Real Name: Chao Sima

Identity/Class: Human (Chinese)

Occupation: Vengeful spirit; former Triad clan leader, mercenary

Group Membership: Leader of his clan

Affiliations: Cat (Shen Kuei), Pavane, Shang-Chi, Leiko Wu;
former lover of Juliette

Enemies: Midnight Sun (M'Nai), Razor-Fist (Douglas Scott), Shadow Ghosts, White Dragon;
formerly Shang-Chi

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Skullcrusher

Base of Operations: Chinatown in London, England;
   formerly the Po Lin temple, Hong Kong area

Appearances: Master of Kung Fu I#61 (February, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Skull Crusher is an excellent martial arts expert, besides that he uses an iron ball bola (two metal spheres attached to chains) as weapon.



History: (Master of Kung Fu I#61) - First followed Black Jack Tarr from Shang-Chi’s apartment. When an old man was about to reveal that Skullcrusher was following Black Jack, he was knocked out by Skullcrusher. Black Jack still wasn’t aware that he had been followed, so Skullcrusher decided it was safe to return. He returned and confronted Shang-Chi who had just left the apartment. Skullcrusher said “ has been necessary for me to find you before you leave London, you see I have already accepted payment to slay you”. Skullcrusher attacked Shang-Chi, during the fight Skullcrusher revealed that it was nothing personal, it was for the money. Before the fight ended, Skullcrusher escaped.

(Master of Kung Fu I#62 (fb)/Master of Kung Fu I#69 (fb) ) - Shang-Chi was now in Hong-Kong, remembering the fight with Skullcrusher, and was puzzled about the tact the Skullcrusher knew he would leave London before he knew himself.

(Master of Kung Fu I#62) - Skullcrusher reported to his boss, that the owner of the Jade Peacock was dead, and the shipment there was stolen. His boss, revealed to be Shen Kuei a.k.a. the Cat, said “And all because he failed in London to stop Shang-Chi, before he could murder the owner of he club, murder my brother”.

(Master of Kung Fu I#63) - Shen was angry at Skullcrusher for his recent mistakes. First for taking orders from others and the second for failing to kill Shang-Chi because it meant the death of Shen Kuei’s brother. Skullcrusher was told by Shen that he would get a partner for the final battle with Shang-Chi and that they better kill Shang this time. Skullcrusher met with Shang-Chi and attacked him. Before Shang-Chi managed to defeat his opponent, Skullcrusher’s partner arrived, revealed to be Pavane.

(Master of Kung Fu I#65) - Alongside Pavane Skullcrusher fought Shang-Chi. When Pavane was knocked out Skullcrusher escaped by threatening to crush Juliette’s head. While on the run, Shen Kuei suddenly appeared. He learned that Skullcrusher had failed him again, and even left Pavane. Skullcrusher was knocked down by Shen.

(Master of Kung Fu I#66) - Alongside Shen Kuei Skullcrusher discoverd the unconscious Pavane.

(Master of Kung Fu I#67) - At Shen Kuei’s house Skullcrusher told Shen that he had found a boat. Skullcrusher was told by Shen that he took too long and that he was a fool.

(Master of Kung Fu I#68 - BTS) - When Kogar asked if Shen has brought Skullcrusher and Pavane with him, Shen answered that he was wrong in employing Skullcrusher and that he had been dismissed.

(Master of Kung Fu I#69 (fb) -BTS) - Juliette told Shang-Chi that Skullcrusher has become the new master of the Po Lin temple and Shang-Chi must pass the “test” in order to fight him.

(Master of Kung Fu I#69) - Shang-Chi arrived at the Po Lin temple to go through the test, in order to fight Skullcrusher. When Shang-Chi passed the test, he finally had a chance to fight Skullcrusher. Upon defeating him Shang wanted to slay the villain...

(Master of Kung Fu I#69/Master of Kung Fu I#71 (fb) ) - ...he was stopped by Juliette who revealed that she was now in love with Skullscrusher.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Skull Crusher's clan took over an opium den and used their funds to turn it into an orphanage, which housed over thirty homeless children.

   Skull Crusher's clan put an end to another clan extorting money from the Mom & Pop Chinese Dumpling House restaurant, saving the business.

   At some point Leiko Wu infiltrated Skull Crusher's organization for MI-6 as an undercover agent, something nobody else had ever been able to do. Skull Crusher believed her papers, which showed she did jail time, and the men, who vouched for her.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#2 (fb) ) - As her final test Skull Crusher sent Leiko Wu to take on five of White Dragon's soldiers, whom she killed without mercy. Afterward she continued to prove her value and worked her way up the food chain as a capable warrior and master thief. Skull Crusher watched her rise and admiration grew into love. She eventually revealed her status as undercover agent and left MI-6 to be with Skull Crusher.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#3 (fb) ) - When they heard of another missing clan leader Skull Crusher feared he would soon be gone as well and asked Leiko to take command over his clan. Leiko Wu agreed and they performed a ritual of black magic to join them together.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#2) - Skull Crusher nailed the bouncer of Mr. Wong's bar to a wall with throwing stars when he tried to attack Shang-Chi from behind with a knife. Though Shang-Chi was ready to fight Skull Crusher, his former enemy came in peace to talk about the late Leiko Wu. In an attempt to show that he was not a menace to society and was beloved by his people Skull Crusher led Shang-Chi to an almost finished orphanage. A man told Skull Crusher that the orphanage was almost finished. Four children hugged Skull Crusher, who gave them money. Shang-Chi stayed skeptical and assumed the children would one day work for Skull Crusher, who admitted that this was true, but even though they would be working for him, they would learn a useful trade. Still trying to convince Shang-Chi that he was mostly a legtimiate businessman these days Skull Crusher showed the hero a restaurant his clan had helped to stay in business and ordered two chrysanthemun teas with wolfberry. Shang-Chi finally wanted to know what Skull Crusher knew about Leiko. Skull Crusher revealed how Leiko Wu had infiltrated his organization and left MI-6 when she became Skull Crusher's lover. Disgusted at what Skull Crusher had turned Leiko Wu into he told the villain to stop distracting him. Skull Crusher gave Shang-Chi the address of a brothel owned by White Tiger. Before Shang-Chi left Skull Crusher told him that Leiko Wu saw the good in Skull Crusher unlike Shang-Chi.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Skull Crasher was following Shang-Chi around the city.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#3) - Skull Crusher arrived at White Dragon's estate south of London on his motorcycle to aid Shang-Chi, who still didn't trust him. Skull Crusher revealed that he had been tailing Shang-Chi and that he was certain what White Dragon was planning to do and needed to get inside the estate fast. Shang-Chi and Skull Crusher took out the guards and found a circle of swords with the deceased triad leaders' heads on top, which according to Skull Crusher, was part of a power ritual. He then revealed how he had handed made Leiko Wu his clan's leader before her death. White Dragon arrived, but was defeated by Shang-Chi and Skull Crusher. Midnight Sun entered and using his mystic powers chained them both to a wall. They watched as White Dragon allowed Midnight Sun to decapitate him. When the time came for Skull Crusher he lowered his head and before he lost his head as well promised Shang-Chi that everything is going to be alright.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Midnight Sun stuck Skull Crusher's head on a sword.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#4) - Because, as far as Midnight Sun knew, Skull Crusher was the final clan leader he read the prayer that would give him control over all clans, but instead of giving him control the ritual resurrected Leiko Wu, the actual leader of Skull Crusher's clan.

   Aided by Leiko Wu, who was powered by the ancestors, the spirit of Skull Crusher and the other deceased clan leaders returned to Earth to drag Midnight Sun to the underworld.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Jim Craig

Skull Crusher's real name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Profile by The Beetle. Deadly Hands update by Markus Raymond.

Skull Crusher is not to be confused with:

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu II#2, p5, pan1 (main image)
Master of Kung I#69, p11, pan1 (in Po Lin temple)
Master of Kung I#69, Cover (attacking)

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