Real Name: Ashius

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial humanoid

Occupation: Conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Loki, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevitch)

Enemies: Blue Star, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Thor (Thor Odinson)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Fireball

First Appearance: Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book (1983)

Powers/Abilities: Ashius was able to surround himself with an aura of fire and he could also apparently generate illusions, such as projecting several images of the same person to confuse opponents. Ashius has an unknown form of telepathy and can mentally communicate with sentient beings from across vast distances of time and space. He seems to be able to reach any distance within the universe. Ashius also controlled the giant, flaming Fireball, which he boasted no one had ever made their way through. Despite all of his power, Ashius enjoyed testing his opponents by forcing them to complete various puzzles.

Height: Unrevealed (see comments)
Weight: Unrevealed (see comments)
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: Unrevealed (see comments)

History: (Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book) - Ashius the ruler of Fireball, a burning comet-like planetoid in space, desired four magical pencils that were protected by his mortal enemy Blue Star in order to conquer the Earth. Managing to trap Blue Star within his own Star Force, and imprisoning him at the center of Fireball, Ashius was unable to possess the pencils when at the last possible minute before being captured, Blue Star managed to teleport the magical pencils to Earth to hide them. Vowing to conquer the Earth to recover the pencils, Ashius telepathically contacted Loki, the Red Skull and the Rhino to track the pencils down promising to join forces with them and let them rule the world as his lieutenants. Blue Star himself telepathically contacted Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor to stop the Earth villains by retrieving them. When the Earth villains were defeated the heroes used the powers of the magic pencils and were transported to Fireball. Ashius generated several illusory duplicates of Blue Star and then forced the heroes to complete several puzzles including his "Erase-a-Letter Puzzle" to confuse them. The determined Hulk was forced to complete a missing letter puzzle while Captain America was tasked with coming up with words using the letters of Blue Star's name. The easily-confused Hulk was next forced to do a word search for Blue Star's name while Thor was placed into a star-shaped maze. After Ashius forced Iron Man to complete words containing the word "us" by using clues given by Ashius, he forced the heroes to make their way through his giant flaming Fireball. The heroes then freed Blue Star and returned the pencils thus stopping Ashius' evil plans of conquest.

Comments: Created by Owen McCarron.

The Marvel Super Heroes Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book featured four different stories, three of which were reprints of previous Marvel coloring books (including the X-Men coloring book featuring the Alphabet Pet). The story featuring Blue Star & Ashius is the second story in the book and was new (to the best of my knowledge). The credits in the book were given altogether and it was not explained which creative team worked on which story (although Owen McCarron did the reprinted Alphabet Pet story and it seems likely that David Anthony Kraft & Winslow Mortimer did the reprinted Spider-Man given Mortimer's past association with the wall-crawler). If the credits are listed in order then it seems that Mike Esposito would've done the Blue Star/Ashius story but there's really no way to be 100% certain...

Despite this story being seen in a coloring book, there is absolutely nothing to say that it would not fit into Earth-616 continuity.

Ashius' Fireball appeared to be planet-sized but it was never in comparison to other objects so it remains unconfirmed if that is the case. It seemed to me as if Fireball might have been Ashius' planet-sized base of operations, similar to Galactus' ship.

Strangely enough, the story featuring Ashius and Blue Star ended with the heroes being forced to make their way through Ashius' Fireball. It was never revealed whether they succeeded in stopping Ashius but one can only assume they defeated Ashius and saved Earth since the planet was not later seen ruled by Ashius.

Since the story was in black & white and Ashius was never seen next to any of the heroes, it was impossible to determine his eye/hair color or height/weight.

Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book (1983) was later reprinted in Marvel Super Heroes Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book (1987), which also contained other coloring books. The reprint was originally the source for this profile.

Updated and corrected by AvatarWarlord.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Ashius has no KNOWN connections to:

Blue Star has no KNOWN connections to:
Fireball has no KNOWN connections to:

Blue Star

Blue Star was an extraterrestrial who sought to stop Ashius' invasion of Earth. In order to warn Earth, Blue Star telepathically summoned Earth heroes Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. When the heroes confronted Ashius, Ashius generated several illusory duplicates of Blue Star.

The super being calling himself Blue Star hails from a fiery alien planetoid called Fireball inhabited by evil fire beings and ruled by a tyrant called Ashius. Sometime in the past, Blue Star became the caretaker of four sentient magic pencils with the ability to alter reality which were sought by Ashius to be used to conquer worlds. Capturing Blue Star within his own Star Force, Ashius was unable to lay claim to the magic pencils when three were teleported to Earth. Blue Star telepathically contacted Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor to retrieve them before Ashius, who aligned with the villains Loki, the Red Skull and the Rhino, to do the same. The Heroes managed to take possession of them after solving some puzzles and the fourth pencil was teleported to Iron Man by Blue Star who still secretly possessed one. Using the magic Pencils by touching them together, the heroes were transported to Fireball, bested Ashius and his puzzles and freed Blue Star, thus ending Ashius' threat of conquering the Earth.

Blue Star possesses the ability to harness solar energy from so-called blue stars in the universe. He can emit bright blue light and fire beams of energy from his body.

As a resident of Fireball, Blue Star was probably resistant to heat and fire. He also had the same power of thought transfer as Ashius.

--Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book


Fireball was a fiery, maze-like planetoid ruled by Ashius. It was the home of Ashius and Blue Star and a race of evil fire beings. Blue Star telepathically contacted Earth's heroes from Fireball to get their help against Ashius. After Ashius tasked Earth's heroes with various puzzles, he forced them to make their way safely through Fireball and boasted how no one had ever made it through.

--Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book

Magic Pencils

There are four magic pencils that have the ability when used together to alter reality on a large scale. Each Pencil on its own has this ability to a lesser degree. The Pencils are also able to teleport vast distances through both time and space as well as dimensions. They also appear to be sentient and can respond to a variety of situations and act independently without a host to use them. The eraser end seems to be able to erase objects from existence and the pencil end can created objects by drawing them.

--Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book

images: (without ads)
Marvel Super Heroes Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book, p51, splash page (main)
Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book, p8 (Ashius, body shot)
Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book, p7 (Blue Star, body shot)
Marvel Super Heroes Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book, p51, splash page (Blue Star, head shot)
Marvel Super Heroes Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book, p46, splash page (Fireball)
Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book, p39 (Magic Pencils)

Marvel Superheroes Super Activity Book (1983) - Owen McCarron (writer/artist)

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