Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate; technology user

Occupation: Revolutionary

Group Membership: Erik Killmonger's Legions

Affiliations: Agent of Erik Killmonger;
    ally of his Legions (Death Regiments, Kazibe, King Cadaver,
Lord Karnaj, Malice, Salamander K'Ruel, Sombre, Tanzika, Tayete, Venomm--and presumably Madam Slay

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), W'Kabi, the Wakandan Government

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: N'Jadaka Village, Wakanda; also a chamber excavated beneath the Great Vibranium Mound and a nearby graveyard

First Appearance: Jungle Action II#9 (May, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Baron Macabre wears laser blasters disguised as his bracelets. Their beams can burn and pierce flesh and even stone. Macabre is far stronger than his thin frame would indicate, suggesting that he has been somewhat mutated by the effects of Resurrection Altar. Though he does not possess true mystical powers, he may know how to use Resurrection Altar to resurrect the dead, and to mutate living humans into zombie-like creatures. He is a master of theatrics, and nearly convinced even the Black Panther that he was what he appeared to be.



History: Baron Macabre likely recieved some enhancements from Resurrection Altar, and supplemented whatever power he gained with technology stolen from Wakanda's own armory. He joined Erik Killmonger's insurrection against T'Challa.

(Jungle Action II#9) - Seeking to drive Wakandan natives from investigating his surreptitious digging under the Wakandan palace, Baron Macabre disguised his Death Regiment soldiers as zombies. The "zombies" killed Mjumbak, a poor farmer, when he wandered too close to the cemetery near the Mound. T'Challa investigated, and was soon confronted by the Baron and his troops, who rose from the ground. Macabre surprised T'Challa with his entrance and with his strength, and the Wakandan king barely escaped with his life.


(Jungle Action II#10) - The next night, T'Challa returned to the cemetery, having deduced the nature of Macabre's abilities. After throttling information from one of the Death Regiments, the Panther made his way into the mirrored underground chamber serving as Macabre's base. Macabre's partner, King Cadaver, nearly drove T'Challa mad with his telepathic powers, but the king overcame the mental assault by sheer force of will. T'Challa smashed Macabre through Cadaver's mirrors and shattered his skull-mask.

BTS - Macabre and Cadaver slipped away while T'Challa expressed his shock that Killmonger's agents had burrowed into his own armory.

(Jungle Action II#11) - Baron Macabre was among the soldiers defending N'Jadaka village, and attempted to slay W'Kabi from behind. However, T'Challa intervened and easily battered Macabre unconscious with three swift punches.

(Jungle Action II#17) - Macabre was freed when Killmonger made his final assault on the Wakandan palace, only to be defeated with all Killmonger's agents--T'Challa took him out with a single punch.


Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Gil Kane

A number of sources claim that Macabre can indeed raise the dead, but his initial appearances demonstrate that he is merely an accomplished charlatan.

Macabre actually planted the seeds of Kilmonger's defeat. Mjumbak's son, Kantu, was inspired to save T'Challa and shove Killmonger from Warrior Falls, resulting in Erik's first death and in the end of Killmonger's revolution.

Baron Macabre was among the Killmonger lieutenants seen in the "Once and Future King" (Earth-11236) depicted in Black Panther III#36-37. He helped capture Everett K. Ross on behalf of Killmonger, and allied with Achebe and T'Challa's renegade son T'Charra. Even after T'Charra killed Killmonger, Macabre-Once-and-Future-King remained his ally, demonstrating a new ability to actually reanimate the dead, and thus got to "enjoy" an off-panel beating from Brother Voodoo. Everett K. Ross also insisted on calling him "Barr."

Further supplemental by Bob Almond, inker extraordinaire, who did the relevent issues listed below:

Profile by Omar Karindu

Clarifications: Baron Macabre is not to be confused with:

Jungle Action II#9 (May, 1974) - Don McGregor (writer), Gil Kane (pencils), Klaus Janson (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Jungle Action II#10-11 (July-September, 1974) - Don McGregor (writer), Billy Graham (pencils), Klaus Janson (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Jungle Action II#17 (September, 1975) - Don McGregor (writer), Billy Graham (artist), Len Wein (editor)
Black Panther III#36-37 (December, 2001 - January, 2002) - Christopher Priest (writer), Sal Velluto (pencils), Bob Almond (inks), Mike Marts (editor)

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