Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Human technology-user (Pre-Modern era) (see comments)

Occupation: Inventor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: John Tyler, Mary Tyler

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: John Tyler (father), Mary Tyler (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: unnamed suburbs;
Pre-Modern era

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#82/2 (text piece) (July, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Bobby was a brilliant young inventor who assembled his creations from spare parts he picked up in the local junkyard.

History: (Journey into Mystery I#82/2) - A citywide heat wave was making life miserable for the Tyler family, so Bobby Tyler volunteered to build a window fan for their house. Bobby’s fan worked well, but it had an unexpected function. The fan somehow drew an “Outer Space Object” down from space and right into the Tyler family backyard. The “Outer Space Object” was causing the mysterious heat wave, and after government agents took it away the heat wave ended. The whole city was grateful for what Bobby did, and they honored him by putting his window fan in a museum.

Comments: Created by an unnamed writer.

As with many 1950's and 1960's Marvel monster stories, this story is not confirmed as part of Earth-616 continuity, but there's nothing to exclude it either.
    --Leave it in unless something rules it out!--Snood.


Bobby Tyler has known connection to:

John Tyler

Hard working suburbanite. When a heat wave started he went out to buy an air conditioner, but found that they were sold out in every appliance store he visited. He didn’t believe his son could build a window fan, but was happy to see Bobby so excited about his project.

--Journey into Mystery I#82/2






Mary Tyler

Suburbanite housewife. The heat wave made her too tired to have dinner ready for her husband when he cam home from work.

--Journey into Mystery I#82/2





“Outer Space Object”

Mysterious object that caused a devastating heat wave on Earth. Bobby Tyler’s special window fan disrupted its’ radio controls and drew it down to Earth, ending the heat wave. Government agents took it away for study.

--Journey into Mystery I#82/2


(John Tyler) Journey into Mystery I#82/2, p2;
(Mary Tyler) Journey into Mystery I#82/2, p1

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