Classification: Magic item

Creator: Devourers (a Lemurian death cult)

User/Possessors: Covenant (Vanessa Baker, Ulysses Bloodstone, Jefferson Chambers, Wyatt Crowley, Menace, Murderous Lion), Doctor of the Thule Society;
formerly Lemurians, Thule Society

First Appearance: Captain America and Namor#635.1 (October, 2012)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Kraken was a mystical mask, which could only be activated by a member of the Atlantean (Homo mermani) race. It gave the wearer access to vast magic powers including levitation, telekinesis and the creation of powerful electrical storms. It presumably allowed access to far more powers, which were not shown on-panel.


(Captain America and Namor#635.1 (fb) - BTS) - A long time ago the Kraken mask was created by the Devourers, a Lemurian death cult. It was imbued with vast mystical powers and could only be used by a member of the Homo mermani race. (see comments)

(Captain America and Namor#635.1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point the Nazi Thule Society came in possession of the Kraken. Utilizing the methods of a former member of the Covenant the Thule Society put together an Atlantean slave made of Atlantean body parts they could put the Kraken mask on. (see comments)

(Captain America and Namor#635.1 (fb) - BTS) - <1942> The Covenant invited Namor to their Swiss castle HQ and told him about the Thule Society's use of the Kraken and offered him membership in the Covenant, which Namor declined.

(Captain America and Namor#635.1) - Following the information he received from the Covenant Namor went after the Thule Society in France. Aided by Captain America Namor defeated the present Thule Society operatives and soldiers, but could not stop them from activating the Kraken. The reanimated Atlantean Nazi slave wearing the mask used the mask's powers to create an electric storm and levitate depth bombs, which it telekinetically tossed at Namor and Captain America using the Kraken mask's power. After nearly killing both heroes with the bombs Cap tossed his shield against the Atlantean slave's head. The Kraken mask fell off and the Atlantean dropped to the ground without its powers enabling him to levitate. Namor slew the reanimated Atlantean slave, then crushed the Kraken mask with his bare hands after telling Cap that the mask could be used to win the war.

(Captain America and Namor#635.1 - BTS) - The Covenant acquired the mask's remains and put it back together. They then contacted the doctor, who was working on the mask for the Thule Society.

(Captain America and Namor#635.1) - The Covenant showed the doctor the reassembled Kraken mask and asked him to abandon his ideology and start working for them. When he told them that the mask was useless without an Atlantean to activate it they showed him a group of Atlantean slaves similar to the one the Thule Society had previously used to activate the mask. They told him to start work immediately because the future needed an army.

Comments: Created by Cullen Bunn (writer) & Will Conrad (artist).

Could there be a connection between the Kraken and the Serpent Crown or its sister crowns the Crown of Thorns and Crown of Wolves? They were all created by Lemurians though I am unsure if they were created in the same era. Maybe the Kraken was connected to one of the Titans going by that name, which were connected to Set or other Elder we are back at the start with the connection to the Serpent Crown, which was connected to Set as well.

I am getting a Frankenstein vibe from this! Could the former Covenant member and Nazi ally have been Basil von Frankenstein!? He seems like the kind of guy to create a reanimated Atlantean made of corpse parts.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Kraken has no known connections to:

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Captain America and Namor#635.1, p14, pan3 (main image)
Captain America and Namor#635.1, p9, pan1 (activated by Atlantean slave)
Captain America and Namor#635.1, p19, pan2 (reassembled)

Captain America and Namor#635.1 (October, 2012) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Will Conrad (artist), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)

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