Real Name: Rakses

Identity/Class: Resurrected human, magic user

Occupation: Necromancer, former pharaoh

Affiliations: Undead bodyguard, demons of the sands, giant scarab; Fazil, Doctor Minkly (attempted masters, resurrected him)

Enemies: Adam, Elsa Bloodstone, Fazil, Living Mummy

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Rapses (name often mispronounced as)

Base of Operations: Unnamed pyramid in Egypt

First Appearance: Bloodstone#3 (February, 2002)

Powers: Rakses was a necromancer even before he became a member of the undead. When he was revived, he showed no evidence of superhuman strength. With the Orb of Ra, he was even more powerful in sorcery, and could control the demons of the sands.


(bts) Rakses was a pharaoh and necromancer in ancient Egypt, who had plans of world domination. However, he was defeated by N'Kantu, the Living Mummy, and was sealed up in a tomb.

Rakses kills Fazil(Bloodstone#3) - Muslim fundamentalist Fazil, with the help of a Doctor Minkly, used the Orb of Ra to resurrect Rakses and his warriors, seeking to use him to kick the United States out of the Middle East (and possibly conquer it as well). However, Fazil had mispronounced Rakses' name, and as such the necromancer did not need to obey him.

After killing his would-be master, Rakses took the Orb of Ra and called upon a demon of the sands. However, he was then confronted by his old foe the Living Mummy, warning him to stop. Rakses was about to destroy him when he found the Orb gone. N'Kantu was merely distracting him while Elsa Bloodstone nabbed it. She tossed it to the Living Mummy, and he sent the demon away.

Rakses tried to escape, leading Bloodstone deeper into his tomb and summoning a huge beetle-like creature to stop her. After she killed it, Rakses fled outside, and trapped her inside his tomb. His gloating didn't last long though, as Adam (Frankenstein's monster) decapitated him with a shovel. He then crumbled into dust as Elsa got out.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Michael Lopez.

    When the Living Mummy fought Rakses is unclear. When N'Kantu was alive, the pharaoh was Aram-Set. Also, the Mummy mentions that the gods of Egypt forbid him to use the magic.

    As such, I've come up with a possible explanation. When Rakses started getting megalomania, the Egyptian gods revived N'Kantu and had him stop the mad necromancer.

    The Orb of Ra had more of an effect at DC, where it was responsible for the creation of the second-string hero Metamorpho (though it thrown-out in favor of a more scientific origin in the recent Justice League animated series).

Profile by Caesar Godzillatron

Clarifications: Rakses is not to be confused with

Fazil should not be confused with

Doctor Minkly should not be confused with

The Orb of Ra should not be confused with

The Demon of the Sands should not be confused with

The gaint scarab/ beetle should not be confused with

Undead Bodyguard

Rakses bodyguard had been animated by Fazil and Doctor Minkly before they brought Rakses back. Fazil had outfitted them with guns and modern military clothing, and left a couple of them outside on guard during the ceremony, where they battled and were destroyed by Else and Adam. Since they didn't take part in Rakses battle with Bloodstone, presumably he couldn't command them without the Orb. They might have been turned to dust with the Demon of the Sands while N'Kantu had the Orb. If not their fate is unknown. N'Kantu might now have an army of mummies at his command. (Bloodstone#2,3)

Demon of the Sands

A gigantic demon whom Rakses summoned with the Orb. It didn't actually get to do anything but look scary before N'Kantu returned it to the sands it came from. Rakses referred to demons, plural (or more accurately demonsss) but only one was seen. Either others were present off camera, Rakses can't count, or his lisp was worse than was realised. (Bloodstone#3)

The scarab is the one on the right.Giant Scarab

Even without the Orb Rakses was still able to summon a giant beetle (I presume a scarab, given they were in Egypt) to battle Bloodstone. Unfortunately for the beetle, it wasn't immune to gunfire, and Else made short work of it. (Bloodstone#3)


Fazil was an Arab who wanted to use the powers of Rakses and the Orb to drive the Western infidels out of Egypt (and presumably the rest of the region). His arrogance meant he didn't really listen to his assistant Minkly when reading from the mystic scroll, and his mispronounciation of Rakses name led a sticky end. Having enslaved someone called "Rapses" rather than the necromancer, he was shot dead by a machine gun he handed to the newly awakened Pharoah. (Bloodstone#3)

Doctor Minkly

Minkly was a timid individual who helped Fazil translate the mystic scrolls and use the Orb to awaken the mummies. Though he tried to correct Fazil's mistakes in his spellcasting, his attempts to assist were rebuffed. When Rakses shot Fazil dead, Minkly fled. After Bloodstone, N'Kantu and Adam had dealt with Rakses, Elsa took the time to tell off Minkly, then let him go after he promised to be good from now on. (Bloodstone#3)

The Orb of Ra

(Legion of Monsters: Satana#1 (fb) - BTS) - Legend says that Ra (Ammon Ra) fashioned the Orb from the right eye of Hathor to prevent her transformation back into Sekhmet, war goddess of Upper Egypt.


(Bloodstone#3 (fb) - BTS) - Rakses may, or may not, have possessed it during his original lifetime (he calls it "my orb", but that might just be a figure of speech). How it came into the possession of Fazil is unknown. It was last seen in the hands of The Living Mummy.

(Legion of Monsters: Satana#1) - N'Kantu (the Living Mummy) summoned the spirit of Nephrus, hoping to force Nephrus to either restore him to full life or to allow him to die. Nephrus was unable to do so, and Anubis appeared in response to a soul being drawn from his realm. Anubis' familiar, Khet, tried and failed to retake the Orb of Ra by force. Anubis ultimately offered to allow N'Kantu to die, but only after N'Kantu served as his agent, killing others and giving their souls to Anubis. Given the choice of who it was that he would kill, N'Kantu agreed to this offer.

(Bloodstone#3) - The mystical Orb had the power to raise and bind the dead, as when it was used to awaken Rakses and his bodyguard. In the hands of someone who knew what they were doing, it could also raise Demons from the sand of the desert. Thankfully it could dismiss them too, as it did when wielded by N'Kantu.


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