Classification: Extra-terrestrial synthetic entities

Creator: Skrulls

User/Possessors: Mole Man’s monsters, the Skrull Empress

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes, unidentified): Fantastic Four I#347 (December, 1990);
(mentioned, identified): Fantastic Four I#348 (January, 1991);
(seen): Fantastic Four I#349 (February, 1991)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Inorganic Techno Troids were effectively immune to external damage, able to withstand a bomb-blast at point blank range without a scratch. Each ITT hatched from mechanical eggs created within the Skrull Empress' quarters. The ITT eggs contain numerous security devices including magnetic locks to hold it in place, a self-destructing containment vault housing the ITT itself, and an outer protective layer of the vault composed of third-level anti-matter ectoplasm that was maintained by transcendental generators, which could only be stripped away using an item with mystical properties. Upon hatching from their eggs, the ITTs imprint themselves upon the first living things in their presence, whom they then live to serve until they are recycled.

ITT eggHistory

(Fantastic Four I#349 (fb)) - Despite being so powerful that only the Skrull Empress had access to use them as weapons, an Inorganic Techno Troid egg was smuggled out of the Skrull Empire to Earth at a terrible cost.

(Fantastic Four I#348 (fb) - BTS) - The ITT egg's containment ship was found by one of the Mole Man's monsters, who carried the ship deep into the caverns of Monster Island, where its location was sealed underneath an avalanche. In pursuit of a weapon to assassinate the Skrull Empress, Skrull rebel De'Lila traveled to Earth in search of the ITT egg.

(Fantastic Four I#347 (fb) - BTS) - Tracking the egg, De'Lila crashed on Earth as a group of Skrulls pursued her.

(Fantastic Four I#349) - Venturing the Monster Island caverns, De'Lila and her captive, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, found the ship under the care of the monster who had originally found it. After having Mr. Fantastic distract the monster with a thrown rock, De'Lila was confronted by the Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Ghost Rider. De'Lila threatened Mr. Fantastic's life and ordered the combined heroes to tear the ITT ship apart. Once the heroes had released the ITT egg, it began to hatch just as Mole Man arrived, having learned of the egg's power and desiring it for himself. A fierce battle quickly broke out over the egg between Mole Man and his Moloid subterraneans, De'Lila and Mr. Fantastic, the "new" Fantastic Four (Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Hulk), and the newly arriving original Fantastic Four (Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch, She-Thing). Eventually, the hatching egg was hurled into the arms of the monster who had cared for it just as the monster's mate also entered the fray. While the Skrulls who had tracked De'Lila prepared to destroy the egg, the ITT egg finished hatching and imprinted itself onto the Mole Man's monster. Learning that the Skrull captain planned to kill it with a bomb, the newly-hatched ITT grabbed the captain and burrowed into the ground with him, allowing the bomb to explode, killing the Skrull captain but saving everyone else present. Emerging moments later from the hole, the ITT thought of the Mole Man's monster as its mother and returned happily to its arms. Mr. Fantastic and the other heroes soon after defeated De'Lila, allowing the ITT to remain with the Mole Man’s monsters on Monster Island.

(Spider-Man/Fantastic Four#3) - Shortly after the ITT decided to remain on Monster Island, Doctor Doom secretly teleported onto Monster Island and obtained a sample of the ITT's indestructible shell before it had fully hardened. Returning to his headquarters, Doom recorded his Mission Log #622 and monologued how he had at last assembled all he needed to achieve his goal of total subjugation of the Fantastic Four.

(Silver Surfer III#95 (fb) - BTS) - Mole Man's monsters soon grew tired of "parenting" the newly-hatched ITT and wandered off, leaving the ITT to fend for itself. As it grew to the equivalent of a monster's adolescent, it became unruly and wild. Unbeknownst to the ITT, the original Skrull squad that had tracked De'Lila remained on Monster Island to observe the ITT. They proved unable to recapture it.

(Silver Surfer III#95) - When the Fantastic Four tracked a series of seismic disturbances to Monster Island, they found the observing Skrull squad, who asked for the Fantastic Four's help in wrangling the ITT. Agreeing to help, the FF soon observed the ITT from afar, hoping to avoid a physical confrontation with the weapon. Sending to the Thing in to talk to the ITT in hopes that someone with a monster-like appearance might appeal to the imprinted monster DNA of the ITT, the Fantastic Four watched as the ITT quickly noticed the Thing and began a fierce attack on the hero. The Fantastic Four and their ally, the Silver Surfer, immediately rushed into battle, with the Silver Surfer unleashing nearly his full cosmic power against the ITT, blasting off its back arm. As the battle progress, Ant-Man shrunk down and flew inside the ITT, where he reprogrammed the ITT to follow orders and ordered it to halt its attack. Seeing a moment in their advantage, the Skrulls quickly ordered the ITT to destroy the Fantastic Four but were rebuffed when Ant-Man revealed that he had deactivated its offensive capabilities.

(Runaways II#8 (fb) - BTS) - During his Great Trials training, Super-Skrull-in-training Xavin defeated several Technotroids.

Comments: Created by Walter Simonson, Arthur Adams and Art Thibert.

Special thanks to Matthew McCoy for finding the ITT's appearance in Silver Surfer III#95!!

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Fantastic Four I#349, p19, pan3 (main image)
Fantastic Four I#349, p12, pan3 (ITT egg)

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