Classification: Alien life-form, humanoid, extratemporal

Location/Base of Operations: Mobile aboard Jakarah

Known Members: Lamia

Affiliations: Jason

Enemies: Medusae, The crew of Seeker 3000

First Appearance: Seeker 3000#1 (June, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: The Hkkkt are physically powerful creatures with enhanced strength and durability, clawed hands and powerful jaws. They gain strength by both devouring and psionically absorbing the life-force of other creatures. They wield sophisticated energy weapons in battle, and wear armor.

History: (Seeker 3000#2 (fb))- The Hkkkt eliminated all life in their system, and entered into a state of dormancy aboard their god-ship Jakarah, until new sources of sustenance could be found. When the Medusae traveled nearby, they awoke and began to feed upon them.

(Seeker 3000#1)- Jakarah came across a probe from Seeker 3000, and destroyed it. Later, they came across a mule piloted by Carter Shaw, Cyrene and Vaun Lysander, and shot it down into an asteroid field.

(Seeker 3000#2)- Jakarah soon found Seeker 3000, and Lamia appeared before the ship's crew as a hologram to inform them of their imminent defeat.

(Seeker 3000#3)- While Jakarah opened fire upon Seeker 3000, other Hkkkt boarded the ship, bringing the battle to the corridors. Eventually they claimed the vessel, only to find the command deck empty. Lamia confronted the ship's Censys computer system, and learned the history of Seeker 3000 from it. Interested in Jason, she challenged Censys to determine if Jason was truly purged from its systems. Sure enough, Censys found Jason within its programs-- but it was uploaded into Jakarah.

(Seeker 3000#4)- Now needing to rely upon each other, Jason formed an alliance with the Hkkkt, using his knowledge of Seeker 3000 to help them hunt the crew down. Noting that both Jakarah and the Hkkkt were in need of food, he proposed they take the crew alive. Ultimately, most of the Hkkkt were destroyed when Seeker 3000's Pathfinders unleashed a massive psychic attack. Those who lived were sent back to Jakarah, which was now inert, having lost Jason to guide it.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton, Andrew Currie and Art Nichols.

by Prime Eternal

The Hkkkt should not be confused with:

Jakarah is the home and god of the Hkkkt race. The vessel was operated by a massive organic brain whose cerebral core was inhabited by the consciousness of Jason. When the Pathfinders unleashed a powerful psychic attack, Jason was expelled from the cerebral core, and Jakarah was rendered inert. Jakarah could fire various energy-based weapons.

--Seeker 3000#1, 2, 3, 4

Images taken from:
Seeker 3000#2, page 15, panel 3
Seeker 3000#1, page 4, panel 1

Seeker 3000#2 (July, 1998)
Seeker 3000#3 (August, 1998)
Seeker 3000#4 (September, 1998)

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