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Real Name: Dea-Sea

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Blue Kree) humanoid

Occupation: Captain (and/or Pluskommander) in the Imperial Kree Fleet

Group Membership: Kree military

Affiliations: Kree Extreme Intelligence;
   formerly the Kree Supreme Intelligence (deceased)

EnemiesBadoon, Skrulls, the Dark Starhawk (Talonar/Robert Rider) and the Fraternity of Raptors

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the tri-galaxy area, especially within the Kree Empire in the Large Magellanic Cloud

First Appearance: Infinity Gauntlet#2 (August, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Dea-Sea was a Blue Kree who possessed all of the standard capabilities and weaknesses of a normal member of his species. Specifically, Dea-Sea had enhanced strength, durability, endurance and speed (compared to a male human of his size and age) but he required an atmosphere with a higher nitrogen content (similar to that of Hala) in order to breathe comfortably. Dea-Sea would have needed a special chemical or apparatus to breathe in Earth's atmosphere.

Vehicles: During his career, Captain Dea-Sea commanded at least two different starships, both of which were almost certainly well-armed warships.

Height: 6' (estimated)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 210 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: White (formerly grey)
Skin: Light blue

(Infinity Gauntlet#1 - BTS) - Thanos the Mad Titan used the Infinity Gauntlet to cause the death of half of all living things in the universe. All of those affected by this action simply disappeared and few non-cosmic beings were aware of the fact that the victims had actually died.
   In the Skrull Empire, reports of massive disappearances arrived from even the farthest reaches of the empire. When one of her court suggested that there could be no doubt as to who was responsible for this outrage, Empress S'Byll agreed that only their ancient enemy, the Kree, would dare such an act of blatant aggression. Stating that the Kree must pay for this villainous deed with blood, S'Byll declared, "Let there be war!"

(Infinity Gauntlet#2 (fb) - BTS) - In response to the mysterious disappearance of half of the Kree people, the Kree fleets were put on Red Alert status.

(Infinity Gauntlet#2) - On his starship, a grey-bearded Captain Dea-Sea made a recording in his Ship's Log. He reported that bulletins were continuing to flood in from all over the Kree Empire about how half of the Kree population had mysteriously disappeared. He spoke of how there could be no doubt who was responsible for this outrage which reeked of Skrull treachery. Dea-Sea also reported that the entire fleet had been put on Red Alert status and that they were going to join the armada because the war to end all wars was beginning. He concluded his log entry by saying, "Glory to the Kree Empire--!"

(Infinity Gauntlet#5 - BTS) - While Thanos was distracted after using the Infinity Gauntlet to replace Eternity as the center of all reality, Nebula saw her chance and stole the Infinity Gauntlet from his body which was then not occupied by his consciousness. Nebula then used the Infinity Gauntlet to restore her ravaged body to health.

(Infinity Gauntlet#6 - BTS) - When confronted by Thanos and his allies, Nebula decided to demonstrate her power by undoing that which Thanos considered to be his greatest accomplishment. With the Infinity Gauntlet on her hand, Nebula stated her wish: "With the exception that I retain possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, let everything be as it was--twenty-four hours ago!" And the power of the Infinity Gems made her wish become reality.
   Half of the universe's population was resurrected mere moments after its unexpected death. Although the Cosmic Beings (and some lesser beings from Earth) retained their memories of what had happened, most mortal beings remembered nothing of what had occurred and some mortals had only a nagging feeling that something was or had been amiss. Only four mortal beings (Thanos, the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock and Doctor Strange) are known to have been physically unaffected by Nebula's wish and that was the result of a spell cast by Strange.

(Conjecture) - Everything in both the Skrull and Kree Empires presumably reverted to how they had been a day earlier. It is unclear if any Kree or Skrull remembered anything of what had happened, aside from those who witnessed part of a mysterious but very brief mass disappearance.

Years passed, and then...


(Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3 (fb) - BTS) - Years later, following the destruction of Hala and the death of the Supreme Intelligence, the new Extreme Intelligence took control of the Kree Empire. Desperate to restore the empire to its former glory, the Intelligence spread the ships of the Kree armada across the stars in a search for the Infinity Stones. One of those ships, commanded by a white-bearded Captain Dea-Sea, stumbled onto a strange energy signature and began to follow it.

(Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3 (fb) - BTS) - "Days" later, in deep space (possibly) near the Arcturus system, the Kree vessel encountered two Badoon ships that were also following that same energy signature and hostilities broke out. Outgunned, the Kree ship's shields began to weaken.

(Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3) - Early in the battle, Captain Dea-Sea made a recording in the Ship's Log in which he reported what his ship was doing, who had ordered them to do it, what they had found and the fact that they weren't the only ones following that particular trail. As the battle continued, Captain Dea-Sea asked how bad it was and he was told that they were outgunned and their shields were down to twelve percent and falling. After stating that they couldn't take another hit, Dea-Sea ordered the helmsman to get them out of there and added that if the Intelligence wanted the Stones so bad, he could...but his comment was interrupted by one of the bridge crew who reported an inbound torpedo. The captain ordered all hands to brace for impact! However, when that impact never took place, Dea-Sea asked for a status report and was told that both Badoon ships had just vanished and that there was now something small directly in front of them (Dark Starhawk).

   After ordering the object to be put on screen at maximum magnification, Captain Dea-Sea ordered a hailing frequency to be opened and addressed the object, saying, "I am Captain Dea-Sea, Pluskommander of this vessel. On behalf of the most high and glorious Imperial Kree armada, I offer you thanks for whatever role you might've played in dispatching our shared enemies, the Badoon." When the alien asked if "Badoon" was what the other ships had been, Dea-Sea was puzzled and said, "I don't understand...If they were not your enemy, why then...Why them and not us?" The alien responded that Dea-Sea's ship looked cooler.

(Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3 - BTS) - The Dark Starhawk and its Raptors then took possession of the Kree starship and set course for the planet Earth.

(Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#4) - The Kree starship carrying the Dark Starhawk and its Raptors to Earth was stopped VERY decisively by a giant-sized Darkhawk (Chris Powell) in the Sol system, in space somewhere within the orbit of Mars. However, the Dark Starhawk and the Raptors all survived and left the wreckage.
   Later, after Nova Centurion Rich Rider had joined the battle, the freelance peacekeeping agent Death's Head used a Kree warp core that he had modified to become dangerously unstable as a bomb against Dark Starhawk and the Raptors. The warp core may have been salvaged from the wreckage of Dea-Sea's starship.

The fate of Captain Dea-Sea and his crew has never been specifically revealed but, considering how the Dark Starhawk dealt with the Badoon, it seems HIGHLY likely that they were all summarily killed by the Raptors during the takeover of their ship.
   On the other hand, it's possible that the Dark Starhawk could have just forced the Kree crewmembers to abandon ship in lifepods. Only time will tell.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin, George Perez and Josef Rubinstein.

   The planet where Robbie Rider was transformed into the Dark Starhawk was identified only as "Arcturus." However, the fact that this "Celestial Raptor" known as Ratha'kon the Starhawk looks very similar (aside from coloring) to the Hawk God who was linked to the planet Arcturus IV in Reality-691 makes it, in my opinion, VERY likely that the planet is meant to be Reality-616's Arcturus IV, the homeworld of the Arcturan race. If that is so, then the planet was rendered lifeless back in Star Masters#1 when the Axi-Tun sent an immense asteroid to impact the surface, causing a firestorm that wiped out all organic life.

   Since the Raptors were determined to destroy Earth, it is likely that they were already on course for that planet when they came across the Kree-Badoon battle. However, I'm only assuming that they were in any way "near" to the Arcturus system when that encounter took place. Upon further reflection, the fact that the battle was described as occurring in "deep space" indicates that it was not close to any planetary system so it could have been anywhere along the thirty-six light-years separating Arcturus from Earth.

   Captain Dea-Sea's name is almost certainly a reference to DC Comics, just as Mar-Vell referred to Marvel Comics and Att-Las referred to Atlas Comics.

Profile by Donald Campbell.

Captain Dea-Sea has no known connections to

Kree starships

   These two starships that Captain Dea-Sea is known to have commanded were both part of the Kree Empire's interstellar fleet. As Kree warships, they were certainly very well-armed with weapons that probably included directed-energy beam weapons and missiles. The starships were also equipped with shields that protected them from enemy attacks until/unless they were weakened too much. Both starships were capable of faster-than-light star travel, presumably through the use of some sort of hyperdrive engine. Aside from these basic facts, no detailed information about these ships has been revealed, including their names and their crew complements.

   The first starship was commanded by Captain Dea-Sea during the Infinity Gauntlet event and was part of a fleet that launched from an unspecified Kree planet and joined a larger armada on its way to battle the Skrulls. However, when Nebula later used the Infinity Gauntlet to make everything in the universe as it had been 24 hours earlier, all these ships were presumably returned to where they had been based.

   The second starship was commanded by an older Captain Dea-Sea at some point after a multiversal event. One of many Kree starships assigned to search for the Infinity Stones by the Extreme Intelligence, this vessel stumbled across a strange energy signal and followed it for days, eventually coming into conflict with two Badoon warships that were following the same trail. Outgunned and with its shields almost gone, the starship would have been destroyed except for the intervention of the Dark Starhawk who destroyed the Badoon starships and then took the Kree starship for its own use, disposed of the Kree crew, and set course for Earth. The vessel was pursued by a giant Darkhawk who caught up with it within the orbit of Mars and reduced it to wreckage floating in space. However, the Dark Starhawk and its Raptors survived that attack and managed to safely abandon ship.

--Infinity Gauntlet#2 => Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3-4

images: (without ads)
Infinity Gauntlet#2, page 5, panel 2 (main image)
Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3, page 3, panel 5 (white-bearded head shot)
      page 2, panel 1 (in battle with two Badoon warships)
Infinity Gauntlet#2, page 5, panel 5 (first starship launching)
      page 5, panel 6 (first starship with fleet)
Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3, page 4 (second starship)
Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#4, pages 3-4 (destruction of second starship)

Infinity Gauntlet#2 (August, 1991) - Jim Starlin (writer), George Perez (penciler), Josef Rubinstein (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)
Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3-4 (August-September, 2018) - Chris Sims & Chad Bowers (writers), Gang Hyuk Lim (artist), Jordan D. White (editor)

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