Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Revolutionary

Group Membership: Killmonger's Legions

Affiliations: Agent of Erik Killmonger; ally of Baron Macabre, the Death Regiments, Kazibe, King Cadaver, Salamander K'Ruel, Malice, Preyy, Sombre, Tanzika, Tayete, Venomm; presumably Madame Slay and Mute

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), Monica Lynne, Taku, W'Kabi, Zatama, the Wakandan ruling body and army

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: N'Jadaka Village, Wakanda

First Appearance: Jungle Action II#11 (September, 1974)

Powers: None. Lord Karnaj used a hand held sonic disruptor able to fire destructive energy blasts. He is a decent marksman, and is both swift and agile


History: The past history of Lord Karnaj is unknown. He is presumably a native of Wakanda, and was recruited by into Erik Killmonger into his army against T'Challa and the current ruling body of Wakanda. Many of Killmonger's agents were empowered by the energies of the Resurrection Altar. Lord Karnaj used a hand held weapon, and so may not have been exposed to the energies of the Altar.

(Jungle Action II#11) - The Black Panther led a group of Wakandan soldiers to N'jadaka Village in hopes of bringing in Killmonger. Instead, they were assaulted by Killmonger's Death Regiments, led by Lord Karnaj, Baron Macabre, and Malice. Karnaj managed to hold off and take out a number troops. However, when Karnaj seriously injured a child, Taku was infuriated, and he rushed Karnaj. Taku shrugged off several blasts before tackling Karnaj and savagely beating him. T'Challa had to pull Taku off the beaten villain. Karnaj and the others were taken to the Royal Palace and imprisoned.

(Jungle Action II#17) - Killmonger's legion of dinosaurs assaulted the Royal Palace, freeing Lord Karnaj and the others. However, before Karnaj could get to his sonic disruptors, the Black Panther brought him down with a single punch. He was presumably reimprisoned.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler.

-Alternate future versions of many of Killmonger's former allies, including Lord Karnaj, were seen in the "Once and Future King" timeline, @ Black Panther III#36 and 37.
Twenty-five years in the future, Killmonger and his allies joined forces with Achebe and T'Charra, the renegade son of T'Challa. Even after T'Charra slew Killmonger, his former allies continued with the plan, now working for T'Charra. Lord Karnaj, along with several others, were thrown out of a window and knocked out during a short struggle with Luke Cage (Power Man) and the Falcon (Sam Wilson).
Everett Ross refered to Lord Karnaj and his chronies as:
Individuals in desperate need of both a DICTIONARY and a TAILOR.

No known connections to:

Jungle Action II#11 (September, 1974) - Don McGregor (writer), Billy Graham (pencils), Klaus Janson (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Jungle Action II#17 (September, 1975) - Don McGregor (writer), Billy Graham (artist), Len Wein (editor)

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