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Real Name: Major Syrro

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial Skrull

Occupation: Major in the Skrull Imperial Armada

Group Membership: The Skrull Empire

Affiliations: The Avengers (Black Knight, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hercules, Starfox, Wasp), Prince Dezan, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, She-Hulk), Raksor, the Skrulls of Kral (Floyd Donahue, Eddie, Louie, Rocco, others), General Zedrao

EnemiesSergeant, Zabyk, the Skrulls inhabiting the Imperial Power Asteroid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Frog-Face, Mudworm

Base of Operations: Mobile across the Skrull Empire (including his own Skrull escort ship and the Big Casino starship)

First Appearance: Avengers Annual I#14 (1985)

Powers/Abilities: While he did not display it, Major Syrro had the same shape-shifting abilities that all Skrulls possessed.

History:  (Avengers Annual I#14) - After defeating Nebula and her crewmen, the Avengers were escorted via a Skrull escort ship piloted by Maj. Syrro. They redezvous-ed with Starfox in his Titanian starship and warped through subspace. Upon returning to normal speed, the Avengers were shocked to see World War I biplanes flying in space. Maj. Syrro quickly informed them that the planes stemmed from the Skrull colony on Kral, who patterned their culture on the American 1930s. The Titanian ship and escort ship docked within a Kral mothership patterned after a giant zeppelin, where the Skrulls inside attacked the Avengers. Their attack was quickly broken off by the head of the zeppelin (called the Big Casino), a Skrull calling himself Floyd Donahue. Major Syrro quickly yelled at Donahue, claiming that he was under direct order to conduct the Avengers to the Imperial Power Asteroid (where a weapon was being constructed) and then accused Donahue of delaying them. Donahue calmed Syrro and explained that there was somewhere aboard the Big Casino that he ought to meet. Donahue then led the Avengers and Syrro into a back room and introduced them to Prince Dezan. Shocked that Donahue was harboring Dezan, who was considered a criminal by the Skrull Empire, Syrro explained Dezan's history to the Avengers and then met with Raksor, the Skrull who had freed Dezan in the first place. The two argued over Dezan being taken to the Imperial Power Asteroid until they were broken up by Starfox, who announced that a small group  like the Avengers could easily gain entry into the Asteroid. The Avengers eventually agreed and an hour later, the Big Casino arrived at the Imperial Power Asteroid. The Big Casino then sent the Spirit of Coolidge plane out in a bluff, claiming that they had another shipment of power stones for the Asteroid. Syrro remained onboard the Big Casino while the Avengers battled the Skrulls in the Asteroid and met up with the Fantastic Four. At the climax of the battle, Zabyk, the head of the Skrulls in the Asteroid, set off the Hyperwave Bomb that destroyed the gene in Skrulls that allowed them to change shape. Following Zabyk's defeat, the Avengers returned to the Titanian starship, where Syrro radioed a report to General Zedrao about the Hyperwave Bomb.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern, John Byrne, and Kyle Baker.

While most, if not all, of the Skrulls in this profile had shapeshifting abilities, it was not exactly revealed which were affected by the Hyperwave Bomb. Presumably, all of them lost their abilities, but it was never shown.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Eddie has no known connections to

Louie has no known connections to

  • Lippy Louie, another Skrull of Kral, @ Fantastic Four I#91
  • any other "Louie" character

Rocco has no known connections to

  • Rocco, State Prison inmate, temporarily released by Warden Williams while under the control of Puppet Master, @ Fantastic Four I#8
  • any other "Rocco" character

Major Syrro has no known connections to

  • any other "Major" characters

Sergeant has no known connections to

  • Sergeant of the South African Security Forces, also called the South African Strike Force Sergeant, @ Marvel Comics Presents#22
  • Sergeant-Major of Earth-New Universe, ally of Mark Hazzerd, @ Mark Hazzerd: Merc#7
  • any other "Sergeant" characters


Eddie was one of the Skrulls of Kral who had assumed human form. He was based on Floyd Donahue's Big Casino starship and was present when Floyd spoke with Syrro about the plan to bluff the Skrulls on the Power Asteroid.

Eddie had the same shapeshifting abilities that all Skrulls possessed.

--Avengers Annual I#14


Louie was one of the Skrulls of Kral who attacked the Avengers when they first arrived on the Big Casino. Having a dislike for smart-mouth women, Louie took to attacking Captain Marvel and met with a quick defeat after she exposed his true face. Floyd soon arrived and told Louie to go fix his face.

Louie had the same shapeshifting that all Skrulls have.

--Avengers Annual I#14


Rocco was another of the Skrulls of Kral who attacked the Avengers when they arrived on the Big Casino. Captain Marvel made quick work of him by transforming into electric current and zapping Rocco and another Skrull.

Rocco had the same shapeshifting powers that all Skrulls have.

--Avengers Annual I#14


Sergeant was a Skrull working for Zabyk at the Imperial Power Asteroid. He was ordered to check the papers of the "Skrulls of Kral" who had brought them power stones. He was shocked to discover the "Skrulls" were actually the Avengers and the box that supposedly contained stones actually contained the Black Knight and Wasp. He was quickly knocked unconscious when Hercules knocked him into another Skrull.

Sergeant originally had the shapeshifting abilities possessed by all Skrulls.

--Avengers Annual I#14


The Spirit of Coolidge was one of the Big Casino's starships, which was used to transport the Avengers to the Imperial Power Asteroid during their bluff. The group later escaped back to Starfox's Titanian starship following the defeat of Zabyk.

The Spirit of Coolridge was modeled after a 1930s plane, but designed to travel through outer space. It was designed mainly for communications and transport of cargo.

--Avengers Annual I#14

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Avengers Annual I#14 (1985) - Roger Stern (writer), John Byrne (breakdowns), Kyle Baker (finishes)

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