Real Name: Elijah Jackson

Identity/Class: Human (temporary mutate)

Occupation: None
formerly: baseball player

Group Membership: None
formerly: one or many baseball teams

Affiliations: Simone Jackson, Time Traveler/Enigma Force
formerly: other members of his baseball team

Enemies: A street gang
formerly: opponents on the field

Known Relatives: Simone Jackson (daughter)

Aliases: Captain Universe

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#148/2 (late February, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None, but he was a very skilled baseball player in the past.
With Enigma Force: super-human strength, manipulation of matter, healing powers


History: (MCP#148/2 (fb)): For years Elijah Jackson had been a baseball star who was twice in the World Series. Years later he was struck by an incurable disease which left his whole body paralysed. Since that day his daughter Simone took care of him. At the beginning of the disease there were still some dim moments of recognition, but this faded over the time.

(MCP#148/2): Elijah was given pea soup by his daughter, but he wasn't able to swallow it. It was dribbling down the side of his mouth. She talked to him, but as always he didn't react. When his daughter was attacked by some thugs when she returned to their apartment, Elijah was empowered by the Enigma Force. He took his bat as Captain Universe and beat the thugs up until they ran out of the house. Elijah helped up his daughter and the Enigma Force began to leave his body again. He took the chance to tell her how much he loved her everything and that he was always there deep inside and that he knew what she did for him. He fell to the ground and was motionless again when the Enigma Force was fully gone.



Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Bill Wiley & Bud LaRosa

I added healing powers to his known powers because as long as Elijah had the Enigma Force he was healthy again. Manipulation of matter was listed as Elijah used his old baseball bat and it was seemingly made invincible by the Enigma Force. He probably had more powers than listed as the Enigma Force and therefore the power of Captain Universe is limitless, but he didn't show any other abilities.

The disease Elijah Jackson was suffering from was probably the Lou Gehrig's Disease aka. Amyotrophic Lateral Scerloris or ALS. It was never stated, but the symptoms and progression would fit.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Elijah and Simone Jackson have no known connections to

Simone Jackson

She was the daughter of Elijah Jackson and took care of him since he became sick. Sometimes she nearly gave up on him because he wasn't realizing anything anymore. She sold pieces from his time of fame to the broker Feldman over the street to get the money for rent and food. One day when she wanted to sell her father's bat she once again decided against it and instead took his cap to Feldman. He gave her a load of cash for it and she returned home. Some thugs followed her and broke through the door. They wanted to take her money, but Elijah became Captain Universe at that moment and saved his daughter from the thugs. Simone recognized her father and he thanked her for everything she did for him. Simone wasn't able to tell her father that she loved him before he fell paralyzed to the ground again.

--Marvel Comics Presents#148/2


Elijah as Captain Universe body shot: Marvel Comics Presents #148, p13, pan4
Elijah Jackson head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#148, p9, pan1
Simone Jackson head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#148, p10, pan4

Marvel Comics Presents#148 (late February, 1994) - Dan Slott (writer), Bill Wiley (pencils), Bud LaRosa (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)

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