Real Name: Eddie Price (see comments)

Identity/Class: Human (briefly the recipient of cosmic power)

Occupation: Toddler;
    former cosmic defender

Group Membership: Captain Universe recipients (not a true group)

Affiliations: Gorga & Kongo, his parents, Time Traveler/Enigma Force

EnemiesGart, Jane & Roger Price, Rath

Known Relatives: "Kendra and Timothy Price" (parents)

Aliases: Formerly Captain Universe, Child Star, Star Child, the Toddler;
    "Baby Universe"

Base of Operations: Bachman Drive, Medina, Ohio

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man Annual#6 (1990)

Powers/Abilities: Eddie has the normal abilities of a toddler.

    As Captain Universe he could manipulate cosmic energy for a number of effects, including flight, rearrangement of molecules (including shrinking humans), levitation, animation of inanimate matter, and projection of light in various forms. He presumably could amplify his own strength and durability, as well as any of the other powers demonstrated by various Captain Universes, but he did not demonstrate these. In addition, the Uni-Power granted him wisdom far in advance of his age, though his perspective and thought processes tended to remain infantile.



(Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4) - From within his crib, Eddie apparently sensed the demons Gart and Rath summoned by his neighbors, Roger and Jane Price. His parents assumed Eddie just had an upset stomach until the demons plunged the neighborhood into darkness. Eddie was chosen as the recipient of the Uni-Power, and was transformed into Captain Universe. Flying from his crib, he shrunk his parents and placed them in his crib to protect them. Upon seeing the demons, Eddie enlarged and animated his toys Kongo and Gorga to battle the demons, after which he generated a brilliant "night-light" that vanquished the demons. Eddie disappointedly returned to his crib as the Uni-Power began to leave him in search of the next being who needed it next. Eddie's parents told him they were proud of him, but Eddie just wanted to do it again!






Comments: Created by Tony Isabella and Steve Ditko.

My notes (the Master List) had Eddie given the last name "Price." Upon re-reading the story for the profile, I saw that Price was the last name of the villains of the story, whereas Eddie was the son of the their neighbors. So I made up the name "Rawson" for his family. Then Proto-Man showed me that the OHotMU Master Edition named him Eddie Price, which is most likely where I got the name from. Though whoever wrote that entry most likely mistakenly assumed that Eddie was the son of the villains, there is nothing in the story or anywhere else to contradict Eddie's last name being Price. So we'll go with him being Eddie Price, which just means that there are two (presumably) unrelated Price families on Bachman Drive, which is odd, but not out of the question.

The toy monsters "Gorga" and "Kongo" are obviously based on the old Charlton comic books "Gorgo" - http://www.comics.org/covers.lasso?SeriesID=1467   and "Konga" - http://www.comics.org/covers.lasso?SeriesID=1447 , both of which Steve Ditko worked on in the 1960's.
--John Kaminski

Profile by Snood.

Eddie should be differentiated from:

Gart & Rath




    A pair of demons summoned by the Prices using an unidentified mystic tome, they had to do the Price's bidding while the pentagram remained in place. However, a minor earthquake soon cracked the floor, disrupting the pentagram and freeing the demons. Gart & Rath warped the Prices into hideous forms and then plunged the town into darkness, perhaps even transporting it to an otherdimensional realm. Captain Universe (Eddie Price) enlarged and animated the toys Gorga and Kongo and sent them to attack the demons. The demons recognized Captain Universe and rushed him, but Captain Universe summoned a blinding light that banished the demons and returned everything to normal.



--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4







Gorga and Kongo


    A pair of Eddie's toys enlarged and animated by Captain Universe (Eddie), they were sent against Gart and Rath. The toys knocked the demons to the floor and then smacked their heads together, but the demons apparently escaped them and went after Captain Universe.


--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4





Jane and Roger Price


    A pair of young stockbrokers, they summoned the demons Gart & Rath in hopes of using them to manipulate the stock market in their favor, making them exorbitantly wealthy. Roger had found an unidentified book which contained the spell they used to summon the demons. However, the pentagram they used to control the demons was shattered by an earthquake, and the demons warped them into hideous form. After Captain Universe banished the demons, the Prices repented: as they scrubbed the pentagram from their floor, they discussed whether they should join the Peace Corps and live in the jungle, or maybe the Salvation Army...

--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4 (6/4 (fb) - BTS, 6/4






Kendra and Timothy Price

    Eddie's parents, they failed to recognize his legitimate distress as he sensed the presence of the demons. They were surprised by the subsequent earthquake, and they futilely tried to put on a brave front for Eddie when demons plunged the city into darkness. Upon becoming Captain Universe, Eddie shrunk them to his side and placed them in his crib to protect them. After Captain Universe banished the demons and then returned to normal, they realized that they should be proud of their young son.

--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4




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