Real Name: Barnabus Lucian Cross

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Mr. Dice, Electro-Rifles Team, Dehydrolizer Teams, other crewmen

Enemies: Namor, Tiger Shark (Todd Arliss)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a submarine

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#77/4 (May 1991)

Powers/Abilities: None. He was a talented scientist who knew everything about sharks. He invented the Electro-Rifles and the Dehydrolizer.

History: Cross dedicated his life to the study of sharks. With the knowledge that their immune system made them immune to cancer and many other diseases he started to search for a way to transfer their immune system to men. He decided he needed the only existing link between men and shark, the criminal known as Tiger Shark. He invented some nifty devices to catch Tiger Shark and recruited a crew of mercenaries led by Mr. Dice.

(MCP#77/4) - Cross located Tiger Shark with the help of a submarine crewed by Mr. Dice's men. He asked Dice again if his men would be able to catch Tiger Shark, and explained to the mercenary his scientific need to study Tiger Shark. When Tiger Shark faked unconsciousness, Cross suspected the ruse, and warned the Electro-Rifles Team, but it was too late and most of them died. Cross sent Dehydrolizer Teams out and they managed to catch Tiger Shark in a bubble. Cross ordered them to activate the Dehydrolizer and Tiger Shark was knocked out by the heat. Suddenly Namor intervened, wanting to help the captive Tiger Shark. Cross ordered his men to attack Namor with everything they had, but nothing worked, not even the big guns of the submarine. The guns overloaded and the submarine sank to the seabed. Cross and his crew survived, but Dr. Barnabus Lucian Cross lost the opportunity of his life.

Comments: Created by Robert Campanella and Grant Miehm

Profile by Markus Raymond


Dr. Cross has no known connections to

Mr. Dice has no known connections to

Mr. Dice

He was the leader of a group of mercenaries who worked for Dr. Cross. He was happy when he learned from Cross that the Tiger Shark wouldn't survive the scientist's research process. Dice sent his men against Tiger Shark, but they had a hard time and probably would have died without the help of Dr. Cross and his devices. He watched the plan of Cross fail when Namor interfered, and sank to the seabed along with the rest of the crew of the submarine.

--Marvel Comics Presents#77/4

Electro-Rifles Team

They were agents of Mr. Dice and equipped with electro-rifles invented by Dr. Cross. They managed to hit Tiger Shark by surprise and thought him to be defeated. At least three of them paid this mistake with their life when Tiger Shark killed them, drawing them in by feigning unconsciousness. The remaining members of the team tried to stop Namor from rescuing Tiger Shark, but their weapons weren't strong enough to hurt him and once again some of them died, even though Namor tempered his blows.

As far as I could see, only one of this team survived. Three drowned in the fight against Tiger Shark, three more against Namor. One seemed to get away with his diving mask on.

The Electro-Rifles were invented by Dr. Barnabus Lucian Cross. This weapon used a powerful electrical blast to stun or knock opponents unconscious.

--Marvel Comics Presents#77/4

Dehydrolizer Teams

They were sent to the outside with the Dehydrolizer device of Dr. Cross. They activated the devices and Tiger Shark got trapped in a bubble. When a button in the submarine was pushed the bubble not only isolated Tiger Shark from the water, but also dehydrated him with a heat burst. Afterwards the teams brought Tiger Shark back to the submarine in the bubble. The bubble failed when Namor attacked. The members of these teams remained on the sunken submarine.

The Dehydrolizer was a technology invented by Dr. Barnabus Lucian Cross. It consisted of two identical boxes which were used to create a bubble consisting of an indefinable energy. After the bubble was installed the boxes directed heat into it and vaporized all water inside. This process had to be activated from the distance and nobody was allowed to touch the device as long as the dehydration process was activated.

--Marvel Comics Presents#77/4





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