Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Weaponsmaker

Group Membership: Fofo's Emporium Security Specialists

Affiliations: Blade, Cesar Belinski, Rosa Belinski, his co-worker(s)

EnemiesBitsy, Rowkis, Uukog, Frederico Valencia, generally vampires

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His security shop in NYC

First Appearance: Blade II#2 (June, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: He was a clever inventor (see the Garlic Gumballs) and salesman. He had good connections to smugglers and was a capable weaponsmakers (silver bullets, etc.). As the owner of his own security shop he possessed a shooting range (with paper vamps as targets), many different guns and had his own employees (one was seen).


(Blade II#2) - Blade visited Fofo's shop and Fofo offered him something new: Garlic Gumballs. Fofo explained how they should work, but didn't know how Blade should convince a vampire to eat them. Blade wanted more shotgun ammo and Fofo promised to have them ready next morning after melting some silver for the pellets. He showed Blade a sword he got from an Uzbekistani smuggler, but Blade didn't want to use swords anymore after Yathalea's death and even threatened Fofo with a knife when he tried to talk him into taking the sword. Fofo thought that Blade needed a new girlfriend after Blade had left.

(Blade II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Rowkis told the vampires where they could find Fofo.

(Blade II#3) - Uukog abducted Fofo from his place and brought him to one of Frederico Valencia's kitchens. Valencia asked Fofo to help them lure Blade into a trap, but Fofo acted as if he didn't knew Blade. Valencia wasn't pleased with Fofo's answer and Bitsy bit two of Fofo's fingers off to start off the torture.

(Blade II#3 (fb) ) - For nearly a day Valencia kept Fofo in his kitchen. Bitsy bit off all of Fofo's fingers and cauterized the wounds to make sure Fofo didn't bleed to death. When all fingers were gone Valencia realized that Fofo wouldn't talk. Two Uukog placed Fofo in a coffin and dropped him into the next river, but they didn't close the coffin and Fofo was able to escape it and swam to the bank. There he was found by two joggers who brought Fofo to the Merchant Avenue Medical Center.

(Blade II#3) - In hospital Fofo was visited by Cesar, Rosa and Blade. Blade was suspicious because Fofo was still alive and not a vampire. Fofo told Blade that he didn't betray him and explained his survival. Blade was sure that Fofo carried a hidden transmitter without his knowledge. Blade asked Cesar to search Fofo for bugs and then bring him to the nearest safe house where Cesar should kill Fofo if he turned into a vampire.

(Blade II#4) - Fofo survived the night in a safe house without turning into a vampire because Cesar gave him blood transfusions. Cesar had found a transmitter sewn into Fofo's clothes. Fofo was asleep when Blade returned. Blade told Cesar to continue giving Fofo blood transfusions because the first 72 hours were critical.

(Blade II#5) - Still in bed Fofo held a spoon in his hand (not an easy task without fingers) and listened to Blade's story about being tricked into impregnating the Tryk Queen Cilla. Fofo wondered what would happen when Cilla gave birth to her and Blade's child.

Comments: Created by Christopher Hinz (writer) & Steve Pugh (artist).

Blade II was the title published under the MAX imprint. So, don't buy it for your kids.

Cyanoacrylate is the generic name for the substances methyl-2-cyanoacrylate and 2-octyl cyanoacrylate. The first is better known under trademarks like Superglue, Krazy Glue and the second is used in medical glues such as Dermabond and Traumaseal.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Fofo has no known connections to

Garlic Gumballs

(Blade II#2) - They were sugar-coated on the outside, but the middle layer was a cyanoacrylate (see comments) adhesive which glued the gum to the vampire's mouth when he began to suck on the gum. After that it kept dissolving until the inner layer was reached, which was pure essence of garlic. The garlic essence would cause an anaphylactic shock. Fofo thought it was a cool idea, but had no clue how Blade could use it. Blade still took the gums.

(Blade II#4) - The gums were taken by Valencia when Blade was brought to him by the Uukog. Blade took them back and stuffed them all at once into Bitsy's mouth as a revenge for Fofo's fingers. She reached the filling immediately and probably didn't survive the high dosage of garlic.

--Blade II#2 (Blade II#2, #4

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Blade II#2, p16, pan1 (main image)
  p16, pan4 (head shot)
  #4, p5, pan1 (Garlic Gumballs)

Other Appearances:
Blade II#3-5 (July-September, 2002) - Christopher Hinz (writer), Steve Pugh (artist), Bronwyn Taggart (editor)

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