Classification: Extraterrestrial virus

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: Ruling protectorate of Lionheart

First Appearance: Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#1 (August, 1993)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Perfection, while harmless to naturals, affects organic replicants (see comments), transmuting artificial flesh into pure, incorruptible metal. For awhile, the victim has a most perfect complexion, but when the whole body has been covered , the victim dies.

(Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#1 (fb) - BTS) - <@ 3442 AD> - To keep the throneworld of Lionheart pure of technology, the protectorate introduced the plague Perfection. It was promoted as a designer drug; as the addiction spread, so did the likelihood of it reaching its target: the hidden replicant population.

(Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lady Anula of the ruling class, herself secretly a replicated organic, became afflicted with Perfection. She summoned Death's Head (Minion) and Tuck to help her.

(Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#1 (fb)) - Lady Anula explained Perfection to her aids, and sent them to Matricca Scoppio, where it had been rumored by time jumpers that their cyborgs would find a cure for Perfection.

(Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#1) - While Death's Head and Tuck sought the cure, Tuck discovered that she, too, had been afflicted with Perfection.

(Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#2) - Death's Head, Tuck, and Die-Cut discovered that the only cure on Matricca Scoppio existed as a stasis room, which prevent the spread of disease, but only while the victims remained in that chamber. They returned to Lionheart and explained this to Anula, who then explained to Tuck that she had infected her with a temporary variant of the plague, in hopes that if she believed she were infected she would search for the antidote more enthusiastically. The variant strain would soon disappear. The trio left Anula to her fate.

Comments: Created by Glenn Dakin and John Royle.

    The term "Replicated Organic" is used to describe beings like Tuck. She has human flesh and blood, but is still considered an artificial lifeform, and therefore illegal, according to Lionhearts laws. I like the term Replicated Organic, it reminds me of the idea behind the Vision and Hank Pym's term "Synthozoid", though Vision isn't organic--Changeling.
    She could have been created by genetic engineering, like Adam Warlock, or she could be clone--Snood

Profile by Snood



Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#1, p5, panel 6

Other appearances:
Death's Head: The Origin of Die-Cut#2 (September, 1993)

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