Classification: Terrestrial device

Creator: Roxxon Energy Corporation

User/Possessors: Maelstrom

First Appearance: GLA#2 (July, 2005); (named): GLA#3 (August, 2005)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Atomic Inverter X-99 prototype had unrevealed energy-based functions. When combined with a Chronal Accelerator, it could cause the universe to implode upon itself.

History: (GLA#2) - Upon retrieving the Chronal Accelerator from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Maelstrom hired Batroc's Brigade to obtain the prototype for the Atomic Inverter X-99 from the Roxxon Energy Corporation. In the process of stealing the Inverter, Batroc's Brigade were surprised by the arrival of the corporate hero Grasshopper and soon after, the Great Lakes Avengers. After killing the Grasshopper, Batroc's Brigade made off with the Atomic Inverter, leaving the Great Lakes Avengers to mourn their most recent recruit.

(GLA#3) - Once Maelstrom had combined the Atomic Inverter with the Chronal Accelerator, he was visited by Deathurge, a servant of Oblivion, who warned Maelstrom that Oblivion was aware of his plan and that while he was unable to act against him, Deathurge hoped someone else would. While the Great Lakes Avengers visited Roxxon and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to ask about their recent robberies, Squirrel Girl's squirrel Monkey Joe discovered what the Atomic Inverter could be used for. Unfortunately, he was killed by former GLA-er Leatherboy, who wanted revenge against the GLA for not inviting him back to the team.

(GLA#4) - Maelstrom activated the combined Atomic Inverter/Chronal Accelerator and prepared to accelerate the universe to its untimely end. The combined machines opened a hole in the fabric of the universe that began to suck everything inside it. The GLA, who had deduced Maelstrom's plan thanks to Deathurge's involvement with their leader, Mister Immortal, arrived and Mister Immortal talked Maelstrom into killing himself. Following Maelstrom's death, Mister Immortal shut down the machines.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Paul Pelletier, and Rick Magyar.

I apologize for the picture. It was the best one I could find. The only other picture of the Inverter by itself was during the battle between Grasshopper and Batroc's Brigade and the Inverter was partially covered by the Grasshopper and one of the Brigade, as well as a sai.

Profile by Proto-Man


The Atomic Inverter X-99 has no known connection to:

GLA#2, p20, pan4 (The Inverter, being stolen in a truck by Batroc's Brigade)

GLA#2 (July, 2005) - Dan Slott (writer), Paul Pelletier (penciler), Rick Magyar (inker)
GLA#3 (August, 2005) - Dan Slott (writer), Paul Pelletier (penciler), Rick Magyar (inker)
GLA#4 (September, 2005) - Dan Slott (writer), Paul Pelletier (penciler), Rick Magyar (inker)

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