Official Name: Perdita

NatureExtraterrestrial planet, unidentified star system, presumably the Milky Way galaxy (see comments)

Environment: Life-sustaining biosphere, although it had degenerated -- presumably due to nuclear war -- to be a dying world, and significant portions of the planet had a high level of radiation (level Xu, which would have been a quick and gruesome death for even Runa the Valkyrie); other portions, with level Bt or lower were tolerated by apparently normal humanoids

Gravity: Unrevealed (but apparently possessed a gravitational field in which normal humanoid beings could function);
    it was not different enough to be noteworthy by Runa the Valkyrie (beyond the radiation)

Atmosphere: An unspecified combination of gases (presumably nitrogen and oxygen as it could be breathed by humanoid being);
    it was not different enough to be noteworthy by Runa the Valkyrie;

Natural Satellites: Perdita likely has at least one moon, but none were shown in the limited views

Artificial Satellites: None knownperdita-planet-oracle

Natives: Unrevealed (most seen were humanoid, with skin tones ranging from green, blue, red, brown, pink/Caucasian/"white," etc.; but we don't know if any or all of these were native to the planet);
    known representatives are listed under inhabitants

Population: Unrevealed (unless specifically noted, we don't know, but estimate if possible)

Capital City: At least formerly the city in which Oracle Adventures was based

Government: At least formerly ruled by the business associated with Oracle Adventures;
    formerly ruled by a king

Languages: Unrevealed (no translator was needed for Runa, but she had been there before)

Monetary Unit: Rublins (also called rublines)perdita-planet-citystreet

National Defense: At least formerly the security forces associated with Oracle Adventures

Major Resources: At least formerly Dreamfresh, Parkinspace;
Oracle Adventures (specifically, the Oracle/Kvasir)

Planetary Defense: At least formerly Oracle Adventures' security forces

Places of Interest: Formerly Oracle Adventures, Parkinspace

Prominent Residents: At least formerly, the Staff of Oracle Adventures (notably Juna, receptionist, security forces, "Fox in Snow" and her four associates and Ologen (presumably security vs. beings trying to claim the price on Runa's head);
green woman and her son and father, unidentified "Find Your Truth" winner (questioned the Oracle) and his family (unidentified wife, unidentified son, Tallis (daughter));
    guy who tried to steal from Runa; guy who filmed Runa taking down the would-be thief
    formerly Kvasir (as the Oracle);
    at least one dog-like creature exists on Perdita, and presumably more...

Visitors: Runa the Valkyrie

First Appearance: The Mighty Valkyries#1 (June, 2021)


(The Mighty Valkyries#1 (fb) - BTS) - Many years and many wars ago, Runa traveled to Perdita, where she found a willful defiance in the population. She found there to be an admirable brazenness, with the population almost disregarding all facts and warning.

(The Mighty Valkyries#1 (fb) - BTS / The Mighty Valkyries#2 (fb) - BTS / The Mighty Valkyries#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point "long/many/centuries ago," the Asgardian god of poetry, Kvasir, was captured and brought to the planet Perdita. There he was forced to use his prophetic powers to advise the kings of Perdita, who were more concerned with weapons and riches than truth.

(The Mighty Valkyries#3 (fb) - BTS) <A century before the main story> - The last king of Perdita came to the Oracle: With his kingdom at war with its neighbors and the country surrounded, he had a bomb, built by his people, which he felt would be merciful, in that when his enemies saw how destructive it was after one use, they would lay down their weapons and have peace at last.

    When the King asked who he should destroy, the Oracle answered "The only question worth asking is, 'Why was such a thing made in the first place?'"

    The king disregarded this advice and insisted that the bomb would bring victory.

(The Mighty Valkyries#1 (fb) - BTS) - Perdita was damaged by radiation (presumably due to nuclear war or something similar), and society progressively crumbled.

The streets filled with the ones too poor to leave or too rich to care. Many struggled to go from the former to the latter, but few succeeded.

(The Mighty Valkyries#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Kvasir became known specifically as the "Oracle of Perdita," and he was contained within some sort of protective glass-like sphere that also protected him from outside harm and kept the "incorporeal noise" to a minimum.

    The Oracle eventually became the basis for Oracle Adventures, a business that allowed those who paid for it or otherwise won the opportunity to ask the Oracle a single question.

    Tourists came to Perdita, seeking to experience a dying world and looking for a story to tell.

(The Mighty Valkyries#1 (fb) - BTS) - In recent years, to fulfill a promise to rescue Kvasir made to Alta (and the Valkyries), Runa stole a spaceship traveled to Perdita.

(The Mighty Valkyries#1) - Approaching Perdita, Runa landed in "Parkinspace" to avoid lethal radiation zones. perdita-planet-squalor

    Wishing to ensure that the ship was there when she was ready to depart, Runa instructed its computer to active full security while she was away: "If there's a paranoia mode, use it. Don't hibernate, and don't save on bullets should it come to that." The ship activated security protocol "Shoot first" and activated departure readiness.

    Two steps onto the planet, Runa realized that she was being followed. She was surprised to find how much the people and place had degenerated from when she had last been there.
When a mugger approached her from behind, she turned and kneed him in the groin, advising that this wasn't the way he wanted to die; she further chastised a bystander who was taking pictures of the conflict, advising he reconsider both the photo and his life choices.

    Arriving at Oracle Adventures, Runa paid for the VIP package and was brought o the Oracle, after which she summoned her ax, Jarnbjorn, and shattered the dome in which he was imprisoned.

(The Mighty Valkyries#2) - As he regained his senses, Kvasir guided Runa to escape, in the process kicking security agent Ologen into irradiated waters that would kill him within hours. They reached Runa's ship but were subsequently confronted by Perdita/Oracle security forces.

(The Mighty Valkyries#3) - Evading and/or destroying Oracle security forces in her ship and escaping a reactor explosion's radioactive fallout with Kvasir's guidance, Runa agreed to take Kvasir back to his home, Vanaheim; he further told her that while he could not see clearly from Perdita, he knew that something was threatening the realms (the 10 realms associated with Asgard).

Comments: Created by Torunn Gronbekk and Erica D'Urso.
    Torunn's last name should have a null symbol in place of the "o," but my html program will transform that into a question mark, so I'm not doing it.
    Ditto for Runa's should have an "overscore"

    Perdita was described as being in "a distant corner of the galaxy."
    "The galaxy" would seem to imply that it was in the same galaxy as the main story, occurring on Earth, which would make it the Milky Way; however, this is unconfirmed.

    In Latin, perdita means "The lost one," and in Italian, it means "loss." Perdita was the name of one of the heroines in Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale."
    If ya wants more, ya gots to look it up.

    Oracle Adventures was the main focus of the visit to / story on Perdita, so see that profile for further information.

    Taking the Oracle away from Oracle Adventures would not only have destroyed that business, but it likely tanked the already-deteriorating economy of Perdita, which was already considered to be dying, presumably due to radiation levels.

    The Oracle (Kvasir) and Runa the Valkyrie will get profiles in a few years...probably 2026.

Profile by Snood.

Perdita  has no known connections to


perdita-planet-parkinspace-above"A space for your spacecraft"

(The Mighty Valkyries#1) - Services included parking, cleaning, charging, refueling, and redistribution.

    As she traveled to Perdita, Runa the Valyrie was warned by her ship's computer that her intended landing site had a radiation level xu, which would have been rapidly fatal for her.

     She instructed the computer to find an alternative within reach of the city center that had a radiation of Bt or lower, and it suggested Parkinspace.

    Upon hearing the cost to be 42 rublines (rublins) per hour, Runa considered this to be spaceway robbery, but she nonetheless agreed to the terms.




perdita-planet-parkinspace-landing(The Mighty Valkyries#2) - As Runa's ship lifted off with her and Kvasir, Oracle security ships ordered her to halt...

(The Mighty Valkyries#3) - But she didn't...

The Mighty Valkyries#1

guy who tried to steal from Runa

perdita-planet-muggerbackperdita-planet-muggerreachNever clearly shown, he appeared to be a humanoid biped with pale blue skin and perhaps gray (or blue or black) hair.

(The Mighty Valkyries#1) - This guy started following Runa as soon as she got off her ship, and she was immediately aware of him.

     When he reached for her side purse,
she turned and kneed him in the groin, advising that this wasn't the way he wanted to die.

The Mighty Valkyries#1

Note: He is shown being kicked and then warned by Runa in the image below for the sub-profile on the guy who filmed him, but the images were all overlapping, so I just included them all in the profile below...scroll down!

guy filming Runa taking down the would-be thief
perdita-planet-muggerkickedPink-skinned (like a Caucasian/"white" human), he had tiny eyes and white eyebrows.

(The Mighty Valkyries#1) - As he filmed Runa taking down the would-be thief, she chastised him, advising that he reconsider both the photo and his life choices.

The Mighty Valkyries#1

Note: Immediately after chastising this guy, Runa considered that she despised most of all the tourists who had come to experience a dying world and were looking for a story to tell.
    Presumably that indicates that that is what this guy was.


Rublins are/were the unit of currency on Perdita

(The Mighty Valkyries#1) - A safe spot in Parkinspace cost 42 rublins per hour.

(The Mighty Valkyries#2) - After Runa liberated the Oracle (Kvasir), Oracle Adventures/Dreamworks broadcast "10,000 Rublins to the one who slaughters the woman" (referring to Runa)...and "20,000 to the one who caught her alive. We'll have ourselves an execution!"

(The Mighty Valkyries#3) - As Runa and Kvasir fled in her ship, Dreamfresh/Oracle Adventures broadcast an increase to a 100,000 Rublin reward for killing the woman and recovering the Oracle.

--The Mighty Valkyries#1

Note: In its first use, the unit of currency was called "rublines," but in all uses thereafter, it was "rublins" (without the "e")

    We don't know how rublins compare to other forms of currency, other than that Runa consider 42 rublins per hour to by spaceway robbery.

images: (without ads)
The Mighty Valkyries#1, pg. 23, panel 1 (from orbit);
           panel 2 (city from above);
       pg. 24, panel 1-2 (Parkinspace);
          panel 4 (people nearby);
       pg. 25, panel 1 (city streets);
          panel 2 (would-be mugger from behind);
          panel 3 (squalor);
          panel 4 (mugger reaching for Runa);
       pg. 26, panel 1 (mugger kicked);
          panel 2 (Runa standing with foot atop mugger; man filming, or at least taking a picture);
          panel 3 (Runa chastising man taking a picture);
          panel 4 (city around and including Oracle)

The Mighty Valkyries#1-3: Runa stories (June-August, 2021) - Torunn Gronbekk (writer), Erica D'Urso (artist), Wil Moss & Sarah Brunstad (editors)

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