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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) extraterrestrial (race unrevealed, from Wold/Godwheel - see comments)

Occupation: Adventurer, hunter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Solution (Dropkick, Outrage, Shadowmage, Tech), Candy Smith

Enemies: Aerwan army, Darkurians, vorps, Vyr

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across Earth-93060, notably California, USA;
   formerly Wold/Godwheel

First Appearance: Solution#3 (November, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Harmonica is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter with heightened agility and reflexes. He has telepathic abilities that provide him with general direction for tasks and awareness of local threats. A native of the giant hidden celestial body the Wold (or Godwheel), he is is familiar with its landscapes and denizens and their powers, and travels between the Wold and Earth without disorientation. A roving hunter by nature, he despises Darkurians and tracks them down to destroy them. Harmonica is psychically linked to an extremely powerful tool he calls Angie, which can morph into anything he requires, from a rod that discharges molecular disrupting blasts or teleportation to a twin-rocket-powered belt for flight, amongst many other forms. He always carries a harmonica on a thick chain around his neck, which he plays while relaxing or wandering.

Height: 5'10" (approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Strawberry blond


(Solution#3 (fb) - BTS) - Harmonica's morphing multi-powered weapon, which he dubbed Angie, became legend amongst Darkurians, who feared it. Hunting the alien shapeshifting Darkurians, Harmonica chased the young Darkurian Vurk and almost killed him. Several years later, Vurk joined the Solution, a heroic but mercenary team (comprising Dropkick, Shadowmage and leader Tech), and took on the codename Outrage.

(Solution#3) - Using Angie, Harmonica saved Candy Smith from two Darkurians who attacked her, then left with little explanation. Later, he chanced across Outrage again and the two fought viciously in public until gun-toting security guards halted their aggression, by which time Harmonica recognized that Outrage was not the usual vicious Darkurian. Harmonica used Shadowmage's magical fire teleportation spell to rescue Outrage as distraction to escape.

(Solution#10 (fb) - BTS) - Harmonica managed to travel from the Earth to the enormous celestial body known as the Wold (or Godwheel), tracking the powerful Vorlexx crystal to destroy it for the apparent sudden threat it posed to Earth and the Wold..

(Solution#10) - Harmonica confronted Dropkick, Outrage and Tech in a cave, who had used the Vorlexx to teleport to the Wold to rescue teammate Shadowmage, kidnapped by Wold natives, the mighty wizards called the Vyr. Harmonica fired Angie and destroyed a vorp, a large beast that defied the Solution's weapons. They argued over what to do with the Vorlexx until Harmonica used Angie as an owl-like drone and showed a huge Darkurian battalion nearby searching for them. Dropkick tried to use the Vorlexx to teleport them away, but its power had been secretly negated by the Vyr in a bid to trap them and retrieve the Vorlexx.

(Solution#11) - The quartet escaped to a cliff top where they were confronted by the Aerwan army demanding Shadowmage and the Vorlexx. Despite fearing Harmonica's reputation, the army charged just as the Darkurian army also attacked, resulting in a massive battle where Harmonica and the three Solution members were fighting desperately against all forces, keen for the Vorlexx. In a bid to stop the war and steadily corrupted by the Vorlexx's dark power, Tech attempted to use the crystal to destroy, but it instead teleported the quartet to the Vyr's enclave before the three towering Vyr.

(Solution#12) - The Vyr revealed Shadowmage had killed one of them using the Vorlexx when she stole the crystal years ago. While Tech and Dropkick tried futilely to fight the Vyr, Outrage and Harmonica, familiar with the incredibly powerful Vyr, did nothing. Dismissing the four as no threat, the Vyr left with the Vorlexx. Harmonica told Tech and Dropkick of the Vyr's near invulnerability, then used Angie to navigate the Vyr's base of bizarre techno-organic tunnels. They rescued Shadowmage with help from Angie's sonics, but realizing this, the Vyr arrived and attacked with their dark magic. Harmonica used Angie to distract the Vyr, then teleported himself and the Solution team to New York, somehow aware that the Solution's next mission would begin there (although the Vorlexx was left behind with the Vyr). Harmonica then wandered off into the night, playing his harmonica.

Comments: Created by James Hudnall, Darick Robertson, Barbara Kaalberg.

Although human in appearance, Harmonica is from the Wold/Godwheel, so he's classed as extraterrestrial. But he's a mysterious character with an unrevealed back story, so who knows his intended origins?

His harmonica tune is colored with rainbow in Solution#10-12, so perhaps there is something behind that tune, such as calming emotions, or a hunting call for Darkurians...?

This profile was completed 4/16/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Harmonica has no known connections to:


Angie was Harmonica's universal tool of unrevealed composition (but was always chrome-metallic in appearance). Harmonica usually kept it wrapped around his right arm when not in use. Angie was generally about 5' in standard length and retained its volume when morphing into different shapes, indicating it was dense in composition in its rod form. Angie was psychically linked to Harmonica and would instantly transform into whatever Harmonica thought of, from a sharp sword to a rod that could discharge molecule-disrupting energy blasts, as well as complex items like a navigation pole that could peer through a dark magic environment, or a serpentine form to seek a hidden energy source, or a twin-rocket-powered flight belt capable of carrying two people with ease, or an owl-shaped drone for spying and later generation of a viewscreen. It was also capable of generating a teleportation breach between the Wold and a specified location on Earth with a small transportation bubble to contain passengers. However, significant power discharges required about one day's recharge. Angie can also generate light and sonic waves if required. Harmonica spoke to it by name, so Angie may have been sentient at some level. Harmonica's link with Angie and his use of it as a deadly weapon against specifically Darkurians earned him a feared reputation from his foes. Of note is that Darkurians were usually very hard to kill due to their shapeshifting ability, but Angie was capable of destroying them with ease.

   For years, Harmonica used Angie on his hunt for Darkurians. On Earth, Harmonica saved Candy Smith from two ravenous Darkurians using Angie to slay them. Soon after, he tried the same against Solution hero Outrage, but the fight was stopped by the intervention of law enforcement. Likely using Angie, Harmonica teleported to the Wold on a quest to destroy the powerful but dangerous Vorlexx crystal. He met Solution members Tech, Dropkick and Outrage there seeking to rescue Shadowmage utilizing the Vorlexx to travel to the Wold. Harmonica used Angie to obliterate a vorp, a giant beast that the Solution's weapons had no effect on. Harmonica had Angie become a bird and snake to recover the dropped Vorlexx but was too late. He then used Angie as a drone to investigate the nearby land and display it on a viewscreen to show amassing Darkurian forces. Escaping using Angie as a rocket belt, the quartet blundered into an Aerwan army and Harmonica used Angie's powerful blasts in her rod form to survive the ensuing battle between Aerwan and Darkurian forces. But the quartet were soon trapped by the dark wizards the Vyr in their base. Knowing the Vyr were far too powerful to fight, even armed with Angie, Harmonica did nothing and the Vyr dismissed them, having retrieved the Vorlexx.. Harmonica used Angie as a tracking device to penetrate the dark magic environment of the Vyr's enclave and found the Solution's lost member Shadowmage, using Angie's sonics to free her. Angered their prisoner was free, the Vyr returned, but Harmonica had Angie teleport himself and the four Solution members away to safety on Earth (although setting up the teleportation breach took Angie a few seconds). Angie coiled around Harmonica's arm and they wandered off again.











--Solution#3 (Solution#10-12

Candy Smith

Candy Smith was a normal human female in Los Angeles. While returning to her car from a restaurant one evening, she was menaced by two young Darkurians (who had already secretly taken her car keys) and they began transforming into their monstrous Darkurian forms, terrifying her. Harmonica appeared, playing his harmonica. Unfamiliar with him, the Darkurians turned to attack him but he destroyed them using his weapon Angie. Shocked, Smith sought answers from Harmonica; he nonchalantly stated the basics before wandering off.






images: (without ads)
Solution#12, p8, pan3 (main image)
Solution#3, cover (with Angie as sword)
Solution#12, p11 , pan2 (with Angie as energized rod)
Solution#12, p24, pan2 (Angie coiling around arm)
Solution#11, p1, pan5 (Angie as rocket belt)
Solution#10, p21, pan4 (Angie as viewscreen)
Solution#12, p24, pan1 (Angie's teleportation bubble)
Solution#3, p7, pan3 (Candy Smith)

Solution#3 (November, 1993) - James Hudnall (writer), Darick Robertson (pencils), Barbara Kaalberg (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Solution#10 (July, 1994) - James Hudnall (writer), John Statema (pencils), Jeff Whiting (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Solution#11 (August, 1994) - James Hudnall (writer), John Statema (pencils), Barbara Kaalberg (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Solution#12 (September, 1994) - James Hudnall (writer), John Statema (pencils), Jeff Whiting (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)

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