MAGNETO's mutates


Krystar, Mooneye, Obar, monstrous mutate, others unnamed

Purpose: World Conquering, of course

Affiliations: Agents of Magneto

Enemies: Inhuman Royal Family (Black Bolt, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa);

Magneto's new mutants, Magneto's nameless minions

Base of Operations:
San Francisco, California

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures II#9 (November, 1971)

(Amazing Adventures II#9 (fb)-BTS) - After escaping imprisonment (following Fantastic Four I#104), via disciplines of Zen and Yoga, Magneto embarked on a plot to build his own army of mutates to help him conquer the Earth. He decided that while Homo Sapiens shape their world, Homo Superior should shape themselves.

(Amazing Adventures II#9) - After mutating a small army, Magneto sent them to capture the Inhuman Royal Family, apparently to help him steal a more powerful energy source, to create even more powerful mutants. One group, including Mooneye, went after Gorgon, Karnak, and Medusa, and was defeated. A second group successfully ambushed an amnesiac Black Bolt, and brought him back to Magneto's base. The remaining three Inhumans forced Mooneye to lead them to the base, but there they were overwhelmed by Magneto and his army of mutates and captured.

(Amazing Adventures II#10) - Magneto created a monstrous mutate, who deadened Black Bolt's will and forced him to obey him. This mutate and a few others accompanied Magneto and Black Bolt to a government(?) base inside a mountain in Southern Washington. After Black Bolt assisted Magneto--all he did was turn a dial...what the heck did Magneto need him for?--in obtaining a cylinder containing "the fire of a sun," they returned to Magneto's base. Meanwhile, Medusa used her feminine wiles to draw one of the mutates to her cage and then ensnared him with her hair. Karnak took their cage's lock-mechanism from the mutate and destroyed it, enabling the three Inhumans to escape.
Upon seeing that the other Inhumans were free, Black Bolt turned against Magneto. Magneto directed the monstrous mutate to attack Black Bolt while he tried to flee, and was dropped by a single punch from Karnak. Black Bolt then used his quasi-sonic scream to defeat the monstrous mutate, and the Inhumans demolished Magneto's mutagenic equipment...and then his base blew up all of a sudden, with no further explanation.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Mike Sekowsky.

These guys are referred to as mutants, but they may actually be mutates. In the MU, mutants has the connotation of being born with powers not normal to one's race, whereas mutates are those who are mutated by some outside force after being born. It could be that they are actually mutants who were chosen for their abnormal appearances, or that Magneto just mutated a bunch of people. Maybe they're mutants that he further mutated.
Doesn't matter, and its not a great story. Much more interesting is the dangling plotline of the
Trikon, which started in these issues!

Don't pay a lot to buy this story. It is definitely the worst use of Magneto I've ever seen. 'nuff said.

Magneto's mutates, aka his new mutants, have no known connection to:

Krystar has no known connection to:

Mooneye has no known connection to:

The monstrous mutate has no known connection to:


Seen only in the background, he encouraged Magneto to tell the story of his escape to the captive Black Bolt.

Abilities undefined.

--Amazing Adventures II#9 (10-BTS




He guided a squadron of the mutates in a mission to capture the Inhuman Royal Family, but was instead captured himself. The Inhumans then forced him to lead them back to Magneto, after which Karnak knocked him out and left him behind.

He possessed certain clairvoyant powers.

--Amazing Adventures II#9 (10-BTS






Clearly seen only in a single panel, Obar begged Magneto to allow him to "change" Black Bolt, perhaps indicating he had some mutagenic powers--or perhaps a bizarre fetish, nevermind.


--Amazing Adventures II#9 (10-BTS






monstrous mutate


This creature was created by Magneto while the Inhumans were his prisoners, presumably to demonstrate his prowess. It accompanied Magneto and Black Bolt on the mission to obtain the technology to further empower his mutation device, forcing Black Bolt's cooperation. Ultimately, Black Bolt released his quasi-sonic scream against the mutate, burying it under a few tons of rubble and possibly destroying it.

The mutate, in addition to being about 10 feet tall and U-G-L-Y, could project bolts of psychic energy, which dampened the will of its target/victim.

--Amazing Adventures II#10








Amazing Adventures II#9, p8, pan5 (main)
Amazing Adventures II#9, p14, pan4 (Krystar)
Amazing Adventures II#9, p7, pan2 (Mooneye without mask)
Amazing Adventures II#9, p6, pan1 (Mooneye with mask)
Amazing Adventures II#9, p10, right bottom corner (Obar)
Amazing Adventures II#10, p3, pan1 (monstrous mutate)

Amazing Adventures II#9 (November, 1971) - Gerry Conway (writer), Mike Sekowsky (pencils), Bill Everett (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Amazing Adventures II#10 (January, 1972) - Gerry Conway (writer), Mike Sekowsky (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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