition hearing.

(Over the Edge#6 - BTS) - Killmonger had agents release knockout gas in the Wakandan embassy. The Black Panther was incapacitated and strung up in chains, and an explosive device was brought in as well.

(Over the Edge#6) - Killmonger revealed his involvement to T'Challa and then described his plot to place a suicide note so that when the explosive device killed the Panther he would be thought a coward; the demoralized Wakandans would then accept Killmonger's strong hand as leader. Killmonger then revealed how N'Banu was his agent, mocking the similarity to young Kantu having brought about his own downfall. When T'Challa's personal bodyguards (two men, as the Dora Milage hadn't yet been created by Priest) confronted Killmonger, he easily bested them both. Killmonger further noted that it had been a simulacrum created by the Mandarin that the Panther had defeated in the encounter involving Iron Man.

    Noting he disliked being in anyone's debt, Klaw attempted to slay Killmonger, but Killmonger's Vibranium amulet protected him. Killmonger further explained that despite having been a victim of Klaw's assault years before, Klaw was necessary to his plans. Killmonger then departed with Klaw, leaving T'Challa to die from the timed explosive device.

(Over the Edge#6 - BTS) - Daredevil deactivated the explosive device and freed the Panther.

(Over the Edge#6) - Killmonger and his followers arrived via nondescript vans on the docks of Manhattan's Lower West Side, and Killmonger noted their goal to be T'Challa's personal catamaran, which he planned to use to make his triumphant return to Wakanda; Klaw painfully incapacitated the soldiers guarding the ship. When N'Banu questioned the need for such violence, Killmonger angrily told N'Banu not to question him and instructed him that revolutions required striking without mercy; backhanding N'Banu to the ground, Killmonger warned him that he must be made of sterner stuff to survive in Killmonger's brave new world.

    T'Challa and Daredevil arrived soon after, and Killmonger took N'Banu into the catamaran, but Killmonger was unable to start it; having left Daredevil (at his own request) to fight Klaw, T'Challa confronted Killmonger again. T'Challa defeated Killmonger, and when he revived again and prepared to restart the fight; however, the ship's mast then cracked and fell on Killmonger, apparently crushing him.

(Over the Edge#6 - BTS) - Having appreciated Killmonger's true nature, N'Banu helped T'Challa and Daredevil defeat Klaw via Killmonger's Vibranium medallion.killmonger-erik-bpiii21-res

Black Panther III#21 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger's Death Regiment brought his ashes to the Resurrection Altar where they were sprinkled on (presumably) one of their number chose to be his new host. Nearly a dozen of their number drank poison to sacrifice themselves in the belief that this would facilitate the resurrection. Indeed resurrected (and apparently alone as the others had all committed suicide), Killmonger took a horse and headed out (presumably going to N'Jadaka village).

(Black Panther III#17 (fb) - BTS) - N'Jadaka village underwent massive technology advancement.

(Black Panther III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger arranged a series of conflicts to distract T'Challa from his plot to discredit and devalue T'Challa and by extension the Wakandan economy, making it ripe for his takeover.killmonger-erik-bpiii18-govtfb

(Black Panther III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger formed a number of corporate holdings, including, achieving initial investments from Blasco Games.

(Black Panther III#18 (fb) - BTS) - When manipulation of the stock market led to devaluing of the worth of an unidentified (potentially South American; Spanish-speaking, at least) nation, some of the people -- with support from both the US government, who had apparently wished to replace the existing regime, and Killmonger -- assassinated the existing president. An arms treaty was formed between the US government and the new regime.

(Black Panther III#13 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger enlisted Hydro-Man to set a trap, allegedly to kill the Black Panther.

(Black Panther III#16 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger arranged for Nightshade and Bossman Morgan to assault the Black Panther.

(Black Panther III#13 - BTS / Black Panther III#18 (fb) - BTS) - After Monica Lynne had been shoved out of an aircraft by the rogue Dora Milaje Nakia (who had become obsessed with T'Challa), Preyy located and protected her.killmonger-erik-ohotmu-from bpiii15 last page-full

    With Preyy acting under his guidance, Killmonger saved Monica's life.

(Black Panther III#13 - BTS) - Achebe found, brought her to a village, tortured her, and left her hanging upside down.

(Black Panther III#13) - Arriving on horseback, Killmonger approached the unconscious Nakia who had been hung suspended from a cross by Achebe.

(Black Panther III#24 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger rescued Nakia from certain death. He subsequently released Nakia, who chose to adopt the identity of Malice.

(Black Panther III#14 - BTS) - T'Challa battled and defeated Hydro-Man; although the villain couldn't remember and/or pronounce the name, "Giusseppe...Genero...", T'Challa correctly surmised that it was N'Jadaka.

(Black Panther III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger journeyed with Prey and Monica Lynne into a jungle to find Everett Ross, who was acting as Wakandan regent during T'Challa's time in America.killmonger-erik-bpiii18-hover-disc

(Black Panther III#15) - When Ross was pursued by an elephant (whom he had refused to slay in a ceremonial hunt), Killmonger rushed in and tackled the elephant before introducing himself.

(Black Panther III#16 (fb) - BTS) - W'Kabi and the Wakandan warriors assaulted Killmonger.

(Black Panther III#16) - Killmonger easily overpowered the other Wakandan warriors; only W'Kabi with his cybernetic arm challenged him, but Killmonger dropped him after a brief struggle. As Killmonger raised his sword and threatened to kill W'Kabi, Monica Lynne struck him in the head with a rock, after which she convinced him to spare W'Kabi.

    Killmonger then brought Monica, Ross, W'Kabi, and Preyy back to N'Jadaka village and into his watchtower base where he instructed everyone to freshen up with plans to meet for dinner in an hour. Ross received a secure room.

(Black Panther III#16 - BTS) - Nightshade twice battled the Black Panther, and the second time Morgan joined in, having recruited Cottonmouth, "Cockroach" Hamilton, and Stiletto as agents. Having realized Killmonger was behind these attacks, the Panther was aided by Cage, Falcon, Iron Fist, and Redwing.

(Black Panther III#17 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger's agents placed an ultrasonic transmitter on the Hulk that drove him into Brooklyn near the Panther's local quarters.

(Black Panther III#17 (fb) - BTS) - Having sensed the breaching of the border between the realms of the living and the dead in Wakanda, Brother Voodoo sought out the Black Panther.

    Voodoo arrived amidst the struggle involving the Panther, his allies, and his attackers, and T'Challa eventually realized he needed to leave the battle to focus on Killmonger himself. With Black Goliath's arrival, the villains were swiftly defeated.

(Black Panther III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger had an agent (a very large man with an afro and a knife, and another large, bald man; presumably also mutated via the Resurrection Altar) sent to the home of Niki Adams, to at least threaten to slay T'Challa's ally Everett Ross +/- Adams.

(Black Panther III#18 - BTS) - Having returned to Wakanda to deal with Killmonger, T'Challa had Zuri guide Brother Voodoo the the Resurrection Altar to repair the damage done by recent crossings and prepare for a possible invasion from the Deadside.

(Black Panther III#18) - Monica Lynne defeated Killmonger in a game of basketball, after which he explained his plans to discredit and devalue the Black Panther (as well as alliances to the US government, assassinations of foreign leaders, etc.), which would also devalue the Wakandan economy and lead to a revolution, which Killmonger hoped to control and eventually use to take control of Wakanda.

(Black Panther III#18 - BTS) - To thwart Killmonger's plans, T'Challa dissolved the Wakandan parliament and nationalized all foreign companies (buying out the companies with which Killmonger had made deals).killmonger-erik-bpiii19-face

(Black Panther III#18) - Killmonger confronted T'Challa in Wakanda aboard a hovercraft-like structure and holding Monica Lynne prisoner (and backed by numerous members of his Death Regiment on hovercrafts); he blasted and stunned Zuri before telling T'Challa it was time to settle all their debts.

(Black Panther III#18 - BTS) - Killmonger's agent arrived at Adams' home, confronting Ross.

(Black Panther III#19 - BTS) - Queen Divine Justice and the Dora Milage's Okoye defeated both of Killmonger's agents with an ectoplasm-firing gun.

(Black Panther III#19) - Killmonger and his agents (apparently mutated by the Resurrection Altar) battled T'Challa, and Killmonger taunted T'Challa that he had lost, having made himself appear a madman by crashing Wakanda's economy. As T'Challa noted he had done exactly what Killmonger wanted, but at an accelerated pace, Brother Voodoo possessed Killmonger, forcing to blast his Death Regiment. Monica elbowed Killmonger in the face and leapt to safety, and the Death Regiment withdrew to regroup.

    T'Challa acknowledged that if they freed, slew, or imprisoned Killmonger that it would martyr him, and that the only way to maintain the faith of the people was via allowing ritual combat to answer the challenge to leadership of the Panther Cult. He instructed Killmonger to follow him to finish things at Warrior Falls.killmonger-erik-bpiii22-bp

(Black Panther III#20) - Killmonger and T'Challa battled fiercely for days, fighting for hours on end, pausing for perhaps one to three hours to rest, eat, drink, etc. Throughout the fight and sometimes during breaks, the two men argued ideologies; Killmonger ignored T'Challa's argument that neither he nor his father had any involvement in Klaw's slaying of his parents and enslaving him, for which Killmonger blamed them.

    The two warriors fatigued somewhat with time, but when T'Challa finally gained an advantage, he was distracted by a congratulatory shout from Everett Ross as he approached on a skycycle with Zuri and Monica Lynne.

    Capitalizing on this, Killmonger struck T'Challa with a powerful blow to the face, dropping him, and then leapt to land a crushing blow on his chest. As the others arrived, alongside Brother Voodoo and Moon Knight, Killmonger announced that T'Challa was dead.

(Black Panther III#21) - As Ross performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on T'Challa, recovering a heartbeat, Killmonger stepped forward to kill T'Challa again. Ross refused to allow this, ultimately using his position as regent to yield for the unconscious T'Challa, making Killmonger the new chieftain of the Panther Clan and thus the new Black Panther; Killmonger took the Spear of Bashenga from Zuri.

(Black Panther III#21-22 - BTS) - With aid from Brother Voodoo and Moon Knight, the Black Panther's spirit sought out the Heliopolitan god Khonshu who helped T'Challa re-connect to Bast, the Panther God, restoring him to consciousness.

    During this time, Malice (Nakia) slit Brother Voodoo's throat, but Voodoo slipped into a meditative trance that slowed his blood loss and allowed him to survive.killmonger-erik-dp44-bp

(Black Panther III#23 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to indulge his youthful admiration of the Avengers, Killmonger, wearing a Black Panther costume, traveled to Avengers Mansion with Preyy.

(Black Panther III#23) - Killmonger rang the doorbell, and introduced himself to She-Hulk as the new Black Panther.

(Black Panther III#23 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to restore T'Challa's rule in order that he might better torment him, Achebe sought to manipulate the mercenary Deadpool into killing Killmonger.

(Deadpool III#44 - BTS) - Claiming Preyy was his own stolen leopard, Ukatana, Achebe hired Deadpool to recover him.

(Deadpool III#44) - Alongside Triathalon, Killmonger played Frisbee with Preyy in the yard outside Avengers Mansion.

(Deadpool III#44 - BTS) - Avengers Tony Stark/Iron Man, Goliath/Hank Pym, and Janet Van Dyne/Wasp agreed that while Killmonger did not inherit T'Challa's Avengers membership as the Black Panther, they would work with him for the time being to keep an eye on him and learn his true motives.

(Deadpool III#44) - Posing as a government agent, Deadpool (in his "Thom Cruz" form), inspected Preyy, presumably placing a device that transported Preyy (as well as -- presumably inadvertently -- Triathalon, when Preyy leapt at him before teleporting) to Achebe's Wakanda base

    As Killmonger and the Avengers fought Deadpool (who had revealed his involvement), Killmonger wished to kill him, but Wasp advised him they'd never find Preyy if they killed Deadpool.

    Deadpool's then allies Titania and Constrictor arrived to further complicate the battle.

    Demanding Preyy's return, Killmonger told Deadpool that Preyy wasn't just a pet, but rather his only friend. Both men fought with blades, and when Killmonger kicked Deadpool's blade out of his hand, Deadpool was impressed with the move, and Killmonger gave him guidance on such a move.

    Titania used a blaster to knock Killmonger back, but Wasp and Goliath captured them shortly thereafter.killmonger-erik-bpiii24-bp-fight

(Black Panther III#23 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger accompanied Goliath, She-Hulk, and Wasp in an Avengers Quinjet to Wakanda, with Iron Man flying alongside.

(Black Panther III#23) - When Wakandan pilots warned them to turn back, Killmonger advised firing on them as they were warriors and that was the language they understood; ultimately, Killmonger identified himself and demanded the pilots stand down or be destroyed, leading the pilots to leave them.

(Black Panther III#23 - BTS) - Achebe teleported Deadpool to his base, liberating him from police custody.

(Black Panther III#23) - Killmonger led the Avengers into Wakanda city where he demanded to see the king. Wasp advised that they weren't leaving without Triathalon, and the group entered the Techno-Jungle.

(Black Panther III#23 (fb) - BTS) - Achebe apparently re-directed Deadpool's teleporter, and when he tried to recover Triathalon, Deadpool and Triathalon were each transported to different locations in the Techno-Jungle.

(Black Panther III#23) - Iron Man traced the tracker Killmonger had placed on Preyy, though they all suspected it was a trap.

    They were ambushed by the Hatut Zeraze ("Dogs of War," under direction of T'Challa's adoptive brother, Hunter), and Killmonger left the fallen Goliath, blasting his way past attackers, ultimately entering the room containing the tracker only to find Deadpool there.

    Realizing this was a set-up to force him to kill Killmonger, Deadpool revealed he had been employed by Achebe but didn't know where Preyy was.

    When Iron Man arrived, both combatants fired on him to drive him off. The two were soon pulled back to the surface by an escape tube, and Ross broke up the fight.

    Both seeking to recover Preyy and disgusted with his Avengers experiences, Killmonger remained in Wakanda when the Avengers departed.

(Black Panther III#24 (fb) - BTS) - Achebe apparently slew Preyy and abandoned his base.

(Black Panther III#24) - Killmonger traveled to Achebe's base to find Preyy dead.killmonger-erik-bpiii24-bp-collapse

    Killmonger subsequently confronted T'Challa, noting he held T'Challa personally responsible for Achebe's actions and demanding to know Achebe's location. Hunter asked permission to kill Killmonger, inviting Killmonger's disbelief. Hunter advised Killmonger he was chieftain in name only until he completed the rite of ascension.

(Black Panther III#24 / Black Panther III#61 (fb) - BTS) - Despite T'Challa's warning that Hunter was manipulating him and that the rite would be rapidly fatal for him (the hear-shaped herb being toxic to anyone outside Bashenga's family, with T'Challa's bloodline having built up a tolerance to the herb over centuries), Killmonger insisted on completing the rite.

(Black Panther III#24) - Even when T'Challa waived the need for the rite, Killmonger insisted he was not afraid and demanded to complete it.

    Killmonger easily defeated six of Wakanda's fiercest warriors in 4 1/2 minutes as the first part of the rite. Noting that this time was likely a new record, Killmonger requested the heart-shaped herb. Zuri argued that the rite required him to travel to find the root, but Hunter, noting T'Challa had waived the ceremony, authorized the herb being delivered to him.

    Considering that he should find a way to market the herb, Killmonger consumed it and almost instantly thereafter collapsed.

(Black Panther III#25) - Rushing to Killmonger's side, T'Challa demanded doctors be summoned and he started CPR himself.

killmonger-erik-bpiii61-kneesup(Black Panther III#60) - Killmonger abruptly revived from his coma (during which he had seemed to be brain dead). Terrified, the doctors sounded the alarm; annoyed by the loud sound, Killmonger assured them he meant them no harm as he was still their chieftain. Asking how many hours he had been out (see comments), he requested some Excedrin (a headache medication).

(Black Panther III#61 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger analyzed the heart-shaped herb and synthesized a buffered version of it that would not be as toxic.

(Black Panther III#60) - While NYPD officer Kasper Cole faced faced the Rite of Ascension in hopes of becoming a true Black Panther, Killmonger sent him guidance -- via his Kimono card -- on how to disable the armor of his Wakandan attackers.

    Kasper had assumed this to have been Okoye helping him, but Killmonger --having acquired another leopard companion -- advised Kasper -- also via the card -- of his involvement, noting he was "getting his homie's back." Killmonger then informed Kasper that as rightful head of the Wakandan council, he would have to kill Kasper.

(Black Panther III#61 - BTS) - T'Challa warned Kasper that Killmonger was a "genetically engineered man of great evil." Kasper nonetheless tracked down the location of heart-shape herb he sought to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

(Black Panther III#61) - At the Gardens, Killmonger sent Preyy II to ambush Kasper, after which he confronted and introduced himself to Kasper,noting that he had been out of action for awhile so it might take him a little longer to kill Kasper.

    After Killmonger punched him down, Kasper noted he had been awake and fasting for about 36 hours and requested a break; Killmonger surprised him by agreeing to this, noting that only by defeating someone at their peak would victory be truly meaningful.

    Killmonger gave Kasper a Snapple drink and asked him about his portfolio and his goals. Advising Kasper he had no chance of victory, Killmonger suggested Kasper instead wanted super-powers; further advising the the herb would kill Kasper, Killmonger revealed a synthetic version he had derived.

    Offering to work something out to bypass the rite of battle, Killmonger further noted that T'Challa had manipulated events so that Killmonger would provide the synthetic herb, which T'Challa could not, due to law and custom.

    Killmonger offered to provide the location of Max Anthony (the son of Kasper's lieutenant, kidnapped by the 66 Bridges Gang to keep the lieutenant on the payroll) and to train Kasper as his White Tiger, an acolyte in the Panther Cult; in exchange, Kasper would serve as his loyal agent in the US while he rebuilt his province in Wakanda; Kasper would further owe him a favor, which he may or may not call in.

(Black Panther III#61 - BTS) - Kasper accepted the offer and took the herb, which temporarily blinded him.

(Black Panther III#62 - BTS) - As Kasper's vision recovered and his enhanced senses began to develop, Tork advised him to ally with Everett Ross, who in turn led Kasper to Monica Lynne. Monica advised Kasper to use his enhanced senses to locate Max on his own, and he would be less indebted to Killmonger.

(Black Panther III#62) - Killmonger contacted Kasper via his kimono card, noting he had gotten a line on Max, but Kasper severed contact.

(Black Panther III#62 - BTS) - After Kasper located Max and returned him home, Kasper adopted a new identity as the White Tiger as encouraged by T'Challa.killmonger-erik-bpiv35-face

(Black Panther IV#35 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#6: Killmonger entry) - Niganda, which bordered Wakanda, had previously held an army of genetically engineered animals designed by the Red Ghost (Ivan Kragoff).

    One such monkey who had obtained genius-level intellect used it on Killmonger’s behalf, supplying him with advanced technology and the resources of the remaining engineered animals.

(Black Panther IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger was brought aboard a US ship off the coast of Wakanda.

(Black Panther IV#35 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#6: Killmonger entry) - The US State Department made a secret alliance with Killmonger, believing that Killmonger would go to war with Wakanda, thereby providing an excuse for America to take control of the country.

(Black Panther IV#35 - BTS) - T'Challa's younger sister, Shuri, investigated the ship off Wakanda's coast, and she was startled to see Killmonger. The official on the ship noted that Killmonger's papers seemed to be in order and that they would drop him off and head back home.

(Black Panther IV#35) - In Niganda near the Wakandan border, Killmonger -- via some energy rifle -- decapitated a mutated crocodile that threatened two youths collecting food. He told the children not to worry as he would protect them from harm.

    Later, Killmonger assured a group of Nigandan villagers that he would protect them -- via his mind and his physical and technological might -- from the monsters roaming their country as well as the soldiers who took their money, food, and dignity.

    He further assured them that he would bring Niganda into the 21st century, providing food, paved streets, and wireless internet. When the Nigandan military showed up and demanded his surrender, he mocked and slew them with his firearm. He gave the last surviving soldier the chance to surrender or join his army, the soldier joined him, and the people of Niganda cheered their support for Killmonger.killmonger-erik-bpiv35-rambeau-trapped

(Black Panther IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Tony Stark sent in Pulsar (Monica Rambeau) to take down Killmonger.

(Black Panther IV#35) - Killmonger and his loyal soldiers took over the Nigandan capitol, ousting their predecessors. Killmonger vowed that the colonial trappings would be brought up to the 21st century.

    Monica struck, but Killmonger was defended by his monkey ally's force field.

(Black Panther IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Killmonger captured Monica within a force globe generated by his monkey ally.killmonger-erik-bpiv37-kick-bp

(Black Panther IV#35) - Killmonger contacted T'Challa, noting that he had both Shuri and Monica prisoner (showing Monica entrapped).

(Black Panther IV#36) - As his agents celebrated, Monica turned herself into a non-visible energy form in the process of trying to escape; recognizing and explaining this, Killmonger contracted the force globe, painful forcing Monica to revert to physical form.

    Killmonger subsequently broadcast throughout Niganda, discussing how he had captured a super-powered assassin sent by the US government to kill him and take over Niganda.

    He told the people victory had been achieved because they had stood together, and he encouraged the people that if they stood with him, their wildest dreams would come true.

    He further noted that the Black Panther would soon be attacking them because the Panther was the USA's lapdog.

    Next taunting Shuri in her cell, Killmonger mocked her challenges but offered her a chance to fight him if she survived the six young men he sent in to assault her.

(Black Panther IV#36 - BTS) - As T'Challa prepared his forces to assault Niganda, the Panther insisted that Killmonger be left to him.

(Black Panther IV#36) - Amused at watching Shuri's struggles, Killmonger was irate when one of his young lieutenants (calling him "father") interrupted him to tell him of the Wakandan invasion.

    Assured by his monkey ally that the shield would hold, Killmonger defiantly stood as the Wakandan ships futilely fired on him; even a Vibranium-tipped missile failed to penetrate.

(Black Panther IV#36 - BTS) - Wakanda forces advancing on land were slaughtered by monstrous crocodiles and mutated mandrills.

(Black Panther IV#36) - When the Black Panther emerged in central Niganda via a subterranean device taken from the Mole Man, Killmonger smiled and said, "At last."

(Black Panther IV#37) - T'Challa demanded his people's freedom, but Killmonger reminded him of who consistently won their fights, and asked T'Challa -- if he was victorious -- would he help the people of Niganda.

    T'Challa agreed on the condition Killmonger did not resist arrest, but when T'Challa sent his Dora Milage to bind him, Killmonger fought back and powerfully struck T'Challa as he leapt toward him. In return, T'Challa punched Killmonger in the testicles and then drop-kicked him. After further battle, Killmonger suggested that they don their respective armors.killmonger-erik-bpiv38-rambeau-blasted

(Black Panther IV#38) - Although learning that T'Challa's forces had reached the laboratory, the armored Killmonger instructed his young son to make sure the camera recorded everything, especially the killing stroke. After T'Challa broke Killmonger's spear with the Ebony Blade, Killmonger magnetized the blade such that it was repelled by T'Challa's armor, preventing him from holding it.

    Taking advantage of T'Challa's surprise, Killmonger struck T'Challa with his blade accessories around his trapezoid muscles/clavicle/collarbone. One of the Dora Milaje moved to save her monarch despite his orders, and was shot down by one of Killmonger's agents.

    Monica Rambeau then broke free from her force field and destroyed Killmonger's monkey ally's force field technology. Nonetheless, Killmonger delivered a powerful kick to T'Challa's abdomen, knocking him down, and then picked up the Ebony Blade, preparing to skewer his enemy. Monica instead flew through Killmonger's chest in energy form, leaving him only enough time to say, "What?" before dropping to the ground, apparently dead on top of T'Challa.

    T'Challa ordered a pair of medical teams, one for Killmonger, but his son instead insisted on taking his body home, and the son vowed he would one day kill T'Challa in return.

    When T'Challa questioned Monica's actions, she noted how she had been so upset at her own powerless and fear that they might kill her that when she saw Killmonger about to kill T'Challa...T'Challa cut her off and told her he had his next move planned, but she remained skeptical.

    Killmonger's sons(?) took his body away.

    Later, at a base near a waterfall (Warrior Falls?), a number of sons and daughters of Killmonger pledged their lives to the destruction of the Black Panther.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor, Rich Buckler, and Klaus Janson.

    I'll discuss the Killmonger series as in-continuity towards the bottom of the comments. I put the information in the profile in italics as a "maybe" for now.

    Killmonger's US government file in Black Panther III#16 notes that he is a Wakandan citizen with a criminal record for high treason; certainly he is guilty of high treason (attempted regicide), but I don't think he was ever convicted, as he has typically perished at the conclusion of his plots, and I don't think he has spent any time in prison. So, probably no criminal record.
    It also gave his address as 318 115th street, Harlem, NY 10029

    Killmonger has proven himself as at least as strong if not stronger than the peak human T'Challa on numerous occasions, but he had also demonstrated feats such as charging into a tackling an onrushing bull elephant. That would require greater than human strength and durability. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Killmonger entry confirmed his strength as superhuman.

     Zuri refers to him as genetically enhanced in BP III#24, and T'Challa calls him genetically engineered in #61. He is certainly a mutate of some form...but it's not 100% clear whether it is because he exposed himself to the Resurrection Altar, or its from the power of multiple spirits resurrecting him, or from the synthetic form of the heart-shaped herb or -- if the Killmonger series is Earth-616 continuity -- from his patron goddess.

    Black Panther III#16 had a US Department of State file on Killmonger (which credited Troy Westblade of the Wakandan Embassy website for it). The info was overall solid, except it listed Killmonger as weighing 175 lbs. With his muscular physique, I think he'd weigh 175 lbs. if he was 5'6" (he's 6'6"); he's listed as 225 lbs. in the OHotMU, and I think that's even a little light.
    T'Challa is 6' tall and 200 lbs. If you simply made Killmonger a bigger version of Black Panther (by 8.3%), that would put Killmonger at 254 lbs.

    Although Killmonger claimed in Over the Edge#6 that it had only been a simulacrum of him in Iron Man Annual#5, Black Panther III#21 had Brother Voodoo noting that it had indeed been Killmonger, resurrected, in both of those appearances. His Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entries confirmed the nature of his resurrections...although why Klaw would resurrect Killmonger and why Killmonger has never again sought vengeance on Klaw is a mystery to me.

    Iron Man Annual#5 and the Killmonger series have Killmonger noting his father to be royalty, but I'm not sure if that's true or not.

    "DURING THAT TIME WE HAD THE TROUBLE ON PANTHER ISLAND" presumably refers to Fantastic Four Annual#5 (November, 1967) when the Black Panther aided the Inhumans, the Human Torch, and the Thing against Psycho-Man and his associates. -- thanks to Dim I Nticoudis for pointing this out, because I couldn't remember it.
    It's a little odd, because Panther Island isn't part of's a Caribbean Island that the Black Panther purchased. It's hard to believe the Black Panther would have left N'Jadaka in his ship while he investigated the island, so presumably he dropped N'Jadaka off some time before this?

    Jungle Action II#17 repeatedly referenced the conflict from Jungle Action II#6-17 taking a full year.
    While the issues came out bi-monthly and thus the story was released over the course of 2 years, I'm pretty sure that if we are only giving 12-15 years of "Marvel Time" (the time from Fantastic Four I#1 to present stories), that the event of this story can't take up a full year of that.
    Similarly, Jungle Action II#18 is supposed to take place 2 months after #17. Skepticism...

    With the exception of the one-shot appearances (Iron Man Annual#5 and Over the Edge#6) following resurrections (apparently just reanimations) that may or may not have brought him to his full power, Killmonger has consistently defeated or at least gained the advantage over T'Challa. At Killmonger's full strength and level of consciousness, T'Challa has only stopped him with outside aid.
    That being said, during ritual combat, Killmonger defeated T'Challa when T'Challa was distracted by Ross; T'Challa seemed to have the advantage prior to that destruction.


    The Black Panther was defeated and/or knocked unconscious, allowed to recover, and then escaped death many times during the Jungle Action story arc. Killmonger and his forces had so many chances to kill him, and they failed to capitalize on it. Super-villain 101.
    And, again, in Over the Edge#6...

    I get that people are sheep and swayed by mob mentality, but the Wakandans rallying behind Killmonger in Iron Man Annual#5 after he had led dinosaurs to demolish their city and cause mass chaos is a bit hard to swallow.

    The Mandarin's ring shown on Killmonger's finger doesn't match any of those detailed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Its function, enhancing Killmonger's strength, and its appearance, a three-pointed/limbed structure, most closely matched the five-pointed star-pattern of the Mandarin's "Impact Beam" ring.

    Klaw has his men enslave the young N'Jadaka and kill his parents...and Killmonger blames T'Chaka (also killed in Klaw's assault) and T'Challa.
    Achebe kills Preyy...and Killmonger holds T'Challa responsible.
    Seems to have some misplaced aggression issues...

    The title of the group was Death Regiments in Jungle Action, and then they were known as the Death Regiment in Black Panther III. Regiment refers to a military unit, and Regiments refers to multiple such units. As there were many warriors/soldiers but really just one military group, I think Regiment is more correct.

    Who found Killmonger's body?

    Madam Slay discussed finding Killmonger's corpse first in Iron Man Annual#5 (1982), while I think it was Kantu who discussed the Wakandans finding Killmonger's corpse in Black Panther: Panther's Prey#1 (1991). Madam Slay is a crazy killer, but the fact that she was allied with Killmonger shortly thereafter, and we see the Mandarin taking the corpse from her cavern adds a lot of weight to that version. The OHotMU supports this version, and it is the precedent..

    killmonger-erik-bppp-corpseKantu was on drugs, so who knows how good his memory was...This would be a retcon without explaining away the original version...I'd guess McGregor wasn't aware of the fact that Killmonger's corpse's recovery had already been shown. Killmonger's government handbook entry supports this version.
    I think the weight of evidence supports Madam Slay finding Killmonger's corpse. It's possible that she stole his corpse after the Wakandan tribesmen had found it...or that she or the Mandarin had a doppelganger of Killmonger's corpse placed for the tribesmen to find...

(Black Panther: Panther's Prey#1 (fb) / Black Panther III#16: Killmonger file) - A week after the fall, Killmonger's body was found, collision with rocks under the rapids having shattered many bones; he was believed to have died less than a minute after hitting the water. His body was removed from the water by Wakandans.

    Black Panther III#60 noted it had been "years" that Killmonger was in a coma. Yes, there were years (2.5) between Black Panther III#25 and 60...but in Marvel Time, it would be more like 6-7 months.

    Were Killmonger's kids in Black Panther IV literal or figurative kids?

    Killmonger didn't make it back to Wakanda until 1969 comics, and with the early years of Spider-Man covering him through high school, we're only looking at maybe 9-10 years ago, tops that Killmonger returned to Wakanda, meaning 8-9 year old kids. He could certainly have many, but they couldn't be older than that...unless we factor in writers and editors not caring about such details...

    OK, I love, love, love the Priest/Velluto/Almond run on Black Panther III, and it was still a great series when the latter two moved on.

    However, particularly in re-review, while the stories were good, I didn't enjoy Priest's characterization of Killmonger as much. He was corporate, joked around way too much, tried to join the Avengers, and just never seemed to be as serious a threat. T'Challa seemed to be the superior combatant between the two when they fought, and T'Challa actually had the advantage on him, and it was Ross' distraction that allowed Killmonger's victory.
    And then Killmonger coming back and training Kasper Cole....
    "Killmonger light"...

    I really hated the initial part of Reginald Hudlin's subsequent series. While the stories were enjoyable (I would have been OK if this were a movie, rather than comic continuity; and, I think I remember the initial arc having been written as if it was a movie proposal...or maybe I'm senile), there was total disrespect for (or complete ignorance of) continuity. I can't tell you how many times we had to "fix" his stories and characters in the handbooks (probably even more than Bendis' stories). However, as his stories went on, they markedly improved in terms of writing, characterization, and continuity.
    And, in my opinion, Hudlin and Cadu/Portella totally nailed Killmonger as a confidant, serious, and deadly threat. The characterization, motivations, and attitude were spot on, and his look was equally impressive and intimidating. That arc alone was solid redemption.

OK, deep breath. The Killmonger or out of Earth-616 continuity?

    I initially figured it was out and that it was totally a prequel to the movie. That art on some of the covers is completely consistent with that. However, tight analysis of the series doesn't generate any information I could see that would 100% refute it.
Let's start with the discussion from the experts at the Marvel Chronology Project:

First Issue:

Resolution? Second Issue:
OK, now my concerns:

Profile by Snood.

Erik Killmonger
should be distinguished from:

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