Real Name: Sigmar

Identity/Class: Sub-species of Humanity (Eternal) (Pre-Cataclysm Era to contemporary times)

Occupation: Scientist

Group Membership: The Eternals of Earth (Druig, Ikaris, Phastos, Valkin, others), the Polar Eternals (Druig, Ikaris, Valkin, others)

Affiliations: Celestials, Ikaris, Phastos, Valkin

Enemies: Druig, Maelstrom

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Wizard"

Base of Operations: (Currently) believed mobile in outer space; (on Earth) Polaria, Siberia, Russia; occasionally a lab beneath New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Eternals I#17 (November, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: As an Eternal, Sigmar has complete control over his body's molecules. Although he has not demonstrated many of his abilities, he can presumably enhance his strength, rearrange matter and generate destructive energy blasts from his eyes or hands. By harnessing gravitons, he could defy gravity, permitting him the power of flight. He is also virtually immortal and (mostly) indestructible. He has a vast range of psychic powers, including the ability to merge his consciousness with other Eternals, forming a Uni-Mind. Besides all of this, Sigmar was a brilliant inventor whose designs include the Image-Projector, the Atomic Re-Assembler and the Neural Beast.

Height: 5'0" (by approximation)
Weight: 125 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed

History: (Eternals I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Sigmar was among the earliest Eternals to exist on Earth after their creation by the Celestials. He eventually made his home in Polaria, the Polar Eternals' city in what would become known as Siberia.

(Eternals II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Sigmar was mentored by an Eternal named Phastos who imparted much of his training as a scientist.

(Eternals I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Around 20,000 BC, the Celestials who created the Eternals and Deviants visited Earth as part of their Second Host. One of the Celestials (Tiamut) rebelled against the Second Host and they unleashed a weapon against him which seemed to convert all of the Celestial's body into energy. Sigmar observed the destruction of the rogue Celestial and recorded it upon an image-block which he stored in Polaria. The Celestials gave their weapon to the Polar Eternals for disposal. The Polar Eternals' leader Valkin took charge of concealing the weapon, leaving his nephew Ikaris as the only other person who could locate the weapon.

(Eternals II#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during the centuries, Sigmar constructed a laboratory beneath New York City. Within there, he sealed a molecular recording tablet on which was recorded the location of the Pyramid of the Winds.

(Eternals I#17) - In recent years in Polaria after the Fourth Host of the Celestials arrived on Earth, Valkin's son Druig confronted Sigmar, wanting to know about the Celestial weapon from the Second Host. Sigmar was shocked that Druig had learned of the weapon and at first refused to tell him about it but Druig grabbed his arm and began to twist it until Sigmar agreed to tell what he knew. He begged Druig to consider his father Valkin's caution but Druig insisted that Sigmar lead him to the weapon.

(Eternals I#18) - Sigmar activated his Image-Projector to show Druig the Image-Block recording of the Dreaming Celestial's destruction. Sigmar claimed the Image-Block recording was all the existing information on the Celestial weapon but Druig was well aware that the Polar Eternals witnessed the weapon's discharge and that Sigmar was one of those present. Druig used his powers to set Sigmar on fire until he admitted that Valkin had given the key to the weapon's location to Ikaris. Still under Druig's thumb, Sigmar was made to use his Dimension Cloud and Atomic Re-Assembler, projecting the cloud nearby Ikaris. When Ikaris entered the cloud to investigate it, Sigmar captured him and teleported him to his laboratory within the Atomic Re-Assembler. Sigmar offered to neutralize Ikaris' powers so that Druig could interrogate him. Druig was pleased that Sigmar was toiling on his behalf but Sigmar reminded him he was doing so under protest and only because he feared Druig's savagery. Somehow negating Ikaris' ability to generate energy beams, Sigmar presented the captured Eternal to Druig. When Ikaris refused to divulge the location of the weapon, Sigmar released the Neural Beast upon him. The Neural Beast subjected Ikaris to intense mental pain and formed a sign upon his forehead which was the location of the weapon. While Sigmar returned the Neural Beast to its pen, Druig examined the sign on Ikaris' forehead and recognized it as the symbol for the Pyramid of the Winds.

(Eternals I#19) - Druig had Ikaris moved to a prison cell while he prepared to set out for the nearby Pyramid of the Winds. Sigmar again counseled Druig to lay aside his schemes but Druig refused to listen. Soon after Druig's departure, Ikaris regained enough strength to tear out of his prison. Ikaris angrily confronted Sigmar, accusing him of betraying the Eternals. Sigmar protested that if he hadn't cooperated, Druig would have slain him. Ikaris insisted that Sigmar accompany him to stop Druig. Sigmar happily agreed, reminding Ikaris that he was just as eager as him to stop Druig from activating the weapon. The two Eternals flew to the Pyramid of the Winds, passing Ziran the Tester of the Fourth Host as they traveled, the duo realizing that Druig meant to slay Ziran if he obtained the weapon. Revealing that he knew an alternate route to the Pyramid, Sigmar helped guide Ikaris quickly inside but they were too late to stop Druig from reaching the weapon. Druig and Ikaris fought but Druig fended off his cousin's attacks. Sigmar noted that because Ikaris wanted to capture Druig alive, he couldn't stop him and he would have to unleash his disintegration eye beams in order to stop him. Ikaris fired his eye beams at the weapon and the resulting explosion disintegrated Druig but the storm of Celestial energy unleashed continued to spread, destroying the chamber of the Pyramid. Ikaris and Sigmar flew out of the Pyramid as the energies continued to build when Ziran suddenly stepped in and unleashed a counterforce beam which calmed the violent energy. Sigmar noted that although Druig meant to kill Ziran, it was Ziran himself who contained its energies.

(Avengers I#246-248 - BTS) - Sigmar was present in Olympia as every known Eternal on Earth was summoned to confer on their future following the death of Zuras, Olympia's ruler. The assembled Eternals formed a Uni-Mind but Maelstrom had invaded Olympia and he attempted to harness the Uni-Mind's power for himself. The Avengers rescued the Eternals but the majority of Eternals - including Sigmar - chose to form a Uni-Mind and journey into space to discover their species' cosmic destiny.

(Eternals II#3 - BTS) - After Sigmar left Earth, a band of Deviants invaded his New York City laboratory, believing that with Sigmar gone, they could access the molecular recording tablet. However, Phastos defended his pupil's laboratory and slew all of the Deviants.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.

The Uni-Mind which Sigmar joined also included Ajak, who was revealed to have returned to Earth in Eternals: The Herod Factor. It seems likely therefore that the Uni-Mind dispersed, meaning Sigmar could have also returned to Earth at some stage... or perhaps he's somewhere in space.

Sigmar and the other Eternals' departure from Earth was almost certainly a demand made by Avengers editor Mark Gruenwald, who spent a lot of time trying to de-clutter Marvel's Earth (see also Cat People, Savage Land, Hydro-Men, Scourge, etc.)

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Profile by Prime Eternal.

Sigmar should not be confused with:

Atomic Re-AssemblerAtomic Re-AssemblerDimension Cloud

The Atomic Re-Assembler was one of Sigmar's inventions housed in his Polaria laboratory. The Atomic Re-Assembler was connected to what Sigmar called a Dimension Cloud (right), a nucleus of magenta-colored energy. A person who entered the Dimension Cloud would then be teleported at the speed of light to the site of the Atomic Re-Assembler. At the behest of Druig, Sigmar used the Dimension Cloud and Atomic Re-Assembler to teleport Ikaris into his laboratory so that Druig could interrogate Ikaris for the location of the Celestial weapon.

--Eternals I#18

The Image-Projector

The Image-Projector was an old device invented by Sigmar and housed in his laboratory in Polaria. Using recording devices called Image-Blocks (depicted in Sigmar's right hand), Sigmar could record footage in excellent detail. The Image-Projector would then project the footage from the Image-Block. Sigmar used one recording to capture the events of the Second Host of the Celestials disciplining one of their members (the Dreaming Celestial). Sigmar shared this recording with Druig.

--Eternals I#18

The Neural Beast

The Neural Beast was a creature apparently genetically engineered by Sigmar. It lived within a pen in his Polaria laboratory. The Neural Beast had a set of thin tentacles which could attach themselves to a person's head and subject them to intense mental trauma. In an interrogation setting, the Neural Beast would force its victim to reveal whatever secret they were concealing by forming an image on their forehead. Sigmar used the Neural Beast on Ikaris, causing the image of the Pyramid of the Winds to appear upon Ikaris' forehead.

--Eternals I#18

images: (without ads)
Eternals I#18, cover (Sigmar, main)
Eternals I#19, page 13, panel 3 (Sigmar, headshot)
Eternals I#18, page 11, panel 1 (Atomic Re-Assembler)
Eternals I#18, page 10, panel 3 (Atomic Re-Assembler's Dimension Cloud)
Eternals I#18, page 1 (Image-Projector)
Eternals I#18, page 16, panel 6 (Neural Beast)

Eternals I#17-19 (November, 1977-January, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Mike Royer (inks)

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