Membership: Three unidentified former Alpha Primitives

Purpose: Destruction of the Inhumans

Affiliations: Alpha Primatives; Maximus (creator and former ally); Overmind (formerly used them as pawns)

Enemies: Inhumans, Joey, Makkari, Stranger

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; formerly Stranger's laboratory world; the Negative Zone; Attilan (original Himalayan location)

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures II#9 (November, 1971)


Powers/Abilities: The Trikon are composed of mental energy and are beyond the physical needs of organic beings. They can project psychokinetic blasts, usually for destructive effects. They communicate telepathically, produce force fields, and move objects or beings via telekinesis. Any other abilities they may possess have not been detailed.




History: (Inhumans: The Untold Saga#1(fb)) - Several years ago, the mad Inhuman Maximus used his mental powers to increase the intelligence of three Alpha Primitives to near-human level. Maximus directed the three Primitives to break into the Terrigen Mist chamber and to subject themselves to a higher concentration of the Mist than had ever been used before. In an explosive reaction, the three Primitives were transformed into spheres of raw mental energy.
Using their new powers, the Trikon rallied the rest of the Alpha Primitives to rise up and revolt against the Inhumans who had enslaved them for so many years. The Trikon led the assault, releasing bursts of energy which shattered the architecture of the Great Refuge, while other Primitives used the distraction to free Maximus from his prison. Medusa used a sky-sled in an attempt to bring down the Trikon, but they blasted her out of the sky. Finally, Black Bolt had Lockjaw open a dimensional warp to the Negative Zone, and then used the power of his voice to force them into it. They vowed that the trap could not hold them forever, and that on the day of their return, the Inhumans would die.






(Amazing Adventures II#9-10) - The Trikon returned to Earth, and the Inhumans saw this, but were in the midst of a struggle against Magneto and his band of mutates. The Trikon captured Joey, a boy who had befriended Black Bolt.

BTS-(speculative, see comments) - The Inhumans rescued Joey from the Trikon and again banished them from Earth.

(Quasar#14, 15, [16]) - The Trikon were seen among the many prisoners/subjects on the Stranger's laboratory world. They attacked and defeated the Eternal Makkari when he entered their cell. At the same time, the Overmind disabled the force barriers around the cells of all of the experiments, and commanded a battalion of these former prisoners to join him as his elite strikeforce. The Trikon were not seen to be part of this battalion. Following the conclusion of this struggle, a number of the former prisoners escaped the Laboratory World. The fate of the Trikon is unknown.

COMMENTS: Created by Gerry Conway and Mike Sekowsky.

In their first appearance, the Trikon returned to Earth and apparently sought vengeance on the Inhumans. The Inhumans' run in Amazing Adventures ended (replaced by the Beast in his hairy transformation) before the confrontation could be detailed. The Inhumans' saga was continued in Avengers I#95, but the Trikon's saga was dropped/forgotten. The Avengers index (graphic album version, 1988)#5 lists Black Bolt and other characters as "last seen in Amazing Adventures (second series)#10 and the subsequent, as-yet-untold second battle with the Trikon."
In 1990, The Inhumans: The Untold Saga detailed the origins and first coming of the Trikon, which had been forgotten for nearly 20 years, real-time. Also in 1990, the current fate of the Trikon was detailed in Quasar's "Journey into Mystery" storyline. Their second battle with the Inhumans, and their fate following their presumptive escape from the Stranger's laboratory world remain untold. Sounds like a great story for Kurt or Fabian, eh?

Medusa lost her memory after her first battle with the Trikon, and she wandered the world with amnesia, which ultimately led to her initial involvement with the Frightful Four.

Thanks to David Zuckerman for correcting a typo.


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