THE SLASHER full body

Real Name: Jimmy Crawley

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Murderer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Bertrand Crawley, Moon Knight, Reno Eddie, homeless people in general

Known Relatives: Bertrand (father), unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases:  The Skid-Row Slasher

Base of Operations:  The Bowery, New York; formerly Trenton, New Jersey

First Appearance:  Moon Knight I#2 (December, 1980)

Powers/Abilities:  The Slasher had no superhuman powers, but was very skilled in the use of the sickle. He was also quite insane.

head shotHistory:  (Moon Knight I#2 (fb)) - As a child in Trenton, New Jersey, Jimmy Crawley was born to the alcoholic salesman Bertrand Crawley and his wife. After his birth, his parents argued constantly.

 (Moon Knight I#2 (fb)) - Four years later, Mrs. Crawley left Bertrand, taking Jimmy with her. Shortly after, Mrs. Crawley died of an unknown cause.

 (Moon Knight I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy Crawley searched and discovered that his father had become a homeless bum.

 (Moon Knight I#2) - Twenty years later, Jimmy began killing bums in an insane quest to find his father. Figuring that he would eventually find his father by killing all bums, Jimmy took the name of the Slasher and made his way to the Bowery in New York where he killed a local bum named Reno Eddie. The following night, the Slasher unknowingly came across his father Bertrand in an alley where he had just killed a bum and when Bertrand tried to escape, Jimmy slashed him across the forearms. As he recovered, Bertrand was taken in by Marc Spector, who revealed himself to Bertrand as the Moon Knight and agreed to help Bertrand catch the Slasher. A week later, Moon Knight disguised himself as a bum and soon enough, the Slasher once again attacked. Bertrand managed to surprise the Slasher and Moon Knight quickly pursued the escaping Slasher. After a quick fight, Moon Knight subdued the Slasher and he was arrested. That night, Bertrand returned to his tenement and thinking that the Slasher looked familiar, he looked in an old photo album. At the Slasher's court date a month later, Bertrand claimed that he did not see anything but under intense pressure, he eventually announced that he could not blame the Slasher, as he had discovered that Jimmy and the Slasher were one and the same. Angry that he had let his father escape him, Jimmy attacked Bertrand in the courtroom and managed to escape outside after shooting a bailiff with his own gun. Moon Knight quickly managed to follow Jimmy to a nearby rooftop where Jimmy fell to his death attempting to back away from Moon Knight.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Frank Springer.

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The Slasher has no known connections to


Mrs. Crawley was the mother of Jimmy and left his father Bertrand when Jimmy was four. Shortly after they left, Mrs. Crawley died of unknown causes. Blaming her death on his father, Jimmy began an insane quest to kill the father who left him.

--Moon Knight I#2 (fb) (#2d (bts)


Reno Eddie was a homeless man who was killed by the Slasher. Eddie provided the Slasher with a light but when he did not provide the answers that Jimmy was searching for, he was killed.

--Moon Knight I#2 (#2d

Moon Knight I#2, p2, pan2 (Slasher fullbody)
 p2, pan3 (Slasher headshot)
 p2, pan5 (Reno Eddie)
 p21, pan1 (Mrs. Crawley)

Moon Knight I#2 (December, 1980) - Doug Moench (story), Bill Sienkiewicz (penciller), Frank Springer (inker)

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