Membership: None identified

Purpose: To help spread fake pearls for criminal profit

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Unidentified criminals

Enemies: Harry, Ned Leeds, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spike

Base of Operations: An unidentified warehouse, New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book (1976)

History: (The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book (fb) - BTS) - A group of unidentified criminals decided to utilize mechanical oysters to distribute fake pearls throughout the city.

(The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book) - Some fishermen caught one of the mechanical oysters in their fishing net and were shocked when the oyster contained numerous seemingly valuable pearls. Photographer Peter Parker was quickly sent to the dock to take photos of the oyster, which made the front page of the Daily Bugle. While criminals became interested in the oyster, several fishermen decided to camp near the dock in hopes of finding more oysters while field reporter Ned Leeds of the Daily Bugle was sent to report on the camps. While Ned was standing guard over night, however, one of the oysters snuck up behind Ned and attacked him, growing larger and closing Ned inside its shell. The police then got involved to investigate Ned's seeming disappearance and during the distraction, Spike and another criminal, investigated the oyster while posing as photographers. After setting up camp, Spike and his accomplice, unaware that Ned was inside the oyster, returned to the oyster and were shocked when the oyster seemingly yelled for help.

The panicked criminals then ran for it and tried to escape on a boat, only for a group of the mechanical oysters to go after them. Peter Parker followed the criminals as Spider-Man, having been drawn there by his spider-sense, and he defeated Spike and the other crook before delivering them to the police. As the police found Ned Leeds inside the oyster and emptied the oyster of its fake pearls, Spider-Man watched as another oyster swam towards the dock and attacked fishermen. Donning his Spider-Man costume once more, Parker took a boat out in the water, where the group of oysters attacked him. Capturing the oysters within a web net, Spider-Man prepared to take a closer look at the oysters but the oysters proved quite strong and pulled the boat further out to sea, where Spider-Man was attacked by a giant squid. Avoiding the squid, Spider-Man radioed for help and was rescued by a helicopter, soon working with Ned Leeds as Peter Parker to check out a local warehouse. Finding the warehouse filled with oysters, Parker ducked behind some crates as criminals found and attacked Ned Leeds. Changing into his Spider-Man costume again, Parker apprehended the criminals then investigated the oysters, finding them to be mechanical, and upon further investigation, Spider-Man determined the pearls inside the oysters to be fake. Ned, unaware of Spider-Man's true identity, then placed his foot on one of the mechanical oysters and remarked on how surprised Peter Parker would be. As Spider-Man then swung away, Ned reminded Spider-Man to tell Peter Parker not to forget his camera.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer and artist.

It wasn't exactly clear what the criminals' purpose for the mechanical oysters was. I mean, the book stressed that the pearls inside them were fake so I guess the criminals planned to distribute and profit off the fake pearls as some criminals do with fake money? But you'd think the criminals would just create the pearls and not have to distribute them via large, size-altering, semi-sentient oysters....just seems like an odd plan at best. Then again, the oysters also seemed very interested in capturing people so maybe the criminals planned to use them to kidnap people?

Profile by Proto-Man.

The mechanical oysters have no known connections to:


Spike was a criminal agent whose boss was interested in the giant pearls inside the oyster that had been caught by fishermen, unaware that the oysters were mechanical and that the pearls were fake. Sent to investigate the oyster, Spike and his accomplice posed as photographers to check out the oyster and ultimately decided to camp nearby to get a better look later. Later that night, Spike and his accomplice found the oyster but when it seemingly started yelling for help (Spike and his friend were unaware the captured Ned Leeds was inside), Spike and his ally ran for it and tried to escape on their boat. Unfortunately, a slew of oysters followed them, as did Spider-Man, who defeated Spike and his friend and left them for the police.

--The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book

images: (without ads)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book, back cover (mechanical oyster, color image, main image)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book, p27, splash page (oysters swimming)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book, p4, splash page (oyster opening up to reveal fake pearls)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book, p52, splash page (oysters inside warehouse)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book, p15, splash page (Spike)

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery Coloring Book (1976) - uncredited writer, artist, editor

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