Real Name: Felipe Picaro

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Scientist; former assistant to Professor Andre LeClare

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez

Enemies: Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Prof. Andre LeClare and his Bern Institute of Science associates

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Sleaze" (called by Captain Marvel)

Base of Operations: Mobile; formerly Roxxon Oil Tower#25 in the Gulf of Mexico

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16 (1982)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Felipe Picaro possessed no inherent superhuman powers but he was an extremely skilled energy research scientist and weapons designer, having designed an energy weapon that he called the energy disruptor Originally, he carried a handgun and later wore an exo-suit of his own design that was composed of the same circuitry used by his earlier energy disruptor. This exo-suit was especially equipped to combat the energy powers of Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) and was built to siphon her energy. The suit was capable of initiating a power transfer once it had absorbed enough energy from Captain Marvel that would transfer her superhuman abilities to Picaro himself but Picaro never had a chance to initiate the transfer. In addition to its main capabilities, the exo-suit could also fire energy blasts from its palms, fly and distinguish holograms from reality.

Height: 6'0" (by approximation)
Weight: 170 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with gray at temples

History: (Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Felipe Picaro was the assistant to Prof. Andre LeClare, a scientist funded by South American dictator Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez. When LeClare failed to dissuade Ramirez from using his research into drawing energy from other universes to build a weapon, LeClare fled the country and Ramirez instead hired Picaro to continue the work at the former Roxxon Oil Tower#25 in the Gulf of Mexico. Fearing Picaro was building a weapon that would make an atomic bomb look like a wet match, Prof. LeClare traveled to America to ask help from Lt. Monica Rambeau, the daughter of an old war buddy.

(Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16 (fb)/Avengers I#279 (fb)/Solo Avengers I#2/2 (fb)) - After Monica Rambeau agreed to help Prof. LeClare and infiltrated Picaro's oil rig under the guise of picnicking on the rig's helicopter pad. Upon seeing Monica, Dr. Picaro told his armed guards to escort her to the helicopter pad and he would accept full responsibility for Monica's actions. Kissing Monica's hand, the suspicious Dr. Picaro introduced himself and asked if Monica minded if he accompanied her on her picnic, as it had been years since he'd last been on a picnic. The picnic was later interrupted by the oil rig's intruder alarm, prompting Dr. Picaro to jump to his feet and rush towards the alarm. Feigning ignorance, Monica asked Dr. Picaro not to leave her behind alone but Dr. Picaro, finally announcing his suspicions, grabbed Monica and suggested that she had something to do with bringing danger to the oil rig. He then said they would both check out the intruder alarm and they soon found Prof. LeClare, who had left Monica's boat in an attempt to destroy Picaro's energy disruptor device. When LeClare claimed Picaro didn't understand the forces involved, Dr. Picaro grabbed LeClare and explained that he understood perfectly that he had created the energy disruptor using LeClare's theories that could obliterate any city within 2000 miles. LeClare insisted that the power was too unstable but Picaro claimed it was too unstable for LeClare, perhaps, and monologued that he had created a machine that would change the balance of power in the world. Still pulling Monica along, Picaro announced that it was only fitting that LeClare and Monica witness the first test of his energy disruptor against the United States' Fort Benning. Thinking Picaro was crazy, Monica elbowed him in the stomach and began smashing the circuits of his energy disruptor, causing an explosion that granted Monica the ability to transform into energy. After Monica instinctively transformed into energy and traveled to New Orleans and back, she returned to find Dr. Picaro blaming Prof. LeClare for the explosive disaster and claiming LeClare must have sabotaged his work. When Dr. Picaro shot LeClare, Monica kicked Picaro in the stomach and rushed to LeClare, who informed Monica that Picaro had refused to listen to reason and that energy was flooding in from another universe, threatening to destroy the walls between worlds. Learning that the hole between worlds was growing and would cause two worlds to collide in time, Monica plugged the dimensional hole with her own body as Dr. Picaro recovered and assumed Monica was sacrificing herself to save the world. Upon hearing the dying LeClare, Dr. Picaro shot at LeClare again but Monica instinctively transformed into energy and intercepted the bullet, atomizing it in mid-air before doing the same to Picaro's gun, shocking Picaro unconscious in the process.

(Solo Avengers I#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Felipe Picaro was incarcerated following his encounter with Monica Rambeau, where he spent every waking hour contemplating a way to bring Monica Rambeau down.

(Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16 - BTS) - As Monica, now calling herself Captain Marvel, learned more about her newfound power, she began to question whether it was even more dangerous that Dr. Picaro's machine.

(Solo Avengers I#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Felipe Picaro captured Prof. LeClare as part of a revenge scheme against Monica Rambeau. He then forced Prof. LeClare to send Monica a fake telegram to lure her to the Bern Institute of Science, where Prof. LeClare's lab resided.

(Solo Avengers I#2/2) - As Captain Marvel drew near the Bordelaise region of France, Dr. Picaro monologued that she only needed to get closer and she would be in his clutches. When she flew closer, Picaro activated a machine that caused Captain Marvel's powers to flare out of control. When Captain Marvel used her powers to generate a radio signal to LeClare, she was told by LeClare to visit the Institute but she worried that he would not be protected from her flared powers. Picaro, secretly telling LeClare what to say, urged LeClare to reassure Captain Marvel but LeClare instead warned Captain Marvel of Picaro's trick, forcing Picaro to knock LeClare out. Overhearing the attack, Captain Marvel instantly flew to the Bern Institute to find Felipe Picaro, in high-tech armor, announcing that he could not be incarcerated forever and warning that if Captain Marvel took one wrong move, he would kill Prof. LeClare and his Bern colleagues. Picaro then ordered Captain Marvel to assume a solid form, warning that his exo-suit would pick up if she attempted to fool him with a hologram, and he then began boasting about his exo-suit that would transfer Captain Marvel's powers into himself. When Captain Marvel refused to give such power to Picaro, Dr. Picaro warned that she would either give up her powers willingly and spare the lives of LeClare and his colleagues or he would use his counter-phase weaponry to flare up her powers again to destroy LeClare and his associates. Feigning surrender, Captain Marvel lulled Picaro into a false sense of security before punching him in the nose and blasting his counter-phase machines. Picaro responded by blasting Captain Marvel using his exo-suit's palm blasters, forcing her to flee both in pain and to draw Picaro away from LeClare. Picaro followed Captain Marvel using his exo-suit to fly and began draining Captain Marvel's energy as she expended more to escape him. Stopping the use of her powers, Captain Marvel landed on a snowbank and Picaro bragged that his exo-suit had already leeched enough of her power to fully transfer her powers to him. Captain Marvel then took advantage of Picaro's boasting to transform into energy and enter Picaro's exo-suit, overloading it and causing a massive mountain explosion. A short time later, LeClare and his associates investigated the crater created by Picaro's exploding exo-suit and determined that Captain Marvel's powers were back under control as some of LeClare's associates carried the unconscious Picaro away in a life-support tube. LeClare commended Captain Marvel for saving Picaro's life by re-absorbing the energy Picaro had stolen, remarking that if she had not, Picaro would have been vaporized along with the mountainside. As Captain Marvel left, LeClare further commented that Picaro would be galled that he owed his life to Captain Marvel...if he ever regained consciousness.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern, John Romita, Jr. and John Romita, Sr.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Felipe Picaro has no KNOWN connections to:

Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez has no KNOWN connections to:
Roxxon Oil Tower#25 has no KNOWN connections to:

Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez

Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez was a South American dictator who decided to fund the work of Prof. Andre LeClare, with Dr. Felipe Picaro acting an LeClare's assistant. When LeClare learned that Ramirez planned to use his work to create a weapon, LeClare fled and Ramirez had Dr. Picaro continue the work using LeClare's theories. Leasing the Roxxon Oil Tower#25 in the Gulf of Mexico using his front company, Guarina Petrochemicals, Ltd., Ramirez allowed Dr. Picaro to use the Tower as his base of operations while he created his energy disruptor weapon.

--Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16 (fb) (seen in photo only)

Roxxon Oil Tower#25

Roxxon Oil Tower#25 was a former Roxxon Oil rig that was leased out to one of Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez's front companies, Guarina Petrochemicals, Ltd., for Dr. Picaro to use as his base of operations for his work in creating an energy disruptor weapon. Worried about the potential of his work being corrupted into a weapon, Ramirez's former ally, Prof. Andre LeClare, contacted New Orleans harbor patrolwoman Monica Rambeau and the two investigated Roxxon Oil Tower#25. Sneaking onto the Tower, Monica claimed she was there for a picnic on the Tower's helicopter pad and met Dr. Picaro, who immediately grew suspicious. When the intruder alarms went off, Dr. Picaro grabbed Monica and pulled her into the area of the Tower housing his energy disruptor, where they found Prof. LeClare attempting to destroy the machine. Deciding to the test the machine with LeClare and Monica present, Dr. Picaro was hit by Monica, who began smashing the machine, causing an explosion. When she returned, Monica found that the machine had created a dimensional tear between two universes that would exponentially grow unless stopped. With her newfound powers gained in the explosion, Monica plugged the hole and shocked Dr. Picaro unconscious when she atomized his gun. Following the encounter, the Roxxon Oil Tower was abandoned and Monica months later visited it in her guise as Captain Marvel, where she thought about her recent nomination for the position of Avengers chairwoman.

--Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16 (fb) (Avengers I#279, 

images: (without ads)
Solo Avengers I#2, p18, pan3 (Felipe Picaro in mechanized armor, main image)
Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16, p14, pan7 (Felipe Picaro, headshot)
Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16, p13, pan5 (Felipe Picaro, in purple suit)
Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16, p20, pan1 (Felipe Picaro, with gun)
Avengers I#279, p14, pan2 (Felipe Picaro, posturing)
Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16, p11, pan4 (Generalissimo Ernesto Ramirez)
Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16, p12, pan6 (Roxxon Oil Tower#25)

Amazing Spider-Man I Annual#16 (1982) - Roger Stern (writer), John Romita, Jr., John Romita, Sr. (art), Tom DeFalco (editor)
Avengers I#279 (May, 1987) - Roger Stern (writer), John Buscema (breakdowns), Tom Palmer (finishes), Mark Gruenwald (editor)
Solo Avengers I#2 (January, 1988) - "Out of Control" story - Roger Stern (writer), Kieron Dwyer (pencils), Bob McLeod (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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