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ClassificationAlternate reality (Reality-5391) extraterrestrial humanoid insectoid

Location/Base of Operations: Artificial planet in deep space

Known Members: Mosk (leader)

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Dr. Fronter (first name unrevealed), Space Sentinels (Speed Carter, Johnny Day), United Planets Organization, other planets

First Appearance: Spaceman#4/5 (March, 1954)

Powers/Abilities: Mosquito Men are extremely agile and each has four wings to help with darting flight. Compared to humans, they have normal intelligence and strength, but their agility enhances their fighting prowess. Mosquito Men have near-superhuman durability and are bulletproof; only a certain gas compound has proven lethal as a weapon. Their bulbous compound (multifaceted) eyes give them near full 360-degree vision. Mosquito Men have head-mounted sharp stingers about 2' in length; these appear to discharge blasts on contact that prove lethal to victims without armor. Mosquito Men can survive in vacuum and do not require oxygen. They appear to be able to independently travel at least Mach 1 in space; nevertheless, given the vast distances involved, it is assumed Mosquito Men have additional interstellar transport for their raids. Mosquito Men do not carry discharge weapons; only guards carry spears or lances in defense of their planet.

Traits: Mosquito Men demonstrate collective behavior in a flat hierarchy and follow one unelected ruler, but become directionless and compliant without a leader. They are single-minded in tasks, even following fellows into death, not out of bravery, but out of compulsion to follow directions. They are merciless in their attacks and raids on other life forms, earning a fearsome reputation for murder and savagery, and demonstrating a lack of empathy for others.

   Mosquito Men live on an artificial planet in deep space surrounded by tiny asteroids. It's unrevealed how they acquired it.

Type: Winged humanoid
Eyes: Two (on head)
Fingers: Three (including opposable thumb)
Toes: Unrevealed
Skin color: Yellow
Average height: 5'8"


(Spaceman#4/5 (fb) - BTS) - From a hidden artificial planet ruled by their leader Mosk in deep space, the Mosquito Men attacked and raided many planets. Their lightning attacks, impervious skin and merciless strategy made them the scourge of the spaceways. The peaceful United Planets Organization finally discovered their home, but did nothing until a weapon could be developed that could slaughter them. The UPO's weapons scientist Dr. Fronter developed the D.D.T. Gun, which could spray green gas that would quickly kill them. Fronter also created the Triplicator gun as a defensive weapon; it would create two copies of anything it fired upon. The Mosquito Men found out about the UPO's plans and Mosk sent a small raiding party to attack the secret lab.

(Spaceman#4/5) - The UPO's Space Sentinels Captain Speed Carter and Cadet Johnny Day were shown the Triplicator by Fronter at the lab, but Mosquito Men arrived and smashed through the heavy glass. Fronter was killed and the Mosquito Men escaped with the Triplicator, although they left the D.D.T. Gun behind, not noticing it in a wall case. They took the Triplicator to Mosk, but Carter and Day had followed them. Guards quickly flew to confront the Space Sentinels but were met with green gas from the humans' D.D.T. Gun, which quickly killed them. Despite the losses of the initial wave of Mosquito Men guards, more were sent and likewise died. Mosk arrived and fired the Triplicator, unaware of its true nature, and all were shocked to see replicas of Carter appear the more that Mosk fired upon Carter. Mosk and the Mosquito Men were overwhelmed and confused, allowing the original Speed Carter to get close and kill Mosk with the D.D.T. Gun's gas. The rest of the Mosquito Men quickly surrendered. Carter judged the race and deemed that they be confined to their planet with their stingers filed down down and blunted. The duplicate Carters would act as guards to prevent escapes until the Mosquito Men learned to be peaceable with the rest of the universe.

Comments: Created by Hank Chapman, Mike Sekowsky, Jack Abel.

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Profile by Grendel Prime.

Mosquito Men have no known connections to:

D.D.T. Gun

Developed in secret by weapons scientist Dr. Fronter of the United Planets Organization, the D.D.T. Gun sprayed green gas and was the only known substance to quickly kill Mosquito Men. While visibly green to humans, the Mosquito Men did not avoid the green gas, possibly underestimating its power or else unable to see that particular shade of green.

The name D.D.T. is, of course, derived from the (colorless) agricultural insecticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT). It was banned in the USA in 1972 due to its toxicity to humans and the environment, but some countries still use DDT to control mosquitoes that spread malaria. It basically kills insects by disrupting their nervous systems. Presumably, Fronter's D.D.T. Gun applies the same principles.



Dr. Fronter

Dr. Fronter was a scientist who operated from a secret laboratory developing weapons for the peaceful United Planets Organization. He created the D.D.T. Gun, a weapon that sprayed green gas lethal to the dangerous Mosquito Men and the only thing that would quickly kill them. Fronter also invented the Triplicator as a defensive weapon, which would make two copies of anything that it fired upon. Once completed, he showed the weapon to Captain Speed Carter and Cadet Johnny Day of the Space Sentinels, but the nefarious Mosquito Men heard of it and attacked the lab. Fronter was killed in the assault by one of the Mosquito Men. Fronter barely got out a warning to Carter with his dying breath that the special Triplicator gun had to be retrieved. He was later buried and remembered as a hero.







Mosk was the leader of the Mosquito Men and wore a robe to symbolize his role. He did not lead attacks but ruled from their artificial planet. Space Sentinels Captain Speed Carter and Cadet Johnny Day pursued the Mosquito Men who had stolen the latest secret weapon of the United Planets Organization. The Mosquito Men passed the gun to their leader. Unaware of its true function, Mosk fired the Triplicator at the armed Speed Carter and it created two extra Speed Carter forms. Frustrated, Mosk fired again and again, only to increase the number of his enemy further. The original Speed Carter stepped forward and fired at Mosk with his D.D.T. Gun, quickly killing Mosk. With their leader dead and surrounded by armed Speed Carter duplicates, the Mosquito Men surrendered.






The Triplicator was secretly developed by by weapons scientist Dr. Fronter of the United Planets Organization. Fronter hoped it could be used for defensive purposes. A small gun, when it was "fired" at a target, it would instantly make two apparent copies of the object, including living tissue.


Such a weapon could instantly increase a space fleet, weapons supplies, food supplies, infrastructure requirements, etc. However, it may have been limited to replicating a certain mass, such an adult body (they may even have been just interactive holograms). It would have offered tremendous benefits to society and yet we do not hear of it again, so it may be that the duplicates created do not last long... in which case the Mosquito Men won't be prisoners for long either...



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Spaceman#4/5 (March, 1954) - Hank Chapman (writer), Mike Sekowsky (pencils), Jack Abel (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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