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Membership: Master Weaver (Karn of Earth-001), Octavia Otto of Earth-1104, Spider-Ham (Peter Porker of Earth-8311), Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-616), Spider-Man (Pavitr Prabhakar of Earth-50101), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-90214), Spider-Man (Hobie Brown of Earth-138), Spider-UK (Billy Braddock of Earth-833), Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy of Earth-65), Spider-Woman (May Parker of Earth-982);
    formerly Black Widow (Jessica Drew of Earth-1610), Lady Spider (May Reilly of Earth-803), Peter Parker of Earth-22191, Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Spider-Man of Earth-91142, Spider-Woman of Earth-32265, Spider-Woman of Earth-41168

original sub-group: Black Widow (Jessica Drew of Earth-1610), Mini-Spider-Man of Earth-15312, Spider-Horse (Widow of Earth-31913), Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-67), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-12041), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-15312), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-66115), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-99062), Spider-Mobile (Peter Parkedcar of Earth-53931), Web-Slinger (Patrick O'Hara of Earth-31913)

Purpose: To safeguard Spider-totems across the Multiverse and repair damage to the Great Web of Life and Destiny

Aliases: Warriors of the Great Web

Affiliations: Meera Jain of Earth-50101, Benjy Parker of Earth-982, the Spider-Army (Doppelganger, Octo-Spidey/Peter Parker of 11983, Silk/Cindy Moon, Spider-Boy/Pete Ross of Earth-9602, Spider-Girl/Anya Corazon, Spider-Girl/Ashley Barton of Earth-807128, Spider-Girl/May Parker of Earth-982, Spider-Ham/Peter Porker of Earth-25, Spider-Jameson/John Jameson of Earth-78327, Spiderman of Earth-313170, Spider-Man/Ben Parker of Earth-3145, Spider-Man/Pavitr Prabhakar of Earth-50101, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-7122, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-11714, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-18119, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-80219, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-90266, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-96211, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-96283, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-120703, Spider-Man/Takuya Yamashiro of Earth-51778, Spider-Man/Yu Komori of Earth-70019, Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man J/Sho Amono of Earth-7041, Spider-Prime/Kevin Green of Earth-93060, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew), Spider-Ham 2099 of Earth-93726, Spider-Man of Earth-50810, Superior Octopus (Otto Octavius of Earth-616)

Enemies: The Battery (Mike Dillon of Earth-1082) of his army of Electro counterparts (Electro of Earth-449, Electro of Earth-9105, numerous others), Black Cat of Earth-803, Carnage of Earth-22191, Doctor Octopus of Earth-3015, Doctor Octopus of Earth-50810, Ducktor Doom 2099 and his Duckbots of Earth-93726, the Enforcers of Earth-22191 (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox), Green Goblin of Earth-3015, Inheritors of Earth-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Morlun, Verna), Lizard of Earth-3015, Mysterio of Earth-3015, the Neo-Alvers of Earth-50101, Norman Osborn of Earth-22191, Rhino of Earth-3015, Scorpion of Earth-3015, the Sinister Sextet of Earth-311 (Canice Cassidy, Karnov, Magus, the Serpent), Sinister Six of Earth-177 (Dr. Octopus, Electro, Gog of Earth-616, Kraven, Rhino, Vu), Sinister Six of Earth-22191 (Dr. Octopus, Electro, Kraven, Sandman, Scorpion, Vulture), Thor of Earth-22191, Tombstone of Earth-22191

Base of Operations: Loomworld, Earth-001;
    formerly Pavitr Prabhakar's safehouse, New York City, New York, Arachnia, Earth-22191

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man III#12 (March, 2015)


(Amazing Spider-Man III#12) - After being sent to recruit for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) of Earth-616's Spider army against the Earth-001 Inheritors, Earth-1610's Spider-Man (Miles Morales) recruited a small group of alternate reality Spider-Men, which Earth-12041's Spider-Man took to calling the Web-Warriors despite Miles' insistence that they stop calling the group that. When Spider-Man-616 communicated with Miles for a progress report, Miles reported that the recruiting was going as helicopters chased the Web-Warriors, who were all piled into the sentient Spider-Mobile. Outrunning the helicopters, the Web-Warriors opened a portal to another reality and the Spider-Mobile drove them all through it. As they went through, Spider-Man-12041 yelled "Web-Warriors awayyy!" and Spider-Man-1610 asked Spider-Man-12041 to stop calling their team the Web-Warriors.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13) - Spider-Man-616 sent a communication out to all of his Spider army squads, including the Web-Warriors. Spider-Man-1610 answered, informing Spider-Man-616 that they would swing by the Inheritor Jennix's base and pick up the stranded Black Widow-1610. Overhearing Spider-Man-1610 referring to the team as the Web-Warriors, Spider-Man-12041 told Spider-Man-1610 to admit that the name Web-Warriors was growing on him, to which Spider-Man-1610 replied " a fungus."

(Amazing Spider-Man III#14) - When Spider-Man-616 led his Spider-army on an assault on the Earth-001 Inheritor's Loomworld base, he communicated with Spider-Man-1610 and had Spider-Man-1610 lock onto his position. Doing so, Spider-Man-1610 led the Web-Warriors into battle against the Inheritors. Several of the Web-Warriors fought the Inheritors, swarming the vampiric beings.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5) - Spider-Man-1610 and his recruited Web-Warriors continued fighting in the large assault against the Inheritors.

(The Clone Conspiracy#2 (fb)) - Spider-Man-1610's Web-Warriors continued fighting against the Inheritors.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#15) - Following the Inheritors' defeat, the Web-Warriors watched as Earth-833's Spider-UK began sending all of the alternate reality Spider-heroes home, including sending the individual Web-Warriors back to their respective home realities. As the Inheritor Karn took his place as the Master Weaver, Spider-UK was informed that his world had been destroyed and Spider-UK deduced it was due to the incursions that were destroying Earths. Deciding to remain behind on Earth-001 to safeguard the multiversal spider totems, Spider-UK recruited Earth-616's Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) and decided to devote his life to protecting the remaining spider totems across the multiverse. Master Weaver then dubbed Spider-UK and Spider-Girl the "Warriors of the Great Web," helping to mend the severed parts of the Great Web. When Spider-Girl admitted that it sounded like a big job, Spider-UK assured that they had a lot of amazing friends. As the Earth-616 natives were then returned to their own reality by the Master Weaver, Spider-Girl and Spider-UK discussed how tiring Spider-Man-616 was and Master Weaver then prepared to show the duo their living quarters, unaware that Scarlet Spider-616 (Kaine Parker) had emerged from his monstrous form as if emerging from a cocoon.

(Spider-Verse II#1 (fb) - BTS) - As the Warriors of the Great Web, Spider-UK began training Spider-Girl in combat maneuvers.

(Spider-Verse II#1) - After the multiverse collapsed and a semblance of reality was restored by a godlike Victor von Doom, who salvaged what realities he could into the patchwork Battleworld realm, the "Warriors of the Great Web" were deposited in Battleworld's Arachnia domain (composed of the remains of Earth-22191) and they continued fighting crime despite memory lapses caused by Doom's restructuring of their  memories. The Warriors took down the Enforcers' smuggling operation but soon found the operation was actually a trap set for the Warriors. Realizing they would not survive unless they could take out their attackers' air support, the Warriors were soon saved by the arrival of Earth-50101's Spider-Man, whose memories had been similarly altered. Following the defeat of the Enforcers' armed soldiers, Spider-Man-50101 asked Spider-Girl's real name and revealed that he, too, felt like a puzzle piece that did not fit in Arachnia. Admitting that he suspected there were more like him that felt as if they did not belong there, Spider-Man-50101 explained how he had homed in on the phenomena to find the others.

(Spider-Verse II#2) - Following Spider-Man-50101's explanation, the Web-Warriors ventured out in search of others like themselves and soon found Earth-65's Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy), who had recently freed Earth-8311's Spider-Ham from Norman Osborn's labs. After recruiting Spider-Woman-65 and Spider-Ham-8311, the Web-Warriors went to Spider-Man-50101's safehouse, where they each related their origins and Spider-Man-50101 took the data of their origins and the fact that each recalled dim memories of a life apparently never led, determining that they all resonated as unnatural and not from Arachnia's reality. When Spider-Man-50101 detected another resonating anomaly, he suspected that it might be another like the Web-Warriors and the group decided to investigate, tracking the resonation to a warehouse, where Tombstone and Carnage were torturing captives. Thinking Carnage could perhaps be Earth-22191's Spider-Man, the Web-Warriors busted into the warehouse to halt Carnage's torture, unaware that another Spider-Man (from reality-90214) was watching them and thinking them stupid for barging in without a proper plan. Deciding to aid the Web-Warriors, the noir Spider-Man-90214 jumped into battle alongside the Web-Warriors and helped take down Tombstone and Carnage, shooting Carnage after using a sonic device to affect his symbiote. With Carnage downed, Spider-Man-90214 admitted he had been following the Web-Warriors and had deliberately been trying to block Spider-Man-50101's anomaly detector until the battery ran down as he was investigating Tombstone and Carnage. The Web-Warriors followed up by asking Spider-Man-90214 what he had learned by following them and Spider-Man-90214 announced that he had no plans of being a part of the Web-Warriors before the Sinister Six broke into the warehouse.

(Spider-Verse II#3) - When the Sinister Six announced that they had been sent to invite the Web-Warriors (and Spider-Man-90214) for a chat with their employer, the Web-Warriors, reluctantly joined by Spider-Man-90214, fought back against the Sinister Six. Unfortunately, the Web-Warriors were quickly defeated due to their lack of training together and the Web-Warriors were soon brought to Norman Osborn, who revealed that he needed the Web-Warriors' help and had been tipped off to their location by Spider-Ham-8311 when Spider-Ham called to report home to Osborn. When Spider-UK questioned what Osborn needed their help for, Osborn commended Spider-Man-50101 on tracking the others and revealed that, with Spider-Ham's help, Osborn thought he could pinpoint the origins of the other Web-Warriors. Osborn then led the Web-Warriors into one of his labs where he had used Spider-Ham's own resonance to create lenses that focused on five-dimensional space, revealing the Great Web of the multiverse. Upon seeing the Web's representation, Spider-Woman-65 asked to speak to the other Web-Warriors in private, where she admitted her distrust of Osborn while the other Web-Warriors weren't so sure Osborn was a psycho. Ultimately, Spider-Woman decided to leave while the other Web-Warriors decided to stay and see how Osborn's theory played out.

(Spider-Verse II#4) - While Spider-Woman ran into Earth-22191's Peter Parker and was attacked by Venom, who was sent by Osborn to follow Spider-Woman, the other Web-Warriors remained as Oscorp going over Osborn's theories about the Great Web and their own otherworldly origins. While Spider-Man-50101 and Spider-UK discussed the Great Web with Osborn, Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham went to grab food, where Spider-Ham remarked that Osborn had a chair and crown. Suspicious of Osborn, Spider-Girl had Spider-Ham show her the chair while Spider-Woman and Peter Parker got Osborn's attention by sending an image of Parker, whom Osborn thought to be dead. Osborn immediately left, angrily ordering Spider-Man-50101 and Spider-UK to have progress when he returned and once Osborn had departed, Spider-Girl arrived and informed the other Web-Warriors that there was something they needed to see. Spider-Girl then led the Web-Warriors to Osborn's chair, the runes on which Spider-UK translated to "Siege Perilous" and Spider-Man-50101 quickly realized that the chair was connected to the lab where the research on the Great Web was being done. Spider-UK deduced that a person connected to the Great Web via the chair could overwrite the entire nature of the universe and Spider-Ham remarked that Osborn had planned to confront the god Doom himself. As the Web-Warriors berated the unknowing Spider-Ham for not informing them of the chair sooner, the Web-Warriors' otherworldly nature began resonating with the chair and they opted to get away from the chair as one of Victor von Doom's Thor soldiers appeared and ordered them away from it.

(Spider-Verse II#5) - The Thor quickly attacked the Web-Warriors, thinking the Web-Warriors were planning to use Osborn's chair themselves, and during the battle, Spider-Woman returned to the Web-Warriors. As the battle progressed, Thor continued fighting the Web-Warriors and Spider-Woman convinced Electro to slag Osborn's chair but the attack on the Great Web-connected Siege Perilous chair caused a feedback loop that brief distorted reality before causing an explosion that took out the entire level of the Oscorp building. Osborn soon returned following his capture of Earth-22191's Peter Parker to find the downed Thor and Web-Warriors and the Siege Perilous chair unharmed. Sitting in the chair and preparing to utilize it to fulfill his plans to alter reality, Osborn was disabled by Peter Parker-22191, who had been freed by Spider-Ham. The Sinister Six soon arrived but the recovering Web-Warriors threatened to stop the Sinister Six to protect Parker-22191. When Spider-Man-90214 put a gun to Scorpion's head, the Sinister Six surrendered and the Web-Warriors soon realized the Arachnia domain would destabilize in Osborn's absence, prompting them to remain together to protect the domain, joined by Peter Parker-22191.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/5) - When the Earth-311 Sinister Sextet attacked a church circa 1602 A.D., the Web-Warriors arrived to stop them. The symbiote-empowered Canice Cassidy quickly ordered the illusion-casting Magus to subdue the Web-Warriors but Spider-Ham bit Magus on the leg, prompting Magus to proclaim Spider-Ham to be unholy. The Sinister Sextet's counterpart to Electro fought back but Spider-Woman managed to down him, prompting the hunter Karnov to surrender. As the Web-Warriors tied up the Sextet for the police, Spider-Woman noticed that the Electro counterpart was nowhere to be found despite Spider-Man-50101 used grounding wire in his manacles. The Web-Warriors briefly looked around, finding it odd that the Electro counterpart had seemingly disappeared, but Spider-Man-90214 argued that the counterpart wouldn't be much trouble on his own and would probably die of the plague shortly anyway. Spider-Man-90214 then suggested they return home and the other Web-Warriors discussed how their actions might have affected their present as they entered the portal to Loomworld but Spider-Man-50101 assured them that Earth-311 wasn't their past but another reality. Spider-UK then chimed in, explaining that they helped Earth-311 since it had lost its own counterpart to Spider-Man and that they would visit another world the next day. When Spider-Man-90214 suggested somewhere that smelled better, Spider-UK informed that they could go anywhere.

(Web-Warriors I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Web-Warriors began patrolling the universes that made up the Great Web, focusing on realities that had lost their counterpart to Spider-Man. At some point, the Web-Warriors recruited Earth-982's Spider-Woman (May "Mayday" Parker). After she joined, the Web-Warriors took down a couple of alternate Green Goblins in their respective realities and also a version of the Sinister Six that existed in a world without bar soap (though Spider-Woman-982 was not present for that mission).

(Web-Warriors I#1) - Following weeks of searching for a reality in which they could run practice sessions against non-lethal enemies, the Web-Warriors ventured to Earth-3015, where six criminals were robbing a science lab for anti-gravity moon rocks. The Web-Warriors made easy work of apprehending the criminals and when Spider-Woman-65 and Spider-Man-90214 whined about how easy their training exercise was, Spider-UK communicated back to the Master Weaver and had him teleport them back to Loomworld as Spider-Man-3015 arrived to take credit for the Web-Warriors' defeat of the criminals. As the Web-Warriors discussed finding a better way to train, Spider-Woman-982 spoke with Spider-UK and admitted that while she appreciated the invitation to train with her Web-Warrior teammates, she had her own reality to protect, asking that the Web-Warriors only call her in for emergencies. After being told not to step on Spider-Man-50101's spider-like monitoring drones, Spider-Ham walked off grumbling as Spider-Woman-982 invited Spider-Woman-65 back to her home reality for some lunch. As the two Spider-Women ultimately decided on lunch on Earth-9105, where they were attacked by several alternate Electro counterparts, Spider-Man-90214 visited Spider-Man-50101 and the two discussed why they were in the Web-Warriors and Spider-Man-90214 admitted he was there for Spider-UK, whose home reality had been destroyed, leaving the Web-Warriors as all he had. Soon realizing that the battle with the alternate Electros required assistance from the entire Web-Warriors, Spider-Woman-65 attempted to have the Master Weaver teleport Spider-Woman-982 and herself back to Loomworld but one of the Electros shorted out her communicator and captured her, leaving Spider-Woman-982 behind to wonder why the Electros were after silver.

(Web-Warriors I#2) - As Earth-449's Electro Prime monologued his origin story and plans to conquer the multiverse to the captive Spider-Woman-65, Spider-Woman-982 managed to get back to Loomworld, where she announced the emergency situation to the other Web-Warriors. After Spider-Woman-982 revealed that Spider-Woman-65 had been captured, the Web-Warriors assembled and returned to Earth-9105 to investigate. Spider-Man-90214 quickly deduced that the Electros were stealing silver because it was a stronger conductor than copper and Spider-Man-50101 remarked that it would be hard to track a group of Electro counterparts if they had learned to access the Great Web. The assembled Electros appeared moments later and began generating an electric field but Spider-Ham had Spider-Man-50101 web him up and hurl him at the Electros, knocking one of the out of assemblage and leaving an opening for Spider-Man-90214 to attack. When Spider-UK ordered the Web-Warriors to grab the silver from the Electros, the Electros fled and Spider-UK revealed to the other Web-Warriors that had to find a way to force the Electros to flee rather than risk them following the Web-Warriors back to Loomworld. Spider-Man-90214 warned that the Electros could return at any moment and Spider-UK agreed, ordering a retreat back to Loomworld before the Electros returned. As Spider-Man-50101 realized it would be easier than he thought to track the Electros, Spider-Woman-65 escaped captivity by convincing one of the Electros to aid her but when they both arrived on the moon of Earth-449, Spider-Woman-65 knocked the Electro out, only to face an Electro composed of living electricity.

(Web-Warriors I#3) - As the Web-Warriors discussed their encounter with the Electros on Earth-9105, the Electros themselves teleported to Loomworld, forcing Spider-Girl-616 to hide and report the emergency to the other Web-Warriors. The Web-Warriors quickly learned that the Electros' electromagnetic interference prevented them from returning to Loomworld but Spider-Man-50101 deduced that he could use components from the scanner they had brought to recalibrate the Web-Warriors' teleportational bracelets. Spider-Girl soon managed take down the three Electros threatening the Master Weaver, freeing the Master Weaver to join in the attack on the other Electros. Before the other Electros could fight back, Spider-Man-50101 was successful in recalibrating the Web-Warriors' bracelets and they teleported back to Loomworld to join the battle against the Electros. The Web-Warriors were soon overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Electro counterparts and when their technology proved non-functional due to the Electro interference, Master Weaver manually opened a portal to a reality the Electros couldn't follow and the Web-Warriors were forced to retreat into that reality alongside the Master Weaver. Quickly realized they had arrived on Earth-803, a turn-of-the-century world without electricity, the Web-Warriors were greeted by Earth-803's Lady Spider, who asked if there was another war on. Spider-UK replied in the affirmative, revealing that the war had come to their own home, unaware that Spider-Woman-65 and the Electro who had taken her to Earth-449 had made their way to Earth-982, hoping that they would be safe with Spider-Woman-982's family.

(Web-Warriors I#4) - The Web-Warriors were shown around Lady Spider's home on Earth-803 and Spider-Ham questioned Lady Spider-803's choice of taking them into the room where her father kept his amateur taxidermy projects. Spider-Man-90214 assured Lady Spider that she need not feel embarrassed, as Spider-Ham was not a real pig, prompting an argument from Spider-Ham as Spider-Girl-616 checked on the severely weakened Master Weaver, who admitted his hunger. Spider-Woman-982 and Spider-Man-50101 discussed the primitive technology that was preventing their transporters from being fixed and Spider-UK quickly told the Web-Warriors to shape up, proclaiming that the team was better than to let a defeat bring them down. After learning from Lady Spider that Black Cat-803 had recently battled Lady Spider during a silver theft, Spider-UK suggested they investigate Black Cat about a possible connection to the Electros. As the Web-Warriors tracked down and defeated Black Cat-803, Spider-Woman-65 convinced her captive Electro to send her (as well as her ally Spider-Man-3145) to Earth-112255, where the Electro had their Great Web maps made by an army of captive Otto Octavius counterparts. Unfortunately, Spider-Woman-65 and Spider-Man-3145 were attacked by the Octaviuses while the rest of the Web-Warriors learned from Black Cat-803 that she was hired to stage the silver theft by two men in exchange for a glittery bauble. Despite Spider-Man-90214's suspicions that Black Cat was lying, Spider-UK took the bauble and Spider-Woman-982 suggested they could have Spider-Man-50101 examine its structure for clues. Returning to Lady Spider's home to rest after getting Black Cat to the authorities, the Web-Warriors were amazed when Spider-Man-50101 created a mechanical computer using Earth-803 parts while Spider-Woman-65 and Spider-Man-3145 were rescued from the Dr. Octopus counterparts by the heroic Octavia Otto. Using Black Cat's bauble, which contained a bug-sized Electro counterpart, to power Spider-Man-50101's mechanical computer and the Web-Warriors contacted Spider-Woman-65 to check in. Learning that Spider-Woman-65 had already taken out the Electros' navigation systems with a plan to take out the entire brains of their multiversal operations, the Web-Warriors were asked to provide a diversion so that Spider-Woman-65 could follow through on her plan. For a distraction, Spider-UK used Spider-Man-50101's mechanical computer to broadcast a message announcing that they had damaged the Electros' plans and could be found at their base on Earth-803, where harnessed electricity did not exist. When Spider-Girl asked if Spider-UK was giving away too much information, Spider-UK replied that it was precisely his plan to force the Electro to confront the Web-Warriors on Earth-803 while Spider-Woman-65 completed her plan to stop the Electros on her end.

(Web-Warriors I#5) - Spider-UK discussed with Lady Spider the Web-Warriors' plan to have Spider-Man-50101 alter their webbing to be conductive in an effort to trap the Electros on Earth-803 in a virtual Faraday Cage in which the Electros would be powerless. Concerned that the Electros would be trapped on her world, Lady Spider nonetheless accompanied the Web-Warriors to Earth-803's Battery Park, where the Web-Warriors intended to lure the Electros into the trap, as Spider-Woman-65, Spider-Man-3145 and their ally Octavia Otto prepared to recalibrate a tele-presence helmet to erase the leader of the Electros' mind. The Electros soon arrived on Earth-803 as predicted and while the Web-Warriors kept the Electros busy, Spider-Woman-65, Spider-Man-3145 and Octavia confronted Earth-449's Battery, only to have Octavia downed by the Electro who had earlier aided Spider-Woman-65. With Octavia downed, Spider-Woman-65 managed to transport the Battery-449 to Earth-803 with the other Electros. In order for the Master Weaver to get to safety, Spider-UK allowed the Master Weaver to feed off of some of his life energy enough to escape and then stayed to continue battling the Electros while the Web-Warriors escaped to trap the Electros. The Battery-449 soon realized the Web-Warriors' plan to seal them into Earth-803's Battery Park and he ordered the Electros to get out from the only sealed exit atop the trap and as hundreds of alternate reality Electros tried to escape, the Web-Warriors were forced to seal the conductive web trap with Spider-UK and Spider-Woman-982, who had went back to rescue Spider-UK, inside. Mourning their teammates' sacrifice, the Web-Warriors then returned to Earth-001's Loomworld, where they began to clean up from the Electros' attack. Master Weaver informed Spider-Girl-616 that there was an electric charge consistent with Spider-UK's transporter device right before the trap was sealed, leaving the Web-Warriors with hope that Spider-UK and Spider-Woman-982 survived. Spider-Man-3145 then informed the Web-Warriors that he could not stay to join the team, as he was needed on Earth-982 to help watch over Spider-Woman-982's family, and Spider-Man-50101 revealed that once his spider-drones were up and running again, he might be able to trace their teammates' signal. Joining the Web-Warriors, Octavia Otto offered her assistance and Master Weaver admitted that he had no doubt that all of the Web-Warriors' talents would be needed in the future.

(Web-Warriors I#6) - The Web-Warriors were present when the Master Weaver informed Lady Spider that he could not return her to Earth-803 due to trouble locating its strand on the Great Web because of the feedback generated when the Electros were contained there and when Spider-UK and Spider-Woman-982 used their transporters at the same time. Spider-Man-50101 and Octavia Otto chimed in that information they had learned from the Master Weaver had given a new dimension to their work recreating Spider-Man-50101's drones. As Spider-Man-90214 watched from the shadows, Spider-Woman-65 emerged from her reality to invite the Web-Warriors to see a performance of her band, the Mary Janes, but Spider-Man-90214 interrupted the conversation, noticing that a strand of the Great Web was on fire. Investigating, the Web-Warriors found themselves on Earth-50101, where the Neo-Alvers had summoned demons that were destroying a city. While the Web-Warriors fought back the spreading symbiotic demons, Spider-Man-50101 and Lady Spider ventured into the Ajanta Caves, where a giant guardian attempted to bar them. Battling the guardian, Spider-Man-50101 exposed the amulet empowering the guardian and Lady Spider shattered the amulet, ending the threat as the symbiotic demons dissolved. Spider-Man-90214 kept a piece of the symbiotic demons for further investigation and the Web-Warriors returned to Loomworld, where Spider-Girl had the Master Weaver note Earth-50101 for future watches. Lady Spider then checked with Octavia Otto on Earth-803 while Spider-Man-90214 decided to return home to check on his reality, only to find bystanders using smartphones in 1939.

(Web-Warriors I#7) - When Lady Spider noticed her curried chicken missing, she angrily confronted the Web-Warriors, specifically Spider-Ham, who had wrote about eating the chicken on his food blog. As Lady Spider and Spider-Ham argued, Spider-Man-50101 asked the Master Weaver if he had made any progress locating Earth-803 but the Weaver replied that he had not before warning Spider-Man-50101 that the Web-Warriors were about to have a visitor. Earth-138's Spider-Man then emerged from a portal, greeting the Web-Warriors and asking their help in ridding himself of a 2099 counterpart to Spider-Ham. Explaining that Spider-Ham 2099 appeared to be the head of some sort of invasion force, Spider-Man-138 led the Web-Warriors back to Earth-138, where a giant tear in the fabric of reality had left Earth-138 swarming with cartoonish Duckbots. The Duckbots' leader, Ducktor Doom 2099, soon made his appearance known as the Master Weaver informed the Web-Warriors that the Great Web had become entangled and when the Web-Warriors underestimated the Duckbots, Spider-Man-90214's arm was broken by one of the Duckbots, forcing the Web-Warriors into battle. Spider-Ham made quick work of the Duckbots, sending Ducktor Doom 2099 back to his own reality, only to find Earth-138 was now plagued by the giant robot Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus of Earth-50810.

(Web-Warriors I#8) - Unsure of what to do about the giant Earth-50810 robots, Spider-Girl decreed that the Web-Warriors should hit the giant robot that did not look like Spider-Man and the Web-Warriors agreed, jumping into battle against Earth-50810's Doctor Octopus, unaware that Spider-UK and Spider-Woman-982 were stranded on Earth-803 and regularly sending out communications in hopes that the Web-Warriors might receive the communication. During the battle, Octavia Otto determined that the Great Web had become entangled and she worked with the Master Weaver to untangle the strands, inadvertently shunting the Web-Warriors into different realities but reestablishing the Master Weaver's connection to Earth-803. Spider-Woman-65 soon realized Doctor Octopus-50810 had also been shunted to Earth-8311 she had arrived in while Spider-Man-90214, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man-50101 were shunted to Earth-90214. With the realities untangled, Master Weaver received Spider-UK's communication and when he asked if there were any ill effects, Spider-UK quickly realized the brief earthquake caused by the untangling had unleashed the contained Electros.

(Web-Warriors I#9) - As Spider-Woman-65 and Spider-Ham 2099 battled Doctor Octopus-50810 in Earth-8311 alongside Earth-8311's Sca-vengers, Spider-Man-90214 further explained to Spider-Man-50101 how certain things in his reality had recently been replaced and Spider-Man-50101 began to suspect a larger problem with the Great Web that might be beyond the Web-Warriors' ability to correct. When some of Norman Osborn's men killed someone in a nearby alley, Spider-Man-50101, Spider-Man-90214 and Spider-Ham decided to stop the alternate Norman Osborn that had been shunted to Earth-90214 before working on correcting the problem that was tangling realities. Back on Earth-138, Lady Spider and Spider-Girl discovered that the reality quake that had shunted their Web-Warrior teammates to other realities had also left them unable to communicate with the Master Weaver or teleport back to Earth-001. Spider-Girl quickly realized that the engineering Lady Spider might be able to recreate the Web-Warriors' transporters by using parts taken from Spider-Man-50810's giant robot while Octavia Otto realized that her attempt to untangle Earth-803 from the Great Web had only made the tangling of realities worse. Spider-UK soon communicated back to the Master Weaver, requesting the Web-Warriors on Earth-803 to deal with the escaping Electros but Spider-Woman-982 soon noticed that the starving Electros were extremely weak. When Spider-Woman-982 was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Electro counterparts, however, Octavia Otto and Master Weaver decided to recruit Spider-totems from other realities until they could locate the split up Web-Warriors.

(Web-Warriors I#10) - After Octavia recruited Spider-Man-3145 and the two ventured into other realities recruiting, Spider-UK and Spider-Woman-982 fought off the starved Electros, expecting their reinforcements to arrive at any time while Lady Spider determined that Spider-Man-50810's giant robot possessed parts that made no sense and could not be used to fix the Web-Warriors' transporters. On Earth-90214, Spider-Man-50101 and Spider-Man-90214 worked with the alternate reality Harry Osborn, who soon turned on them after realizing he could use their transporters to create a weapon. Eventually, Octavia and her spider-recruits were transported to Earth-8311, where the Master Weaver sensed one of the Web-Warriors' transporter signals, and Octavia found Spider-Woman-65 before leading the spider-recruits to Earth-803. Teaming with Spider-UK and Spider-Woman-982, Octavia, Spider-Woman-65 and the spider-recruits battled the army of Electro counterparts and during the battle, Spider-Girl, Lady Spider, Spider-Man-50810 and Spider-Man-138 all managed to generate enough resonance off of Spider-Man-50810's robot that they were able to pull themselves into Earth-803 to join the other Web-Warriors and spider-recruits against the Electros. Unfortunately, as soon as they arrived, Earth-449's electric Battery took control of the electrical systems of Spider-Man-50810's robot.

(Web-Warriors I#11) - As the alternate reality Harry Osborn plotted to destroy the entire Great Web, the Web-Warriors (minus Spider-Man-90214 and Spider-Man-50101) and the spider-recruits fiercely fought the army of alternate Electro counterparts on Earth-803. When the Web-Warriors proved unable to harm the Battery-possessed Earth-50810 robot, Spider-Man-3145 revealed that he had a secret weapon back on Loomworld but when he returned to acquire the weapon, the alternate Harry Osborn emerged from a portal into Loomworld with the captive Spider-Man-90214 and Spider-Man-50101. Master Weaver bade Spider-Man-3145 to return to Earth-803 while he dealt with Osborn, announcing that Osborn was a spider-totem and it had been sometime since he had eaten. Emerging moments later on Earth-803 with Spider-Man-90214 and Spider-Man-50101, Spider-Man-3145 asked for the Web-Warriors to clear a path to the Earth-50810 giant robot and he swung off, revealing his weapon to be Octavia Otto's mind transfer helmet. Using the helmet to merge his mind with the Battery, whose intelligence already contained hundreds of Electro counterparts, Spider-Man-3145's mind provided the Battery with a conscience and the Battery ordered the Electros to cease fighting or risk being barbecued alive. Immediately upon the Electros' defeat, the Web-Warriors received an emergency communication from the Master Weaver revealing that Osborn had used the energies of the Great Web against him and was about to succeed at destroying the Great Web. When the Master Weaver proved unable to transport the Web-Warriors back to Loomworld, the Web-Warriors to use the same plan that got Spider-Girl, Lady Spider, Spider-Man-138 and Spider-Man-50810 to Earth-803, hooking up Spider-Man-138 and Spider-Woman-65 to Spider-Man-50810's robot and using the Electros to super-power the resonance generated by Spider-Man-138 and Spider-Woman-65's music. The electric resonance shocked the alternate Harry Osborn as he was ripping at the Great Web, downing him and correcting the tangled Web as Spider-Ham arrived to finish Osborn off. The Battery, influenced by Spider-Man-3145's mind, then announced it would release its hold on the Earth-50810 robot and return the Electro counterparts to their respective realities, warning that the Web-Warriors had not seen the last of the Battery. The Web-Warriors then returned to Loomworld, where three of the spider-recruits including Black Widow-1610 decided to remain with the Web-Warriors along with Spider-Man-138. Spider-Man-90214 quickly reminded the Web-Warriors that they had been the one who had caused the tangling of the Great Web but Master Weaver remarked that the Web-Warriors had also fixed it before commenting that new threats would inevitably arise and he knew the Web-Warriors would be there to face these threats.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#21 (fb)) - After Earth-616's Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) was reborn from his form as the Other, only the Master Weaver witnessed Kaine's resurrection and noticed that Kaine was suffering from clone degeneration that the Master Weaver had seen on countless other worlds. Working with the Master Weaver, Kaine secretly visited multiple realities seeking a cure for the contagious clone degeneration and when Kaine's efforts proved seemingly futile, the Master Weaver suggested informing the Web-Warriors of their findings. As Kaine and the Master Weaver discussed the situation in secret, the Web-Warriors' unknowing Spider-Man-50101 and Spider-Woman-65 were working on repairing their transporters. Kaine opted not to inform the Web-Warriors so as to not risk exposing them to the contagious clone degeneration but Spider-Woman-65 soon noticed Kaine sneaking around Loomworld and confronted him. Moments after Kaine explained the situation to Spider-Woman-65, she agreed not to tell the other Web-Warriors on the condition that she be allowed to help Kaine find a cure. The two then worked together to steal research from an alternate reality Miles Warren and Peter Parker and when they brought back an alternate reality Kaine, Kaine determined that he was not contagious but they were unable to find a cure for the degeneration. Informing the Master Weaver of their findings, Kaine and Spider-Woman-65 learned that events had begun on Kaine's home reality of Earth-616 that would lead to a mass clone degeneration contagion. Determined to stop the outbreak before it started, Kaine and Spider-Woman-65 had Master Weaver transport them to Earth-616, where Spider-Woman-65 posed as a clone of Earth-616's Gwen Stacy to infiltrate the Jackal's New U laboratories, where the contagion was suspected to start.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#48 (fb)) - At some point, Spider-Woman-65 joined some of the other Web-Warriors in patrolling a reality from the viewpoint of an old water tower.

(Superior Octopus I#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Web-Warriors decided to remove any influence of the Inheritors from Loomworld.

(Spider-Geddon#0 (fb) - BTS) - The Web-Warriors opted to keep tabs on the exiled Inheritors by sending Spider-Man-50101-created Spider-Bots to observe the Inheritors.

(Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man-616 (Peter Parker) and Spider-Man-1610 (Miles Morales) joined the Web-Warriors as reserve members.

(Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse#1) - Spider-Man-616 acted as field leader on a Web-Warriors mission to Earth-177 to locate the missing Earth-616 alien Gog, whom Spider-Man-616 had tracked there following Reed Richards-616's attempt to send Gog back to his native planet. When a seemingly savage Gog attacked the Web-Warriors, Spider-Man-616 realized he had put the Web-Warriors in danger by leading them there and warned the Web-Warriors not to let Gog grab them. Eventually, Spider-Man-616 decided to confront Gog alone, feeling as if he had gotten the Web-Warriors into the mess, and he managed to calm Gog, who recalled Spider-Man once helping him. Revealing that he had wound up on Earth-177 instead of his home planet, Gog explained that he had been taken in by a genius man who treated him like a son and offered to introduce the Web-Warriors to his "father." Upon meeting Gog's "father," the Web-Warriors immediately recognized him as a counterpart to Dr. Otto Octavius and Octavius, who marveled at the Web-Warriors' wrist communicator/teleporter technology, revealed his Sinister Six, including a mind-controlled Gog. Spider-Man-616 initiated the Web-Warriors' Totem Pole maneuver, in which they all jump on each others' shoulders and fire web in multiple directions, and the Web-Warriors made quick work of the Sinister Six-177. During the battle, Spider-Woman-65 tricked Electro-177 into blasting Dr. Octopus' computers, destroying his analytical data on the Web-Warriors' teleportational bracelets as Spider-Man-616 again managed to calm Gog, who saw the truth about Dr. Octopus and fought back. Once Dr. Octopus was defeated and the Sinister Six was rounded up, the Web-Warriors convinced Gog to make an attempt at teleporting himself home. With Gog successfully returned to Earth-616, the Web-Warriors nominated Spider-Ham to remain behind and make sure the Sinister Six were arrested and they departed Earth-177, leaving Spider-Ham behind.

(Spider-Geddon#0) - While readying another Spider-Bot for observation, Spider-Man-50101 and Spider-Man-138 argued over whether they should just kill the Inheritors. Some time after sending the Spider-Bot and observing its destruction by the Inheritor Daemos, the Web-Warriors continued their observation with the 35th Spider-Bot, which Spider-Woman-982 helped Spider-Man-50101 deploy. After noticing a much thinner Daemos destroy Spider-Bot#35, the Web-Warriors later deployed Spider-Bot#52 to observe the Inheritors, only to witness a gaunt Daemos destroy it as well, unaware that the Inheritor Jennix was using the broken parts of the Spider-Bots as a resource for his own plans.

(Superior Octopus I#1/2) - Seven months later, after successfully removing all traces of the Inheritors' technology from Loomworld, the Web-Warriors threw a celebratory party and as the hours passed, many of the Web-Warriors went their separate ways, returning to their own home realities. After all but Spider-UK and the Master Weaver had departed, the two admitted they had no home to return to and Master Weaver revealed that he considered Spider-UK to be his greatest friend. Their discussion as to what to do with Loomworld now was soon interrupted by an alarm signaling a transmission to start up an Inheritor cloning engine. Quickly deducing that someone on Earth-616 was using Inheritor technology, Spider-UK and the Master Weaver realized that the Spider-Bots that the Web-Warriors had sent to check in on the exiled Inheritors could be used to broadcast a cloning signal across dimensions. Spider-UK ordered Master Weaver to block the signal but upon learning that it was too late to do so, Spider-UK had Master Weaver summon the Web-Warriors back to Loomworld. When Master Weaver warned that no one could fight the Inheritors and win, Spider-UK announced that he would die trying if it meant he could keep another world from being destroyed.

(Spider-Geddon#1) - After assembling the full Web-Warriors, Spider-UK led the Web-Warriors to Earth-616, where they found Spider-Man (Miles Morales) defeating the Vulturions. The Web-Warriors informed Miles that Earth-616's Otto Octavius was using Inheritor technology that could potentially give the Inheritors a way out of their exile. Finding Otto's base in the Auto Empire junkyard, the Web-Warriors ventured into the junkyard and tore their way into Otto's underground laboratory, where they were assaulted by Otto in his identity of the Superior Octopus for intruding in his lair. Despite attempts to explain that Otto's cloning technology would free the Inheritors, the Web-Warriors ultimately ended up battling the Superior Octopus until Octavia Otto revealed to the Superior Octopus how his cloning technology had been overridden by the Inheritors' cloning signal. Before anyone could further react, Morlun emerged from one of the Superior Octopus' cloning tubes in a cloned body and grabbed the attacking Spider-Man-90214. When Morlun shrugged off Spider-Man-90214's bullets, Spider-Man-90214 sacrificed himself in an effort to stop Morlun by shooting his own grenade.

(Spider-Geddon#1/Spider-Verse III#5 (fb)) - Surviving the explosion, Morlun fed on Spider-Man-90214 and Spider-UK ordered Octavia Otto to free the other Web-Warriors from the Superior Octopus' booby traps while he and the Superior Octopus battled Morlun.

(Spider-Geddon#1/Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider#4 (fb)) - Unfortunately, the Inheritor Verna was next to emerge from the cloning tanks and she grabbed Spider-UK, snapping his neck and killing him. Jennix next emerged from the cloning tanks and nearly fed on the Superior Octopus before realizing the Superior Octopus no longer possessed a Spider-totem as he once had.

(Spider-Geddon#2) - Shocked at Spider-UK's death, the Web-Warriors attacked the Inheritors before the rest of their family could be resurrected. The Superior Octopus soon set his lab to self-destruct and the remaining Web-Warriors accompanied Miles Morales and the Superior Octopus in escaping the lab while Spider-Woman-65 held off Verna. Once outside, the Web-Warriors, Miles and the Superior Octopus witnessed the lab explode, assuming Spider-Woman-65 was still inside. When the Superior Octopus seemed uncaring about Spider-Woman-65's death, Miles nearly attacked the Superior Octopus until the Superior Octopus confirmed that Verna was now wearing Spider-Woman-65's Web-Warriors wrist communicator/teleporter. Deciding to check on the Master Weaver on Loomworld, the Web-Warriors brought the Superior Octopus and Miles Morales to their base, where the Master Weaver suggested the morally torn Web-Warriors dissolve the group and pursue their own goals towards dealing with the Inheritors. Spider-Man-138 and Octavia Otto decided to go with the more ruthless Superior Octopus while the other former Web-Warriors went with Miles Morales, each individual attempting to recruit allies against the Inheritors. Moments after the former Web-Warriors left, Master Weaver was attacked by his sister Verna and killed.

(Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider#3 (fb) - BTS) - Having been transported to Earth-3109 by the Inheritor Verna, Earth-65's Spider-Woman aided Earth-3109's Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in locating Earth-3109's Gwen Stacy, unaware that the Web-Warriors had dissolved and split up. While helping Peter and Mary Jane go through years of research done by Earth-3109's Glory Grant and Betty Brant, Spider-Woman thought about how she didn't have time to waste, as her friends in the Web-Warriors were in danger.

(Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider#4 - BTS) - Returned to Earth-65 following the battle against the Inheritors, Earth-65's Gwen Stacy played the drums and thought about all of the death she had experienced in her life, including Spider-UK's death when the Web-Warriors had recently fought the Inheritors. Not long after, the surviving former Web-Warriors and members of the Multiversal Spider-Army visited Earth-001 and held a memorial service for the Master Weaver.

(Spider-Ham I#1 - BTS) - When Earth-8311's Spider-Ham learned of a potential reality-hopping adventure occurring in his own reality, he confronted the Unhumanati, who had opted not to inform Spider-Ham of the event, as they felt Spider-Ham had become an intolerable egomaniac following his past adventures with the Web-Warriors.

(Spider-Ham I#2 - BTS) - After stealing the Unhumaniti's dimensional travel watch and traveling to Earth-616, Spider-Ham was taken to Reed Richards by Spider-Man-616 for assistance tracking down a time-traveling villain from Earth-8311 and when Spider-Man-616 decided to leave, Spider-Ham whined that he thought they would take down the villain together like a pair of Web-Warriors.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith.

The beginnings of the Web-Warriors sub-squad were first hinted at in Amazing Spider-Man III#11, when Spider-Man (Miles Morales-1610) and Spider-Man-12041 were sent to find recruits for the Spider-Army throughout the Multiverse. We also see Miles-1610 & Peter-12041 recruiting Peter-67 in Spider-Verse Team-Up#2 but the full sub-squad first appeared and called themselves the Web-Warriors in Amazing Spider-Man III#12.

Some online sources list the Clone Conspiracy#4 as a behind-the-scenes appearance of the Web-Warriors but they do not appear nor are they mentioned by the name in that issue. The closest we get is Spider-Gwen using her Web-Warriors communicator in an attempt to reach Kaine. Since the Web-Warriors as a group do not appear in the issue, I have not included it in this profile. Similarly, some online sources say that the Web-Warriors appear in Edge of Spider-Geddon#1 but we only seen Spider-Girl-982 show up in Spider-Man-138's reality and bring him into a looming battle. Yes, she's gathering the Web-Warriors together for the Spider-Geddon event but the actual Web-Warriors as a group do not appear in that issue nor are they mentioned by name so I've also chose not to include that issue either.

This profile was originally written in 2018 but not posted since the Web-Warriors were still regularly appearing as a group at that point. It was then updated with new appearances in March 2019 but sat un-posted for years until it got dusted off, tweaked a little bit for formatting and checked for new appearances and here it is!

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Web-Warriors have no known connections to:

Spider-Man (of Earth-91142)

Earth-91142's Spider-Man was recruited by the Web-Warriors' Octavia Otto alongside numerous Spider-totems from across the Multiverse to assist against an army of Multiversal Electro counterparts. During the battle, Spider-Man-91142 was briefly knocked aside when Earth-1082's Battery took over the Mega Morph of Earth-50810's Spider-Man. Following the defeat of the Electro army, Spider-Man-91142 remained with the Web-Warriors and Earth-8311's Spider-Ham warned him that the only rule of the Web-Warriors was to write their name on their leftover food.

This alternate reality Spider-Man is based on a sketch by Steve Ditko published in An Insider's Part of Comics History: Jack Kirby's Spider-Man that shows Ditko's drawing of what Jack Kirby's Spider-Man design originally was. The sketch is seen on the left here.

--Web-Warriors I#9 (#10-11,

Spider-Woman (of Earth-32265)

Earth-32265's Spider-Woman was recruited by the Web-Warriors' Octavia Otto alongside numerous Spider-totems from across the Multiverse to assist against an army of Multiversal Electro counterparts. Following the defeat of the Electro army, Spider-Woman-32265 remained with the Web-Warriors and Earth-8311's Spider-Ham warned him that the only rule of the Web-Warriors was to write their name on their leftover food. After the Web-Warriors dissolved, Spider-Woman-41168 apparently joined up with a new Multiversal Spider-Army to help defeat the revived Earth-001 vampiric Inheritors (see comments below).

A Spider-totem wearing what seems to be Spider-Woman-32265's costume does appear during the final battle against the Inheritors in Spider-Geddon#5 and this Spider-totem is angled in such a way that we really only see the Spider-totem from behind. Therefore, I chose to include that as an appearance of Spider-Woman-32265 despite the art making that particular Spider-totem have a somewhat manly physical build. If something later comes around and states that this was not Earth-32265's Spider-Woman, I will update the profile to reflect this. Some online sources like Spider-Geddon#5 as an appearance of the Earth-41168 Spider-Woman below but the character in question's costume more closely resembles Earth-32265's Spider-Woman than Earth-41168's, in my opinion.

--Web-Warriors I#10 - BTS (#11, Spider-Geddon#5,

Spider-Woman (of Earth-41168)

Earth-41168's Spider-Woman was recruited by the Web-Warriors' Octavia Otto alongside numerous Spider-totems from across the Multiverse to assist against an army of Multiversal Electro counterparts. Following the defeat of the Electro army, Spider-Woman-41168 remained with the Web-Warriors and Earth-8311's Spider-Ham warned him that the only rule of the Web-Warriors was to write their name on their leftover food. 

--Web-Warriors I#10 - BTS (#11, 

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