Real Name: Uluath

Identity/Class: Undergod (see comments) (Distant Past to present day)

Occupation: Destroyer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Happyology Cult (McTavish, others), "Fishmen"

Enemies: Aegis, Elsa Bloodstone, Kid Kaiju (Kei Kawade)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dread One, Dread Uluath

Base of Operations: The City Below the Seas, Pacific Ocean

First Appearance: Monsters Unleashed III#10 (March, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: An ancient being of unknown origins, Uluath, referred to as an undergod, can be summoned by specific mystic chants delivered through ultrasonic vibrations. Uluath is a giant, tentacled octopus-like monster standing 200 feet tall and capable of smashing entire ships and buildings with his massive tentacles. Uluath seems to have some magical potential, and it also seems to consume some of its enemies. Uluath commands a race of "Fishmen", and dwells in an undersea civilization that can be raised to the surface with him.

Height: 200'
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None

(Monsters Unleashed III#10 (fb) - BTS) - Under unknown circumstances, the Undergod Uluath became trapped with his civilization at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where it waited for an unrevealed amount of time to be awakened by mortals.

(Monsters Unleashed III#10 (fb) - BTS) - The mortal McTavish formed a cult called Happyology with the goal of raising the Dread Uluath from the ocean floor. He designed a ship with an ultrasonic transmitter and taught the cult the holy words of waking.

(Monsters Unleashed III#10) - Aboard the ship, the cult began chanting under McTavish's leadership, but soon Elsa Bloodstone attacked. When the transmitter was activated (by McTavish's cat), ancient ruins and colorful sea monsters rose from the depths, but the transmitter was stopped before Uluath itself could be raised. Soon Kid Kaiju and his monster Aegis arrived to help, and Aegis stomped on the ground multiple times while fighting the "Fishmen", the resulting vibrations being sufficient to awaken Uluath, and the dread one soon revealed himself. Wielding his massive tentacles and chanting an ancient language, Uluath battled the brave Aegis until Aegis allowed himself to be swallowed by Uluath, who soon had to spit the monster up. Kid Kaiju disrupted the transmitter and Aegis beat the weakened Uluath down, leaving him a mangled pile on the ground.

Comments: Created by Justin Jordan and Bachan.

Uluath is referred to as an Undergod.
   I believe Uluath is one of the Old Ones.
--Markus Raymond

Another giant creature called Undergod was seen during the Hyborean era in Conan the Barbarian III#9 (November, 2019).
--Markus Raymond

This story is full of references to H.P. Lovecraft mythos: Cthulhu (Uluath), the sunken city of R'lyeh (the City Below the Seas), the Deep Ones ("Fishmen") and Nyarlathotep (the chant included Nyar'l'hagopep). I am still wondering what Hyrl'g'hurugh and Sebella'r'nssrn are a reference to.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Chadman.

Uluath has no known connections to:

McTavish (and cat) and the Happyology Cult

(Monsters Unleashed III#10 (fb) - BTS) - With the long term goal of raising the Dread Uluath from beneath the ocean waters, McTavish founded headscroll.com to begin gathering followers, and those who chose to follow him became known as the group Happyology. He purchased a boat equipped with an ultrasonic transmitter and put out an invitation to his followers.

(Monsters Unleashed III#10) - Holding his cat closely, McTavish preached to the green-robed members of Happyology about the coming rise of Uluath. At his instruction, they began to chant "Hryl'g'hurugh Ntar'l'hagopep", which McTavish called the holy words of waking but McTavish soon realized that Elsa Bloodstone had infiltrated their ranks and sought to stop him. McTavish's cat leapt on the ultrasonic transmitter and activated it, and soon ancient ruins and colorful "Fishmen" rose from the depths. Soon Kid Kaiju and his monster Aegis arrived to help, and Aegis stomped on the ground multiple times while fighting the "Fishmen", the resulting vibrations being sufficient to awaken Uluath. As Uluath revealed himself, Bloodstone hit McTavish in the face, then Aegis and Kid Kaiju defeated the risen Uluath. McTavish and his cat were tied up and Bloodstone planned to deliver them to the local authorities.

--Monsters Unleashed III#10 ([Monsters Unleashed III#10 (fb)], 10


(Monsters Unleashed III#10) - A group of "Fishmen" served the Dread Uluath, and they were raised to the surface with ancient ruins when summoned by the Happyology Cult. The "Fishmen" battled Elsa Bloodstone, Kid Kaiju, and Aegis until the risen Uluath was defeated, and the "Fishmen" with him.

--Monsters Unleashed III#10

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Monsters Unleashed III#10, p13, pan1 (main)
Monsters Unleashed III#10, p14, pan1 (face)
Monsters Unleashed III#10, p2, pan4 (Happyology Cult)
Monsters Unleashed III#10, p10, pan5 (McTavish and cat)
Monsters Unleashed III#10, p5, pan4 ("Fishmen")

Monsters Unleashed III#10 (March, 2018) - Justin Jordan (writer), Bachan (artist), Christina Harrington (editor)

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