Classification: Extra-terrestrial bio-technology

Creator: Xlyym

User/Possessors: Starblasters

First Appearance: Starblast#1 (January, 1994)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Skullhuggers are designed in two forms-- one purely mechanical, the other bio-mechanical. Skullhuggers affix themselves to their victim's face, shoving tubes inside their head and seizing control of their body. While under the influence of a Skullhugger, most victims are unable to speak, and cannot think for themselves. If the victim wears the Skullhugger for an extended period of time, it cannot be removed without killing the victim.

History: BTS- The Skullhuggers were designed by Xlyym of the Starblasters as a means of providing them with less-than-willing recruits, such as the remaining Banari.

(Starblast#1)- A Moon Thruster containing Skullhuggers was left on earth's moon, and the Skullhuggers within managed to control Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, Vanguard, and Ikaris. Quasar, Binary, Hyperion, Adam Warlock and Darkstar helped free them. Meanwhile, Codabac and Threkker used a Skullhugger in order to capture Kayla Ballantine, the Starbrand possessor.

(Namor the Sub-Mariner#46)- The Banari, controlled by Skullhuggers, brought the Inhuman Triton to Xlyym, who placed a Skullhugger on him and sent him to battle the Sub-Mariner.

(Namor the Sub-Mariner#47)- Namor freed Triton by tearing the Skullhugger from his head. When Tamara saw that a victim of a Skullhugger could live after losing the creature, she tried to free her sister Trieste, but Trieste had worn the Skullhugger for too long, and perished.

(Fantastic Four I#385)- Namor and Stingray later ran into the Invisible Woman and Thing and boarded their vessel, unknowingly bringing a Skullhugger with them which planted itself on the Thing's head.

(Namor the Sub-Mariner#48)- The Thing attacked the Sub-Mariner, but the Skullhugger was removed by the Invisible Woman, then torn up by the Sub-Mariner. The remaining Banari, still wearing their Skullhuggers, were slain when the Haab Zun destroyed a Planetary Thruster while they were nearby.

(Starblast#3)- After capturing Darkstar, Perun, Captain Marvel, Binary, Ikaris, Voyager, Moondancer and Solar Wind, Insidio placed Skullhuggers upon them so that he could study them.

(Starblast#4)- During Quasar's final assault on Skeletron's ship, the Dark Seed, several Skullhuggers assaulted the New Universe heroes he brought with him, and managed to briefly control Pit Bull, Metallurge, Chrome, and Justice.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and Herb Trimpe.

by Prime Eternal

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Other appearances:
Namor I#46-48 (January-March, 1994)
Fantastic Four I#385 (February, 1994)
Starblast#3-4 (March-April, 1994)

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