Real Name: Unrevealed (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extratemporal technology user of unknown origin

Occupation: Bounty hunter, tracker

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Abomination of Earth-9200 (Dystopia)

Enemies: Hulk (Bruce Banner);
    Janis Jones of Earth-9200 (Dystopia)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    last active on Earth-616;
    formerly Earth-9200

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#443 (July, 1996)












Powers/Abilities: Quarry looked to be approximately 8' tall and is superhumanly strong (Class 25) and durable (laughing off gunfire). He possesses enhanced senses and is a highly skilled hunter and tracker. He prided himself on his calm work ethic. He can generate and project flame from hands, and possibly can control the flame pyrokinetically (or else the flame seems to cling supernaturally to its target). He speaks an unidentified language, though he can either adapt to and speak other languages within seconds after encountering other beings, or he uses a translator of some sort.

    Quarry's chief weapon was his Devastator, which could disintegrate human flesh and bone on contact. A full power blast could knock the Hulk to the ground and definitely cause him pain. Though tiny, it held numerous powerful charges.








History: Quarry's history and planet, dimension, and time period of origin are all unrevealed (see comments).



(Abominations#2) - When the Abomination of Earth-9200 -- having risen to power after the death of the Maestro -- raged at the failure of his agent Kaspin to locate and slay Janis Jones, Quarry appeared, asking the Abomination why give important work to children when there was a professional around. Quarry introduced himself and convinced the Abomination he needed to have human problems dealt with swiftly and efficiently or risk a threat to his newly obtained rule. As Izak prepared to announce his intended payment, the Abomination told him he had three hours to find Janis; if he succeeded, not only would he get a reward, he would get to keep his life.



(Abominations#3) - Quarry secretly pursued Janis through the Castle sewers while she plotted to travel back in time to recruit the Hulk to help her people as he had against the Maestro. Janis reached the time machine and began to set the coordinates only to find that the machine had been "messed with," and that the program was already running. As she began to fade away, Quarry arrived and leapt at her to prevent her escape. Both vanished in a flash into the timestream.





(Incredible Hulk II#443) - Quarry arrived in the modern era of Earth-616 in pursuit of Janis Jones who had recently arrived there. A portal opened in the atmosphere above a small town in Alaska, and he appeared in a fireball that plunged from the portal and into the frigid lake below, exactly as Janis had done shortly before. Unaffected by the wetness and cold, Quarry climbed out and sniffed the air, searching for the scent of his prey. Instead, he smelled charred wood, growing rapidly closer. The Hulk was unaware of Quarry's presence and was trying to put out a forest fire started by a pyromaniac named Robbie Duggan Clayburn, and he hurled a mass of burning trees into the lake, knocking Quarry back in the lake with them.
    Crawling out again, Quarry encountered the Hulk and quickly adjusted his speech to English, asking why he had attacked. The Hulk replied simply that he hadn't. Quarry generated a burst of flame from his hand and noted that the Hulk seemed familiar to him. As the Hulk did not react, Quarry told him that he sought a woman and would not treat the Hulk as hostile if he did not interfere with his quest, and the Hulk just wandered off.
    Quarry tracked Janis to a lodge where she had arrived and had been framed as the arsonist by Robbie Duggan. Janis warned the others to get out or Quarry would kill them, but the trappers attacked the monstrous invader with knives and guns, to no avail. While the bullets bounced off of him, Quarry leisurely pulled his Devastator from his belt and began blasting, killing Clay (Robbie's fiancÚ) and rest of the trappers, allowing himself a small smile as he did so. Slipping her bonds, Janis dodged a series of blasts and fled into the woods. Another dodged blast struck the Hulk (who had presumably been trailing either Robbie, Janis, or Quarry); though the Hulk was floored by the blast, Quarry was nonetheless impressed that he had suffered no visible damage from a full-blast devastator. He rushed over to inspect the fallen Hulk, who grabbed Quarry by the neck and punched him high into the air. The Hulk swiftly followed up, smashing an immense tree trunk into Quarry, but when he leapt to attack again, Quarry unleashed a powerful flame blast from his palm that engulfed the Hulk and clung to him as if sentient. As the Hulk pulled himself to his feet, Quarry mocked the Hulk for -- despite his vast strength, easily Quarry's superior -- his helplessness before Quarry's superior technology and the calm work ethic of an accomplished hunter: "In the end, the struggle between brain and brawn always comes down to the one who's better prepared."




    At was at this point, however, that Quarry realized that he had misplaced his Devastator during the struggle...and that the Hulk had recovered it. As the Hulk blasted Quarry repeatedly, Quarry began to scream for mercy, realizing that he wasn't as brave and polished and strong as he'd fancied. In the end, all he was...was prey.
    With Quarry apparently dead, the Hulk smashed the Devastator and left, taking Janis with him at her request.








Comments: Created by Peter David (writer), Angel Medina, and Robbin Riggs.

Izak vs. Quarry

To sum it up for any non-Dreadstar fan:
    Dreadstar started out with Epic Comics (a division of Marvel), and he was Jim Starlin's creator-owned character. Starlin later brought Dreadstar to First Comics, and Peter David took over as the writer on Dreadstar not too long after.
Peter David & Angel Medina created this unique-looking character Izak that became a major part of the Dreadstar series until it's end.
    Izak was last seen in 1995.

While writing the Hulk with Angel Medina, in 1996, PAD introduced Quarry, a bounty hunter sent from the Maestro's era to take down Janis Jones.
    Quarry is a virtual duplicate of Izak, except Izak had six arms, while Quarry had two.

I see three possibilities

1) Beyond the appearance and the homage, there is no connection b/t the two characters.
        Despite my interest in the character, this is probably the best one, as Izak was a nice guy...and Quarry was not.

2) Quarry is the Dystopia version of Izak, an alternate reality counterpart, but they're not the same character.

3) Quarry is Izak, a traveler across time and space.
    If 3...I wonder what is the explanation his loss of 4 arms, and how/why he got to Dystopia?
    Izak was not a bounty hunter or anything, as far as we know, before he had four arms grafter to his body, though I guess it could have been a pre-graft appearance.

If anyone communicates regularly with Peter David, please ask him about this.

My issue of Hulk#443 has the pages in a really mixed up order (and they're not numbered), so the story is really hard to follow.

Profile by Snood.

Possible connection to:

images: (without ads)
Abominations#2, p15, panel 1

Incredible Hulk II#443 (July, 1996) - Peter David (writer), Angel Medina (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Abominations#2 (January, 1997) - by Ivan Velez, Jr. (writer), Angel Medina (penciler), Brad Vancata & Scott Koblish (inkers), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Abominations#3 (February, 1997) - by Ivan Velez, Jr. (writer), Angel Medina (penciler), Brad Vancata (inker), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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