Real Name: Elsa Bloodstone

Identity/Class: Human mutant (see comments)

Occupation: Monster hunter; college student

Group Membership: Nextwave (Captain, Aaron Stack, Monica Rambeau, Tabitha Smith)

Affiliations: Charles Barnabus, Tomas + father + grandfather Dluga, Frankenstein monster, Jacob Hathaway, Frank Johnson, N'Kantu the Living Mummy;
formerly H.A.T.E. (Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort)

Enemies: Beyond Corporation (Devil Dinosaur (Beyond's big boss), Children of Goram, H.A.T.E. (General Dirk Anger, Drop Bears, Homocide Crabs, Human Resources operatives, Pterosuit Flock, Samurai Batch 23, and many unnamed agents), New Paramounts (Bulk, Charlie America, Forbush Man, Giant-Sam), S.I.L.E.N.T. (General Quiet, Mister Sssh, Number None (baby MODOK), Pope Omerta), Surgery (Doctor Headless, Doctor Injectable, Doctor Meatball, Doctor Nosexy), Vestry (Abbess Horror, Father Pain, Inquisitor, Red Rosary, Reverend Guilt), and countless other agents on State 51 (see comments)), Dracula, Fin Fang Foom clone, Kraken, Officer Mac Mangel, Mindless Ones, Nosferati vampires, Nosferatu, Rakses, Rorkannu, Zarko the Flying Squid;
    allegedly Blight Beast of Krakow, Hate Mother, Hideous Felch-Monster of Bihar Province (see comments);
    unknown connection to the

Known RelativesElise Bloodstone, Ulysses Bloodstone, unnamed baby half-brother (uncertain if born yet)
    possibly many other half-siblings and other descendants of her father

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsBloodstone House, Boston Massachusetts;
    active across Earth (and possibly beyond).
    formerly England;
    formerly mobile across Europe

First Appearance: Bloodstone#1 (December, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Wearing the Bloodstone Choker (containing a fragment of the Bloodgem (see comments)), Elsa gains superhuman physical abilities, including enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance to an unspecified level. Presumably she possesses superhuman regenerative powers like her father, but it is not certain that she actually has the same gem as he did. She has demonstrated immunity to vampire bites: Actually, her blood was pure enough to destroy a vampire if consumed; the Bloodgem fragment itself was an anathema to vampires. While the Choker does attach itself to her, she can apparently remove it at will.

  Over time the effects of the gem rendered her invulnerable to physical harm.

    She possesses a number of artifacts gathered by her father. She possessed a Lamp which contained a Genie Ulysses had enslaved years ago, which served as his early warning system, lighting up during supernatural encounters or other trouble, and transporting him to said encounters if he so wished. She was equipped with a series of weapons designed for use against vampires, including a shotgun firing silver cross buckshot, an ultraviolet flashlight, etc. Other weaponry she used included two Uzis, two shotguns, a handgun (most with special ammo), shovels and everything that could be used as a weapon.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

(Bloodstone#1 (fb) - BTS) - Approximately 18 years ago, Bloodstone met and married a woman named Elise, who adopted his last name. Eventually Elise gave birth to his daughter, Elsa.

(Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular#2/3) - Not long after Elsa was born Ulysses walked around with her in Elsa's room and talked to her.

(Bloodstone#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ulysses and Elise separated when Elsa was two years old. Ulysses distanced himself from both, and Elsa never knew him as she grew up. Bloodstone trusted Adam to give his daughter Elsa a fragment of the Bloodgem in a choker (the Bloodstone Choker, of course), when she was old enough.

    After Ulysses left, Elise and Elsa traveled across Europe. Eventually they settled in England, where Elsa schooled. Elsa began to have increasingly frequent dreams about monsters, such as vampires.

  Eventually they learned of Ulysses' death, and they flew to Boston to settle his estate.

(Bloodstone#1) - Elsa and Elise arrived at Bloodstone House, where they were given a tour by the executor of Ulysses' estate, Charles Barnabas. Exploring the house, Elsa discovered a secret chamber, in which she encountered Adam, the Frankenstein Monster, who told her about her father. Adam gave her the Bloodstone Choker, which attached itself to her neck. She then grabbed a flashing lamp, and when she wished she knew why it was flashing, she was transported to Bosnia, into the midst of a struggle between Dracula and the Nosferatu vampires.

(Bloodstone#2) - Dracula recognized the Bloodgem fragment and attacked Elsa, but was blasted away by the Bloodstone Choker. Dracula was then impaled by the Nosferatu, who took him away, while Adam managed to return Elsa to Bloodstone House. Adam later designed a costume for Elsa, patterned after her father's. The two then had the lamp transport them to another site of trouble: Egypt, where they encountered the soldiers of Fazil and then the Living Mummy.

(Bloodstone#3) - The Mummy revealed the plot of Rakses and guided Elsa to help take the Orb of Ra from him, with the eventual aid of Adam. Upon returning to Bloodstone House, they were confronted by Tomas, and they convinced him to keep their secret. Later, Elsa's glowing Choker revealed itself to Barnabus, after which the Nosferati vampires appeared and abducted Barnabus. Elsa ran to get help from Adam, but found that he was decapitated...though otherwise ok. She, Tomas, and Adam then prepared to rescue Barnabus.

(Bloodstone#4) - The lamp transported the trio to the Dearborn for Hemoralgic Disease Control, Emson Bend, Wyoming, where they found Nosferatu and the Nosferati vampires plotting to infect Dracula, Barnabus, and a few other "pure" blood vampires with a synthesized Ebola virus that caused the body to become saturated with blood, so that they would have eternal sources of nourishment. Elsa and her allies attacked, and her vampire weapons made short work of many of the Nosferati. Else confronted Nosferatu himself, who bit her and drank her blood, but was then destroyed by the Bloodgem energy in her blood. She and her allies freed Barnabus and Dracula, and Dracula then exposed the Nosferati to sunlight, destroying them. Returning to Bloodstone House, Elsa convinced Barnabus to keep her secret as well.

    Elsa began attending college, presumably alongside Tomas Dluga, and she, Tomas, and Adam continued to follow trouble around the world via the lamp. They were last seen heading out to confront the Kraken.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 (fb)-BTS) - At some point, Elsa fought Zarko the Flying Squid.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1) - Elsa used her father's journal as the starting point of a database she began to build on various monsters.  She was contacted by Frank Johnson and Jacob Hathaway, who were both more than willing to help her in her project.

(Nextwave#1 (fb) - BTS) - Elsa joined H.A.T.E. and became part of the Nextwave Squad.
  Elsa left H.A.T.E. with the Nextwave Squad when they found out that H.A.T.E. was funded by the Beyond Corporation. They also stole a Shockwave Rider (they needed a vehicle to get around) and the Beyond Corporation's marketing plan to stop their running operations.

(Nextwave#1) - Elsa drank some tea with the Captain at a Coffee Shop in Abcess, North Dakota and waited there until the Beyond Corporation's work nearby caused a reaction. Elsa and the Captain were shocked when a Fin Fang Foom clone rose from Beyond's building site. They were ready to go to work, but were stopped by a jeep full of Human Resources operatives. Elsa, who crashed into a shop for music instruments, took a guitar to smash the operatives. The last one tried to escape in the jeep, but Elsa destroyed the jeep with the guitar and than stabbed the agent through the chest (Guitar Hero: Elsa Bloodstone). When she saw that the agent wore a Beyond badge she informed Aaron that the Beyond Corporation knew that they were in the city. Elsa went to her guitar case, which she had lost when she was hit by the jeep, and took out her guns. After shooting more agents she informed Monica that these agents were not human (fear the green).

(Nextwave#2) - Elsa was on her way to fight the Fin Fang Foom clone, but couldn't get through a crowd of innocent bystanders. She cried for some help from Monica, who flew her up to a building. There Nextwave discussed their plan to take out the Fin Fang Foom clone. Monica ordered Elsa to make Foom open his mouth for Aaron. Elsa thought for a second, then jumped from the building and shot Foom in both of eyes. The dragon opened his mouth and Aaron jumped inside while Elsa landed on a car (Elsa was fine, but the car got damaged beyond repair). Elsa and the others killed more Human Resources operatives until Foom puked out his own heart (Aaron did a good job inside Foom). The monster was down, the situation cleared and the Nextwave Squad left the city inside the stolen Shockwave Rider.

(Nextwave#3) - On Monday Nextwave were after a guy in Sink City, Illinois, who was infected by a Beyond invented organism that fed on metal. Tabitha lost him because she was attacked by Human Resources operatives and Elsa was now searching for him in a jeep she started inside the Shockwave Rider (the thing seemingly dropped a few hundred feet from the sky, but it was a very special jeep that wasn't damaged that easy). Road rage pure for Elsa because everybody drove on the wrong side (she is British). She found the infected guy, an officer named Mac Mangel, near a school and let her jeep crash into him, while she jumped out to go after some attacking Human Resources operatives on motorbikes. Before they became her number one priority she blew up her jeep by shooting its gas tank and Mangel was history. Then she attacked...oh...Mangel survived and the Human Resources operatives laughed. (I'm as surprised as Elsa was.).

(Nextwave#4) - Mangel, who slowly turned into a second-rate Transformer, was going to squash Monster Hunter Elsa Bloodstone. Captain saved her and tossed Mangel to a scrapeyard, where he could eat more metal to become bigger, stronger and a far worse problem. Nearby the school Elsa used a modified flare round against the Human Resources operatives and they went up in fire (I hate the smell of cooked broccoli). Elsa then got really mad at Captain because he left Mangel at the scrapeyard. Seconds later they saw that Captain's actions really made everything worse as the giant robotic Mangel rose from the scrapeyard to wreak havoc on the city. Tabitha soon ended the threat and Elsa couldn't care less when she saw how Tabitha and Aaron beat up Mangel afterwards (Monica did care and stopped them. She then released Mangel into the care of his "friends", who killed the corrupt cop.). Aaron brought Elsa and Tabitha back into the Shockwave Rider and the team left the city.

(Nextwave#5) - Nextwave on their way to Beyond's War Garden 6. When they realized that it was the place the Human Resources operatives were grown they were ready to blow it up. On the ground Elsa was the first to take action and began to destroy one of the not yet full grown broccoli murder-dudes (Tabitha called them that) with a shovel. Dirk Anger, their former boss and commander of H.A.T.E., already knew that the Nextwave Squad were there and soon arrived to start an attack with the Aeromarine's Armageddon Horn. Nextwave survived, so Anger released the Drop Bears (evil koala bears). Elsa shot some koalas with her Uzis and was shocked of her own actions. Next attack wave were Samurai Batch 23. Elsa didn't think her Uzis would help against them, but she still had her shovel and Tabitha Smith at her side and they were ready to take the robots out.

(Nextwave#6) - Elsa (with shovel) and Tabby (with her boom) destroyed all the robots. Meanwhile Aaron found a way to force Dirk Anger and his troops to leave (he threatened to burn the clothes of Anger's mother. Dirk had serious problems!). Elsa pointed out that the Shockwave Rider was seriously damaged, but Aaron told them that he would get it running again. Elsa asked Aaron to off the bra he had stolen from Anger, but he didn't want to and was then beaten up with shovels by Elsa, Monica and Tabby.

(Nextwave#7) - In a badly repaired Shockwave Rider the Nextwave Squad was on their way to Shotcreek, Colorado. Elsa and Monica discussed what "magic deal" in Beyond's marketing plan could mean and they also talked about a few other things. When they arrived in Shotcreek the city was already overrun by Mindless Ones. Elsa and the others helped the local police against the monsters and Elsa was really happy when she saw that the Mindless Ones exploded. When the fight was over they were told that they had only defeated the leading edge of Mindless Ones and that the north side of town was full of them. Elsa and the rest were ready to go after more Mindless Ones.

(Nextwave#8) - After having killed more Mindless Ones, Elsa told the rest of the team who these monsters were, were they came from and how to stop the arrival of more by destroyed the gate they were coming through (by messing up the magic circle that held the gate open). The team scattered to search for the gate and kill more Mindless Ones. Elsa found about a dozen in a restaurant and called the others, but then she decided to kill them by her own. With her gun, forks and knives the show was soon over for the Mindless Ones. Captain found the gate and not only destroyed it, but also the Mindless Ones' master Rorkannu. Elsa and the rest of team arrived to see the mess the Captain made out of Rorkannu. Afterwards Nextwave returned to the Shockwave Rider and left.

Do you think this letter on my chest stands for America?

(Nextwave#9) - The marketing plan led Nextwave to an empty city. They were all surprised, especially Elsa (sporting a T-Shirt with the flag of the European Union), who suspected devil dinosaurs eating the population. When the Nextwave realized that it could be a trap, they decided to leave, but it was too late. Beyond's core cell S.I.L.E.N.T. were already above them in their upside down flying fortress and Number None told them that they were on a flying city that was built as a trap to anyone, who dared to interfere with Beyond's plans. Number None then introduced Nextwave to the agents that would destroy Nextwave: The three teams Surgery, Vestry and the New Paramounts. Elsa and Tabby attacked the New Paramounts and Elsa wasn't going to lay down for Charlie America after she was knocked off her feet by him. One exploding bullet later Charlie America was down and Elsa was angry.

(Nextwave#10) - Beyond's Forbush Man used his powers to trap Elsa and the other Nextwave members in illusions of horrific alternate lives. In Elsa's alternate life Earth had been run over by monsters. Only a few hundred people were left and she was the only one still capable of fighting against the monsters. The illusion was over when Tabby, who wasn't affected by Forbush Man's powers (because she is a stupid blonde and has no mind), blew him up. Elsa and the others were free again, but S.I.L.E.N.T. fled before they could be stopped by Nextwave, who decided to follow them from wherever they came from.

(Nextwave#11) - With the damaged Shockwave Rider the Nextwave flew to State 51, the base of Beyond. When they arrived at the floating state the team was in awe. They were shot down by Anger's Aeromarine and crash-landed on State 51. They hardly survived and then attacked everything Beyond threw at them on their way through State 51 (see comments). After the last wave they met Number None, who impaled Aaron with a lance.

(Nextwave#12) - Elsa and the others were shocked for a second, but Aaron wasn't dead because he was a robot and took out Number None. Inside Number None's chest the Nextwave found a baby MODOK, who fled by teleporting away. With Aaron's help they found baby MODOK again in a giant metal globe. On their way there Elsa was carried by the Captain. Tabby shot a hole into the globe and they witnessed how baby MODOK was shot by the boss of the Beyond Corporation: Devil Dinosaur. Nextwave listened to Devil Dinosaur's moaning about how Moon Boy hated him, how he now hated all monkeys and that he ate Moon Boy. Then they attacked. First was Monica, then Elsa blew up the dinosaur's giant handgun and then Tabby surrounded him with fire. Aaron and Captain pushed the globe off State 51 after all their allies were out and Devil Dinosaur dropped around two miles down and rolled down a mountain. Tabby blew the metal globe up and the Nextwave thought about what they could do with the invisible State 51 base.

(Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular#2/3 (fb) - BTS) - Elsa tracked down the Children of Goram to Prague. One of the children bit her inside a local hospital, which impregnated Elsa with its offspring.

(Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular#2/3) - Lying on the floor Elsa thought about how the Goram was eating her from the inside. The Bloodstone Choker's regenerative powers killed the Goram within Elsa's body and she puked it up. Afterwards she killed all the Children of Goram within the hospital impressing the locals. After everything was over Elsa thought to herself that she was born to hunt monsters, but that unlike her father she would be the last of her line because she never wanted to have children.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Michael Lopez, and Scott Hanna.

    It is unclear whether the Bloodgem fragment contained within the Bloodstone Choker is part of the Bloodgem that empowered Ulysses Bloodstone. The Bloodgem fragments were gathered during the Bloodstone Hunt in Captain America I#357-362 or so, and seemingly lost into a volcano, but that doesn't mean that Ulysses couldn't have stashed away a small fragment and kept it mystically hidden.

    According to Elsa, she had some of the Bloodgem power via genes, and it was present in her blood, indicating that she didn't only gain power via the Bloodstone Choker, but was born with power...which fits my definition of mutant.

    I never got the whole "Pure Blood" vampire business. Vampire powers were never inherited, but rather transferred to others by bite. Being dead, most vampires could not have offspring. Dracula did so only by mystic means. The pureblood nonsense came about from the Blade movies, and now seems to be firmly entrenched in the Marvel Universe, too.

I think most of the flashbacks in Nextwave should be taken with a grain of salt. Some of them could've happened, but most just screw up continuity too much to be included in history.
--Markus Raymond
    I think we can assume that the Beyond Corporation messed with the minds of the members of Nextwave.

In Nextwave#11 the Nextwave Squad were opposed by several waves of warriors protecting State 51. They were all seemingly creations of the Beyond Corporation. Even those that had similar existing counterparts. Those fighters included Beyond versions of It the Living Colossi, Beasts of Berlin, Living Brains, Wobbows, Stephen Hawkingses (spiked, motorized wheelchair shooting eyeblasts), half-naked ninjas, Chinese Windmill warriors, Elvis MODOKs (ELVISes?), Iron Man helmet-wearing sex midgets, blue ATOM PIRATES with nuclear peglegs, brontosauri with cyclops-visor eyeblasts, Siamese samurai, Victorian street urchin gargoyles w/ electric chimney brushes (who blow black soot/smoke from their mouths), KONG X (giant Wolverine/King Kong hybrid), RAZORMONKIES (smaller Wolverine monkees with claws on hands and feet), Snakes on Planes (giant Venom-spitting snake biplane cyborgs), Mechano, giant space Siberian saber-toothed tigers wearing jetpacks, monster trees, , Hidden Men, Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, Elan (like Infant Terrible), Possessors.

Elsa Bloodstone got an entry in OHotMU Horror 2005.

Elsa is seen on the cover of Avengers: The Initiative#1, though that does not mean she is/was part of the Initiative as yet.

Profile by Snood; updated by Markus Raymond.

Elsa should be distinguished from:

Elise Bloodstone

    Elsa's mother and Ulysses' former wife, she traveled Europe for some time after breaking up with Ulysses. She eventually settled in England, but returned to Bloodstone House after learning of Ulysses death. She decided to turn his House into a museum (when people come to see 'im), Bloodstone Curios, and she became quite infatuated with Charles Barnabus. She was also well into the third trimester of her pregnancy (via an unknown father) when last seen.


--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4


Bloodstone Manor


    A.k.a. Bloodstone Curios, Bloodstone House, Castle Bloodstone, and Bloodstone Mansion (though some of those may have been made up by me...I didn't check too closely). It was one of his bases, established over 18 years ago, and it housed a large number of artifacts, accumulated over his millennia of activity. Barnabus served as the executor of Bloodstone's estate and Mr. Dluga was its caretaker. Adam also secretly lived in the basement. Elise Bloodstone transformed it into a museum or curios house with the aid of Charles Barnabus and Elsa.


--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4




Tomas Dluga

    The son of Mr. Dluga, he attended college alongside Elsa and accompanied her on adventures after learning of her activities.

--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4



Mr. Dluga

    The son of papa Dluga and the father of Tomas, he serves as caretaker to the Bloodstone House.


--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1, 2



papa Dluga

    A polish immigrant, he is the father of Mr. Dluga and the grandfather of Tomas Dluga. Although everyone thought he was just crazy, he was the only one who realized that Barnabus was a vampire.

--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4





Bloodstone#3, last page
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    p3, panel 1 (manor)
    p6, panel 6 (Mr. Dluga)

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Bloodstone#2-4 (January - March, 2002) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Michael Lopez (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
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