Rosa and Cesar


Real Name: Rosa Belinski

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Owner of Rosa Belinski Cleaning (a laundry)

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Blade, Cesar Belinski, Lori Ann Flanders, Fofo, Susan Vendermeer

Enemies: Vampires

Known Relatives: Cesar (husband), unnamed first husband (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Rosa Belinski Cleaning somewhere in NYC

First Appearance: Blade II#1 (May, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: None. She was an old lady determined to know as much as she could about vampires to work against them.


(Blade II#1 (fb) - BTS) - In 1998 a vampire turned Rosa's first husband into a vampire. Blade did her a favor and killed both vampires. Since then Rosa dedicated her life to destroying all vampires in NYC. She built a network of senior citizen contacts who kept her informed about any weird happenings in their neighborhoods. She even learned vampire dialects.

(Blade II#1) - Blade visited Rosa in her garden on her laundry's roof. She had already heard that Blade had killed the vampires in the NYPD's 30th precinct and he brought her a book from one of the vampires to look at. It was written in an older dialect and she asked Blade if the vampire he took it from said anything about it, but the only thing he said was translated by Rosa as "Die for all eternity Daywalker" which was just a threat directed at Blade. She promised Blade to work on a translation for the book and gave him the address from Susan Vendermeer who survived the night before a run-in with four vampires. Secretly Rosa hoped that Blade would like Susan. Rosa asked Cesar to drop the potting soil over by her geraniums after he berated her.

(Blade IV#2) - Blade went to Rosa after he failed to clean up Valencia's vampire nightclub, told her that it was a trap and about the monstrous vampire that helped him. She had already translated a piece of the book Blade brought to her and told him that it was a modern reprint of a more than thousand years old vampiric text called "Bajaa'k Ah-dok'k" (translated: Here for all eternity). The book told the story of an ancient battle between humanity and unnatural creatures like the Tryks (Veethra in vampire language). She told Blade that Tryks had none of the weaknesses of normal vampires and that they could even survive sunlight. She assumed that the creature that helped Blade against the Uukog was a Tryk. Rosa then asked Blade how things went with Susan and Blade told her to stop playing matchmaker, but she felt that Blade liked Susan.

(Blade II#3) - After Fofo was brought to hospital Cesar and Rosa went to visit him. Rosa told Blade that a vampire chewed off all of Fofo's fingers. Together with Cesar she brought Fofo to one of their safe houses.

(Blade II#4 (fb) - BTS) - In the morning Blade returned badly beaten up to the safe house. Rosa and Cesar listened to him ranting to get an idea about what had happened to him.

(Blade II#4) - Rosa calmed Blade down when he woke up from a nightmare and told him how he returned deliriously to the safe house. She asked Blade to rest a little bit more.

(Blade II#5) - Rosa listened to Blade's story about impregnating Tryk Queen Cilla and Rosa asked him what he would do about Cilla's child if she gave birth to a son like in the prophecies.

(Blade IV#6 (fb) - BTS) - Rosa advised her costumer Lori Ann Flanders whose husband died after an assault from a vampire to meet Blade. Rosa knew that Blade would help Lori Ann because the vampire that had killed Lori Ann's husband was on the run from Blade.

(Blade II#6) - Rosa accompanied Lori Ann to her first "Vampire Aware" group meeting led by Dr. Constance Whyte.

Comments: Created by Christopher Hinz (writer) & Homs (artist).

Blade II was the title published under the MAX imprint. So, don't buy it for your kids.

Blade helping Rosa in 1998 works fine, but Marvel's sliding timescale will make it topical eventually at some very distant point in the future.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

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Cesar Belinski

(Blade II#1) - Blade brought his clothes to Rosa's laundry and asked Cesar to use less garlic spray on his underwear this time. On the question if Rosa was up yet Cesar replied that she was in the back (actually she was in the garden on the roof). He later joined Rosa and Blade on the roof with a sack of potting soil on his shoulder. He asked Rosa to stop feeling sorry for Blade and not to play matchmaker. He then dropped the potting soil at Rosa's geraniums.

(Blade II#2) - While Rosa talked to Blade, Cesar stitched up his wounds. After Blade was gone Cesar told Rosa that he knew that Blade would never risk another relationship, but Rosa thought differently.

(Blade II#3) - After Fofo was brought to hospital Cesar and Rosa went to visit him. Blade asked Cesar to search Fofo for hidden transmitters and to bring him with Rosa to the nearest safe house. He also got the order to kill Fofo if he started turning into a vampire.

(Blade IV#4 (fb) - BTS) - Cesar found a locating transmitter sewn into Fofo's clothing. He began to give blood transfusions to Fofo, who survived the night. In the morning he was with Rosa when Blade returned.

(Blade II#4) - Cesar told Blade that Susan was ok and back in her apartment. Then he gave Blade all the info on Fofo's survival and the hidden transmitter he had found in Fofo's clothes. Blade told Cesar to keep giving blood transfusions to Fofo until the critical first 72 hours were over.

(Blade II#5) - Cesar listened to Blade's story about impregnating Queen Cilla and wondered what would happen if she gave birth to a son.

--Blade II#1 (Blade II#1-5

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Blade II#1, p15, pan3 (main image)
  p14, pan3 (head shot)
  #6, p21, pan6 (head shot 2)
  #2, p12, pan1 (Cesar Belinski)

Other Appearances:
Blade II#2-5 (June-September, 2002) - Christopher Hinz (writer), Steve Pugh (artist), Brownyn Taggart (editor)
Blade II#6 (October, 2002) - Christopher Hinz (writer), Homs (artist), Brownyn Taggart (editor)

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