Classification: Extradimensional (Asgardian) magic item

Creator: Presumably Ymir

User/Possessors: Odin (Odin Borson), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Thor (Thor Odinson)

First Appearance: Avengers VII#4 (September, 2018)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Blood of Ymir magically caused those who consumed it to grow to gigantic size and power. Even within a container, the Blood of Ymir emanated intense cold, causing ice to generate within an undetermined radius around the container.

History: (Avengers VII#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Asgardian all-father Odin acquired the Blood of Ymir and placed it within a room in a secret corridor known only to him.

(Avengers VII#4) - Avengers Thor and She-Hulk traveled to the ruins of Asgard, where they forced Odin to lead them to the secret corridor in hopes of finding something they could use against the Celestial Final Host. Inside the corridor, Thor and She-Hulk fought their way through the ice and cold until they came across the Blood of Ymir floating above a small pedestal. Convinced the Blood of Ymir could be used against the Final Host, Thor then succumbed to the cold and had be resuscitated by She-Hulk. Thor then gathered the Blood of Ymir and returned to Odin, who sarcastically remarked that Thor make a good show of his impending battle against the Final Host.

(Avengers VII#5) - Thor and She-Hulk returned to the other Avengers with the Blood of Ymir in tow. After explaining to the Avengers where they had been and how the Blood of Ymir could help place the team on better magical footing against the Final Host, Thor and She-Hulk broke open the container of the Blood of Ymir and ingested it. Thor's skin briefly turned blue as both She-Hulk and himself went through a startling transformation caused by the Blood of Ymir. Growing to gigantic size and power, Thor and She-Hulk joined with a Celestial-empowered Ghost Rider and Iron Man in his Godkiller armor to confront the Final Host personally.

(Avengers VII#6 - BTS) - The Blood of Ymir continued to empower Thor and She-Hulk as the Avengers battled the Final Host. Eventually, the magic of the Blood of Ymir began to wear off and both Thor and She-Hulk returned to their normal size.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron, Paco Medina, Ed McGuinness, Juan Vlasco and Mark Morales.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Blood of Ymir has no known connections to:

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Avengers VII#4, p14, pan1 (Blood of Ymir, main image)
Avengers VII#5, p14, pan5 (Thor & She-Hulk ingesting the Blood of Ymir)

Avengers VII#4 (September, 2018) - Jason Aaron (writer), Paco Medina, Ed McGuinness (pencils), Juan Vlasco, Mark Morales (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers VII#5 (September, 2018) - Jason Aaron (writer), Paco Medina, Ed McGuinness (pencils), Juan Vlasco, Mark Morales, Karl Story (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers VII#6 (October, 2018) - Jason Aaron (writer), Ed McGuinness, Paco Medina (pencils), Mark Morales, Juan Vlasco (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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