landing partyMAD FOLK of the CRAB NEBULA

Classification: Semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Crab Nebula;
    it is unrevealed how many of them were on the ship that opposed the Deadpool Corps

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast)

Enemies: "Deadpool Corps (they weren't called that at the time)" (Deadpool-616, Dogpool-103173, Headpool-2149, Kidpool-10330, Lady Deadpool-3010);
    indirectly the robots of Centauri-9 (Deadpool-616 crashed their ship into the Mad Folks', and survivors (those not aboard the ship) may hold the robots accountable for that)

First Appearance: Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 (May, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: They seemed to be cartoonish teddy bear-things. 

    They possessed a large battle frigate armed with blaster weapons and a tractor beam. It had a self-destruct sequence and could launch a landing shuttle.

    In direct combat, they used handheld short swords, which they held at the ends of their arms despite the lack of obvious hands/digits (possibly artistic license as opposed to telekinesis or other abilities to explain this).

Traits: They are reckless, although somewhat predictable in terms of their atypical behavior; this recklessness earned them the title of "Mad" folk

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric semi-humanoid bipeds (somewhat cartoonish in appearance)
: Two (on head; apparently blue and green colors seen)
: Apparently none (the art seemed to be some odd computer-generation thing, and it looked like their arms and legs ended in stumps, though they could still hold weapons at the end of these stumps as if they had at least a couple digits)
: None
Skin color: Blue, green, orange, pink, and purple seen (by the writer of this profile, who has weak-ass color vision...let me know if I missed any)
Average height: Approximately 2'5"?

deciding Lady Deadpool's fateHistory:
Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 (fb) - BTS) - When the Elders sought to thwart the universe-threatening plot of the consciousness-absorbing Awareness (a survivor from the previous universe), the Contemplator decided that a coalition of alternate reality Deadpools would be perfect for the job as their madness would make them unpredictable and thus able to defeat the Awareness.

    After Contemplator therefore gathered Deadpool-616, Dogpool-103173, Headpool-2149, Kidpool-10330, and Lady Deadpool-3010, fellow Elder the Grandmaster argued that the Robot race of Centauri 9 and/or the Mad Folk of the Crab Nebula would be more worthy for the task of opposing the Awareness. Contemplator argued that the Awareness would defeat them easily, but Grandmaster proposed a contest of their champions, with the winner getting the chance to save the universe. Though feeling this was a waste of time, Contemplator agreed that this was the simplest way to resolve their dispute and move on.

    A game of "Capture the Flag" was thus arranged by the Contemplator.

    The "Deadpool Corps" (as they would later be known) acquired a ship from Ashtar's moon with guidance from the Contemplator's high priest Kort.

    The "Corps" planned for Lady Deadpool to board the Mad Folk's battle frigate and disrupt its engine room.

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5) - After Deadpool boarded the robots' ship, Lady Deadpool launched aboard a rocket cycle towards the Mad Folk's ship. A blue member of the Folk reported that her craft had no shielding and asked if he should blast her, but the captain (red), on a total whim, instead decided to have her brought aboard via tractor beam, after which they would club her to death and charbroil her for dinner.

rushing Lady Deadpool(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 - BTS) - With the Mad Folk's attention focused on Lady Deadpool, Kidpool and Headpool launched a meteor containing Dogpool toward the planet containing the flag.

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5) - As the Mad Folk rushed to confront Lady Deadpool, the pink king (or just one of the folk who wore a crown and commanded a squad) instructed the others ot oblige her desire for a swordfight, but she quickly began slashing her attackers to pieces.

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 (fb) - BTS) - After finishing off that group, Lady Deadpool decided the engine room was too far away and that she had too much healing to do, so she headed to the ship's bridge, which was much closer.

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5) - As she overwhelmed the Mad Folk on the bridge, they initated their frigate's self-destruct sequence, and another group escaped via their landing shuttle, intending to still reach the target. Lady Deadpool decapitated once of Folk (whom she called "Teddy Ruxpin") but was too late to stop the self-destruct countdown.

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 - BTS) - Deadpool-616 and Lady Deadpool piloted the robots' and Mad Folk's ship to collide, with the explosion destroying both ships. closeup

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 - BTS) - The ship was crippled, if not totally destroyed, and it is unclear how many of the Mad Folk were remaining onboard and/or perished in the crash. Both Deadpool-616 and Lady Deadpool survived.

    Dogpool obtained the flag.

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5) - After the landing shuttle arrived on the planet, a group of the Mad Folk rushed forward, with a pink one noting that their scan showed no human lifeforms on the planet, and they should have a clear shot at the target. They excitedly predicted their victory, but cried out in lamentation of losing upon seeing Dogpool holding the flag.

(Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 - BTS) - The Contemplator explained that the Mad Folk were not truly mad, just reckeless.

Comments: Created by Victor Gischler and Kyle Baker. 

Profile by Snood.

The Mad Folk have no known connections to

ship - pulling in Lady Deadpool via tractor beamfrigate & landing shuttlebattle frigate

     Rather than blast Lady Deadpool, they used a tractor beam to bring her aboard, after which she overwhelmed the crew.

    They set up their self-destruct sequence, and some fled in a landing shuttle, after which Lady Deadpool crashed their ship into the ship of the robot race of Centauri 9.

    The landing shuttle arrived on an unidentified planet, after which it was not seen again. 

    The ship was crippled, if not totally destroyed, and it is unclear how many of the Mad Folk were remaining onboard and/or perished in the crash. 

    Both Deadpools survived.


--Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5

images: (without ads) - the images in the book itself weren't any clearer than these scans...
Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5, story pg. 10, panel 1 (ship);
        pg. 13, panel 2 (computer console deal);
            panel 3 (upper body/close-up);
            panel 4 (full body, confronting Deadpool);

Prelude to Deadpool Corps#5 (May, 2010) - Victor Gischler (writer), Kyle Baker (artist), Sebastian Girner (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor)


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