Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Mechanic and inventor

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsAmber, Hopkins, Jared, Medaillon

EnemiesBobby, Punisher (Frank Castle)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Rexxon workshop at 23-24 21st Street, Long Island City in New York City

First Appearance: Punisher VI#9 (April, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Mr. Badwrench had his right hand replaced with a wrench that was connected to his muscles and nerves to enable him to use it like a normal limb. He was very innovative and was a specialist in customizing any vehicle with weapons and armor. His special taxis included taxis with rocket launchers, flamethrowers, armored taxis, the Cabattoir and the "Battle Cab". He was obsessed with keeping everything clean.




(Punisher VI#12 (fb) - BTS) - In Medallion's Taxi War Mr. Badwrench customized taxis for Medallion with weapons and amor.

(Punisher VI#9) - Mr. Badwrench arrived with his tow truck at Medallion's HQ. He went through an alley to the entrance and killed a homeless that sat in front of Medallion's door with his wrench-hand before entering the HQ. Inside Hopkins told Badwrench that Medallion was waiting for him in the parlor, but Hopkins didn't know if Medallion was wearing any clothes. Badwrench drank the Mint Julep, which Hopkins gave him, before joining Medallion in the parlor. Even though he hated it he took off his clothes when Medallion asked him to do it. Only dressed with a towel they talked about Medallion's current operation the Taxi War and Medallion told Badwrench that he was his general in this operation. Badwrench didn't understand where the money was in this war.

(Punisher VI#10) - Mr. Badwrench showed Bobby, a boy from the neighborhood, how to customize taxis with weapons. Badwrench liked how the boy talked, but when oil dripped to the floor he got angry. He cleaned it up with a rag and then gave it to Bobby to clean it. Medallion arrived and Badwrench told Bobby not to talk to him. Badwrench was surprised of Medallion's visit and Medallion was surprised that Badwrench was not alone. Badwrench told Medallion that he could talk freely in front of Bobby because he had already a plan how take care of the boy. Angrily he told Bobby again to wash the dirty rag and then learned from Medallion that the emergency why he came to Badwrench's workshop was that the Punisher got involved into the Taxi War. Medallion showed Badwrench a cartoon from the Daily Bugle that clearly showed the Punisher driving a taxi the same day Tjinder was shot. Badwrench wasn't going to back down and gave Bobby the key to a taxi to demonstrate Medallion how the Punisher would be taken down by them. As soon as Bobby was inside the taxi, Badwrench activated the hidden blades inside the taxi. It was the Cabattoir, a driving slaughterhouse. Medallion was impressed and informed Radio Annie that he would send a special car for their new driver the Punisher and Badwrench smiled until he saw the blood dripping out of the car. He immediately started to clean up the mess.

(Punisher VI#11 - BTS) - When Amber and Jared were caught by the Punisher, Amber told him that Mr. Badwrench was her and Jared's boss and gave Frank the address of Mr. Badwrench's garage.

(Punisher VI#12) - In his workshop Mr. Badwrench sang while arranging screws and nuts. When he accidentally pushed over a can of oil he nearly panicked and cleaned it up. The Punisher watched him during all this and saw an opportunity to get under Badwrench's skin. Badwrench continued with arranging nuts and screws when he suddenly saw a yellow liquid flowing towards him (Frank pissed on the ground). Mr. Badwrench saw the Punisher and threatened him. When the Punisher spit on the ground, Badwrench lost it and attacked him with his wrench-hand, but Badwrench's fighting skills were inferior to the Punisher's and he was easily taken down and then got his wrench-hand ripped off. Blood dripped on the floor and Mr. Badwrench revealed that he was just customizing the cars and that the man behind the Taxi War was Medallion. He gave the Punisher Medallion's address and hoped that Frank would let him live, but the Punisher then killed him with his own wrench-hand.

Comments: Created by Tom Peyer & Manuel Gutierrez.

Rexxon could be a play on Marvel's famous corporation Roxxon.

When I first saw the "Battle Cab" I had to think about Punisher's Battle Van. This is the reason why I called it "Battle Cab" which is unfortunately one letter away from He-Man's Battle Cat.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Mr. Badwrench should not be confused with:


Bobby was a boy from the neighborhood, who was sometimes helping out at Mr. Badwrench's garage. Badwrench liked the way he talked, but got really angry with him when he made a mess. He was ordered to clean a dirty rag when Medallion arrived. Medallion was afraid that Bobby could talk, but Badwrench had already a plan. He gave Bobby the keys to the Cabattoir and activated it when Bobby was inside. Bobby was slaughtered and Medallion was impressed by the Cabattoir and decided to give it to the Punisher as his taxi. Meanwhile Badwrench's only problem was to clean up Bobby's blood, which was dripping out of the Cabattoir.

--Punisher VI#10




(Punisher VI#10 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Mr. Badwrench built the Cabattoir.

(Punisher VI#10) - When Medallion visited Mr. Badwrench to talk about a solution for their newest problem the Punisher, Mr. Badwrench showed Medallion the Cabattoir. Badwrench gave Bobby the keys to the Cabattoir and Badwrench activated it with a remote as soon as Bobby was inside. Medallion and Mr. Badwrench watched with a smile as Bobby was slaughtered by the Cabattoir. Medallion immediately told Radio Annie that he would sent a very special car for their newest employee the Punisher.

(Punisher VI#11) - The Cabattoir was assigned to the Punisher, who soon picked up his first passenger. Medallion's agents Amber and Jared followed him through the city. Jared had the remote for the Cabattoir. After luring Amber and Jared into a diaper laundry he took their taxi and left them with the Cabattoir. Jared activated the Cabattoir in the same second as Amber realized that the Punisher was driving their taxi. Amber and Jared were killed by the Cabattoir.

--Punisher VI#10 (Punisher VI#10-11

"Battle Cab"

The "Battle Cab" was designed and built by Mr. Badwrench. After killing Mr. Badwrench, the Punisher stole the "Battle Cab" from Badwrench's garage and drove with it to Medallion's HQ. Medallion sent out all his taxis to stop him, but against the heavily armored and armed taxi nothing worked. It didn't help that the Punisher was armed as well. When his roof began to buckle because some of the other taxis were armored as well, the Punisher drove onto the Henry Hudson Parkway. When he was right above Medallion's HQ he drove the "Battle Cab" over the side of the bridge and dropped through the skylight into the HQ right onto Medallion and Dr. Morphine, who were squashed by the "Battle Cab". Thanks to the airbag the Punisher survived unharmed. The Punisher was still inside the heavily damaged taxi when Medallion's blind butler Hopkins entered the room and the Punisher was ready to shoot him too.

--Punisher VI#12





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Punisher VI#11, p17, pan5 (Cabattoir)
Punisehr VI#12, p11-12 ("Battle Cab")

Punisher VI#9-12 (April-July, 2002) - Tom Peyer (writer), Manuel Gutierrez (artist), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)

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