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Real Name: Norman Osborn

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-44145) human mutate (presumably - see comments)

Occupation: Businessman

Group Membership: Formerly Spider-Army (Octavia Otto of Earth-1104, Petey/Peter Parker of Earth-91918, Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly of Earth-616, Spider-Ben/Ben Parker of Earth-91918, Spider-Man/Hobie Brown of Earth-138, Spider-Man/Miles Morales of Earth-1610, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-1048, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-18119, Spider-Man/Takuya Yamashiro of Earth-51778, Spiders-Man/"Peter Parker" of Earth-11580, Spinneret/Mary Jane Watson-Parker of Earth-18119, Superior Spider-Man/Otto Octavius of Earth-616, Web-Slinger/Patrick O'Hara of Earth-31913), OsCorp (Dr. Ohnn, Peter Parker, Mr. Walker, Dr. Warren, others)

Affiliations: Brothers Grimm (Percy & Barton Grimes of Earth-616), OsCorp, Spiders-Man ("Peter Parker" of Earth-11580);
    formerly Spider-Army

Enemies: Inheritors of Earth-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Solus, others), Kobold (Harry Osborn), Peter Parker;
    Earth-616 natives: Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), the Living Brain, Anna Marie Marconi, James Martin, Max Modell, Night Shift (Dansen Macabre, Digger/Roderick Krupp, Skein/Sybil Dvorak)

Known Relatives: Harry Osborn (Kobold, son)

Aliases: "Dad," "Normie," "Sir," "Spider-Nor-Man 'Grand Poobah, Self-Crowned King, and High Jerk-o-lopolis' Osborn"

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly mobile throughout the Multiverse, OsCorp Plaza

First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 (November, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Man, like many other Multiversal Spider-totems, has superhuman strength and agility, as well as the ability to cling to solid surfaces. While he did not seem to possess a danger-warning Spider-Sense like most other totems, Spider-Man did possess four extra arms.

In additional to his superhuman powers, Spider-Man also utilized chemical webbing projectors on his wrists and he occasionally used a flying glider device for air travel.

Spider-Man briefly possessed a damaged Cosmic Cube that allowed him to view any reality in the Multiverse and he used the Cosmic Cube as a part of a Time Bungee device that allowed him to visit other realities for short periods of time before pulling him back to his home reality. He later used a small portion of the Great Web of Life and Destiny to travel to other realities.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'11")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 225 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


(Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 (fb) - BTS) - Worldly, powerful businessman Norman Osborn controlled the transit systems and food distribution within his city while maintaining a very strained relationship with his son, Harry, whom Norman felt always gave him terrible birthday and Father's Day gifts and whom Norman had banned from OsCorp. At some point, he acquired four extra arms and spider-like superhuman powers, which he secretly used as the costumed Spider-Man. After Osborn began pouring money and resources into a super-secret project involving a damaged Cosmic Cube, OsCorp chemistry department employee Peter Parker, a young friend of Harry's and relative of May and Ben, suspected the project was some sort of Time Bungee device to travel to alternate realities. As months went by, Norman also had the chemistry department work on refining Peter Parker's old chemical web fluid to improve its strength and plasticity. Norman eventually killed Peter Parker, unaware that Peter had written a letter to Harry Osborn detailing how to take down Norman and asking Harry to take care of Ben and May.

(Spider-Geddon I#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Norman Osborn used his damaged Cosmic Cube to view Earth-001, former home of the Inheritors and later base of operations for the Multiversal Web-Warriors group.

(Spider-Geddon I#2 - BTS) - Earth-44145's Spider-Man was observed on a video screen by Earth-616's Superior Spider-Man as he prepared to gather together a new Spider-Army against Earth-001's vampiric Inheritors.

(Edge of Spider-Geddon#4) - Following the death of Peter Parker at Norman's hands, Harry Osborn walked into OsCorp Plaza and, after taking down some security guards, stole OsCorp's Kobold armored suit. Notified of Harry's return to OsCorp by security chief Mr. Walker, a costumed Norman became suspicious of where Kobold was going and he soon found Kobold deep inside Norman's lab, where Kobold discovered a damaged Cosmic Cube that Spider-Man was using to view alternate realities. Proclaiming that Peter Parker had been right about the corrupt Osborn and that Osborn would go down along with his alternate reality project, Kobold attacked Spider-Man. Smashing Kobold into the ground, Spider-Man gloated that with great power came great sacrifice and Kobold announced that he was there to avenge Peter's death at Norman Osborn's hands. When Kobold seemingly missed hitting Spider-Man was a blast from his gauntlet, Spider-Man remarked that it would have been more dramatic if Kobold hadn't missed, only to learn that Kobold had hit Spider-Man's damaged Cosmic Cube, destroying it. As the Cube exploded, Spider-Man screamed at the loss of his years of work and Harry died as the top floors of OsCorp Plaza went with the exploding Cube. Spider-Man himself, realizing he could utilize the power of the exploding Cube to activate his Time Bungee, laughed that Harry had actually given him exactly what he wanted. Tethering himself into the Time Bungee, Spider-Man entered the Multiversal crossroads but before Spider-Man could travel to any particular reality, Earth-138's Spider-Man emerged from one of the portals and, unaware of Osborn's villainous nature, pulled Osborn to himself in an effort to "rescue" Osborn.

(Spider-Geddon I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man reluctantly joined the Spider-Army squad led by Earth-616's Superior Spider-Man after being recruited by Earth-138's Spider-Man.

(Spider-Geddon I#4 (fb) - BTS) - As part of the Spider-Army, Spider-Man-44145 was given a Web-Watch device that allowed him to traverse the Multiverse with the Spider-Army.

(Spider-Geddon I#3) - As the Superior Spider-Man gave a speech on how his squad was expected to kill the  Inheritors and anyone who did not wish to go that far could leave, Spider-Man-44145 grumbled that they all got his point and that there was no need for histrionic speechifying since time was wasting. The Superior Spider-Man remarked that Spider-Man-44145's arrogance seemed to rival that of Earth-616's Norman Osborn but he commented that he would overlook Spider-Man's impertinence since Spider-Man seemed to lack the insanity of Earth-616's Osborn. The Superior Spider-Man then warned Spider-Man-44145 to have a care and remember who the master planner was. Spider-Man-44145 remained present with the Superior Spider-Man's Spider-Army squad as the Superior Spider-Man received a communication from Earth-1610's Spider-Man about their impending attack on the Inheritors' New U headquarters and he watched as the Superior Spider-Man, annoyed that Spider-Man-1610 had not further planned the attack, opted to let Spider-Man-1610's squad deal with the Inheritors on their own. When other members of the Superior Spider-Man's squad protested that they couldn't just leave the other squad to die, the Superior Spider-Man sent his squad in to assist Spider-Man-1610's squad while he, Spider-Man-44145, Earth-1104's Octavia Otto and Earth-616's Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) sabotaged the Inheritors' cloning vats. While Scarlet Spider-616 bricked the cloning tech, Spider-Man-44145 remarked that the Inheritors could recreate their tech and that they should use the giant sword of their headquarters, Earth-51778 robot Leopardon, to completely destroy the Inheritor facility. The Superior Spider-Man agreed but suggested he first complete his scans of inert Inheritor patriarch Solus to find any weaknesses. The Inheritors Bora and Brix soon noticed the squad in the cloning vats and attacked, forcing Spider-Man-44145, Superior Spider-Man-616, Scarlet Spider-616 and Octavia Otto to retreat back to Leopardon. Once back onboard Leopardon, Spider-Man-44145 pulled Earth-11580's Spiders-Man aside to discuss the Inheritors. Admitting suspicions that the Spider-Army would lose against the Inheritors and his own previous control of a Cosmic Cube, Spider-Man-44145 suggested the idea of walling off Earth-616 from the rest of the Multiverse, trapping both the Inheritors and the rest of the Spider-Army. When Spiders-Man commented that it would mean death for the Spider-Army members on Earth-616 at the time, a smiling Spider-Man-44145 replied that they would acceptable losses and, noticing Spiders-Man was intrigued, Spider-Man-44145 suggested they keep the conversation between them.

(Spider-Geddon I#4) - Spider-Man-44145 accompanied the Spider-Army to Earth-13, where the Superior Spider-Man hoped to analyze the Enigma Force there. As Spider-Man-1610 commented on how the Spider-Army was once defeated there and the Inheritor Solus had killed Earth-13's Enigma Force-powered Peter Parker, Spider-Man-44145 remarked that dwelling on past defeats was counterproductive and asked the Superior Spider-Man why they have traveled to Earth-13. When the Superior Spider-Man confirmed his intention to study Earth-13's Enigma Force in hopes of using the data to locate Earth-616's Enigma Force, Spider-Man-44145 dismissed the Superior Spider-Man's plan as a fool's errand and suggested they continue recruiting cannon fodder for the Spider-Army instead, prompting Earth-18119's Spider-Man to ask who invited a Norman Osborn into the group. The Spider-Army was soon drawn back to Leopardon by Spider-Man-138 and they viewed footage of a revived Solus. Upon seeing the footage, Spider-Man-44145 again suggested the Spider-Army should be recruiting as many as they could as fast as they could before attacking the Inheritors with precision, perhaps utilizing sharp bodily trauma, as Earth-616's Kaine had done once before, to kill Solus. Spider-Man-1610 responded that Kaine was in his "Other" form when he killed Solus, prompting Spider-Man-44145 to angrily exclaim that the Spider-Army should not be relying on some deus ex machina to solve their powers. When Osborn proclaimed that they should be thinking or leaving it up to someone who could think like himself, the Superior Spider-Man grew tired of Osborn and announced that Spider-Man-44145 was no longer wanted among the Spider-Army. Spider-Man-44145 argued that the Spider-Army would not accept the Superior Spider-Man's leadership but when the Spider-Army all admitted that Norman Osborn could not be trusted, Spider-Man-44145 relented and agreed to leave the group, taking Earth-11580's Spiders-Man with him. Claiming he would return to his reality and work on a real solution to the Inheritor problem, Osborn was ordered to return his Multiversal Web-Watch given to him by the Spider-Army. Spider-Man-44145 tossed the Web-Watch aside and departed into a portal with Spiders-Man, calling the rest of the Spider-Army idiots. Once they entered the portal, Spiders-Man asked if they had arrived in Osborn's home reality but Spider-Man-44145 replied that they had arrived somewhere much more interesting. Introducing Spiders-Man to Earth-001 and the Loomworld base where the deceased Master Weaver now laid, Spider-Man-44145 explained how the Great Web of Life and Destiny was now left unguarded. Cutting off a piece of the Web, Spider-Man-44145 further explained that he had no need of a Web-Watch, as he could use the portion of the Great Web to traverse realities. He then reminded Spiders-Man of his plan to trap the Inheritors and Spider-Army on Earth-616 but when Spiders-Man questioned the existence of other ways to access the Great Web other than Web-Watches, Spider-Man-44145 reached into another reality and pulled forth a bomb, questioning how the Web could be accessed if it no longer existed.

Moments later, Spider-Man-44145 cut off the Web-Watches' access to the Great Web, trapping the Spider-Army on Earth-616. He then readied the Great Web and asked Spiders-Man if he planned to return to his home reality. When Spiders-Man sent several of the spiders that made up his body into various realities, remarking on how he would visit all realities, Spider-Man-44145 entered the Great Web, proclaiming himself "Savior of Infinite Earths." He then remarked "Well, infinite minus one." before detonating the bomb, destroying Loomworld and the Great Web behind him. As the Spider-Army dealt with their access to the Multiverse removed, the Superior Spider-Man immediately suspected Spider-Man-44145 of being behind the overloading of their Web-Watches.

(Spider-Geddon I#5) - Following the Spider-Army's defeat of the Inheritors, the Superior Spider-Man assured Spider-Man-1610 that he could deal with any threat that arose, unaware that Spider-Man-44145 had acquired a piece of the Great Web.

(Superior Spider-Man II#9 (fb) - BTS) - In an effort to crush his enemies, Spider-Man-44145 had the Spiders-Man monitored Earth-616's Superior Spider-Man.

(Superior Spider-Man II#9) - When the Spiders-Man returned with news of the Superior Spider-Man kissing a woman, Spider-Man-44145 commended Spiders-Man on the news and remarked that Earth-616's Otto Octavius was vulnerable. Proclaiming that his enemies in his home reality had been crushed, a smiling Spider-Man got on a glider vehicle and remarked that it was time to show how Norman Osborn served revenge.

(Superior Spider-Man II#10 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man-44145 swore to destroy Earth-616's Superior Spider-Man within the span of a single day. Before he could begin his plot against the Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Man-44145 traveled to Earth-616, where he stayed for weeks in preparation.

(Superior Spider-Man II#11 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man-44145 eventually paid the criminal Brothers Grimm to speak against the Superior Spider-Man on television.

(Superior Spider-Man II#10) - After the Superior Spider-Man's identity as the former Doctor Octopus was publicly revealed on Earth-616, the Superior Spider-Man traced the video footage to an internet cafe where tiny spiders appeared to be typing on a keyboard, alerting the Superior Spider-Man to the presence of the Spiders-Man. Scanning his own location for spiders, the Superior Spider-Man located the Spiders-Man and forced him to reveal that he was still working for Spider-Man-44145. Upon learning of Spider-Man-44145's involvement, the Superior Spider-Man explained to his ally Max Modell Spider-Man-44145's back story and how the egotistical Spider-Man-44145 had been ousted out of the Spider-Army. The Superior Spider-Man then forced the Spiders-Man to admit that it was Spider-Man-44145 that had destroyed the Great Web to prevent transdimensional travel. The Superior Spider-Man then learned that Spider-Man-44145 planned to destroy the Superior Spider-Man by the end of that day and he warned the Spiders-Man that Spider-Man-44145 would not succeed. Later, when the Superior Spider-Man attempted to travel to Earth-44145 to confront Spider-Man, he utilized the robot Living Brain, only for Spider-Man-44145 to take over the Living Brain from afar and blow it up. Emerging from the rubble of the building, the Superior Spider-Man checked on those he cared about and Spider-Man-44145 appeared, gloating that he made sure the Superior Spider-Man's loved ones were in the building. Further bragging about how he had taken a piece of the Great Web in order to travel to any reality he wished, Spider-Man-44145 proclaimed that he had come to Earth-616 to destroy everything that meant anything to the Superior Spider-Man. Smiling, Spider-Man-44145 then punched the Superior Spider-Man as the hero struggled to move some of the rubble and the weakened Superior Spider-Man suggested Spider-Man-44145 kill him and be done with it. Rather than kill him quickly, Spider-Man-44145 announced his plans to murder anyone the Superior Spider-Man cared about even a little and tear down anything Otto Octavius had built in any of his incarnations as revenge for being insulted. He then hopped on his glider and departed, laughing and commenting that he still had much work to do.

(Superior Spider-Man II#11) - Going after James Martin, a young friend of the Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Man-44145 was attacked by the Superior Spider-Man's henchmen, Night Shift. After battling Skein in the air, Spider-Man-44145 decapitated the zombie Digger before focusing again on James. Before Spider-Man-44145 could kill James, however, the Superior Spider-Man intervened. Bragging that Otto Octavius could never defeat Norman Osborn, Spider-Man-44145 quickly gained the upper hand in the fight and when he again went after James, a beaten Superior Spider-Man agreed to do anything Spider-Man-44145 asked if James was spared.

(Superior Spider-Man II#11/Amazing Spider-Man V#67 (fb)) - Intrigued at the possibility of the Superior Spider-Man doing anything he asked, Spider-Man-44145 agreed to spare James if the Superior Spider-Man would kill three innocent people within two hours. Elaborating that the murders must be on public camera so the world would see the Superior Spider-Man was a fraud and a killer, Spider-Man-44145 threatened to snap James' neck if Octavius did not comply. When Octavius reluctantly agreed, Spider-Man-44145 flew off with James in tow.

(Superior Spider-Man II#11) - Thirty minutes later, the Superior Spider-Man admitted to Anna Marie Marconi that he no intention of murdering anyone, figuring Spider-Man-44145 would kill James regardless. When Octavius summoned the demon Mephisto, intent on making a deal with him, Mephisto admitted he couldn't harm Spider-Man-44145 directly, as his own Reality-44145 wouldn't be very happy with that. Eventually, Octavius agreed to Mephisto's offer of being restored to his original Dr. Octopus form so that his less-heroic identity would have no qualms with destroying Spider-Man-44145. After being transformed back into Doctor Octopus, Octavius attacked the Brothers Grimm, who had earlier been hired by Spider-Man-44145 to ruin Octavius on television, and threatened to squeeze the life out of the criminals unless they brought him Spider-Man-44145.

(Superior Spider-Man II#12) - Spider-Man-44145 held James Martin hostage in a hotel, commenting on how "horrific" it was that Dr. Octopus had catfished James into hero worship. Osborn then invited James to eat from the hotel room service food he had ordered using the credit of Earth-616's Norman Osborn. When James expressed a desire to return home, Spider-Man-44145 assured James that he would as long as Otto Octavius kept his side of the bargain. Almost as if on cue, Octavius seemingly appeared with a man he claimed would be his first victim. Surprised that Octavius had gotten past the Spiders-Man, Spider-Man-44145 nonetheless prepared his cameras to film the man's murder, only to be further surprised when the supposed victim was revealed as Octavius himself in his Dr. Octopus body, utilizing a clone to appear as his former self. The angry Osborn then ordered Spiders-Man to report in but Dr. Octopus revealed that his Octobots were keeping the Spiders-Man busy. Unsure of Octavius' plan of switching himself back into his old body, Spider-Man-44145 insisted Octavius' experiences as the Superior Spider-Man were still inside him and he dangled James out of the hotel window, claiming that Octavius only had to beg him to spare James' life to save the boy. When Octavius expressed no concern for James, Spider-Man-44145 dropped James, only to be genuinely shocked when Octavius didn't rush to save the boy, unaware that a spare Dr. Octopus harness had rescued the falling James. Osborn then turned his cameras on and announced his plans to kill Octavius with the whole world watching but Octavius called Osborn predictable, angering Osborn into a fierce attack. Octavius then unleashed a slew of mentally-controlled Octopus harnesses that quickly wrapped Spider-Man-44145 up, pinning him in place. As Spider-Man-44145 exclaimed how impossible it should be for Octavius to control so many harnesses at one time, Octavius used the harnesses' arms to surgically and brutally break Spider-Man-44145's bones so that he would never be able to use them again. Proclaiming that Osborn would now be left a formidable intellect trapped inside of a broken and failing body, Dr. Octopus then acquired Osborn's piece of the Great Web of Life and Destiny and used it to create a portal back to Earth-44145. He then hurled the broken body of Spider-Man-44145 through the portal, remarking that Osborn would be at the mercy of his many enemies. Further commenting that there would still remain a chance that Osborn might somehow survive and later return for revenge, Dr. Octopus assured Osborn that next time, he wouldn't waste so much effort before disposing of trash. Later, Octavius visited Anna Marie Marconi and Emma Hernandez in the hospital and when they attempted to get him to stay away and work towards heroic goals, Dr. Octopus grew angry, claiming they wished him to remain vulnerable to men like Norman Osborn, and he departed, warning them not to cross him in the future.

Comments: Created by Aaron Kuder, Will Robson and Craig Yeung.

It was never revealed how exactly Norman Osborn acquired spider-like powers in his reality but it seems likely he was mutated. Perhaps OsCorp was researching radioactivity or genetic engineering on spiders or something...

Spider-Man's appearance in Spider-Geddon#2 could only fit prior to the main story in Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 despite Spider-Geddon#2 showing Earth-138's Spider-Man leaving to recruit for the Spider-Army. As we know, Spider-Man-138 is the one who pulled Spider-Man-44145 out of the dimensional limbo at the end of Edge of Spider-Geddon#4. When Superior Spider-Man-616 observes Spider-Man-44145 in Spider-Geddon#2, we see Spider-Man-44145 hanging from a web (basically, the image is the cover to Edge of Spider-Geddon#4). Therefore, Superior Spider-Man must have observed Spider-Man-44145 just prior to his fight with Kobold, possibly mere moments before the start of the main story in Edge of Spider-Geddon#4. We also see Spider-Man-138 departing to recruit for the Spider-Army earlier in Spider-Geddon#2 than we see Superior Spider-Man observing Spider-Man-44145 so it stands to reason that Spider-Man-138 traversed the Multiverse a little while, during which Superior Spider-Man observed Spider-Man-44145, and later came upon Spider-Man-44145 after he had been observed by Superior Spider-Man and after his battle with Kobold.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-44145's Spider-Man
should be distinguished from:


Ben was an unspecified loved one of Peter Parker's. Prior to being killed by Norman Osborn, Peter Parker wrote his friend Harry Osborn a letter explaining Norman's corruption and steps Harry would need to take to bring down Norman, ending the letter asking Harry to take care of Ben and May.

Ben was likely the Earth-44145 counterpart of Ben Parker, who was Peter Parker's uncle on Earth-616.
--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 - BTS


May was an unspecified loved one of Peter Parker's. Prior to being killed by Norman Osborn, Peter Parker wrote his friend Harry Osborn a letter explaining Norman's corruption and steps Harry would need to take to bring down Norman, ending the letter asking Harry to take care of Ben and May.

May was likely the Earth-44145 counterpart of May Parker, who was Peter Parker's aunt on Earth-616.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 - BTS


Harry Osborn was the son of Norman Osborn and best friend of OsCorp employee Peter Parker. Having been sent to reform school, Harry was not allowed to visit OsCorp. After hearing rumors of Norman's experiments into alternate realities, Peter prepared a letter for Harry in the event of his death that explained all of his suspicions of Norman's activities and gave details on how to stop Norman. When Norman killed Peter, Harry received the letter and was guided by Peter's letter to steal the experimental Kobold armor from OsCorp, which Harry then used to enter Norman's lab. Kobold made his way to Norman's lab and discovered Norman's Time Bungee device, confirming Peter's suspicions about Norman. Determined to stop his father and avenge Peter, Kobold battled Norman in his Spider-Man identity and managed to destroy Norman's damaged Cosmic Cube moments before dying in battle.

Kobold wore a sophisticated suit of armor that was equipped with wrist blasters and hover discs that could be placed on his feet to allow flight. The armor also enhanced Harry's strength and durability.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 (#4 (fb), #4d,

Dr. Ohnn

Dr. Ohnn was an employee of OsCorp. At some point, Dr. Ohnn's lab was tasked with running tests about the possible breakdown of string theory, leading chemistry department employee Peter Parker suspicious that Norman Osborn was meddling in alternate realities.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 (fb) - BTS


OsCorp was the worldwide company run by businessman Norman Osborn. After Osborn acquired a damaged Cosmic Cube that allowed him to view alternate realities, Osborn directed various OsCorp departments towards the research of string theory in an effort to better understand and eventually travel to alternate realities. Following the death of Peter Parker and learning of Norman's plans with alternate realities, Norman's son Harry visited OsCorp and stole the Kobold armor in an effort to avenge Peter's death and stop Norman's plans.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4

OsCorp Plaza

OsCorp Plaza was a large skyscraper where the OsCorp company was based and it also functioned as the headquarters for Spider-Man (Norman Osborn). Following the death of Peter Parker at Norman's hands, Norman's son Harry ventured to OsCorp Plaza to confront and stop Norman.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4

Peter Parker

Peter Parker was a young employee of OsCorp and best friend of Harry Osborn. Working in OsCorp's chemistry department, Peter helped designed a chemical webbing solution which Norman eventually had the chemistry department refine. Upon hearing rumors from other departments, Peter became suspicious that Norman Osborn was messing with alternate reality string theory and, concerned that Norman might come after him, Peter wrote a letter to Harry to be read on the event of his death. When Norman killed Peter, the letter was sent to Harry guiding Harry on how to take down Norman by stealing the experiment Kobold armor. The letter also laid out what Peter knew of Norman's plans and Harry used the information to steal the armor and destroy Norman's damaged Cosmic Cube, dying himself in the process of avenging of Peter's death.

Peter was only seen in an image shown by the Cosmic Cube. He was never actually seen in-person.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 (fb) - BTS

Time Bungee

The Time Bungee was a device that Norman Osborn had secretly designed by various departments at OsCorp, tasking each with designing parts of the device without any knowing the specifics of why they were working on what they were working on. When chemistry department employee Peter Parker began to suspect what Norman was working on, he killed Peter but Peter had arranged a letter be sent to Norman's son Harry detailing his theories on the Time Bungee and how to take Norman down. After Harry infiltrated OsCorp and stole the Kobold armor to take down Norman, he managed to destroy Norman's damaged Cosmic Cube before being killed by Norman. Upon Harry's death, Norman gloated that his Time Bungee had already been completed and he activated the device, transporting him into the Multiversal limbo, but before Norman could enter another reality, he was pulled from the Time Bungee by Earth-138's Spider-Man.

The Time Bungee tethered users to their home reality while allowing them to venture into the Multiversal crossroads, where the Time Bungee utilized dimensional portal technology to open portals to a myriad of other realities. The reality travel was theoretically temporary, as the device was designed to pull the user back to their home reality after a certain period of time had passed.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 (#4 (fb) - BTS, #4

Mr. Walker

Mr. Walker was the security chief at OsCorp Plaza and when Harry Osborn ventured to OsCorp despite being banned from entering, Mr. Walker notified Norman Osborn of Harry's appearance. As Norman monitored Harry's progress into the building as Spider-Man, Mr. Walker continued to update Norman on Harry's activities.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 - BTS

Dr. Warren

Dr. Warren was an employee of OsCorp who maintained a lab at OsCorp Plaza. When Harry Osborn ventured to OsCorp Plaza, security chief Mr. Walker informed Norman Osborn of Harry's progress, at one point reporting that Harry was in between two blind spots in the security coverage near Dr. Warren's lab.

--Edge of Spider-Geddon#4 - BTS

images: (without ads)
Edge of Spider-Geddon#4, Hamner variant cover (web-swinging)
Edge of Spider-Geddon#4, p8, pan4 (without helmet)
Spider-Geddon I#3, front cover (seen from the side, among the Spider-Army)
Spider-Geddon I#3, p18, pan4 (wall-crawling)
Spider-Geddon I#4, p5, pan1 (standing on Earth-13)
Spider-Geddon I#5, Silva variant cover (in the middle of the Spider-Army)
Superior Spider-Man II#9, p20, pan4 (with glider)
Amazing Spider-Man V#67, p31, pan3 (holding James Martin hostage)
Edge of Spider-Geddon#4, p1, pan4 (Kobold)
Edge of Spider-Geddon#4, p5, pan1 (OsCorp)
Edge of Spider-Geddon#4, p3, pan3 (OsCorp Plaza)
Edge of Spider-Geddon#4, p17, pan1 (Peter Parker)
Edge of Spider-Geddon#4, p19, pan1-3 (Time Bungee)

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