main imageL’MATTO

Real Name: L’Matto           

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Badoon) humanoid

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Badoon empire

Affiliations: Badoon empire (Brother Royal, others)

Enemies: Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Guardians of the Galaxy (Charlie-27, Major Victory (Vance Astro), Nikki (Nicholette Gold), Starhawk (Aleta Ogord), Talon (all Earth-691))

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Captain Universe

Base of Operations: The planet Moord

First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy I#30 (November, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Normally, L’Matto possessed no superhuman powers. He was a skilled low-level Badoon warrior with the typical traits of a Badoon male. As Captain Universe, L’Matto had superhuman strength and durability sufficient enough to battle the super-dense Charlie-27 in hand-to-hand combat. He could also fly and  project energy blasts. He could also sense the complex molecular structure of objects simply by looking at them.


(Guardians of the Galaxy I#30) – Unaware of a plot by the 31st Century Guardians of the Galaxy of Earth-691 to alter their own timeline by attacking the Badoon, L’Matto noticed a strange transmission emanating from Earth and asked his fellow low-level Badoon warrior what it could mean. Putting a headset on, L’Matto had the signal patched into his headset, only to be bombarded by the Uni-Power.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#31) – After the Badoon Brother Royal issued a gladiatorial combat challenge to Charlie-27, Nikki and Talon of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the group had accepted, the Brother Royal laughed as the Guardians’ defeat seemed imminent. He then ordered one of his warriors to send L’Matto in. As L’Matto entered the room, Brother Royal commented that no one in the galaxy could stand up against a Badoon imbued with the power of Captain Universe.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#32) – Brother Royal contacted the Guardians and reminded them that it was time for the gladiatorial combat. Charlie-27 sent himself down into the Moord arena, where he was met with the Uni-Powered L’Matto, who announced it would be a pleasure to kill Charlie-27 for the glory of the Badoon race. As the battle continued, L’Matto commented to the Brother Royal that the fight was too easy and Brother Royal told L’Matto to make a show of it, unaware that L’Matto was plotting to use his newfound power to depose the Brother Royal and rule Moord himself. While Charlie-27 continued putting up a strong fight, L’Matto easily shrugged off Charlie-27’s attacks. Eventually, Charlie-27 tried to pull a gun on L’Matto but L’Matto easily melted the weapon, forcing Charlie-27 to use the Khacta knife that his teammate Yondu had given to him. Stopping the knife mid-throw, L’Matto commented on the knife’s interesting molecular structure then prepared to use the knife to kill Charlie-27.

(Guardians of the Galaxy I#33) – Before L’Matto could kill Charlie-27, he was interrupted by the arrival of Charlie-27’s teammate Major Victory and Dr. Strange. Catching Major Victory’s shield with ease, L’Matto proved unable to break it. Battling Major Victory and Dr. Strange, L’Matto nearly killed Dr. Strange before once again interrupted by the arrival of Charlie-27’s teammates Talon and Nikki. Talon managed to summon palm trees via sorcery, causing L’Matto to crash wildly and terrifying the watching Badoon crowd into fleeing. Brother Royal ordered L’Matto to redeem himself but before he could do so, another of Charlie-27’s teammates, Starhawk, appeared and blasted L’Matto. Starhawk then ordered the Guardians to take Charlie-27 to their ship’s sick bay while she and Dr. Strange dealt with L’Matto. Combining their powers, Dr. Strange and Starhawk managed to defeat L’Matto and exorcise the Uni-Power from his body. Starhawk then threatened the Brother Royal into allowing the Guardians to depart in peace.

Comments: Created by Michael "Gator" Gallagher, Kevin "Wild Wild" West and Steve "Monotone" Montano.

Profile by Proto-Man.

L’Matto has no known connections to

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Guardians of the Galaxy I#31, p22, splash page (L’Matto empowered by the Uni-Power, main image)
Guardians of the Galaxy I#30, p15, pan3 (L’Matto headshot)

Guardians of the Galaxy I#30 (November, 1992) – Michael Gallagher (writer), Kevin West (pencils), Steve Montano (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
Guardians of the Galaxy I#31 (December, 1992) – Michael Gallagher (writer), Kevin West (pencils), Steve Montano (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
Guardians of the Galaxy I#32 (January, 1993) – Michael Gallagher (writer), Kevin West (pencils), Steve Montano (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
Guardians of the Galaxy I#33 (February, 1993) – Michael Gallagher (writer), Kevin West (pencils), Steve Montano (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)

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