preyii-bpiii60PREYY II

Real Name: Preyy;
    as the successor to Preyy, he would officially be Preyy II

Identity/Class: Terrestrial fauna (leopard);
    property of
Erik Killmonger

Occupation: Warrior, pet, predator

Group Membership: Possibly formerly Madam Slay's leopard pride (see comments)

Affiliations: Erik Killmonger (N'Jadaka; owner, companion);
    possibly Madame Slay
, Mute (see comments)

Enemies: Achebe, Black Panther (Kevin "Kasper" Cole);
    although he is not confirmed to have encountered the Black Panther (T'Challa) --
(see comments) -- since Killmonger was T'Challa's enemy, Preyy II would have been his enemy, too

Known Relatives: None confirmed, although Madam Slay called the leopard that helped Preyy drag T'Challa his brother (it is unrevealed whether that is figurative or literal; that leopard may even be Preyy II)

Aliases: Preyy;
    "Tabby" (nickname from "Kasper" Cole)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    presumably at least formerly N'Jadaka Village, Wakanda;
    mobile throughout Wakanda

First Appearance: Black Panther III#60 (July, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Preyy II is an exceptionally large and powerful leopard, likely at least approaching the abilities of his predecessor, Preyy, who could run at up speeds of 40 mph, leap in a single bound 50' horizontally or 10' vertically, and carry up to 220 lbs. with his mouth.

    Preyy II is almost certainly skilled in using his sharp claws and teeth in combat and instinctively knows how to kill a victim with a neck bite.

    Like most cats, Preyy has enhanced olfactory (smell) and auditory (sound) senses. Increased rods in his retina in addition to the light-reflecting tapetum lucidum greatly enhanced his night vision; however, relatively few cones in his retina likely resulted in diminished color vision.

    Preyy II was loyal to and followed the lead of Erik Killmonger.

Eyes: Orange (although leopard eyes are typically green)
Fur:  Cream-yellow to orange-brown with black dots
Preyy was similar in size to his predecessor, Preyy, who had the following stats
: 3'5" at the shoulder (approximately 7' long, plus 4' long tail (see comments))
Weight: 176 lbs.


preyii-bpiii61-leap(Marvel Pets Handbook: Preyy entry) - After Preyy's death (and after Killmonger's revival from a coma after consuming the heart-shaped herb that empowered the Black Panthers), Killmonger obtained a new leopard named Preyy II.

(Black Panther III#60) - Preyy II stood behind Killmonger as he contacted Kevin "Kasper" Cole (who was then serving as a stand-in for the Black Panther (T'Challa)), introduced himself, and noted that he would have to kill Cole as a challenger to his title.

(Black Panther III#61) - Preyy II accompanied Killmonger to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to confront Cole. "Kasper" initially assumed Preyy to be a very lifelike statue, until Preyy growled at him.

    As Preyy leapt at him, Cole used the field generators in his Vibranium-soled boots to tap the leopard out of the way.

    When Killmonger confronted and challenged Cole, Preyy joined Killmonger in pursuing him. After Killmonger granted Cole a respite, he filled a bowl of water from which Preyy drank. Killmonger petted Preyy as he offered Cole a position as his acolyte.

Comments: Created by Priest, Patrick Zircher, and Norm Rapmund


    Tail length - leopards typically have a tail even longer than their body (nose to tail-base), but the image of Preyy II don't seem to show it to be that long. Probably at least a little longer than Preyy I's tail.

    Prey is obviously the term for animals hunted and consumed by predators. Still, it has a somewhat cool sound to it, and it's also a verb, describing the act of a predator in consuming (or preying on) its victim.

    Killmonger showed up with a new Preyy (Preyy II) after reviving from his comatose state in Black Panther III#61. Perhaps that was a sibling on son of Preyy...maybe it was the other leopard that helped drag T'Challa in Jungle Action#18. Maybe not.

(Jungle Action II#18) - Having captured the Black Panther, Madame Slay had Preyy and another leopard -- with ropes from the Black Panther's wrists tied to their collars -- drag the Black Panther across the rocky ground. The Black Panther was swiftly pulled off balance, and hyenas watched hungrily above as he was dragged over rocks and skeletal remains. As the leopards seemed to gain speed, they split paths on cue before a razor-sharp rock.

    The Black Panther leapt into the air up and over the deadly-sharp rock edge, landed on the backs of Preyy and the other leopard. Gaining his balance, T'Challa rode them back into the cavern from which they had taken off, using their momentum to slam into Madam Slay's large and powerful assistant, Mute, whom he subsequently overpowered. After Madam Slay was knocked out after her head hit the rock surface while dodging a blast from W'Kabi, Preyy and the other leopard rushed to her side, and the conflict was ended.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
Black Panther III#60, last page, 2nd to last panel (standing behind seated Killmonger);
    #61, pg. 9, panel 2 (leaping at Cole);
possible earlier image:
Jungle Action#18, pg. 13, panel 2 (Preyy with "brother" leopard, dragging T'Challa);

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